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ETSY Coupon Codes (2018) for Amazing Discounts Offers

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Etsy is an official e-commerce website, where exchange of goods takes place between the retailers and the customers in both offline and online ways, and the site helps the customers in purchasing the exact products they need.

The website stresses on unique goods focused specially on handicraft, classical, and factory made products. It provides a wide collection of artistic, photographic, funky outfits, latest jewellery, food items, bathing and beauty essential products, toys and games for children.

It is like a one stop destination for all. If one is looking for vintage items, then also it is the perfect place. The vintage items supplied by Etsy are nearly 20 years old.

It also has a tradition of throwing open craft fairs, where the sellers can easily sell their goods directly to the customers at a charge of US $0.20 per product.
It focuses on human sentiments and their main motive is to connect to peoples’ need and make a strong position in the global community. So, the customers look for unique things on this website, and the sellers acquire those unique items for customers thereby.

Etsy helps the manufacturers grow and follow their mission, which is to remake and rebuild commercial exchange system in an innovative way with the help of staff members, employees, and the society they serve.

According to the statistics, on December 31st 2014, Etsy was successful in registering 54 million users who are connected happily to 1.4 million active sellers and 19.8 million customers.

They had 685 employees at the end of the year with 29 million products on their website.
Etsy is the brainchild of Iospace and was formed in the year 2005. Iospace is a young company belonging to Chris Maguire, Robert Kalin and Haim Schoppik which took 2.5 months to build. Kalin wanted the site with a “nonsense” heading since he wanted to construct the site with a claw mark.

In Italian “etsi” means a lot, and in French it stands for “what if”, so naturally the name was quite uncommon. In its first year Etsy had tried its level best to draw attention towards itself by adding new products, promotional advertisements, to help the sellers for a better sale.
In 2008, in the month of February, another e-commerce website eBay had some problems which initially helped Etsy increase and gain in popularity. Comparison began between eBay and Etsy.

It had also gained some dislikes due to complaints earned at the store. In March 2011, the website started with a social networking system like Facebook known as People Search, which helped the customers to connect with their friends and distant relatives.

This made the purchase system with a feedback option easily accessible. Soon complaints reached to them in bulks and then there was a change made to the website to guard the related information about the user and his purchase.

On October, 2013, it was declared that Etsy would manufacture factory constructed goods and drop the shipping services.

They were extremely eager to build a platform using their business services, so that they could be successful in constructing “AN ETSY ECONOMY”.


Etsy is a large marketplace where varieties of products are sold. This online market features homemade products, vintage products (only if they are 20 years old), daily usage products that are used for day to day purposes, and materials for kids.

From furniture to clothing, everything can be found here. It also has a medium where people can sell their products here on Etsy. In order to sell products on Etsy, the user has to create a unique username and create a shop name.

Please do check and decide properly, because if once it is created it won’t get deleted or changed. The process of creation of shop on Etsy is for free.

No money is charged for it, but each instalment of a product carries charges of $0.20 and will remain on the shopper’s page for almost 4 months or till someone has bought the product. The price of the product can be revised by the seller, but the website demands 3.5% of the sold price of the product.

It registers a global shipping service. Looking for any item on the website is so easy. Just click on the homepage of the website, type the product in the search bar above, and choose from the list of options describing the type of the product on the top panel consisting of 30 options.

When the buyer clicks on the product, he can choose to see the positive reviews and the feedback that determines if it is an original seller and an original shop.

Click to buy, add to the cart, see your total cost, choose your suitable payment option and buy the product without any hassle.

Coupons and Deals:

Shopping is a piece of cake on Etsy e-commerce website. After checking in to the website, don’t forget to go through the deals featured on Etsy. There are more than 300 deals including discounts, “buy one get one free” options, and much more at reasonable prices!

The best deals are offered on the necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and brooches.

Check into the best deals option on the search bar, and take a look at the jaw dropping offers like 3rdeye branded leather bag, boybandz headbands at an awesome price, deals offered on Etsy gold, greeting cards, boxcar children, books, t-shirts, posters and innumerable awe-inspiring offers. Just keep clicking for more.

Customer reviews:

The customer reviews on Etsy are very useful and helps in enabling a better communication and building of trust with new customers, who initially help in ushering in more sales and more profits.

It creates social proof and makes sure that what people are buying is satisfactory. Many people look for social proofs and their purchase is initially based on the testimonials of others.

So, you too can make your choice accordingly. There are almost thousands of reviews updated every month, which may constitute positive reviews and a few negative reviews for specific situations.

The negative reviews help in eliminating the negative features of the products and make way for their improvement.

Customers on Etsy have reported that some sellers truly offer the best products while a few offer poor products. Most say that the payment systems are easy and the packaging of the products is also great.

Some customers have reviewed that the product gets delivered late while the refunds are quick.

Therefore, the shopping website has both positives and negatives aspects, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It is hoped that soon any problems and defects that might be there, will be resolved with advancing technology.

Etsy has been successful in carving a distinctive niche for itself in both global and local markets, thus creating a strong bond between the sellers and the customers.

It encourages artists and designers to create and establish their own business, thus helping them in letting their dreams and aspirations flourish.

It has been a certified company since 2012. Etsy is an established ecosystem with its webbed framework all over the world, where the shop owners are free to create or design unique products and sell them worldwide. So come, make the most of it now!

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