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Best Sanitary Pad Brands Genuine Review 2019

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Sanitary Pad Brands

It is hard so astonishing to know that every single menstrual sanitary pad is made with the utmost care and of quality. For whatever length of time they aid to a woman’s need, they perform their duties pretty well, isn’t it?

In reality, not so much. If you sit to investigate, you will find that there are various brands and types of menstrual sanitary pads available in the market. Some of them are considered "customary" based on their length and thickness, while others are longer and thicker and provide better insurance amid substantial stream, keeping in mind that you are resting or sleeping.

There are other Sanitary Pads which are made of natural. Also, there are some Sanitary Pads which are reusable — wash them thoroughly in the wake of utilizing them and they are all good to go!

Considering these facts, it is anything but difficult to see exactly why it is so essential to do your examination and find out which Sanitary Pad best fits your need. We have made this manual for your assistance so that you can limit down your alternatives and effectively pick the most ideal sanitary pads for you.

Regardless of the nature of your work, homemaker or a working woman, clean sanitary pads are something that each woman needs and even deserves. Crude material napkins are a distant memory and have been supplanted by clean napkins. These expendable menstrual napkins have made the life of women a lot simpler, empowering them to participate in any sort of action during all those five days.

There are various kinds of pads that are accessible in the market, such as, maxi, ultra - long, ultra-flimsy, sanitary pads with wings and that's only the beginning. You can pick the ones that best suit your menstrual stream.

There are a few brands that have the thought of sanitary pads, made of various textures and materials. Abandons saying that Whisper pads and Stayfree pads are two of the most prominent brands with regards to this class.

Whisper Sanitary Pad comes in many kinds like mentioned above and Whisper Ultra is a standout among the most frequently brought ones. Likewise, Stayfree cotton pads additionally have their very own product offering in sterile napkins.

Both the brands have additionally concocted alternatives of sanitary pads to use during the evening that has a higher retaining property and stays away from spillage. This enables one to get an entire night's rest without agonizing over staining the sheets. The cost of Whisper and Stayfree sanitary pads rely on the bundle size or type that you wish to purchase.

Sofy clean sanitary pads are another brand of sterile napkins that you can find in the market and on a huge scale. These are cotton sterile sanitary pads and biodegradable clean sanitary pads that give you an agreeable period as well as natural amicable. These sanitary pads are finished to be delicate on the skin, in such a way that you stay away from rashes and skin aggravations. These referenced brands are the absolute most prominent brands of clean sanitary pads in India.

Apart from this, there are various other brands making their place in the market. So, let us study more about them.

Things to keep in mind when you are buying Sanitary Pads

When you have your period, you need the affirmation that your sterile sanitary pads give your solid permeable mess without any stains. All things considered, what could be more humiliating than having a period stain on your skirt?

Unlike tampons and menstrual tops, sterile sanitary pads are worn remotely on underwear as opposed to embedding them into the genitalia. The clean sanitary pads you use ought to likewise be agreeable without giving you terrible tingle or scraped spots at your fragile zone.

There are loads of brands and assortments of sterile items broadly known, yet a ton of characteristics must be considered before picking a clean towel particularly if you are a beginner. That is when you are simply starting to have your first menstrual experience. Here are some significant things to note while picking a clean pad:

Good Absorbency

A standout among the most significant components of decent clean sanitary pads is the capacity to retain a huge volume of blood in a limited capacity in a focused time. Blood retained ought to likewise be bolted into the inside center, wiping out the opportunity of reverse when weight is connected to the sanitary pads (for instance when plunking down). Probably, you should feel good, dry and not all that disgusting for around 5-7 hours without having to change.

Length and Flow

Blood release is normally heavier toward the beginning of your period, so it is basic to pick sanitary pads that can rapidly and adequately assimilate your stream. The more drawn out the sanitary pads, the more liquids it can absorb. Night sanitary pads additionally go with included highlights like wide hip watchmen, forestalling back stains adequately. Likewise, a few sanitary pads go with side assembles to accommodate your body forms, adequately averting side spillage when you thrash around in bed.

