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Seven inexpensive Games for teen girls

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Games for teen girls

Girls are fond of games according to what interests them. Some games are all about glamour for girls who are into fashion. And then there are cooking games for girls who love cooking and baking. visit for more .io games has a variety of online games for you to play.

Teen girls who are looking for cheap and fun android games to play, here are seven inexpensive games for you.

1.    Star Girl

Star Girl appeal to children who played with dolls in their childhood. In this game you are a celebrity and have to glamour up the avatar so it can attend parties, events and even have photo shoots to appear on magazines. You have to choose from a variety of outfits, but after a limit, you will have to do some challenges or jobs to get new ones. The game is free on google play but has in-app purchases.

2.    Movie Star Planet

If you have always dreamt of becoming a celebrity, this game is for you. You can become a rich glamorous celebrity and give your character makeover and design their clothes. There is the option to redecorate the surrounding area and make movies, which is pretty exciting. The game has the option of online chat rooms so you can have company as well.

3.    Bakery Story

This game is for all the girls out there who have a knack for baking. You can design your own bakery and set up the menu of your choice and feed your customers so they stay happy. By showcasing your bakery, you can earn special tips from friends. You have the option to invite your friends and family members on social media. The game is free of cost and has in-app purchases.

4.    Supermarket Mania

You have to play as Nikki, who has to manage the store and customers. There are products to sell and you have to take care of them and act as an adviser. This game has 50 levels that you can play and five different shops and seven types of clients that will appear throughout the game. You have accessories but in case you want more than 20, you will have to get it upgraded.

5.    Fashion Story

You get to have your own boutique house where people are waiting outside. You will design according to the customers’ taste and arrange the latest collection. You can be as creative in any way you want, and the level update is also free.

6.    Bonnie’s Brunch

It is also a food management game in which you have to abide by the time. You get to have your own brunch truck and can play 50 levels where there are different dish making challenges.

7.    Cake Mania – Main Street Lite

Cake Mania is another kitchen-related game where you will help Jill and her friends in baking cakes. This game is free but has two premium versions that you will have to pay $2.9 for.

In the race to make the most appealing and interesting game, developers are making all types of games for girls that are fun as well as inexpensive.

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