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Five Criteria for Choosing a Crowdfunding Platform

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Crowdfunding has become a popular and successful fundraising technique, allowing you to connect to your network to collect more money from a larger audience more rapidly. It's altering the face of philanthropic fundraising by encouraging people to be more involved in their contributions. According to Forbes, 30 percent of the $5 billion in crowdfunded donations went to social causes last year, and this trend is only expected to grow.


Are you prepared to begin your crowdfunding campaign? Choosing the proper platform can be difficult, especially if you are unsure of what to look for. So, have a look at our tips for selecting the best crowdfunding site for your next campaign.

1. Keep Everything You Earn and Maintain Control Over Your Cash-Outs

Many services may charge you a larger fee if you don't accomplish your target, or even refuse to allow you to retain the money you earn unless you do. Look for a service that allows you to keep all of the money you raise and doesn't punish you if you don't meet your target. You'll also want to know if you have to wait until the conclusion of the campaign to receive your funds or whether you may cash out at any point throughout the campaign. If you're planning on conducting a long campaign or incurring costs along the way, this is crucial information to have.

2. Unique Tools

Choose the platform that will work the hardest for you: one that will save you time and money, is streamlined, attractive, and, simply put, works well. For example, you can visit the G2C crowdfunding website as they are the most reliable crowdfunding platform. 

Even if the money comes in by cash or check, you'll want the option to publish offline donations to raise the temperature. For example, you can visit the G2C crowdfunding website as

Giving encourages more giving, so you want every dollar to be counted!

This also enables you to maintain a thorough donation database while remaining totally open with your community.

Look for technologies that allow you to connect with offline fundraising events, such as a ticketing system. Receipt customization is another useful feature since it allows you to put tax-deduction information on receipts, saving you time and money on follow-up mailings.

3. Customization

Customizing your site will bring your narrative to life for potential donors, making it more memorable and impactful. Choose a platform that allows you to brand your campaign, has multimedia capabilities, and includes a donation register. A contribution register is an excellent approach to categorize and receive gifts for specific purposes.

4. No Restrictions

Choose a platform without deadlines (some sites limit campaign duration), project approval procedures, or limited access to donor information. Some websites may not allow you to do so. Crowdfunding may help you do much more than simply raise money: it can help you build your email list, boost engagement, and transform your giving culture. Examine your strategic goals and requirements to assist you in selecting the best platform.


All crowdfunding systems are designed to let you use your social networks to reach as many people as possible and raise as much money as possible, but that's where the similarities end.


Look for a platform that best meets your requirements and provides you with the most flexibility.


5. Hands-on Customer Support and Ease of Use

Make sure you can get help setting up and marketing your website. Whether you're a techie or not, you'll want to make sure the site is simple to set up and adjust. Look for lessons and advice on the internet.

As you begin, call the customer care staff to ensure that the site is responsive, timely, and willing to provide you with the assistance you require!

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