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11 Best Xbox 360 Games for Kids (2018) for Good Clean Fun!

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Remember that old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? Well, the best Xbox games for kids take this adage very seriously and hence offer everything to make little ones go gaga over them! They feature age-appropriate themes with fun, action, humor and brain teasers combined together in good measure. So we are here with 11 Best Xbox 360 Games for Kids (2018) for Good Clean Fun!

You will learn how to think, plan, act or create, take decisions and control your movements which can be entertaining and at the same time, educational too.

If you want to try something more simple you may play browser games with your kids. There are tons of educational and brain games.

Here is a list of such games which will keep you engrossed for hours!

11 Best Xbox 360 Games for Kids (2018) for Good Clean Fun!

#11. Lego Batman

The story revolves around a big breakout from the Arkham Asylum. Batman along with Robin has to battle powerful enemies like The Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman and much more. In the story mode of this game, you can either assume the role of the superhero or one of the lowlife villains, as per your wish. There are perks for both! So gear up to protect Gotham City from the evil which is now free, or wield your power as a bad guy and spread terror.

Fun to know

  • As Batman, experience dashing through sewers and jumping across rooftops, as you chase criminals across myriad locations.
  • Utilize various potent vehicles to fight your adversaries in the air, or on the land and sea. You get to pick from the advanced fruits of science, such as the Batmobile, Batboat, and Batwing.
  • As you progress through the game and collect Lego pieces in each level, you will receive different power-suits which can enhance your abilities.
  • In the free-play mode, you get to replay any level with any characters that you have unlocked. Explore areas that were hidden before, to find extra rewards or bonus content.
  • Lego Batman has been crafted for a standard 2-player drop-in or drop-out cooperative play.

#10. Happy Feet 2

Happy Feet 2 - 11 Best Xbox 360 Games for Kids (2017) for Good Clean Fun!

If you have watched the Academy Award-winning movie, there is no way you will want to miss the game. Welcome to a fun and musical adventure where Mumble journeys across the snow-laden Antarctica with Ramon, to prevent their tribe of penguins from succumbing to extinction.

Fun to know

  • You can hire other penguins to participate in your adventure.
  • In order to complete levels, feel free to employ the special powers of Bo, Atticus, and Erik.
  • The game comes with the original music by Ozomatli, the Grammy-winning artist.

#9. Minecraft

Looking for educational games for Xbox 360? Then don’t miss out on Minecraft, which is nothing short of a gaming phenomenon. Let imagination be your only limit in this game. Build your very own worlds, and explore and conquer with buddies or by yourself. Only ensure that you have a shelter before the night falls because this is when the monsters come out!

Fun to know

  • The advanced crafting interface of the game lets you build faster and more easily.
  • With the tutorial mode of the game, you can learn the basics and then master new skills faster than ever.
  • Experience the thrill of Minecraft with friends. Xbox Live can be combined with the local split screen for a maximum of 8 players.
  • The end-game battle with the Ender Dragon is an added bonus.

#8. Sonic Generations


Sonic Generations Xbox 360

For both seasoned and new players, Sonic Generations promises to offer a unique definitive gaming experience. The universe finds itself in utter turmoil when a strange power creates ‘time holes’ and takes Sonic along with his friends, back in time. There, Sonic comes across a younger, classic version of himself and some other familiar characters.

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Now the new and old Sonics must join their powers to vanquish foes, rescue their friends and find out who the evil mastermind is, behind the scenes. All levels of this game are offered in stunning HD and can be played on 3D televisions.

Fun to know

  • You can play as both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic for a holistic experience. As Classic Sonic, you can master his well-known moves like Spin Dash and Spin Attack. Or you can use the Modern Sonic’s “Sonic Boost” for speeding through various environments, along specially designed tracks.
  • Each iconic environment of the game is re-imagined, recreated, and revisited to provide breathtaking effects.
  • When you complete each level by freeing Sonic’s friends from captivity, you can go back and accept more challenges with their help.
  • Enjoy battling with some of the most villainous bosses and rivals from Sonic’s past.
  • The menu system is highly interactive and lets you uncover hidden treasures and favorite characters as the game moves forward.

