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10 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

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10 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

Have you shifted to your new home? We know it has amazing looks. But is it safe? Do not worry. With all the latest home automation systems, your home would be safe from every possible angle.

Your home is of utmost importance in life. Keeping it safe along with your dear ones cannot stand second to any priority. There are dangers and threats from every corner. Safety issues have to cover all of them. Starting from anti-theft, to fire attacks, from child safety to gadget safety, nothing could be underestimated.

10 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

Here’s what and all you need to install to stay safe

  1. Best Smart Lock

Smart locks are easy and quick installation locks that allow the users to open the doors through a smartphone and the facility to grant access to others, irrespective of where you are right now, in the world. The Key features include easy installation into the current hole of the deadbolt within only 5-10 minutes. They usually work both with Android, iOS and other major OS.

  1. Alert System

These are motion-based sound alerts for all activities. We can operate these through Email or push. They even have the capability to send out audible notifications to its users to help ensure monitor each and every activity going on in the house.

  1. Security Camera

A smart home security system would always be equipped with cameras that would be installed at all the unattended places at your home. It could be installed in every room to take care of any unpleasant incidents taking place. These cameras do the job of keeping a watch on every movement, storing up the footage in their storage space and let you know the history of events that took place. These come out to be most useful, when you place them outside the main door, to know, who is outside and whether you need to open the door at all. It works best to keep a watch on your baby sweaters and other domestic help so that they cannot cause any harm to your baby.

  1. Sensors

These are devices that react to specific activities and sends you alerts. There can be fire sensors, smoke sensors, temperature sensors, window sensors, water leak sensors, and many more. There are sensors available that can create an audible alarm simply to deter unwanted intruders and every small or big attempts of the break-in in your house premises.

  1. Home Monitoring Kit

These kitsSecure your home without any monthly monitoring costs of a traditional security system. It sends out Notifications to let you know the coming and going of people in your home, monitors smoke and excess carbon monoxide levels keeping your family safe from pollution.

  1. Motion Cookies Versatile Sensors

These sensors keep track of your home through Cookies. The batteries last up to a year. It is compatible with Android devicesWindows and iOS.

  1. Pro WiFi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

This includes a complete setup and gets installed within a minute. It has got features like zooming in, Night vision, and 130 degrees diagonal field of view to ensure everything catches up. There would be a secure offsite recording that comes at an additional cost allowing you to get a review and an editing footage feature for a month.

  1. Garage Door Controller

We can install it in minutes and it works best for almost every kind of door openers. It sends alerts automatically to let you know who and all have opened your door and when. The controller is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

  1. Wi-Fi Day/Night HD Baby Camera

Compatible with iOSand Android devices, this sends out Motion and sound alerts to keep a track of the babies. It comes with a lovely feature like remote lullabies and its two-way communication system helps you comfort your baby when you are away.

10.Voice-Activated Wireless Portable Intercom

Finally, you need to communicate with other family members. This Battery powered intercom helps you to get in touch with others through a secured unit with the single or multi-channel connection. It doesn’t require any wires as it is completely a wireless unit.

The Final Security Measures

Remember, gadgets are gadgets, they are inanimate things which finally needs a human brain both to get its benefits or to disable them. So be careful, and stay safe.

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