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9 Best Xbox One Racing Games to get your Adrenaline Soaring

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There is a reason why video games are so immensely popular for both kids and grownups. They let you indulge in the thrill and excitement of a larger than life without having to leave your couch.And the new racing games for Xbox One with their jaw-dropping features and cool graphics will give you an experience you will never forget! The habit of rushing past your rivals and topping the leaderboards can get addictive in no time.

Here are the games to watch out for which will help you master your moves and stay glued to your console screen whether you are playing alone or with your friends.

#9. The Crew – The Perfect Driving Game For The Gen-X

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This game made a smashing entry in December 2014 and won the hearts of players and critics in a very short time. It offers you the entire USA as the field to play, race, hone your skills, beat opponents, accomplish awesome missions, and succeed at nerve-wracking challenges.

The action-driving sport is perfect for the next generation who love to play on advanced PCs and consoles and connect with other players online.

With numerous states, counties, cities, and coasts being covered in this game, you will relish the ultimate freedom of driving without any restrictions or limits.

  • Play The Crew to reach the ranks of 510s, which is a gang taking Detroit’s underground street racing by storm. Build your reputation to beat the activities of this gang all over the USA.
  • Give the cops a miss on the teeming streets of New York, take a wild ride on the sun-kissed Miami Beach, cruise your way through the Monument Valley, chase a target in Los Angeles or conquer the snow-capped peaks of Aspen. Every locale has something awe-inspiring to offer with new encounters and surprises.
  • During the race, you will meet other drivers who can become your companions or rivals. Face tough challenges together or beat their scores while jumping in and out of each other’s games effortlessly.
  • Unleash your driving fantasy on any terrain – dirt, sand, asphalt, grass, snow and more.
  • As you progress through the game, you will be able to earn new cars and customize them with both performance and decorative components like rims, bumpers, skirts, hoods, wings, stickers etc.
  • Tinker about with your vehicle to enhance your reflexes, endurance levels and set never before records. You can experience the ecstasy of The Crew on iOS and Android tablets too.

#8. Riptide GP2 – Turns On The Heat With Revolutionary Stunts

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When it comes to modern water racing games, Riptide GP2 is a force to reckon with. In this game you can have the time of your life with rocket-powered hydro jets that let you tear across constantly changing and interactive water surfaces. Rip your way through revolutionary cityscapes, challenging twists and turns of canals and rivers, open harbors and much more.

Feel your pulse soar as you perform heart-stopping sky-high jumps and other crazy stunts.

  • The single-player career mode allows you to participate in more than 60 challenges such as races, hot laps, and elimination and freestyle events.
  • You can collect 10 commanding hydro-jets and improve their performance and color scheme to pose a bigger threat to your competition.
  • Progress to higher levels to become an expert in 25 breathtaking stunts which will charge your boost, dazzle the spectators and intimidate your rivals.
  • The split screen multiplayer lets you enjoy the game with 2 to 6 friends via split-screen races.
  • In the VR challenge mode, you can race against the virtual recordings of the topmost performances by your friends.
  • Split screen activities are extremely smooth and real owing to the rock-solid 60fps in crystal clear 1080p resolution.

#7. Need for Speed Rivals – Race To Your Heart’S Content

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This intense game welcomes you to the Redview County where racers and cops are constantly competing fiercely on the open road. You can play either as a racer or a cop since high stakes are involved on both sides in terms of challenges, risks, rewards, and consequences.

Earn speed points, progress in ranks and unlock exclusive cars as the game evolves.