Material Comfort

We're discussing the kind of material the sterile sanitary pads are made of. Sterile sanitary pads are either cotton type or plastic got. Every woman's skin is unique, with some favoring a delicate touch while others may incline toward a got top layer. The sort of material additionally directs breathability. While a few women may feel that having rashes in their fragile territory is something all women need to experience amid their period, they might be astounded to realize that the issue might be mitigated by changing to cotton-type sterile pads.


Aside from the sponginess rate and structure, the surface ought to likewise be considered. It ought to be delicate and skin amicable to keep up a strategic distance from wounds, tingle, and other skin aggravations amid the cycle.


The thickness of your sterile sanitary pads absolutely relies upon you. Thickness ranges from underwear liner estimate, ordinary things and long thins. A female with exceptionally substantial slaughter ought to consider long thins while those with light stream can use ordinary things. Concentrate your menstrual stream and pick appropriately.


Purchase a sterile sanitary pad that would cover the vulva completely right to distal territories of the rear-end to assimilate blood completely. You could get DIVA Sanitary Pads that are 8 creeps long and some are considerably more! Always remember to check the expiry date of the sterile sanitary pads. The closer it is to its expiry date, the more fragile it gets.


Sanitary pads can come in various structures. Some may have wings, others may not. The winged sanitary pads are exceedingly prescribed. They counteract stains route superior to the non-winged assortment. Additionally, the greatest agreeableness is assured. DIVA Sanitary Pads have all the above characteristics in generally excellent Size and ought to be your main decision dependably!


Whisper Ultra Clean XL

These clean sanitary pads give durable unrivaled security. They have an overly permeable center that pulls away spillage from the edges. The wings are longer and give you included assurance with the goal that you can stay effortless even on overwhelming stream days.


  1. Additional enormous (XL) wings (317 mm.)
  1. Locks wetness up to 100% (in view of P&G specialized information)
  1. Assurance for the duration of the day

Poise Incontinence Pads Ultimate Absorbency, 90 Count

Pondering whether you could be the just one? The right response is that you are most certainly not! 33% of women experience substantial periods. In any case, with the Poise Incontinence sanitary pads, the best sanitary pads for overwhelming periods, you never again need to stress that you could be humiliated throughout your exercises. These sanitary pads are uniquely intended to give as long as 12 hours of reliable assurance. This capacity stipends you more certainty whether while doing your standard issues or when in a profound rest.

The sanitary pads have the Absorb-Lock center which bolts out wetness. The special equation keeps you up to multiple times drier. The Leak-Block offers assurance when progressing. These fabulous highlights all join to make this a perfect alternative for the women who experience intemperate bladder spillage particularly subsequent to conveying.


  1. It offers three-in-one security for a straightforward encounter.
  1. The sanitary pads offer progressively expanded insurance making them perfect for the bustling women.
  1. They lock away scent to give all of you day certainty.


  1. The item accompanies a slight smell.

U by Kotex Barely There Liners, Light Absorbency, Unscented, 100 Count

On the off-chance that you are searching for overly flimsy sanitary pads to deal with your overwhelming stream, U by Kotex sanitary pads is one of only a handful couple of you ought to consider giving it a shot. The sanitary pads are flawlessly intended to convey solace to the degree that you could overlook that you are on one. The sheer sides on every liner keep you ensured throughout the day. Additionally, in contrast to certain sanitary pads, U by Kotex is without latex. Keeping in mind that most sanitary pads in this class give out some smell, this choice is without aroma which means they can be utilized by a wider section of women.

What's more, just on the off-chance that you adore feeling, these sanitary pads come enclosed by four unique hues and structures. In spite of the fact that they are of premium-quality, the cost is pocket-accommodating so you will barely go past your spending limit.


  1. They are an ideal alternative for ordinary use.
  1. These sanitary pads are reasonable.
  1. U by Kotex sanitary pads is ideal for regular use.


