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Great Gift Ideas For The Scrabble Enthusiast

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Do you love scrabble or know someone who does. These gift ideas could be perfect for them - take a  look.

Scrabble Luxe

If you have put a lot of time on scrabble and are ready to level up your game, then it is time to invest in Scrabble Luxe. After all, you do deserve the best. Scrabble Luxe features raised metal letters, a rotating wood board, a unique color palette, and a faux leather bag.


Gifts don’t have to cost money, why not give them access on the worlds best word unscrambler - Unscramblex. It could be the perfect way to improve their word knowledge and help them with scrabble.

Scrabble Flash

If you know a scrabble lover and want to get him or her a great gift, Scrabble Flash is what you should consider going for. It is the newest and hottest scrabble game currently on the market. The exciting thing about it is that it is an electronic version of Scrabble and features five Smart Link letter tiles.

The game’s objective is to try and come up with as many legit words as you possibly can with the five electronic blocks provided. The aim is to put them side by side to spell out different words. The game’s SmartLink technology easily recognizes all the different words formed before recording the score. To make things interesting, players have to play within 60 seconds - the more words you can play within this time frame, the better. The total overall score for a round is then displayed once time has run out.

OSPD4 or The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary - 4th Edition

The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary - 4th Edition is a must-have scrabble game for any Scrabble player. I endorse the paperback edition as it is the most portable and the cheapest. Originally published back in 2005, it’s still the #1 authority for challenges encountered when playing Scrabble, and includes 8-letter long words. However, it’s censored for home and student use. So, if you are buying one for a professional Scrabbler, then consider getting the OWL2 (for more information see step 4 below).

Wall Scrabble

The price tag for this Scrabble set breaks my heart. The little devil and angel on my shoulders are fighting: “You can do this!” “No, You cannot” “You can do this!” “No, you can’t… you would just end up owning an ugly board and a huge mess. Be real.”

Scrabble Puzzle Books

This option is not limited to one scrabble puzzle book considering that there are lots of them out there; however, it is a great and dependable option for any Scrabble fan out there. When you are not playing against an opponent(s), you can simply snuggle with your favorite scrabble puzzle books and challenge yourself a bit - this should, ultimately, improve your gameplay.

Scrabble Cufflinks

Scrabble Cufflinks would be an excellent gift for any soon-to-be, Scrabble-loving groom and could also serve as a great gift to the groomsmen. The great thing is that you can go for whatever letter you like which means you can customize the cufflink set for each of the recipients.

Scrabble Cookies

If you are more in the mood of baking than reaching your hand into a bag, then go ahead and make your very own Scrabble Cookies. For a recipe, visit When Abodo Met Feijoada’s blog.

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