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Introducing Pixel, The new Google's iPhone? (Release Date, Price & All)

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Excited to know about specs of all new Android phone, Pixel, by Google, the search engine giant ?

Well, Google Pixel and Pixel XL priced in India at Rs 57,000 and Rs 76,000 respectively are going to give stiff competition to Apple and Samsung.

The phone comes with a clean and sturdy make of metallic aluminum and glass. Both the front and back glass use Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for scratch-proof performance. It’s slim, sleek, and lightweight with a thickness of just 7.3mm.

Pixel’s success is going to be bigger than Nexus.

Google Pixel

This time, Google has partnered with HTC for hardware. If you remember, the last phone by Google, Nexus’s hardware was sourced by Huawei and the success of Nexus is huge. Actually, it’s not the hardware where Google has worked to beat its competitors but it’s the software and processor.

The first of it’s kind.

Pixel comes with blazing-fast Snapdragon 821 processor which is the latest processor, probably it’s the first handset to be powered by Snapdragon 821. Next big plus point is the operating system, it runs on latest android version Android 7.1 Nougat.

It’s all Google’s claim, the unbeatable camera and battery performance.

Another feature which makes it a must-buy is it’s superb camera, Google claims it to best smartphone camera ever, with 12.3MP rear and 8 MP front camera. Fingerprint scanner at the back is also a new introduction in the world of smartphones, which also gives it a new look of glass cover at the back.

If you talk about battery back-up, Google is again in a win-win situation with it claim to last up to seven hours with a charging of just 15 minutes by its Quick Charge technology.

I see two more good reasons for the longer battery backup, first, Android Nougat employs ‘behind-the-scenes Doze 2.0 technology’ that terminates all the idle activities when you are not using your phone. Secondly, it’s fast and efficient Snapdragon 821 processor is much better than any other previous processors, making your battery last longer.

The intuitive and cool Assistant

Another new introduction is the AI based Google Assistant, which is again not to be found in other Android phones at present. Many of you who have used it in the new Allo app must have an idea how useful Google Assistant is. It’s awesome, ready to help you out in any problem.

You say “send me daily news” and it will ask, “ at which time” and tell the time, and you are subscribed. Write for ‘nearby railway station or hospital’, it sends map in a second.

Write ‘show my mail’, it gives the snapshot of recent mail. Fix meeting, set alarm or reminders anything, it’s intuitive. On Pixel you just need to hold Home or say “OK Google, to run your assistant.

The final word

I could see only one thing on the downside, the microSD card slot is missing in the Pixels(same as in Nexus). You have to depend on the internal memory space of 32GB in Pixel and 128GB in Pixel XL; Otherwise the phone is awesome, and why not it’s from Google, the pioneer of technology.

Both the Pixel XL and Pixel stands same in terms of design, processor, camera and RAM. However, XL outsmarts the later in terms of display size, battery capacity, memory and resolution at a higher price. You can refer the below chart to find out the main differences between the two variant. Go for this powerful piece, without a think over, it’s the finest.

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