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Top 10 Shared Hosting for WordPress to Buy in 2020!

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WordPress is, by far, the most popular CMS in the world, powering around 25% of the total number of websites on the Internet. When almost a quarter of the world's websites are powered by a single CMS, it's no surprise that many hosting providers are competing to host your website! With more choices, comes, even more, confusion over choosing the best one as per your needs.To be able to make a right decision, you need to know the pros and cons of each provider, so you get an idea of who offers what. A single hosting provider is surely not suitable for everyone - it depends on the needs and the purpose of your usage. We are going to share Top 10 Shared Hosting for WordPress to Buy today for your Website in the article below to choose you a good hosting for your website.

Types of Web Hosting for WordPress

Top 10 Shared Hosting for WordPress to Buy in 2017!

There are various types of web hosting for WordPress available from different providers. You must have noticed that Shared, Managed, VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud are some well-known kinds of servers that every hosting provider offers. They all vary in performance powers and technicalities. Choosing the right kind of server is of great importance as you would not want to shell out money for computing power you are not using.

On the other hand, you would not like your users to stare at a blank screen just because a lot of users suddenly landed up on your blog or site. While choosing the right kind of server, you need to know what each type of server is capable of and which would help you the best.

Which Web Hosting is Best for You?

Top 10 Shared Hosting for WordPress to Buy in 2017!

I like many others, you are just starting out with your blog or website, shared hosting is your best bet. WordPress gives you the complete power a CMS can possibly give and with shared hosting, you can efficiently start out with your new website. A shared hosting, like the name goes, is a server which is shared by many users at once. All the websites would be in low traffic range and thus they accommodate a single server.  A managed WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is a little costly and the provider would handle all the technical aspects of your website.

Usually, a shared hosting provides sufficient resources to power your new WordPress site and enough to get it up and running quickly. It then depends on which hosting provider you choose and what benefits you get with their service.Like we earlier said, 25% of the websites are running in WordPress. There are bound to be competitive prices and strategies by all the players in the market. Many may try to woo you by offering hoodwinked features which are not truly what they promise to be. To choose the best-shared hosting for WordPress, you need to know everything about what the service providers offer and how much they charge for their servers.

Top 10 Shared Hosting for WordPress to Buy today for your Website

Here is a list of unbiased ranking, features, review, and details of the Top 10 Shared Hosting for WordPress to Buy today for your Website, with the features they provide and the price points they offer.

This shall definitely help you make a better choice and go ahead with the hosting you feel right.

#10 Godaddy – Oldest, Economical, Plenty of Plug-Ins and Add-Ons

Godaddy – Oldest, economical, plenty of plug-ins and add-ons

Godaddy is one of the oldest and famous hosting providers in the world. Famous for many wrong reasons, yet they tend to have a decent shared hosting server for WordPress.

Best Features

  • The domain is part of the deal, so it's a nice package to go with if you are just starting out with your new website or blog.
  • They offer unlimited space in their servers, which is commonly offered by many other providers as well.
  • One of the best assurances you get with Godaddy is that they give you an 'anytime money-back guarantee', which pulls off the risk factor of losing your money.
  • Another good thing about Godaddy is that you get access to thousands of themes and plug-ins with your server. It lets you give a great look and add extra features to your website.
  • You also get other benefits like unlimited bandwidth, storage, and the ability to host unlimited domains on a single server.


The pricing of Godaddy stays very economical at just $1 per month. It's a great deal because you also get a free domain for a year, which would cost you anything starting from $10, depending on the name you choose.

Considering the price point, it's a good hosting provider to go with.

#9 Inmotion Business Hosting – Preinstalled Business Hosting, Free Solid State Drives

Inmotion Business Hosting – Preinstalled Business Hosting, Free Solid State Drives
Inmotion hosting has been one of the most reliable hosting providers for business class hosting. It offers great packages for shared hosting for WordPress. Inmotion has now developed a brand name of its own by providing great service in the recent years.

Best Features

  • WordPress comes pre-installed with the shared hosting. This is a great advantage for all those who lack technical knowledge. You can just be up and running in no time since it is already pre-installed.
  • Unlimited space, bandwidth, and domains which is almost a common offering by all the service providers.
  • They provide a 90-day money back guarantee so you can just try it out and only use it if you like it.
  • Unlike most of the other service providers, it gives you free solid state drives, which are not only fast but improve performance marginally too.


