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How to Self-Check Yourself for Breast Cancer? [Guide]

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Self Check Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a fatal disease. The risk factor in the USA only is about 13%, representing the chance of cancer development 1 in 8. Treatment experts suggest rooting out this invasive disease timely because its mortality rate is very high.

Although development in science and technology is helping human beings in resolving diseases, yet it is better to take one step in advance. Checking yourself regularly is a good habit to make you aware of any upcoming life threats.

This guide will assist you in knowing the basic symptoms, self-examination, and precautions you need to take for Breast Cancer.

Causes of Breast Cancer

Cancer means abnormal cell growth. In breast cancer, these abnormal cells segregate and spread via lymph nodes. Thus, these cells harm the breast and whole body. At first, it damages the milk-producing ducts. Alternatively, these cells are produced in breast tissues, and then reach other tissues via lymph nodes.

The risk of breast cancer increases when there is a history of breast cancer in the family. In some cases, the risk increases due to late menopause or late childbirth. Drinking alcohol is also considered a major factor in cancer development.

Analysis proves that females above 40 are more prone to breast cancer. Similarly genetic mutation, family or personal history can be the leading cause of breast cancer. Girls having first menstruation at an early age are more vulnerable as well.

If you feel any pain or abnormality in your breast or surrounding areas, the best practice is to visit a doctor. You can visit https://www.thomsonmedical.com/breast-cancer-treatment/ for further information. Being a female, it is advisable for you to read healthcare-related articles and researches. 

Major Symptoms

The prominent symptom of breast cancer is the appearance of lymph. You can recognize lymph as a hard mass around the breast. However, with each cancer type, these symptoms vary. In some cases, you may feel an outgrowth around the breast. Upon pressing, you may feel waves of pain. The deformation of nipples such as flattening instead of being erected, or discharge of yellow fluid or blood from them.

The major symptoms include:

  •       Swelling and soreness of breasts.
  •       Redness, rashes, and itching besides other physical changes.
  •       The physical changes include an increase in size and change in the shape of the breast.
  •       Swollen nipples or deformation of shape.
  •       Severe cramps and aches in one or both breasts.

You can learn more about the causes, treatments, and risk factors of breast cancer at Thomson medical.

Ways to Self-Check

No one can inspect and treat you better than a doctor. However, it is good for you to perform a self-examination test. Prevention is better than cure. Analyzing breasts once a month can help you to see the appearing symptoms. On seeing any abnormalities you can schedule an appointment with a doctor for proper treatment.

Moreover, it is better to know how you can detect any symptoms.   Here are guidelines for examining yourself as a preventive measure. Read and follow these simple steps or navigate to Thomson medical for a detailed procedure.

Shape Deformation

  1. Stand in front of the mirror and closely observe, do you see any change in the shape of breasts or nipples? Is there any bulging, swelling, or inversion in the nipples?
  2. Notice any redness, tenderness, or soreness of nipples.

In Front of the Mirror

  1. While standing in front of the mirror, examine any fluid coming out from the breasts.
  2. If there is fluid; notice if it was watery, yellow-colored, or blood

Laying on the Bed

  1. While on the bed, apply light pressure with fingers and move in a circular motion.
  2. Use right fingers to check the left breast and left fingers to check the right breast. 

Necessary care should be taken for health safety. If you see any of the mentioned symptoms, do not panic because cancer can be benign. However, discuss with a doctor for further procedure.

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