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Forex Fury Review: One of the Market’s Most Powerful EA

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Forex Fury Review

Forex bots are not new in the trading market. There are dozens of Forex EAs in the market that promise to deliver top-notch results to traders.

But can you really trust these bots?

A smart trader will never purchase an unreliable Forex bot and put his investment at risk. He will conduct diligent research before getting his hands on a Forex bot.

We are certain you, too, belong to the clan of smart traders. Hence, you will never install an EA that is fishy and can drown your investments.

In today's post, we will review one of the market's most powerful and trusted Forex EAs: Forex Fury.

We will talk about:

  • Forex Fury's smart features
  • Its latest rolled out version in 2022
  • Customer testimonials
  • Trading results
  • The trading strategy used by Forex Fury

Let's begin with a brief overview of Forex Fury - which is a truly profitable Forex EA:

What is Forex Fury Forex EA?

Forex Fury is one of the finest and most automatic Forex trading bots available. Rypax Inc. is the company behind its creation and design. This Forex EA was created with the needs of both a beginning and an advanced trader. The developers claim that this Forex EA has a 93 percent victory rate.

One key quality that distinguishes Forex Fury from other Forex EAs on the market is that its developers do not make any deceptive claims. The legitimacy and accuracy of the robot's output are attested to by 15 years' worth of backtesting data.

Let's take a look at some of the top features of Forex Fury:

Top 5 Features of Forex Fury


MT4, MT5, FIFO, and other trading platforms are compatible with Forex Fury.

Encourages ECN

Along with offering trustworthy money management tools, Forex Fury also supports ECN. The following useful feature of this outstanding Forex EA is:


A Forex EA is designed to simplify your trading, not make it more difficult. Forex Fury is undoubtedly among the simple robots to install and use. It is easily usable by everyone, including experienced players and novice merchants.

Now let's discuss its fourth feature, which is:

Wide Variety of Filters

Numerous filters are available on Forex Fury. Before opening any trades, traders can use these filters to assess the market. By doing this, traders' capital is safeguarded, and losses are avoided.

Superb Customer Support

Forex Fury's creators and customer service representatives are outstanding. From the product's purchase until its installation, the customer support staff is always available to assist. Additionally, traders can contact the support team to address any questions.

Does Forex Fury Actually Perform Good?

One of the simplest Forex EAs to install and use is Forex Fury. When you buy this robot from the company's website, you get an email with a download link. In addition to the download link, you will also get a detailed installation method and video. You can use these tools to make your installation quick and simple.

The installation procedure is simple. Downloading and setting up your Forex Fury EA only takes a few minutes.

Does Forex Fury Actually Perform Good

Settings for Forex Fury

Forex Fury's development team includes seasoned traders. They are aware of the demands of traders. As a result, the robot is created to meet the needs of every trader. The settings of Forex Fury can be simply changed to accommodate novice and experienced traders.

What Trading Strategy Does Forex Fury Use?

The trading strategy used by Forex Fury mixes time-limited trading with scalping.

If volatility is low, Forex Fury can trade many currency pairings while being stable because it opens all deals within an hour.

Although the default settings of Forex Fury are very successful, the program's developers gave the trader flexibility by allowing them to choose their own lot size, stop limit, and trading days.

The BETA V5 Version 2022 of Forex Fury

The BETA V5 Version 2022 of Forex Fury



The earlier features are in the most recent edition, along with some potent new tools. The BETA V5 version's recently added features include:

Efficient Money Management System

A foolproof Money Management system is part of the most recent 2022 edition of Forex Fury. Thanks to this function, the trader can maintain consistent performance and expand his trading account. Additionally, the risk-reduction and capital-protection features of Forex Fury's money management system help traders in negative market conditions.

Another outstanding aspect of the most recent addition is:

Tough Martingale Technique

In a volatile market environment, the Martingale method provides traders with a refuge of safety. The most recent version of Forex Fury adds an aggressive martingale approach to guard traders' capital.

Moving on to the 3rd remarkable addition:

Trend and News Filters

For Forex traders, both fundamental and technical analysis is crucial. Because of this, advanced news filters have been included in Forex Fury's BETA version.

Important social, political, and economic news impacts the Forex market. The most recent news must be kept up to date by Forex traders. The BETA V5 version, therefore, contains a sophisticated news filter. The trader may quickly stay abreast of the most recent market news and adjust his trading approach accordingly.

Another crucial pillar of Forex analysis is technical analysis. A trader must perform a detailed technical analysis to assess the market and predict the price direction. The sophisticated trend filters offered by Forex Fury are a terrific resource for traders to understand market patterns.

MyFXBook Trading Results for Forex Fury

Developers claim that Forex Fury has a 93 percent win rate. The assertions of the developers are supported by backtesting data spanning 15 years. Visit MyFXBook to view Forex Fury's trading performance.

Is Forex Fury Profitable for Traders?

Why wouldn't it be?

The certified winning percentage for Forex Fury is a staggering 93 percent. And traders anticipate this winning rate to increase further after looking at its most recent features and options.

Trades can be profitable using Forex Fury's tried-and-true SET files and its low, medium, and high-risk techniques.

Is Forex Fury Available for Free?

The list of effective and powerful Forex EAs includes Forex Fury. Its creators constantly add new features and tools to aid traders in excelling in their trading. It is, therefore, not free.

To get this EA, you don't necessarily need to rob a bank. As far as the services it offers, Forex Fury is pretty affordable. For traders, the company provides two packages. The specifics are listed below.

The Gold Package

  • The cost of the gold package is $229.99.
  • One live trading account and an infinite number of demo accounts are licensed under this package.
  • Customers get updates, lifetime membership, and quick support.

The Gold Package is a popular option for new and small-scale traders. However, Forex Fury's Diamond Package is the best option for you if you are an experienced Forex trader and require licenses for two trading accounts.

The Diamond Package

  • The cost of the Diamond Package is $439-99.
  • It offers licenses for two active trading accounts and an unlimited number of demo accounts.
  • Customers get updates, lifetime membership, and quick support.

This Forex EA costs the customer only once. There is no requirement to pay a monthly fee, additional expenses, or membership fees. Customers have to pay just once to become part of the Forex Fury family.

Forex Fury Customer Testimonials 2022 on Slashdot Software Review Website

Hundreds of traders use Forex Fury, and they seem to appreciate it. Numerous traders have given this Forex EA positive feedback on reputable websites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Slashdot.

Take a look at these Forex Fury reviews on Slashdot.com:

Forex Fury: Is it the best?

It is reasonable to conclude that Forex Fury is unquestionably one of the greatest Forex Trading EAs available, given the results of MyFXBook, positive rating on trustpilot.com, and other positive reviews.

Final Reflections about Forex Fury!

It can be difficult to choose a Forex EA that would reduce your stress and make trading simpler. Online, there are several Forex EAs to choose from. Choose the greatest Forex EA, nonetheless, for your trading account.

Visit Forex Fury's website and get as much information as possible if you intend to buy it.

Good luck in your search for the top-notch, most sophisticated Forex EA.

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