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Choosing Running Shoes for Narrow Feet

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If your feet are not 'average' in sized, then finding the perfect pair of running shoes can be tricky. Running shoes can be particularly uncomfortable when they are too wide. Even if the shoe is the correct length it is easy to end up with blisters and hotspots if your feet are moving around a lot inside the shoe. This doesn't just make the shoe uncomfortable; it can hinder your running performance.

If you are finding that you have to cinch up your shoes to the point that the sides of the upper are touching each other, then you have narrow feet. This means that the average shoe is not going to fit well, and you'll have a lot of excess lace as well. Running long distances in such a shoe is going to be uncomfortable because the shoe is effectively working against your foto.


Runners with moderately narrow feet will find that they can do well with regular models of shoe made by brands that run slightly skinnier than average. Those who have very narrow feet, however, will need to look for a 2A or a B width shoe. D

According to Orthotic Shop different models have different ideas of what 'narrow' means, so you should try on a few different pairs of shoes to find the perfect fit for your feet and your gate. Professional running stores will usually help with this.

We have looked into some of the latest models, and combined reviews, our own testing and expert picks to come up with some of the best fitting shoes for people with narrower feet. Try on a few of these top picks to find the model that fits your feet the best. You will find that running becomes much more comfortable and efficient in a well-fitting shoe.

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