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iPulse A Revolutionary Health Solution (Multi Benefits)

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iPulse Review

Hey guys if you have been searching anything about iPulse, you have landed at the right place. In this article you would get all the required information about I Pulse and hopefully it will clear all your doubts, ending a search here.

Have you ever thought about drinking fruits??


Yeah we all look forward to eating fruits.

Fruits form a a very integral part of a diet and it is a storehouse of ample of minerals and vitamins as we all know all the celebrities and sports people tend to  focus more on fruitarian diet as it helps to combat fatigue and develop good stamina as well as enhancing the immunity of body system.

Fruits have been bestowed with innate nutritious values which help to make a person physically fit.

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Apart from the vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets which we have today fruitarian diet has been emphasised by major gym trainers and doctors for better functioning of our body.

Since the 21st century is an era of gym freak people….so people are getting conscious of their health issues and taking all measures possible to be fit n frolic.

But due to the present work culture and hectic schedules, they are not able to take good care of their body as a result ending up with n number of ailments. The root cause of it is poor diet, lethargic life style and technology driven habits.

A pedia recommends that an adult should daily consume at least 3-4 kgs of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, preferably of different varieties and nutritional value. This helps to maintain a balance between various nutritional components like vitamin, minerals, enzymes and also fiber.

There we introduce iPULSE. It is a juice made from extracts of acai berries that abounds in antioxidants with the goodness  of many other fruits too. Actually it combination of extract of various juices in diverse proportions. The main or rather key ingredient of the I PULSE is accai berry.. a fruit which is found inrain forests which abounds antioxidants which are beneficial for our health. In accordance with one research, acai berry is an affective booster for our bodies immunity. Acai berry is very important for our body as it hepls to cure all infections speedily.

What is the reason to opt for I PULSE??

iPulse is composed of a great range of oxidants namely gallic acid, elagic acid, cyanidines, quercetin, anthocyanins,stilbenes,many gluconutrients, trace minerals like iran, calcium, manganese, magnisium and energizing compounds and micro nutrients like silica.

Apart from these , I PULSE, is composed with the goodness of wide variety of fruits like cranberry, orange, blackberry,pomegranate, strawberry, mulberry, blueberry, acai berry,banana,cherry, pear apple, kiwi, white grapes, concord grapes, pineapple. It is purely natural and free of all artificial additives.

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Health advantages of iPULSE

Nutritional value

The nutritional value of 60 ml of I PULSE is equivalent to 3.5 kgs of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Its nourishment worth can be compared to 100 cups green tea and 70 glasses to fresh orange juice.


Regular consumption of IPULSE helps to boost immunity and build up strong protection against diseases and infections . it actually increases our body’s power to combat infections and various kinds of viruses. It is boon to cure any bacterial allergy.


I PULSE is very rich in high value oxidants.  In that case the oxygen we inhale reacts with our body. Though our body naturally hasb all the re uired quantities of oxidants but because of poor diet and pathetic working schedule leading to zero or minimal metabolic activities disturb the levels of oxidants. There comes I PUSE to our rescue which helps to restore the balance of oxidants in our body. A disturbed balance between oxidants and antioxidants in our body, results in an ailment called oxidative stress, which lays the foundation stone for ageing,diabetes, stroke, obesity, blood pressure, heart disesaes and cardiac disorders. It may also lead to cancer. To cure this oxidative stress a person needs 5000 to 6000 ORAC value of antioxidants in the body. 60 ml of I PULSE provides 7000 ORAC VALUE OF ANTIOXIDANTS. Thus it helps to keep our body cell protected and also provides strength to the cell membrane.

Strength to body:

The various organic ingredients of I PULSE not only provide strength to combat infections but they also help in digestion of food and smooth functioning of eyes, throat, liver, heart etc. It hepls to boost imunity and keeps a check on the cholestrol level. It is aboon for infections. It helps to build up smooth flow of blood through the blood vessels. It provides the required fatty acids and the essential oils to the body for improving the cell to cell contact and promoting cellular connectivity.  It also boosts up protien building up which leads to strong nervous system.

Its an Age mask

The mix of various types of fruits extract and organic componentswith varied range of oxidents produces a detoxifying affect on the body . It makes the quotation evident that age is just a number. The effects of oxidatives help to dampen the signs of aging. It helps to neutralise the free radicals and supplies more of oxygen which leads to slowing down of ageing process.

Friend for heart

RESVERATROL, an enzyme,  which is found in I PULSE is very benificial for heart. It is actually a boon for cardiac cavity. It tends to smooth the functioning of cardiac muscles and pulmonary veins. It is actually an extract of black grapes which helps to reduce the risk of cadiovascular functions as it inhibits the fat settlement in the cardiac nerves.

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That is a gone age fact that there is no cure of cancer.. in the present world I pulse has completely non carcinogenic properties. The acai berry extract which is a key ingredient of the I PULSE has many enzymes which help to combat cancer. Even appreciated and accepted by wel known organisations likeI  NASA, they have tested and made a space drink AS10 which also has acai berry as a key component as it keeps the astronauts safe from harmful radiations of space.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits I Pulse also provides many other benefits to our body. It a boon in the present era as it is the best health suppliment available.

Age group: AGE NO BAR

Since I PULSE is a herbal product, it can be consumed by all age groups includic diabetic people. It is purely organic compound which does not offer any side effect. It can be consumed continuously for along period of time too as it does not hinder any body system activity. Pregnant ladies and lactating moms can also have it asit is purely side effect free. It comes in a packaging of 1 liter bottle and it is advised to store it in a cool and dry place once the seal is broken.

Dosage : 2 options

Note: No need to dilute before consuming.

A minimum of 30 ml to be consumed at once.

First option:

60 ML to be consumed as the first intake of the day ( even before tooth bruch)

Second option:

30ml of i-pulse before 30 min of breakfast and 30ml of i-pulse 30 min before dinner.

It can be safely consumed by diabetic p[eople too as it is side effect free. The sugar compounds in it are direct from fruits and not artificial additives.

We are proud to share that the ministry of AYUSH department has also appreciated our product and provided a certifucation of premium quality due to its several health benefit. It is more than evident from this fact that yes IPULSE is a high quality product. The formulation of IPULSE is done by a japnese company, BIOACTIVES.

The entire scenario of 21st century has changed and there is an evident decrease in the life span of a normal adult as compared to the olden age. It is due to the consumption of adulterated fruits and retareded physical work . this all is due to the western work culture which is completely techno-driven. Thus a need arises to protect our body from the effect of various pollutions and viruses. I PULSE comes to our rescue in that case.

It must be made very clear to you that I PULSE should not be confused with medicines as it is not  A MEDICINE but a heath supplement… it doesnt not cure you of any ailment but it helps to strengthen our immunity so much that any sickness doesn’t come quickly..

Note: I PULSE consumption will not cause any harm to the body. Since it is an organic product manufactured from whole fruits extract.. it is purely natural and herbal in nature.

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So we can say that I-pulse is a whole food on its own. So what are you waiting for…? Gear up guys… grab your phone….and order soon by dialing the no.: +91-6378872589

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