#7. Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver

If the idea of racing gets you super excited, then join the team of Hot Wheels now! It comprises of drivers who are in a competition with each other to win the title of “World’s Best Driver”. Also, the team is further divided into 4 different disciplines namely, Super Fast, Outrageous, High Tech and Powerful. You get to participate in more than 70 exhilarating events in 4 Hot Wheels Test Facility locations around the globe.

Fun to know

  • Experience the rush of adrenaline as you drive across exotic and awe-inspiring landscapes and courses. It may be somewhere in the Andes, or on the top of a Shanghai skyscraper, or on top of a South Pacific aircraft carrier!
  • Pick from 24 customizable vehicles which include some timeless designs, such as the Ripper, the Boneshaker, and the Twin Mill.
  • Relish the ease and addictive attraction of the intuitive arcade gameplay design. You have to master the skills of each discipline before you can emerge as the winner.
  • The Hot Wheels Test Facility is ideal for honing your expertise before you enter the circuit.
  • Mind-blowing graphics and advanced physics simulations augment the appeal of this game.

#6. Toy Story 3: The Video Game


Toy Story 3 The Video Game Xbox 360

The adorable and enthralling characters of the famous movie are all here for you to play with. In the story, Andy is all set to leave for his college, and Buzz, Woody, and the other toys don’t know what their future holds for them.

One day, they suddenly find themselves in a room filled with unruly toddlers who are dying to get their hands on the toys. Hell breaks loose as they try to escape and make sure that no toy is left behind. So get ready to help this heroic gang in their adventure, and let your imagination do the rest!

Fun to know

  • You are greeted by an open world and non-linear gameplay where you have to fulfill missions to reap rewards and access customization options.
  • Feel free to buy new toys from the toy catalog, to alter or add novel ways of playing.
  • Add new buildings and personalize their looks with options for paints, textures, accessories, landscaping and much more.
  • You can also modify the appearance of the townsfolk by making changes to their outfits, hats, and hairstyles.
  • Enjoy the thrill of racing through levels in different vehicles.
  • If you introduce Deluxe Playsets into the Toy Box mode, then new characters, customizations, and toys will be added.

#5. SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge

Among the best Xbox 360 games for toddlers, this one definitely deserves a mention. It is a third-person action-adventure game where you join the quirky undersea gang for some fun and challenging times.

In the original story, Sheldon J. Plankton was always trying to steal Krusty Krab’s secret formula. And now, he has again planned to build a mechanized army to disturb the placid waters of Bikini Bottom.

So you, along with SpongeBob and his pals, have to foil Plankton’s wicked endeavors and keep the precious Krabby Patty formula safe. The game brings you tons of exploration, fights, humor, and scope to solve puzzles.

Fun to know

  • There are 5 characters for you to choose from – SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy and Mr. Krabs. You can also switch between these roles as many times as you wish.
  • Players of different ages and skill levels can enjoy this game together with the co-op party mode. You can team up with 3 other friends and jump in or jump out of the gameplay whenever you want. As long as one of you continues to play, the game will progress.
  • You can enhance your abilities and gather diverse weaponry to defeat Plankton and his robots.

#4. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster


This highly interactive game unites educational themes with oodles of fun, exploration, and problem-solving. You join Elmo, Grover, Oscar, Cookie Monster and many other characters on Sesame Street, to discover a children’s book titled, “Once Upon a Monster”.

As you start reading the book, you realize that you have become a part of a living storybook adventure. You meet new Muppet-like monster friends in every chapter and help them resolve their age-appropriate problems.

Benefit from the emotional, social and other types of life lessons the game covers. And learn about empathy, cooperation, the importance of exercise, appreciation of similarities and differences in others and so on. Preschool level skills are also taught subtly.

Fun to know

  • The active 2-player co-op support gameplay lets siblings, friends, or parent and child, to enjoy the adventures together. One of the players can drop in or drop out from the game any time he or she wants.
  • You can also play the game on Kinect for Xbox 360. It lets you enjoy a heightened gaming experience which is easy and fun for all. The Kinect Sensor uses a full body tracking technology to recognize and mirror your movements in the game. So you become the controller and feel more engaged with the story.
  • Admire the appeal of enticing environments as you interact with your monster buddies.
  • Make the most out of exciting physical activities like running obstacle courses, playing instruments, flying, monkey-see-monkey-do etc.

#3. Kinectimals

Through this game, kids realize that when a human being forges a loving bond with an animal, something magical happens! Kinectimals introduces you to different exotic and adorable animals and with them, you can explore beautiful places, discover interesting things, play or participate in various contests.

