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12 Tips For Reducing Oil Consumption

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Cutting down on oil consumption is important and will have a huge impact on our world and how we live going forward.

According to Fircroft a large number of companies are working hard to cut down on consumption and we should be too. Here is how to do so.

1) Regulate Home Heating And Air Conditioning

Heating and air conditioning take up an enormous chunk (49 percent together) of the average home energy budget. Install a programmable thermostat to keep a firmer grip on the energy you use for heating and cooling your home.

2) Weatherize Better

Your home is likely losing energy through vulnerabilities you're not aware of. Conduct a home energy audit to find out where you can improve. Natural shading (i.e. tree cover) and insulation play a surprisingly large role.

3) Try Partial Vegetarianism - How About Meatless Monday?

The meat industry does significant damage to the planet's ecosystem. A 2006 United Nations report placed it squarely as one of the top two or three drivers of environmental damage at both the global and local levels. You can find inspiration for vegetarian dishes almost everywhere; my personal favorite source is the website/magazine Veg News.

4) Buy As Local As Possible

Support local farmers by shopping at their markets, prioritize restaurants with an "eat local" philosophy, and purchase locally-made products whenever it's a viable option.

5) Give Up On Bottled Water

Bottled water simply delivers too much waste along with the water. Switch to using a home filter for a less-polluting alternative.

6) Reduce Plastic Use

Plastic bags and bottles shouldn't be used any more than absolutely necessary. Remember that plastics are produced from refined petrochemicals.

7) Start Recycling

If you aren't already recycling, contact your city's waste management authorities to find out how you can start.

8) Carpool

The more miles you put on the road, the more oil you're burning. Team up with others to pack in more passengers on ordinary trips, like your daily commute.

9) Conserve Energy Behind The Wheel

Improving your car's mileage is good for both the environment and your bank account. Don't use air conditioning unless it's absolutely necessary, and keep your car in good repair (including properly-inflated tires) to maximize its fuel efficiency.

10) Opt Out Of The Junk mail Loop

Reduce both hassle and unwanted paper production!

11) Reduce Packaging Consumption

At your local grocery store, look for the options that come in the most minimal, sustainable packaging.

12) Say Goodbye To Synthetic Fibers

Avoid synthetic fibers and fabrics like nylon, polyester, and acrylic whenever it's practical. Most of these products are petrochemical-based.

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