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10 Best Xbox 360 RPG Games (2018) that will keep you Up at Night!

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Have you ever wondered why video games are so addictive? If you look at the best Xbox 360 RPG games, you will notice that most of these games do not have a pre-defined end, which means that the player can continue as long as he wants. Players love the concept of in-game rewards system dependant on the leveling system; the initial stages are always easy which is immediately rewarding and encourages the players to continue.

The element of role playing also creates an enthusiasm, because saving the universe in the realm of an alternate reality is the best way to gratify the soul. The initial gratification compels the players to advance on the game, and the virtual world continues to evolve even when the player is not online.

As a result, the players must continue to play to avoid ‘missing’ the action. No wonder, the search for new games for Xbox 360 continues to haunt the players. So what are the top games that are literally ‘making a lot of noise’ in the gaming circuit?

Xbox 360 RPG Games

#10. Fallout New Vegas

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Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this is a role-playing action game which was developed by Obsidian Environment. A post-war situation has been introduced; the year is 2281 and the protagonist Courier is asked to deliver a package from Primm to New Vegas. In this game, the stakes are raised, and now the player has to face the complexities of the game, as perks are reduced in each level.

There are quite a few skill checks that have been added and with every single attribute, the player will have more dialogue options. Unlike its predecessor, Fallout New Vegas is known for new interesting characters that will help the player to survive in this apocalyptic chaos. More drama has been added to the side quests.


  • The new hardcore mode; it adds elements to the realistic setting with an introduction of features like non-instantaneous healing and dehydration
  • Perks are reduced and can be earned in every two levels
  • An active combat system, where the player gets to be involved with the serious action
  • Interesting characters who give the whole game a whacky flavor
  • Memorable locations

What you should note:

Like many other top Xbox 360 games, you have to devote time to understand the new complexities of the game, because this game is not for those who are looking for twenty to fifty-hour experience. If you want the real deal, you should at least devote 100 hours to it.

While playing the game, be careful about your conduct because this will have repercussions on your action. Explore your locations in Mojave Wasteland, so scour the map carefully.


#9. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom


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Those who love adventure will find ample elements to enjoy in the game. The protagonist undertakes a journey where the individual has to overcome all kinds of obstacles with his intellect and presence of mind. He might lack might, but he is agile enough to face the dangers. There are elements of the puzzle in this game, and teamwork is absolutely essential.

Developed by the Game Republic, this game has some inspiring moments when the protagonist who is a young thief vows to free the mythical Majin, a powerful beast to reclaim its power. Andf together they should fight to bring back the glory of a lost land. It is a delightful game because the triumph of good over evil is at the core.


  • The beautiful structure of the game which allows players to roam around the map and backtrack after acquiring new skills
  • Learning a new skill at different points
  • Clever puzzles
  • Interesting combat play: where much of the work is done by Majin, but the player is never felt left-out
  • The visuals of the game are stunning

What you should note:

This is considered as one of the best Xbox 360 games, precisely because it mixes adventure with action. Before starting the game, you should look at the puzzles because it will take quite some time to solve them. Check out the catapult puzzles where you might need knowledge of Physics to land your man in the right place.


#8. Bastion


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Most people who play RPG games love a good story; this is one of the reasons behind the popularity of Bastion. It is probably not the story itself, but more the way the story is told that contributes to the popularity of Bastion. There is a voiceless protagonist who arrives in Bastion, a safe place which was built for an emergency.

He is one of the few survivors after a mass destruction which has destroyed his world. The kid along with an old man Rucks to search the building blocks essential to fix the Bastion. Much of the storyline remains unexplained, and it is the mysterious quality which makes the game even more interesting.


  • The power of narrative with an equally fantastic voice work
  • The seamless combination of gameplay with story
  • An impressive range of customized combat options
  • Leaderboard, and the options to choose difficulty settings
  • Good audio
  • Great aesthetic design

What you should note:

This is one of the games which are extremely dynamic. There is no set board, so the player can move around and explore new things like hidden gems or powerful weapons to upgrade. It is hard to predict the game which makes it more challenging. Choose your weapons smartly, so that even when you goof up on your secondary weapon, you can still remain strong and competitive.