  1. They may not be the best alternative accessible in the market.

Stayfree Maxi Pads for Women, Super – 66 Count

Similarly, as the name proposes, these sanitary pads are made to enable you to stay free from stresses when working or dozing — the break insurance gifts you noteworthy dryness with the goal that you stay agreeable for as long as 10 hours. The propelled retention innovation pulls away liquids for the body and retains them in short order with the goal that you stay dry and agreeable.

The extraordinary smell neutralizers kill the scent in seconds to allow you freshness and certainty all through. Stayfree Maxi additionally includes eighteen enemies of whole channels which reliably squares spills every which way. With regards to comfort, it has never been to this degree; the sanitary pads come with a super-delicate cottony spread that will keep you agreeable. Additionally, these sanitary pads are made to remain in a situation since they have been custom fitted to form to a lady's body.


  1. The break insurance ring averts.
  1. They offer as long as 10 hours of solace.
  1. They stay in position in spite standing for a long duration.


  1. These sanitary pads for substantial periods are unscented consequently they may not be immaculate if feel is your thing.

Stayfree Ultra-Thin Regular Pads with Wings for Women, 36Counts

On the off-chance that you have to appreciate excellent dryness for long, you can consider settling on these superb sanitary pads. The sanitary pads kill smell in a matter of moments to concede you freshness and dryness that can last. The multi-liquid assurance capacity implies that the sanitary pads are intended to offer you security from all liquids. Besides, Stayfree ultra-flimsy sanitary pads reliably lock in liquids so you can focus on day by day errands, not on holes.

Furthermore, the super-smooth spread guarantees the most extreme solace. What's more, much the same as different sanitary pads in a similar gauge, you can depend upon Stayfree ultra-slight standard to count secure in the liquid.


  1. They accompany an extraordinarily delicate spread that rapidly retains dampness.
  1. The leading innovation draws in liquids from the body.
  1. They give all state ingestion.


  1. The sanitary pads don't go with the best glue.

U by Kotex Clean Wear Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings, Fragrance-Free, 50 Count

With this fabulous item from U by Kotex, real holes will never be a back off again. The item is remarkably custom fitted to give you unrivaled twenty-four-hour security amid the substantial menstrual holes. Besides, the 3-D catch center attracts dampness for retention. This capacity keeps you feeling dry and agreeable.

And keeping in mind that most sanitary pads have latex material, U by Kotex sanitary pads are without latex. Each sanitary pads is collapsed for a simple opening. The clean napkins likewise have ultra-delicate sides throughout the day comfort. Albeit meager, they can be depended upon to offer solid insurance from substantial liquids whether when alert or snoozing. The uncommonly structured wings ensure a protected fit.


  1. These sanitary pads are without salve.
  1. The sanitary pads don't contain fragrance.
  1. It highlights Tru-Fit wings which keep the sanitary pads set up. This component additionally counteracts batching.


  1. The glue may not be the stickiest.

U by Kotex Clean Wear Ultra-Thin Heavy Flow Pads with Wings, Unscented, 16 Count

This top-notch quality substantial period sanitary pads have super-quick assimilation which keeps spills inconsistent check. The sanitary pads have Tru-Fit wings which help to keep the sanitary pads position. In addition, the sanitary pads are planned in view of your solace since they accompany super-delicate sides that keep you agreeable for the duration of the day and medium-term.

In addition, the interesting DRI covers help to pull in and lock away wetness with the goal that the client remains dry and agreeable for the duration of the day. What's more, just in the event that you are adversely affected by latex, these sanitary pads are without latex. This non-attendance gives you a chance to get them with the certainty that they won't respond with your skin.


  1. These sanitary pads are without aroma.
  1. They come enveloped by four rich plans
  1. The sanitary pads stay agreeable.