  • Remember that each racer is playing here for personal accomplishment while cops hunt them down in packs and show no mercy. If you accept more risk, you can move up faster in the game but the cops might also catch up with you and take away your speed points if you blunder.
  • Enjoy the world of Need for Speed Rivals where single player and multiplayer modes are not separate. You can share the same game, race or chase with your friends causing your paths and experiences to overlap distinctly every time. Feel the thrill of challenging an opponent or friend for a race or chase, in the heat of a moment.
  • You also get to equip your vehicles with the latest pursuit or evasion technologies depending on whether you are a cop or racer. So racers can use turbo bursts, electromagnetic pulses, and jammers while cops can deploy shockwaves, call for police roadblock or helicopter support and be ready for violent busts. You can switch roles to get the most out of the car or technology you want, anytime.
  • To leave your mark no matter where you go, you can also personalize your cars with unique paints, customized license plates, liveries, decals, rims and so on.

#6. F1 2015 – Experience The F1 Fever And Glamour

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Nothing spells glamour and prestige in the racing world like Formula 1. And with F1 2015, you can race and feel like a champion in an action-packed atmosphere. It comes with an amazing new game engine crafted especially for the most advanced consoles and PCs.

The game enables players to experience the flavors of Formula 1 in minute details. A broadcast presentation and voice interaction on consoles enhance the environment of a typical race day.

  • F1 2015 features an earlier release in the racing calendar and free digital updates for keeping the game up to date with the actual sport during the season.
  • It is also equipped with a handling model based entirely on physics and exhibiting additions and enhancements in more than 20 areas. So both seasoned and novice players can enjoy the rush of adrenaline as they speed towards an exhilarating victory.
  • The video includes a 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship bonus content, which lets you contend as your favorite Formula 1 racer in the new championship season. You can sharpen your skills in the online practice session or race against your friends in the online multiplayer version.
  • The pro season mode can help you become an expert in facing extreme challenges.

#5. Project Cars – For Those Who Love Impressive Cars And Car Races

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If you are looking for the best racing game for Xbox One, then don’t miss out on the sophistication and passion Project CARS exudes. It stands out from the crowd owing to flawless graphics, competent handling, innovative time of day and weather systems, and efficient deep tuning and pit stop function.

  • The collection of cars include US muscles, supercars, road cars, open cars, karts, GT, Le Mans prototypes – basically anything and everything you are keen on.
  • You need to create a driver, pick a starting motorsport and succeed at your first contract to get offers, invitations, and endorsements. Race to reach numerous epic goals which will ultimately lead you to the Hall of Fame.
  • Online, you can go for full practice, qualifying or warm-up sessions and search for games being played worldwide by others who match your expertise and tastes. You can also compete in special events for real prizes.
  • More than 60 distinctive tracks including closed circuits and point to point locations will leave you spoilt for choice when it is a matter of variety. Ever changing weather conditions and different times of the day add to the fun.
  • The driver network of Project CARS helps you to compare your statistics, awards, career progress and highlights vis-à-vis other players. So you can race against them or work towards improving your ratings.
  • To make the most out of engrossing virtual reality, you can hook up the game with your Project Morpheus headset, Oculus Rift, 4K television or advanced steering wheel setup.

#4. Trials Fusion – For Thrill-Seeking Bikers Who Love The Extra Effects

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Combine simple but intoxicating competition with groundbreaking visual effects, and you get Trials Fusion. It is a platform racing game where you play as a motorcycle rider who has to maneuver his way through various obstacles and ramp are ridden courses from start to finish.

  • Scintillating 3D graphics add an extra edge to the 2D platform and you can perform some smart stunts like flips in the air, wheelies, and stoppies.
  • Players can experience the magic of Trials Fusion alone by themselves, with equally enthusiastic friends or in a global tournament that tests their limits.
  • With the assistance of the new track editor, you will also be able to create your own tracks in creative and fun ways like never before.
  • The game is set in the year 2042, in a post-apocalyptic scenario and lets you pick quad bikes among other styles.

#3. Forza Horizon 2 – A Heady Mix Of Music, Entertainment, And Racing

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The game lets you explore a wide, open and living world and takes place during the fictional Horizon Festival in Southern Europe. So it’s a cocktail of heavy music, parties, and stunning off-road racing. The latest Forza graphics engine creates day and night cycles, ever-changing weather, lighting and enchanting visual effects.

