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Canon EOS 760D/Rebel T6s Review (2017): The Best and Worst

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The Canon EOS 760D/Rebel T6 is the latest entry in the upper-level DSLR section. This is considered as the worthy successor of EOS 700D/Rebel T5i. Looking at the different features, one can easily note that the sensor resolution has been boosted from 18 to 24 megapixels.

Some new features as compared to its predecessors


As you look into the feature-packed Canon EOS 760D/ Rebel T6, you will find that it is a great improvement on EOS 700D/Rebel T5i of 2013. The new 760d has a fine top panel LCD which offers a consistent and clear display for main settings which are useful during shooting. This also consumes less battery power than the main LCD display, so it is better to use the new one. The mode dial has now been shifted to the left and this includes a locking button.

This is useful in high-end DSLRs as it helps to prevent any accidental mode dial adjustment. Now the Canon EOS also includes a rear panel control wheel which has D-pad buttons. This feature is important as it immensely helps in ease of use.

With the rear panel dial, it will be easier to adjust exposure compensation. The aperture adjustment will be less difficult if the camera is in manual mode. Now the users can also have the option of fluid scrolling and go through images in playback.

  • Improved hybrid AF system
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC
  • A 3-in touch screen system
  • Penta-mirror optical viewfinder


Why do you need to buy Canon EOS 760D/ Rebel T6?


If you are looking for a camera with good controls, you will be quite appeased with Canon EOS 760D/ Rebel T6. The camera is known to have a finger dial behind shutter release. There is an additional thumb release on the rear side. Because of the dual-controls it is easier to adjust exposures in this camera. The shutter is controlled by the finger dial and the aperture is controlled by the thumb wheel. There is another three-position switch around the mode dial.

This is useful, as it is easy to control the OFF, ON and MOVIE modes. The rear control can be easily tilted, and you can also access the AF area with the help of two buttons which are located on the sides of the LCD panel. There is a SET button in the middle of the rear side, and the user can customize the options.

With the optical Viewfinder, the Canon can have 95% coverage with 0.82 magnifications. You can also view the simple levelling graphic in the lower left corner; this is an indication if you are tilted horizontally towards the left or right or if you are in the level. The screen is also a great feature of Canon. There is a 3-in touchscreen hinged on a full mount so that you can easily flip or twist the camera at any angle. As for the touch-screen interface it works absolutely fine.

You can tap through the menu system, and also enter the copyright details of your photograph if you want. For this, you need to use the on-screen keypad. While doing a playback, you can simply swipe through various images and pinch the zoom if you want. This is something just similar to a phone, and you can do it quite naturally if you are already using a smartphone.

Additional features that are talked about


With a T6, you get an NFC or Near Field Communication feature which allows the users to connect with other devices through wireless mode. So once you capture the image, you can just transfer the image to a different tablet, smartphone or even another camera. The images can be shared easily, which makes transfer of photographs practically hassle-free. The Q button or tapping that particular icon on the screen actually helps the user to quickly make some changes in the settings.

The 760D eye sensor detects the camera when it is held for a shot and simply turns off the display on the main screen, when it is not required. For the Wi-Fi light, you need to activate it through the menu. Although Iphone does not have the NFC compatibility, it is still easy to connect the camera for downloading the images. Whenever the Wi-Fi system is activated, the light indicates the change. For a 760D, there is a small icon which is hard to miss.

The entire shooting experience


There is an EF mount in this camera which allows the users to use the EF EF-S lenses from the Canon catalogue. In the current range, there are at least 76 options which make it easier to choose. The focal lengths vary from 8mm to 80mm and also include six macro and four tilt shift options. The STM kit zooms available from Canon have already outperformed their rivals in terms of quality. Canon usually uses two types of focusing motors in case of STM systems.

Canon Rebel T6s/760D Sample Images & Videos

The best thing about this camera is that you can take lovely pictures with no additional processing or editing. The pictures look great as the camera is known to have flicker synchronization process. It is easier to shoot with a T6 through flickering light and synchronize the shutter release with lights automatically. In high shutter speeds, it is easier to shoot with a T6. In case there is LED or fluorescent lighting, you can capture a much better image.

With a T6, you can set the cropping options to 4:3, 1:1, and 16:9 ratios. The view finder will mark the lines so that it is easier to know the images that are recorded. If there are any distortions in images, they are automatically corrected.

What makes it different and worth a buy?

The question that is frequently asked by users is that why they should buy T6? The Rebel SLRs has been stagnant for quite some time with no upgrades in technology. This camera offers a perfect balance in features, performance and shooting experience making it an easier option to choose.

While comparing size, it may prove to a little larger than Nikon, but the additional surface area is perfect for users to hold it comfortably. The control layout is an area where Canon has made some impressive changes. The dual control dials along with the top LCD display gives it an expensive and authentic feel which most photograph enthusiasts look for in cameras.

For the very first time the Wi-Fi options are included in the camera. It should appeal to budding photographs and connoisseurs. If you compare the camera with other models in the same segment, you will find that it delivers good images, proper speed and the perfect ergonomics to create a balanced camera.

Moreover, when it comes to videos and Live Feed, you can easily record the images or capture the stills in Live View and the Wi-Fi system allows the users to copy images to any smartphone, or tablet.


However if you consider its peers, you may find a few things better in other models from other brands. Nikon 5500 has a better focus system which allows it to cover more inside the frame. It also captures 1080p60 video. However, when it comes to depth of field previews, it lacks some clarity.

There is only one control dial and the Wi-Fi app has very little control when compared to T6. With a Pentax K-3, the users might be disappointed with the view functions.

If you consider the price of the camera, it can be a little turn-off, because budding photographs may not prefer to spend that much on a SLR. In the budget area, the Nikon D3300 is a better option. And if video recording is not one of your priorities, the model from Pentax can work just fine for you.

But T6 is quite balanced in all aspects and features when you compare all the other cameras. It may be a good investment and can help you to learn many things when it comes to digital photography.

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