#7. Crimson Alliance


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Among some of the best Xbox 360 RPG games, this game stands out in the dungeon crawler genre’. The plot of the story revolves around an evil magician, three heroes and a city which is full of monsters. Players have the options to choose from any hero to start the game.

Compared to many games, this game takes a casual approach, where there is no urgency to go up the levels. There is an element of character progression when you upgrade your gears. And with each upgrade, you get 5 bonus points which will add to the statistics of the character.


  • Short game, quick gameplay
  • Multiple play-throughs which if managed well can earn points
  • The combat; the character has the option of ‘dodge’ move where they can avoid combat from moving out
  • An initial free trial
  • The fun element in an action-RPG which can be enjoyed with friends

What you should note:

An effective way to progress in this game is by obtaining and upgrading new armors and weapons. Use all the disposable items which will provide incredible advantages at different levels.


#6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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When you think of the top Xbox 360 games, you cannot miss out the action game of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, this game in the Elder Scroll series have discarded certain attributes like Intelligence and Endurance. There is a sense of thrill and freedom in carrying out the adventure in Skyrim.

The characters can indulge in a quest, kill the dragon, or simply listen to the lovely soundtrack. It is the intimidating danger that makes the game even more enjoyable, and it is the atmosphere of Skyrim which contributes to its danger. There are many resources in Skyrim which need to be explored; there are surprising elements which will inspire awe.

Each battle with the dragon will be of epic proportions, and you will love the animation. Throughout the game, you will have a feeling of chill where you will see a dragon come alive before your eyes or get mesmerized with a half-sunken ship in the mist. The vistas are too mesmerizing to ignore.


  • Amazing art design, impressive sounds, and beautiful animation
  • Greater depth in combat play, where players can have a combination of magical and dangerous weapons
  • A proper system of managing the spells and items
  • The element of fantasy
  • The powerful narrative which effortlessly weaves the elements of fantasy, mystery, danger, and adventure
  • An element of the unexpected adding to the charm of the narrative

What you should note:

This game has an impressive leveling system which actually revolves around the way you play the game, so try to tweak the elements to have a fuller control of the game. If you are playing with a console, you can use thumbstick navigation, so that it minimizes the pressure on buttons; you can easily maneuver between the main map and the quest log easily.


#5. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Enhanced Edition


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Among the many new games for Xbox 360, this action hack and slash game has been quite popular among action gamers. It is Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster slayer who protects the king from many dangers. But there is one last quest to be made, but Geralt wants to find the truth the secret assassin for whom he has been framed. As the tale unfolds, the story combines dynamic action and a complex combat system. The protagonist gets help from a range of defensive and offensive arsenal.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Amazing in-game mechanics
  • Complex combat process
  • Magnificent visuals
  • Intuitive tools
  • Long hours of gameplay
  • Amazing animation and proper cinematic effect
  • Additional characters and diverse locations

What you should note:

You should use the Quen sign intelligently, so early in the game; you should take as many hits as possible. If you are hit and lose your Quen shield, roll and cast it again. Take help of the second set of armor for combat play. Use your wisdom at different levels.


#4. Child of Light



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Child of Light is one of those lovely fairy tales which simultaneously help children to escape the harsh realities of life and also help them to confront those realities. It helps them to learn that even life is tough at times; one can overcome the adversities and cope with the loss.

Dwelling on the fine lines of what it is to grow up, this game has Aurora as the protagonist who is given the responsibility of recovering moon, stars, and sun from an evil queen. Initially reluctant, Aurora embarks on the journey with a host of characters who have individual problems, and how they each overcome them to form a great team.

At the end of the game, the journey becomes meaningful. At times the dialogues are incoherent which takes away the emotional quotient of the narrative. But it is a lovely game for children to teach them about the nuances of growing up.


