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Top 5 Wholesale Liquidators in the USA 2018

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Wholesale Liquidators 2017

Wholesale liquidation companies are a massive boon for small business owners and retailers. Similarly, they also help the large chain stores and e-commerce websites in offloading a lot of excessive inventory.

The way the concept works is simple: large stores like Walmart tend to order goods in bulk from manufacturers. This is done to ensure that there’s no shortage faced by consumers. Over a period of time, their inventory managers will look at the sale of goods and determine which inventory is excessive.

What wholesale liquidation companies do is that they purchase these excessive goods from the large chains at a highly discounted price. As a result, they are able to pass on these savings to their customers.

Similarly, customers often return products for multiple reasons. On Amazon, that could sometimes be because the size of a clothing item didn't fit or because the color of a certain product wasn't the customer’s favorite. Wholesale liquidators also participate in liquidation of Amazon returns and pick up these goods at a discount.

Quicklotz Wholesale Truckload

The benefit of purchasing from one of the top wholesale liquidators is that you get brand name goods at highly discounted prices. This is especially beneficial for resellers such as those who sell on eBay or small stores around the country. And the experience of buying from these liquidators is now extremely smooth.

Some of these companies are also known as closeout liquidators. This is because they also help stores that are shutting down in offloading their inventory. Often, branches of a chain store shut down in order to relocate to a better location. Traditionally, these stores used to conduct “clearance sales” where the inventory of goods would be sold to people at a discount in order to offload it. Now, most chains prefer to deal with the large wholesale liquidators as it saves time and also assures them a guaranteed liquidation.

Most of the top wholesale liquidators such as Quicklotz offer personalized customer support as well as a massive range of products. Think of it as almost shopping online for your favorite products except that you're doing it in bulk.

While theres a lot of websites out there working in wholesale liquidation, some of them stand out because of their quality, service, and reliability.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the 5 top wholesale liquidators in 2017 based in the United States:

#1 Quicklotz.com

quicklotz top liquidation source

Headquartered in Forest City, NC, Quicklotz emerges at the number 1 spot on every ranking of wholesale liquidators. A big reason for that is the massive range of goods on offer combined with an excellent quality customer support team.

Quicklotz has a number of exclusive contracts with large retailers to help liquidate their inventory. As a result, this website offers a varied range compared to most of its competitors. Along with that, it is one of the few liquidators that offer dedicated customer support throughout the buying process.

The online auction process is extremely simple on Quicklotz: Bids start with a $1 minimum and goods go to the highest bidder. Therefore, if theres a certain product you like, ensure that you bid for it immediately. This is because, thanks to Quicklotz’s discounted prices, most of the inventory tends to move very quickly.

The company also offers freight shipping nationwide and sea shipments to customers across the globe. For those that are located close to their HQ in Forest City, you can always drive down to their warehouse and pick up your order without any shipping charges. As Quicklotz is a company that ships to buyers on a global basis, you can rest assured about the quality of products found on this site.

#2 Viatrading.com

via trading

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Via Trading claims to have fulfilled retail value liquidations of over $5bn since its inception. This wholesale liquidator procures the bulk of its goods from overstocks as well customers returns. As discussed earlier, customer returns usually tend to be excellent products that have been returned for personal reasons.

As a result, this website allows you to purchase almost brand new products at a heavily discounted price. Via Trading is also a great choice for small business owners who set up stalls at flea markets. In fact, Via Trading has even been recognized as a preferred supplier for the National Flea Market Association (NFMA).

Via Trading also offers a buyer solution on its website which allows you to track their inventory and monitor your order at every step of the shipping process. Moreover, Via Trading doesn't impose minimum purchase requirements so you can purchase goods by the pallet, lot, or even truckload.

#3 Bulq.com


Bulq is a wholesale liquidator that started out of a garage in 2004 and has since expanded nation-wide. With its headquarters in Washington D.C., Bulq is a subsidiary of Optoro which is a company specializing in reverse logistics.

On their website, Bulq promises to achieve a 98% accuracy on manifests. In case they aren't able to meet this requirement, the company will refund the price difference to you. Bulq also offers payments with credit cards which allows you to browse the goods on their website and pay for your order from the convenience of your house.

Another good thing about Bulq is that it charges a flat rate for shipping your orders absolutely anywhere in the contiguous United States. As a result, convenience is one great point when purchasing on this website.


#4 Liquidation.com


This website is the online platform of the Washington-based company Liquidity Services. liquidation.com claims to have over 3 million clients spread across 200 countries around the world. Since the holding company is involved in liquidations as its core business, the website promises to ensure some of the cheapest rates for its buyers.

This website liquidation.com has both open as well as sealed bids. On the website, the goods are listed with an expiry date by which a bid needs to be made. For open bids, you also have the option of seeing what the current highest bid is. However, with sealed bids, all you can do is try your luck and wait.

The company offers a diverse range of goods including jewelry, fashion apparels, computers and peripherals, along with consumer electronics goods.

#5 Bstock.com


Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Bstock works together with 8 of the top 10 retailer chains in order to get a diverse range of liquidated merchandise for its buyers.

The company positions itself as a technology-driven online marketplace for bulk purchases of liquidated goods. The key benefits of Bstock is its proprietary software that can be easily adopted by buyers. This software platform allows buyers to track their orders, scour the marketplace for the best deals, engage with dedicated customer support teams and to also analyze their potential profits and savings.

Bstock claims to have successfully listed over 100,000 auctions online since its inception. The fact that the company promises retails chains a recovery rate of 30%-80% automatically means that buyers can be assured of having access to an extensive and comprehensive inventory.


Wholesale liquidation companies, therefore, make it very easy and cost effective for small retailers to source their inventory. For absolutely zero effort, you get brand name goods on these platforms at wholesale rates.

Moreover, the wholesale liquidators work on the principle of bulk purchases: as they offload entire inventories for the larger chains, they tend to get extremely cheap prices which would otherwise be unimaginable. Due to this perk, the major wholesale liquidators are able to pass on these discounts to their customers.

Also, the other benefit with using these websites is that majority of them do not have minimum order restrictions. Unlike large stores, small business owners and eBay sellers do not purchase goods in the triple-digit numbers at a time. Therefore, owing to the lack of bulk purchases, small business do not have the necessary leverage to negotiate low costs with the manufacturers directly.

Wholesale Liquidation

Thankfully, regardless of whether you order a pallet or a truckload: you're guaranteed to get a cheaper price for goods bought through these wholesale liquidators.

Moreover, with websites like Quicklotz for instance, you not only have the option of picking up goods for cheaper but can also choose to have the “touch and feel” element by visiting their warehouse. With cheap shipping and the option of online auctions, wholesale liquidation companies are indeed a boon to small retailers and independent stores.

The next time you need to purchase goods for your store or business, look up one of the companies from this list of the top wholesale liquidators in the US and you will be profiting in no time!

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