You can also teach them commands like “jump”, “roll over”, “play dead” and so on. These animals are nothing short of real pets and will come running to you when they hear your voice, or purr when you scratch them behind their ears. Kinectimals is not just an engrossing game for children; it can be alluring for animal lovers of all ages.

Fun to know

  • The adventure of a lifetime begins when you adopt and name one of the 20 friendly animals which can include a cheetah, a lion and a Bengal tiger.
  • Gradually create a close bond with your pet as he or she grows up to become your constant companion. For instance, if you pick a cute tiger cub, she will always be keen to go places with you and will be ready for a belly rub any time.
  • You can teach your wild friend tricks and activities like fetching, jumping ropes, hopping, balancing acts and much more. Another whacky idea is to invite a friend over with his or her pet and indulge in some exciting contests.
  • When you are enthusiastic about exploring the island you live on, you will be rewarded. Travel miles to discover toys, treasures, and new environments.
  • You also get to personalize your pet, decorate your home, and shop products from the in-game store which can help you take better care of your favorite animal.
  • Kinectimals offers limited-edition plush toys which you will either find online or in leading retail outlets. You can simply scan the code of the toy with the Kinect sensor and then watch it come alive on your screen! This way, even when you are away from your Xbox 360, your furry buddy will be with you.

#2. Kinect Nat Geo TV


When breathtaking Nat Geo Wild TV show episodes come together with the Kinect technology for Xbox 360, then rest assured that you will be blown away! This “game” doesn’t just allow you to watch the episodes; but also explore, interact, learn and play. Both kids and grownups can lose themselves easily in a world where nature and wildlife come to you, even when you are relaxing on your couch.

Fun to know

  • It is the intention of the National Geographic Society to inspire and enlighten kids with natural elements from the outside world. This game is a concoction of dramatic photography, astonishing facts and a storytelling that puts you in a trance.
  • You get to solve baffling puzzles, learn about various animals and their habitats, and feel a strong urge to care for the planet.
  • While you are watching the episodes, visual effects will appear on the screen encouraging you to select experiences for real engagement.

#1. FIFA Soccer 12

For kids who simply love physical activity and are obsessed with soccer games, FIFA Soccer 12 brings happy tidings. Its avant-garde physics based engine offers a real-world experience you have never witnessed before! You get to play exactly like players on a real pitch.

Feel the intense thrill of challenging each other for the ball, acquiring possession of the ball, testing each other physically, and doing everything believable to achieve a favorable outcome.

Fun to know

  • With the new Player Impact Engine in place, you feel more resilient during the fight for possession of the ball. You also recover easily from minor challenges and every contact leads to a unique result.
  • The game’s precision dribbling feature lets you take on rivals in new ways. You get more time on the ball while making decisions and enjoy complete control of the game’s pace.
  • FIFA Soccer 12 comes with improvements in attack mechanisms as well as defense mechanisms. Both are equally strategic, and importance is given to aspects like positioning, tackling, intercepting passes etc. Proper utilization of timing and tactics is vital.
  • The career mode of the game is challenging, owing to the possibility of injuries from collisions between players.
  • You are armed with aptitude and self-awareness so that you arrive at decisions based on your own skills and strengths as well as those of your teammates. If you have extraordinary vision, then you can take advantage of opportunities which other players can’t.
  • Team attacks may differ depending on the expertise of their own players, and shortcomings of opposition players. So you get to experience various types of matches.
  • Matches come with the realistic broadcast look and feel, along with stunning lighting and genuine looking crowds.
  • Quick and convenient navigation is enabled by a redesigned menu system.
  • More than 500 officially licensed clubs and more than 15,000 players are offered.


All top Xbox 360 games for kids are developed keeping in mind, their impressionable age and associated parental concerns. You will not find unwanted themes or elements such as blood, gore, explicit violence or profanity in them. So you can relax and let the little ones warm up to a virtual world that provides sheer happiness!

Apart from the ones mentioned on our list, there are tons of other Xbox games available for kids nowadays.

So let us know if there is something special that we have missed.

And also tell us which of the games mentioned above, appealed to you the most.

You may have liked our article on 11 Best Xbox 360 Games for Kids (2017) for Good Clean Fun! and if so please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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