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Tips To Quit Smoking ASAP

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It's strange how a new year brings with it new opportunities. For some reason, it just helps to make certain changes more official. In this case, you are probably thinking about leaving a very bad habit behind, namely smoking. And if this assumption is accurate, this article might just help you achieve it. Frankly, you can never stop too soon, even if it's in the middle of June.

In order to stop smoking, you'll need to stay dedicated and motivated. In fact, there are several things you can try to ease the challenge of living a smoke-free life. Here are some of the effective ones you should definitely try.

1. Break The Fear And Procrastination

Fear has a funny way of making you quit even before you start. And it's not just true with smoking. It seems to control several aspects of life and the addiction to smoke is just one of them. And while fear is necessary sometimes, you don't need to be scared about putting out your last cigarette.

So, don't psych yourself out beforehand. Don't begin the procrastination process where you tell yourself next week will be much easier than right now. Because when you give yourself time to think of the consequences, the fear starts to creep in and break your stride. That's why you need to break the fear first by flat-out ignoring it and just quit.

2. Keep Track Of Progress

Even though the idea is to "forget" cigarettes exist, reminding yourself why you are doing it can work better. For example, think about starting a journal where you list your reasons. You can also list how long you've been cigarette free. Because let's face it, forgetting about cigarettes after years of smoking isn't just something you do.

Instead, use a journal to reinforce what you are trying to achieve. And being able to remind yourself of it through a journal can keep you motivated.

3. Get Support

Chances are your friends and family will gladly support your decision to quit smoking. But they won't always be available to provide comfort and support. However, you can expand your support system by going online and getting involved with online forums or social groups. The best part is that there will always be someone available to provide some encouragement, night or day.

If you want, you can log in as a guest here and check out what other ex-smokers have to say. Alternatively, you can post a message.

4. Switch To A Smart Diet

There is no denying that withdrawal symptoms are tough, especially for smokers. Depending on how much you smoke per day, you'll quickly feel the change in your body. This is because the dangerous chemicals have tricked your body into thinking it's dependent on these chemicals.

An effective way to deal with the effects of withdrawal is to pay attention to your diet. Of course, it won't get rid of withdrawal, but if you are energized and satisfied by the right food, the symptoms of withdrawal aren't as intense.

And while having a treat now and then is okay, don't use empty calories to replace your smoking habit. This will only lead to different problems.

5. Increase Your Water Intake

Water truly is a wonderful thing, and by drinking enough of it, you'll speed up the detoxing process. Water literally flushes them out while keeping you hydrated and feeling good overall.

6. Sleep Is Important

When you are tired, you are not in a position to fight cravings. This is also when the cravings tend to feel stronger than usual. Thus, make sure you invest in 8 hours of healthy sleep every night. If necessary, grab a quick nap on the couch during the afternoon to get energized.

For those who might struggle with getting to sleep during the initial detoxing stage, try a brisk walk around the block a few hours beforehand. Take note that insomnia can be a symptom of withdrawal.

7. Get Proactive

Exercising or just getting more active should be prioritized. Not only will it build your overall level of health, but it breaks the hold smoking has over you. Research shows that when your heart gets working, endorphins are released that put you in a good mood.

About 30 minutes of good exercise or activity will work perfectly, and it won't just help with your goal to quit smoking. It will turn you into a new person altogether by promoting healthy sleep cycles, a healthy appetite, a good mood, and effective weight control.

However, speak to your doctor before taking part in any activity or exercise that could be more dangerous than healthy.

8. Take It Day By Day

Quitting any type of addiction is like running a marathon. The craving will never go away completely, but it gets easier to control over time. And in order to maintain a smoke-free life, you need to take it day by day. A lot of people find strawberry belts ejuice a big help. Coming back to the journal mentioned earlier, use it to take note of every day. And when you are really feeling negative, take stock of the progress you've made.

9. See Through The Denial

When you quit, it means you have to stop protecting your addiction. It's obvious that smokers have no problem turning a blind eye to the damage smoking can do, but if you want to leave it behind, you need to see through your denial.

In other words, read up on all the nasty things about smoking. Drown yourself in negative information and gain the type of perception that will keep you cigarette free for life.

10. Learn To Let Go

Cravings don't last the whole day. Instead, a craving will bother you for five minutes or so. And it will only continue to bother you if you try to fight it. An effective way to make the craving pass within a small time-frame is to accept it's there, then letting go. You can even go as far as to embrace the craving for what it is - a definite sign your body is getting back on the right track.

11. It's Not A Bad Thing When You Stop Smoking

Don't see it as punishment when you decide to quit, and don't start feeling sorry for yourself. You've been punishing yourself every time you lit up, and now's the time to set yourself free. All that money you've been wasting, the shortness of breath and the yellow fingertips, the stained teeth and the lingering smell, you are ridding yourself of these things when you quit. Basically, you are rewarding yourself by putting out that cigarette permanently.

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