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How To Buy The Right Mattress Online: Tips And Tricks

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Right Mattress Online

Many people dread buying mattresses online simply because they aren’t sure they'll get the best quality and value for their money.  Buying a mattress online doesn’t have to be as confusing or daunting as it seems. With the right information and details, you should be able to order and receive your choice mattress without worrying about quality.  Discussed below are a few critical factors to consider when shopping for a mattress online.

The Mattress Brand and Trustworthiness

Always look for a well-known mattress brand, and a trusted one for that matter. You will be safe ordering your mattress from a brand you've used before and one that produces high-quality mattresses. Look for mattress brands that promise and guarantee value for your money. Always avoid unknown brands if unsure of the quality they have to offer.

Mattress Density

The mattress density is one of the most important factors to consider before making an order. According to a consumer survey, high-density foam mattresses are durable and last longer than their competition. The survey also shows that memory foam mattresses have a record high owner satisfaction since the 1990s.

Many companies however avoid the more expensive memory foam but instead use other materials such as fluffy covers, conventional foam, and latex. They only use a thin film of foam on their mattresses to cut down on manufacturing costs. This is because memory foam is more expensive than either of the other materials.

Maintainability of the Mattress

The appropriate mattress should have a removable/washable cover.  The removable cover makes it easy to keep the mattress clean even after it (the cover) gets stains.  Zippers are however the most expensive component of a mattress, one of the reasons most manufacturers don’t include them. It would however be advisable to go for mattresses that come with a cover for they are much easier to maintain as compared to those with zippers.

Does The Manufacturer/Supplier Offer Free Firmness Adjustment?

Most online mattress stores offer a free tapper to help adjust mattress firmness as part of your sleep trial. This makes buying mattresses from an online store a better option considering you would have to buy the same tapper from a physical store. It is however worth noting that, many of the new mattress brands out there only offer one level of mattress firmness.  This means you cannot ask for a replacement if the mattress turns out too hard or too soft for your liking or comfort.

The Mattress Thermal Comfort

Some online companies will tout their mattresses to use advanced cooling gimmicks to ensure optimal comfort. You however need to look beyond these gimmicks and go for mattresses that use airflow and moisture wicking to reduce heat buildup at night like these Costco beds.

Some of the new brands on the market use chemical additives to reduce heat buildup at night, a technology not proven to be as capable as the traditional airflow and moisture wicking technology.  Some of these technologies and cooling alternatives (such as pillow tops) are only designed to cut production costs and may not be useful in the long run.  Aside from this, the separate low-density lofty covers cause body indentations.

Available Free Return Policy

Always check to see if the return policy works in your terms before making the order. Although some companies such as Novosbed comfort+ (founded in 2009) offer favorable return policies, most new companies may not be as kind. Check to see if the manufacturer provides a money back guarantee should you not like the mattress within the trial period.

Some companies do not offer a refund, and may charge shipping and restocking fee should you choose to return the mattress. All this is an attempt to discourage you from returning the product. There are however good companies out there that will ask you to donate the mattress then provide evidence of the same to get a refund.

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