  • Mesmerizing visuals and imaginative design
  • Powerful narrative
  • The rhyme in the game
  • Watercolor look making the entire game close to a children’s fairytale
  • Lovely soundtrack making it similar to an epic ballad
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Magnificent art design
  • Gives the gamers a memorable experience

What you should note:

You really have to care about the battles; because it is the battles add to the pace of the game and gives the players a sense of progression. Most of the fights are unavoidable, so you can engage with them as you want. Concentrate more on the second half of the game, because the encounters are slightly more difficult than the first half.

#3. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition

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The content of the game is extremely interesting; the players will have a combination of Diablo 3, the characteristics of Reaper of Souls and an endless adventure. This story is all about killing monsters, but if you are looking for a game which is full of action and excitement, then this is the game for you.

There is an underlying apocalyptic tone, but it never becomes pervasive and the players never feel monotonous. This game as the name suggests is a culmination of the previous games, which makes it interesting among the numerous Xbox 360 RPG games. The first playthrough can be quite breezy unless the player is trying to challenge themselves.


  • The new modes to choose from
  • The format is as close to the original narrative
  • Smart designs
  • More combat facilities

What you should note:

The good thing about this game is you can discard the previous games and start playing it without any preparation. But before you start playing, you need to choose a ‘Class’. Although the natural tendency is to start playing the game in ‘Normal’ level, it is better to begin at ‘Expert’ level. Do not miss the map and use it as a tool to find out about every nook and corner of the layout. If there is a door, do not miss it, because most random dungeons have special events other than the main plot.


#2. Mass Effect


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When it comes to progressive storytelling, BioWare has been one of the forerunners, and Mass Effect has a powerful storyline. The traditional story of a guy chasing bad guys through the universe gets a twist. And when you feel that you know everything, there will be yet another surprise which will make the game interesting. There is a unique combat technique and the entire chase sequence will be quite absorbing.

The elements of excitement and action are always present there, so the players will have a complete fun experience. Like all the other games, this also begins after you customize an avatar. And you also get to choose from a Class. The narrative is quite strong and at times quite layered in places. But it is the life and death sequences which add to the charm and appeal of the game.


  • Most imaginative and creative visuals, especially the facial animations
  • Detailed work has been done on the character models
  • Great art design
  • Dramatic settings contributing to the overall story
  • One of the best-acted games of recent times with an impressive cast like Seth Green and Fred Tatasciore
  • Good soundtrack with amazing sound effects

What you should note:

You should sell out or clear away your inventory more than often; this will help you to convert your weak guns into stronger ones. Indulge in some side quests especially the Luna Mission. This will help you to earn bonus points. When you are part of the main mission, talk to your teammates to understand how you can progress in the game.


#1. Mass Effect 2


Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360

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This is another game from the house of BioWare which has made quite an impression on serious gamers. This game is quite an impressive version and in many ways has intrigued the gamers because it is hard to ignore the compelling package of the game. There is a third person shooter and the game also bears striking resemblance to open-world sensibilities making it an experience which will be hard to miss.

More focus has been given to character development which is an additional feature lacking in the previous versions. The plot is hatched in an alternate universe where there are aliens. The beginning itself will be quite shocking as you witness the sudden death of Commander Shepherd, who is resurrected later. There are some brilliant visuals and you will not want to miss the action at any cost.


  • Engaging space people with whom the players will have conversations from time to time
  • Amazing action
  • A good storyline
  • Thematic coherence
  • Compelling side quests

What you should note:

Your survival strategies will help you in this game, so you can become experimental to tackle the multi-faceted combat. There are no permanent choices; always think how you can handle things because if you do not think properly, you will face the consequences later. Make a good survey of the entire landscape is important.


So, you think you have forty or fifty hours of free time? Well, you can bring out your best and embark on a journey of a savior. Role-playing games have become popular because all of us want to escape the real world, where our powers are limited in search of an alternative universe, where we can customize our roles as an avatar and save the world.

The list of RPG that is assembled here may differ from the ones you prefer; nevertheless, there is one thing true about them; the urge to save the world is prominent.

If you have something to add, we would be glad to know your favorite game and why you like playing it!

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