  1. The size is moderately littler, particularly for medium-term insurance.

Always Radiant Infinity Overnight Feminine Pads with Wings, Scented, 24 Count

This is one more marvelous choice originating from Always. The brilliant medium-term sanitary pads give total release free insurance so you go on with life in certainty. Besides, the sanitary pads have Flex Foam-a very delicate material with outstanding permeable ness of up to multiple times its weight. Furthermore, since they are exceedingly permeable, they give total security to as long as 10 hours. This capacity takes out the requirement for regular checks enabling you to concentrate more on whatever you are doing. Furthermore, on the off chance that you adore polish, they have fun examples which make them staggering as you seem to be!

Continuously sterile sanitary pads likewise accompany wings with an improved wing cement which keeps the sanitary pads place when in sleep.


  1. The super-slim Flex Foam gives throughout the day security.
  1. It offers total assurance from breaks.
  1. They come with stylish examples.


  1. They are moderately exorbitant than others.

Abena Abri-San Special Pad for Fecal and Urinary Incontinence, 28 Count

In some cases going for the shoddy sanitary pads can turn out over the long haul. This is on the grounds that you should transform them all the more regularly consequently you should get them in a progressively noteworthy number. This is the reason you ought to organize the models that offer security for more. What's more, truly, Abena Abri-San is among the few sanitary pads available that will give most extreme security throughout the day and medium-term.

The standout among the best sanitary pads for the substantial period includes a propelled spillage obstruction for solid regulation notwithstanding when on high weight. The ventured up innovation conveys reliable incontinence abandoning you sure and ensured.


  1. The sanitary pads accompany a spending limit agreeable cost.
  1. They offer reliable assurance.
  1. Highlights worked in pockets for incredible control


  1. They work consummately for fecal incontinence.



Practically synonymous with clean napkins, Whisper is the most trusted and broadly accessible sterile napkin brand in the market.

Also, it has something for each woman and each period.

Directly from Whisper decision that is straightforward spongy sanitary pads with wings that keep your sanitary pads set up and abstains from getting stains, to the Whisper Ultra range that professes to have 5x preferred security over conventional sanitary pads.

They additionally have the Whisper Ultra Soft that has exceptional delicate pores that drive fluid deeply and lock it away, and Whisper Ultra Nights to last you the whole night.

  • Size: XL
  • Count: 30


Stayfree, presently possessed by Energizer, which obtained the ladylike cleanliness business from Johnson and Johnson has a scope of items including maxi sterile sanitary pads, ultra-dainty clean sanitary pads, and female wipes.

Their All-in-One Ultra-Thin sanitary pads lock in dampness rapidly and hold it in, keeping the sanitary pads evaporate to 8 hours while the Maxi sanitary pads effectively avert and kills smells while keeping the sanitary pads evaporate for 6 to 8 hours.

They likewise have Ultra-Thin Overnight sanitary pads that lock in liquid quick for extraordinary dryness and solace for as long as 10 hours and the Stayfree Secure that is a clean napkin with a cottony spread for enduring insurance.

  • Size: XL
  • Count: 20


Nua is a brand of compound free clean napkins that are ultra slim, and shield women from agonizing rashes brought about by the synthetic compounds in the standard sanitary pads.

They are accessible through their site where they sell sterile sanitary pads, however, offer an altogether new female consideration experience custom fitted to the requirements of the advanced woman who lays accentuation on ladylike cleanliness.

One can tweak her pack, amount and conveyance recurrence without any trade-offs and no confusions.

They additionally have a membership framework, with prudent conveyance and simple to convey and arrange bundling that makes utilizing them a flat-out joy!

Count: 12


Carefree is a brand best known for its top-notch undies liners that can be utilized amid light menses and when to keep the underwear clean and to maintain a strategic distance from mishaps.

In any case, they likewise have a scope of clean napkins that accompany a belt.

These sterile sanitary pads via Carefree have a solid, delicate spread, a movable tab that loans a cozy and agreeable fit and an extraordinary dampness evidence shield that averts staining.

Size: Regular

Count: 20


Sofy by Unicharm is a brand of female cleanliness items that centers around the solace and cleanliness for the woman.

