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Advantages of Bioethanol Fireplaces

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The bioethanol fireplace is among the newest types of fireplaces that everyone is talking about. This type of fireplace comes in a wide range of designs and setups, making it highly adaptable to various settings. It also adds an inexpensive way to heat your home, is environmentally friendly and also gives your home an aesthetic uplift. First introduced in 2005, bioethanol fireplaces have continued to grow as more and more people choose to invest in them. This is because they offer a wide range of benefits when compared to the traditionally built fireplaces. Like anything else, bioethanol fireplaces have their advantages and nuances alike. This article outlines some of the pros and cons of these fireplaces.  Take these into consideration when shopping for a fireplace.

The Advantages

Bioethanol fireplaces offer more advantages than wood burning and propane fireplaces combined. These include Ethanol fire pits vs gas fire pits and few other are mentioned as:

Burns cleanly

Ethanol supports complete combustion hence doesn’t produce any fumes or carbon monoxide. This is one of the reasons an external chimney isn’t required with the fireplace.  Ethanol fireplaces can, therefore, be used, and are safe to use in enclosed rooms. This is unlike wood burning stoves that need a chimney as exhaust. While ethanol fireplaces do not require a chimney, fresh supply of air is needed to keep the fire burning. Oxygen is essentially needed for total combustion to take place, a reason you need to open the door or window to let some fresh air in. Using your personal fireplace in an enclosed room with no ventilation can prove fatal as it could use up all the oxygen inside.


Minimal maintenance needed

As earlier mentioned, ethanol burns cleanly leaving no residue behind. You therefore never have to worry about cleaning soot or ashes from the fireplace. The fireplace only requires minimal wiping to ensure it maintains the elegant look for longer.

Easy fuel storage

Unlike wood, ethanol can be stored in quart-sized containers. These are not only easy to store but do not attract pests and bugs either. The fuel is sold in hardware stores, online, and home stores near you. You can stock up the fuel the next time you go shopping, and keep then discreetly in the house as well.


Most bioethanol fireplaces are highly portable, hence can be used both outdoors and indoors. You can therefore use the fireplace however and wherever you want in the house. The fireplace can be used in the living room, patio, porch, or the backyard as well. This brings about an aspect of flexibility that traditional fireplaces do not have.

Supplemental heat

You can use the ethanol fireplace to supplement your primary source of heat in the house. This is because the heat produced by the stoves isn’t enough to heat an entire house. You, therefore, need to have this in mind when shopping for an ethanol fireplace to use in the house.


As mentioned earlier, ethanol burns entirely producing little to no carbon emissions. The fuel is also harvested from crops and plant sources, which again decreases the need to cut down trees for fuel.

Reduced risk of fire

Unlike firewood, ethanol doesn’t produce embers. Refilling the fireplace with fuel is easier too.  You only need a funnel to pour ethanol into the fireplace. Lighting the fireplace is also safe as all you will need is a long matchstick or a grill lighter. Ethanol burns slowly hence no risk of fire exploding in its fumes.


Extinguishing fire from the fireplace is easy too. The fireplace comes with a snuffer that can be used to put the flame off. Since ethanol evaporates quickly, it wouldn’t be a wise idea to leave considerable amounts of fuel in the fireplace.


The bioethanol fireplace comes with a distinctive fresh and beautiful look. It can be used to create an ambient setting in the house, as well as improve your home's aesthetic appeal. The fireplace will also come in handy in gatherings and special occasions inside the house.

Easy and affordable installs

You can choose between wall-mounted and tabletop fireplaces depending on your preferences. One thing you should, however, know for sure is, there aren’t any installation costs with these. This is because the fireplace is aptly designed for comfort, simplicity, and style.


Ethanol fireplaces can be expensive to acquire or run.  You can, however, choose to go with ethanol fireplace inserts which are much cheaper. Ethanol fireplaces are also recommended for those without access to a wood fireplace or an inoperable gas.

From the points outlined above, it is evident that bioethanol fireplaces are a good investment for your house. They can act as a source of heat while improving your home's aesthetics.

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