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5 Best Systems for Fleet Control

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Fleet control consists of observing, coordinating, and facilitating transport and any activities related to it. Systems have been developed to monitor vehicles involved in the movement of goods and the transportation of people and light cargo. Fleet control is aimed at supporting the activities that are related to transport, by managing the assets that are used for that function. If fleet control is conducted effectively it will certainly reduce and minimize all the costs involved by utilizing the resources you have. These resources include the vehicles, fuel, and the spare parts. With fleet control you are able to track, analyze, and, at the same time, improve your fleet operations. One key component of the fleet control system is fleet dvr cameras which are used for surveillance, providing information on the traffic or vehicle occupants. However, all these can be achieved if you have access to the best systems for fleet control. Here are the top five picks:

 1. GeoTab

GeoTab is a system that enables you to control all the driver's log reports and all the information regarding vehicle inspection from a single operating system. One of the greatest advantages of this system is that it is easy to install and it does not require a technician to perform this job. The system purposively tracks the drivers’ hours of service, in efforts to make sure that there is compliance with hours of service regulations. With this, you will be able to bring down accident occurrences, injuries, and any fatalities. The system can also determine potential trouble codes and engine faults by synchronization of the odometer readings daily, and can also report fuel theft.

2. On fleet

This system deals with the management and analysis of local deliveries. The system has a simple but detailed dashboard, allows for filters and searches, provides for real-time alerts, and also delivers text messages automatically to customers. It also allows for the monitoring of important metrics, optimizing of routes, and international support. The system is very easy for drivers to use. The system allows drivers to those who will receive the cargo they are delivering and collecting proof of delivery.

3. Fleet maintenance pro

The system is receiving positive reviews saying that it is easy to use, and that customers receive good customer support. With the system, you can track the inventory of your fleet for an unlimited number of vehicles. You can also do fuel tracking, and carry out preventative maintenance highlighting when your vehicle should undergo service. This system will cost you a one-time charge, but allows you to control your fleet for an unlimited time.

4. Director fleet software

This system was developed by Teletrac, and works for fleets of any size. It allows for mapping of the location of the vehicle, determination of the driver status, geofencing, and gives instant information about your vehicle and driver. The system also enables you to monitor all your vehicles, providing alerts for the maintenance schedule and trouble diagnosis. It provides for effective communication between drivers and dispatchers.

5. Telematics by Tom Tom

This fleet control system provides for real-time tracking, backed up with instant alerts, optimization of fleets, communication between drivers and the office, encouraging safe driving, and also business software integration. It offers an online fleet management service and tracking. The system focuses on the service and maintenance industry, logistics, and also passenger support.

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