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How to Properly Break In A New Pair Of Shoes

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Nothing beats the feeling of having a brand-new pair of shoes. That is, of course, until you get blisters from them because they aren't properly broken in.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to make sure that your new shoes don't wind up hurting your feet. Keep reading for helpful tips on how to properly break in a new pair of shoes so that they don't rub or pinch your feet.

Although some people recommend soaking new leather shoes in water before wearing them, most experts disagree. For instance, Antonio Centeno, a well-known fashion blogger, says that water does little more than warp the shoes, causing them to lose their shape. Because of that, you should only break in your new shoes when they are dry.

Wearing your shoes around when the weather is nice outside can also help scuff up the soles, giving them better traction and making them easier to walk in without slipping.

Stiff soles can also be a problem with new shoes. According to Steven Beccia, who is considered to be an expert on shoes, you can help fix this problem by bending them ten to twelve times before putting them on your feet. This can help make the soles more flexible.

Suede or nubuck leather shoes should always be properly waterproofed before you wear them outside. Just be sure to use a waterproofing product that is specifically designed for use on suede.

Test it on the tongue or another hidden part of the shoe before spraying the entire shoe to make sure that it won't cause any discoloration. Typically, the best time to waterproof your shoes is in the evening. That way, the product will have time to soak into the leather before it is exposed to the weather.

To keep your shoes looking great, make sure to regularly use shoe polish on them. This can not only help them retain their color but it can also help keep the leather as supple as possible. Stick to a regular polishing routine right from the start to keep your shoes looking like new as long as possible.

According to Stephen, a resident expert at The Mitchelli, you should polish your shoes every time you wear them during the initial time that you are breaking them in. This can help make the leather soft and supple.

Try putting the polish on the shoe directly after you take them off. That way, the shoes will still be warm, helping the polish do a better job of penetrating down into the leather.

You may also find it beneficial to store your shoes on a shoe tree. Simon from Permanent Style recommends this method, not only because it helps shoes maintain their shape but also because it makes it easier to get polish into every crack and crevice of the shoes.

He also recommends wearing your new shoes every other day rather than every day. According to Simon, wearing them too often keeps the leather from fully drying out and causes the shoes to wear out more quickly. If you want something a little more comfortable and easy to wear then try these from Sole Trader.

If the leather of your shoes is not dried thoroughly, it will generally wear out much more quickly. Steven Beccia recommends waiting at least 24 hours after taking off your shoes before wearing them again to help them last as long as possible.

Anytime your shoes are exposed to moisture, you should dry them out as slowly as you can, keeping them at room temperature. Crumple up newspaper and stuff it inside of them to help them maintain their shape. Never use heat to speed up the drying process since it can cause the leather to dry out and crack.

If your new shoes are hurting the soles of your feet, you can usually solve the problem by using insoles.

Man Made recommends going one of two ways: you can either use commercially available insoles that you can find at any drugstore or you can have custom-designed insoles made by a podiatrist. It all depends on your budget, the issues that you are trying to resolve, and the fit that you are going for.

Working with a podiatrist can be particularly beneficial if you are dealing with flat feet, high arches, or other problems that make it difficult to find shoes that fit comfortably. Custom-made insoles can help correct any foot-related problems you have, providing you with the comfort and support that you need.

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