The shared hosting by In hosting will cost you around $3.49, which is a bit higher than the average providers, but the features are great.

Though the servers are priced a little higher, some offerings are something you just can't miss out. If you don't mind shelling out a few extra bucks for additional features, then you can definitely choose In hosting.

#8 Hostgator – No hassles for Non-Tech Bloggers

Hostgator – No hassles for Non-Tech Bloggers

Hostgator is one of the most popular hosting providers who host more than 8 million domains on their servers. Some of the best WordPress sites we know are hosted on Hostgator. They provide great benefits but come at a cost.

Best Features

  • Just like all the other hosting providers, Hostgator gives you unlimited space, bandwidth, and domains hosting.
  • It comes with the latest WordPress already installed. So you don't have to worry about installing and keeping it up to date. This is hassle-free for non-technical bloggers.
  • With the shared hosting servers, you also get an additional $100 free advertising credits. This is great if you want to advertise your website on platforms like Google AdWords.
  • Hostgator gives you a 45-day money back guarantee, in case you don’t want to further use it and want your money back.


As far as the pricing goes, it is one of the most expensive shared hosting servers available. It will cost you around $4.86 every month to get a shared hosting for WordPress. It is the most expensive option in the list, but you also get advertising credits of $100.

If advertising credits seem interesting to you, you might choose Hostgator as your hosting provider.

#7 1 and 1 – Cost Effective And Customer-Friendly

1 and 1 – Cost effective and customer-friendly

1 and 1 are among the cheapest options available to get a shared hosting for WordPress. They are known for their economical pricing and great customer support. When you are starting out with a website, customer support is of utmost importance.

Best Features

  • WordPress setup with just three simple clicks. It is extremely easy to install and setup WordPress on 1 and 1, which is essential for first-time users.
  • Dedicated experts are always available to solve all the problems you face. This is one of the most important factors while choosing a good hosting provider.
  • It also offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case you don't like the service.
  • The shared hosting servers from 1 and 1 keep the WordPress core automatic updated so that you don't have to update them manually, which can be troublesome sometimes.


It is priced really cheap at $0.99 and is one of the best deals you can get. Great features, customer support, and astonishingly low prices, this is probably the best you can ask for from your hosting provider.

Overall a good hosting value for money and good services!

#6 Hostpapa – Great Customer Service and Good Pricing

 Hostpapa – Great Customer Service and Good Pricing

Though Hostpapa is not as popular as the other hosting providers on the list, they provide some good features with their shared hosting package. The reviews by other customers are good enough to trust their service and know their credibility.

Best Features

  • Hostpapa allows unlimited domains, space, and bandwidth on all their shared hosting servers. This is a benefit which most of the hosting providers provide with their basic shared servers.
  • With every new sign up, you get advertising credits worth $265. Hostpapa is useful for spending on the advertising and marketing of the website.
  • They provide outstanding customer service regarding all their services. They work 24/7 and have also won an award for the best customer service.


They have a decent pricing at $2.95 and are well suited, with respect to the benefits they give. Apart from that, you also get advertising credits of around $265, which is a benefit on its own.

Good pricing and high advertising credits make Hostpapa worth a try.

#5 Web.com – Cheapest, with Website Building Service

Web.com – Cheapest, with website building service

The only thing that lures customers to host their websites with web.com is that it is the cheapest hosting provider. If your primary aim is to get cheap WordPress hosting, then look no further. It also has some great features to go along with the cheap pricing.

Best Features

  • The pricing is its greatest catch. It is the cheapest option available to get a shared hosting for WordPress.
  • It provides unlimited bandwidth, so you don't have to worry about high traffic suddenly showing up like it happens on many days.
  • The coolest feature of getting a shared hosting server on web.com is that a website building service is available as well. This will help you immensely if you don't know web development and still want to create and customize your website.


It is the best pricing available for a shared hosting server. Also, they have some nice features such as unlimited bandwidth and website builder. The shared hosting server for WordPress will cost you just $0.50, which is a lot cheaper than all the other hosting providers on the list.

If the price is your pain point, then go ahead with a shared hosting option from web.com.

