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Tips to Maintain your Windscreen and Keep it in Good Condition

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If you maintain your vehicle regularly you will not only be protecting a valuable investment but you will also be looking out for your safety as well as that of the people traveling in your vehicle. The importance of regular vehicle service is somewhat of a no-brainer, but with regards to windshields you might be surprised by the number of people that neglect to take proper care.

The windshield is the window to your driving world and how you drive your vehicle is determined by what you see. Similarly, what’s not seen can easily impact your safety and that’s where the condition and clarity of your windshield becomes a critical factor in overall road safety.

Annual vehicle safety checks are still not mandatory in all states but the interesting fact is that many vehicles each year fail their annual test due to faulty or damaged windshields. With people taking to the road in unprecedented numbers, particularly those going on long road trips, it is hardly surprising to learn that a large number of vehicles have damaged or chipped windshields.

You don’t even have to wait until when you next take your car for servicing for the mechanic to tell you that your windshield is in need of attention. You can easily care for your windshield on your own by following the simple tips below.

Chip Repair:

At the very first sign of any chips on your windshield get them repaired immediately to ensure that the damage doesn’t spread.

Wipe the Windshield’s Interior At Least Once Weekly:

The interior of your windshield is subject to fingerprints, grease buildup, and smears that leave the inside of your window cloudy over time and hard to see through. This is particularly evident when driving in sunny conditions where light refraction can make it very hard to see. It is the reason why you should remove the film and smears that cover the surface of the glass on the inside of your vehicle using a cleaning product. The same applies to other windows in your vehicle.

Keep the Windshield Spotless:

If a perfect world, you should clean your windshield every single day. All that may be required to keep your windshield clear and sparkling is a quick wipe. For more stubborn stains, all you need is a proprietary cleaning product or just use a scrubbing brush and enough water to wash the windshield.

Care for Your Tinted Film:

If you have tinted film on any glass, ensure that you only use water and an appropriate mild detergent according to the recommendations from the manufacturer.

Ensure that the Rear Windshield is Equally Clean:

It is almost pointless to include just the front windshield in your maintenance program. The rear window is equally importance and you need to clean it both inside and out on a regular basis. While at it ensure that the passenger and driver’s windows are cleaned both inside and out at least once every week.

Once you get in the habit of cleaning your auto glass you will start enjoying the high standards that you set for yourself. It will no longer have to depend on your mechanic to alert you to any problems and you will start enjoying your driving more.

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