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Top 5 Stylish Men’s Watches in 2018

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Stylish Men’s Watches

Compared to women, men don’t exactly have a lot of accessorizing options. One’s wristwatch is therefore an important consideration for any ensemble, and one should choose watches that complement one’s attire, the occasion, and one’s own personality.

A quality timepiece can be much more than an accessory piece. It can be a link to history, evoke a cherished memory, be a useful functional companion, a style statement, or serve as a token of love.

Here are five stunning watches that speak volumes about the taste and sophistication of their owners.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Duomètre collection gained a stunning tourbillon with this dual-wing mechanical timepiece.  Jaeger-LeCoultre realized that every complication added to a watch (such as a counter for the date) required the activation of gears and levers to move the element into place each time. These forces in a small mechanical piece like a watch that runs from a single gear train are quite disruptive, causing the timekeeping of the watch to be thrown off.


To combat this, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre collection has two separate spring barrels and gear trains – one to drive the timekeeping of the watch and one to perform the mechanical move of the complications. To top it off, there’s a regulating organ that is shared between these systems, ensuring that they work perfectly in tandem.

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The Sphérotourbillon adds a tourbillon that both revolves around its carriage axis and spins around a second axis at 20 degree. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – this timepiece is a joy for those who love the incredible workmanship that goes into a precise, multilayered, caliber 382 wristwatch. If you’re all about the details, consider the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon.

Related Watches

Bell & Ross BR 126 Sport Watch

Bell & Ross BR 126 Sport Watch

The Bell & Ross BR 126 Sport Watch is within a well-established vintage jewelry range. The watch includes a black, thin bezel. The watch measures 41mm across, 43mm at the bezel, 13mm up to the top of the dome crystal, and 51mm lug to lug - which makes it a big wristwatch by any standard. It sits best on large male wrists, wearing bigger than its size would seem to indicate. The BR 126 has sapphire crystal to the front and back of the watch. The front crystal is dome shaped in a vintage style and protrudes above the line established by the bezel. The edge of the crystal is exposed, which could leave it susceptible to damage. The case is fully polished, giving the watch a classy design. Despite its large face, the watch can comfortably fit under a shirt cuff.

Drive de Cartier Extra Flat

Drive de Cartier Extra Flat

The Drive collection from Cartier first came to fruition in 2016. The Drive de Cartier Extra Flat watch is new for 2017. It’s a very thin 6.6mm with a case of 39mm as oppose to the standard 40mm.

The watch has blue solid hands, features roman numerals, and has a small signature at the number seven dial. The design of the glass sees it almost integrated with the case for a timeless, classic look that very few watches possess. The Drive de Cartier Extra Flat is intended to be used as a dress watch with its very classic appearance. In time, this watch may become as iconic as other popular watches in the Cartier Drive line of watches. The watch retails at around $5,000.

Patek-Philippe 5990

Patek-Philippe 5990

The Patek-Philippe 5990 is a very rare watch and has been highly sought after since it was announced in 2014. The watch is capable of displaying two different time zones. The watch has a fly back chronograph with a sixty minute counter. It displays the date and has a day/night indicator. The watch is made with stainless steel and is operated by a mechanical self-winding movement.

The Patek-Philippe 5990 is made from 370 parts and has 34 jewels. The watch has a power reserve that lasts up to 55 hours and a Swiss patient for its water resistant case that can be used underwater up to 120 meters. The watch has two hour hands that are on the same axis, which allows for an easy-to-read second time zone.

The buttons on the case are slightly shifted towards the crown; the design was due to mechanical reasons for date adjustment. This watch has built-in mechanical safety mechanisms to prevent damage to the watch’s internal gears and mechanisms. The stainless steel bracelet adds lots of weight to this watch and the fold over clasp provides an added level of safety and convenience. The bracelet has smoothly mirror polished middle links causing it to reflect light nicely. The watch has 18 karat white gold hands and luminous hour markers. This watch looks amazing with a suit and works well as a modern dress watch. This watch retails at $53,000.

Baume & Mercer Clifton Club Shelby Cobra 1964

Baume & Mercer Clifton Club Shelby Cobra 1964

Baume & Mercer’s focus in 2017 has been on sports watches, and the limited edition Clifton Club Shelby Cobra 1964 is surely one of the sportiest luxury watches ever made. With only 1964 being made, the 44mm automatic chronograph is a style statement with the swiss-made Valjoux 7750 movement for the accuracy to back it up. Coming in Daytona blue or silver, the Shelby Cobra inspired design is replete with dashboard-themed dials and a carbon-like calfskin strap. A step above the standard sports watch, this Baume & Mercer chronograph has a deserving place in any watch collection.

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