#4 Justhost – Reliable Servers and Great Customer Service

Justhost – Reliable Servers and Great Customer Service

Justhost was formerly known as Super Green Hosting. It has rebranded itself in the past few years and continues to build the brand identity as Justhost. They are largely known for their outstanding customer service and extremely reliable servers.

Best Features

  • The shared hosting servers by Justhost are completely optimized for WordPress, which means they give optimum performance.
  • Some common features like unlimited bandwidth, space, and domains are also available.
  • They also grant around $200 of advertising credits when you host a server with them.
  • Justhost promises anytime money back guarantee, which is a huge promise to make and reduces the buyer's risk of losing their money to bad service.


Justhost has a pricing of $2.50, which is pretty decent given the great service they provide and reliable servers they offer. Additionally, they also give you $200 in advertising credits.

With an anytime money back guarantee, you can surely give Justhost a try for their shared hosting.

#3 iPage – Highest Advertising Credits And Unlimited E-Mail Addresses

iPage – Highest Advertising Credits And Unlimited E-Mail Addresses

iPage is among the oldest web hosting providers. They are known for their good pricing options along with great services in shared hosting packages.

Best Features

  • They give you unlimited e-mail addresses on your domain. This is one of the features which probably none of the other providers give.
  • The shared hosting servers are completely WordPress-optimized, which improves their performance while running WordPress.
  • They offer $500 worth advertising credits. This is the highest amount of credits given by any hosting provider.
  • As many other providers, they give an 'anytime money back guarantee', which is great if you want to just try out their services.


The pricing is around $1.99 for a month, which is pretty good, considering the benefits you receive in return. The $500 advertising credit too is an additional bonus.

Join iPage here

With high-end reliable servers, iPage is one of the best hostings for WordPress on a shared server.

#2 eHost – User-Friendly Interface, Good For First-Time Users

 eHost – User-Friendly Interface, Good For First-Time Users

eHost is one of the most trusted brands in web hosting. They provide some unique features with their shared hosting some of which are essential for running the website in a better way.

Best Features

  • Installing WordPress is just a click away. No technical work and completely hassle-free, it comes very handily for first-time users.
  • They also provide a 45-days money back guarantee which lets you try their services and then trust them
  • One of the best features they provide is the in site analytics which helps us track user behavior and details so that we can make our website better.
  • You also get an additional $200 in advertising credits for every shared hosting server you buy.


It is strategically priced at $2.75 for a month and provides great customer support and reliability. This is essential in choosing a good service provider.

Choose eHost if you want a user-friendly interface, analytics, and $200 in advertising credits. It also provides fast and secure WordPress hosting on a shared server.

#1 Bluehost – The Best, Officially WordPress-Recommended

Bluehost – The Best, Officially WordPress-Recommended

Bluehost has been on the top of the list for many years. They are one of the best hosting providers in the world and have the best-in-class server uptimes. Also, they are good for customer support. Thus, Bluehost takes the top spot in the top 10 best shared hosting for WordPress.

Best Features

  • It is officially recommended by WordPress. Nothing can get better than getting servers from the one whom WordPress itself recommends.
  • Their servers are completely optimized for WordPress and run blazingly fast.
  • Bluehost offers $200 in advertising credits along with the other benefits.
  • They also give an 'anytime money back guarantee' which ensures that you only pay if you like it.
  • All the other benefits like unlimited bandwidth, storage and domains are also included with the shared hosting package.


The pricing of Bluehost is right among the most expensive shared hosting servers. Though it is a bit expensive, they provide great services for the amount they charge. The price per month for a shared hosting on Bluehost will cost you around $3.49.

This is overall the best hosting site for WordPress considering every aspect.

Visit Bluehost


There a lot of other sites which promise to deliver the same things but fall miserably short. What you end up with finally are really bad servers and a frustrated user base, which then lead to the failure of your website. The above list includes what we think are the best shared hosting options available for WordPress.

Your decision should now be easier to make, as we have opened up the best features and pricing of all the good sites available and ranked them, according to their services. This will certainly help you in choosing the right shared hosting for your WordPress website. This was our article on Top 10 Shared Hosting for WordPress to Buy today for your Website.

Visit Bluehost

These are the top WordPress hosting 2020 sites. Though we have tried to cover them all the best sites possible, if you think we have missed any site, do let us know in the Comments section below

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