You have to compete and win in multiple championships, unlock the Horizon Finale and finally emerge as the champion.

  • Forza Horizon 2 comes with almost 3 times more area for driving compared to its prequel. You can make your mark in parts of France and Northern Italy too.
  • With more than 200 striking cars at your disposal, you will be ready to embark on unbelievable adventures through forests, fields, dirt trails etc. Earn rewards for flaunting your talents and style.
  • Feel free to play solo or go online to race against other players. You can also join or form your own car club with up to 1000 members.
  • Besides the kick of racing, you can also look forward to challenges such as barn finds, bonus boards, bucket lists and much more.
  • The car meet mode is the perfect platform for you to discuss customizing and tuning of cars with other players.

#2. Forza Motorsport 6 – The Reality Show

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Forza Motorsport 6 is a racing video game that gets as close to reality as possible. Released in September 2015, it has attained rave reviews for its mind blowing weather effects, fresh content and other exciting additions.

A brilliant touch to the game is the wet weather driving effect. In order to imbibe this attraction effectively, designers had actually examined real tracks to check where puddles form after a rain. So when you are playing on a wet track, your car may skid or hydroplane if you run into a 3D puddle too quickly.

Hence, you will have to practice and attain the skills of tackling such hazards while driving.

  • Night racing, 2 player split screen racing, and 24 player races are some other features to watch out for. Stunning graphics at 1080p resolution and 60fps will take your breath away.
  • Throughout the game, you will get to listen to the commentary by James May and Richard Hammond. The single-player campaign mode comes with more than 70 hours of gameplay content and commentary from different racing personalities.
  • The career mode will witness the return of “Drivatars”, or drivers from Forza Motorsport 5, and they display realistic behavior and reactions.
  • More than 450 cars feature in this game and the models flaunt functional cockpits and gauges, doors that open, realistic damage, genuine tire and engine noise etc.
  • The vehicle bodies also exhibit natural simulation of light when it reflects or refracts on different materials.
  • A vast array of makes and manufacturers is included such as 2016 model year introductions, sports compact class cars, supercars, muscle cars and all Grand Prix motor racing editions.
  • The game comprises of 26 tracks, 9 of them new. Explore your spirit of adventure on real-world track inclusions like Bathurst,  Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Le Mans and  Nürburgring. New locations include Watkins Glen, Lime Rock Park, Daytona, Monza, Brands-Hatch and Circuit of the Americas.

#1. Assetto Corsa – Get The Adrenaline Pumping With The Best Racing Game

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You will be delighted to know that 505 Games has partnered with the Italian developer Kunos Simulazioni to introduce the console versions of Assetto Corsa this year. The game is already considered to be one of the best racing simulators on PCs.

  • The immaculate handling model and laser measured tracks of Assetto Corsa are based purely on physics realism and hence the accuracy is peerless.
  • A delicious gaming experience is guaranteed since you will be able to adjust the handling and the race setup of every car and personalize cars as per your racing style. Players will get fine-tune all aspects starting from driver attributes to collision damage and more.
  • More than 100 high-performance cars will feature in this game such as Pagani Zonda R, Ferrari LaFerrari, Mercedes C9, Team Lotus 98T and McLaren MP4-12C GT3.
  • You will be able to make the most out of over 20 different tracks including Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Nürburgring-Nordschleife and Silverstone Circuit.
  • Look forward to being able to play in both single and multiplayer modes, customize race weekends, and present challenges or a full-scale career mode.
  • The PC version of Assetto Corsa also has race craft Al with 24 cars contending against each other to secure the podium places.

A final word

All above mentioned top Xbox One racing games come with their own share of excitement and adventure.

There are countless and different milestones to achieve, tricks to master and moves to develop. You may want to go for a game that truly tests your resourcefulness or something which is simple but tirelessly entertaining.

We would love to know which one of the nine games appealed to you most and why?

Also, don’t forget to let us know in our comments section whether we have missed out any popular racing game.

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