The name is gotten from the words "Advanced" and "Considerate" and along these lines, the brand pushes all cutoff points to guarantee it decreases distress and guarantees a safe inclination and solace amid a menstrual period.

They have clean napkins intended to manage very light to overly overwhelming menses and are antibacterial.

Look at the BodyFit antibacterial sterile sanitary pads by Sofy that have a wonderful aroma tree scent here

  • Size: XL
  • Count: 15


Kotex is a brand of clean napkins that sells the Kotex maxi, slight and ultra slim sanitary pads other than Security tampons and the Lightdays panty liners.

Most as of late, the organization has added U by Kotex to its line of ladylike cleanliness items, a scope of premium sterile sanitary pads with one devoted to dynamic days called Fitness.

  • Size: XL
  • Count: 16


A brand of clean sanitary pads that are fabricated at practical plants, Always sterile napkins experience a thorough wellbeing assessment to guarantee they can be utilized securely and ought not to cause skin bothering or an unfavorably susceptible response.

With none of the sanitary pads containing chlorine dye, they are delicate on the skin and are intended to suit each lady's need.

Their range incorporates Always Radiant, Maxi, Ultra-slim and the popular Pure and Clean sanitary pads. They additionally have unique sanitary pads for youngsters.

Count: 36

VWash Wow

VWash is a name known for its reality class female cleanliness items that keep the stress of recoloring, wetness or foul smell away.

Their whole range is created utilizing premium quality crude materials and made utilizing advanced innovation.

They have clean sanitary pads that come in various sizes, for an alternate stream, and to leave you alone and feel great all during that time and night.

  • Size: XL
  • Count: 5

Pink Sanitary

Pink is a brand of high caliber, ultra-slight sterile napkins made by the ladies for ladies and is accessible at a sensible expense.

Their clean napkins have 7 layers that guarantee you are free of stains, inconvenience, and stress. It presents to 20 hours of assurance and is spillage evidence.

  • Size: XL
  • Count: 14


Everteen is a brand of normal cotton sterile napkins which are planned with 8 layers of genuine assurance to boost retentiveness, comfort, and dryness amid your menstrual days.

Since the outside of these sterile sanitary pads is made of 100% characteristic cotton, they are agreeable and non-disturbing versus other clean napkins which are made of rayon.

In addition, as a result of their high permeable ness, they expand a moment dry and delicate feel.

These clean napkins accompany a Negative particle strip that kills scent and a sanitized air laid paper to control menstrual liquid to the superabsorbent polymer focus.

In addition, it utilizes sustenance grade non-lethal paste to keep the sanitary pads set up without hurting the body.

Count: 10


Carmesi is a brand of all-normal clean napkins that contains no hurtful synthetics. It’s made of corn starch and bamboo fiber and is overly spongy.

Its additional dry spread gives you a chance to feel to Count calm amid your periods and the plume delicate feel takes into consideration a disturbance-free encounter.

Far beyond that, it arrives in a movement cordial, super-advantageous and biodegradable transfer sack that you would gladly bear in your pack!

Size: XL

Count: 30

Female Hygiene Products Market in India

The market for underwear liners and sterile napkins in India shows 6% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) that may show up sensibly great.

In 2018, the market for ladylike cleanliness items remained at US$414 million, as indicated by different sources.

Constantly 2022, the market in India for undies liners and clean sanitary pads is relied upon to stay at unobtrusive US$596 million.

As a conspicuous difference, women in China utilized US$ 4.04 billion worth undies liners and clean sanitary pads amid 2017.

To Sum Up

As more and more women are becoming aware of the advantages of using clean sanitary pads, its usage has increased tremendously.

The Indian government and a few Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) have propelled activities to convey free panty liners and clean sanitary pads to rustic women.

Currently, Government-claimed Primary Health Centers and Women and Child facilities conspicuously show blurbs portraying advantages of utilizing clean napkins

These will result in increasingly clean pads brands in India in the following couple of years.

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