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Top 10 Watch Brands for Women (2018) which Promise Timeless Appeal

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Through ages, women have adorned themselves with tons of fashion accessories to look beautiful and elegant, and they still continue to do so. But a wristwatch is much more than just an accessory. It tells you the time and has its own charm which lends a woman a dash of peerless sophistication and completeness. A smartwatch exudes a sense of purpose, individuality, and can enhance your personality like never before. No doubt in the present era, smartphones have replaced the trend of wristwatches and many other gadgets to a large degree, but not completely. Here we are up with Top 10 Watch Brands for Women to buy in this year.

Wristwatches have a unique class and unquestionable style quotient.  It is often mandatory to wear a watch, to flaunt a professional and formal look. It will not only enhance your overall look but will also save your time so that you won’t have to take out your phone, again and again, to look at the time.

Unlike mobile phones, wristwatches give you the hands-free experience, and it is not distracting and intrusive like the smartphone that keeps screaming for your attention through a dozen unwanted messages or other notifications. So ladies, keep your mobile phone in your bags and show up at meetings on time, flaunting your beautiful and handy timepieces.

Sometimes, you may not be able to carry your phone to a business meeting or an examination hall.

Then, wristwatches can save your day! So are you now wondering how to buy a world class watch that suits your persona and budget?

Top 10 Watch Brands for Women for this Year

10) Invicta

invicta - Top 10 Watch Brands for Women (2017)

All Invicta Watches Models

This brand for women’s watch features a unique technique of gold layering, evident in its exceptional construction. This great watch brand earned a top position on the list of technically accomplished watchmakers, globally. The reputation of this watch brand has been enhanced by its original concepts.

This is one of the great watch brands for women that has never compromised with the build quality and has always given special attention to the construction of the case of the watch. High-quality material is used in manufacturing these watches, and its range manages to beautifully satisfy the diversity of tastes. Also, the cost of ownership of this brand is no longer at the high end of the price spectrum. This brand has accomplished a journey of 200 years of artisan craftsmanship. The watches of Invicta are big in size and hence, they often end up stealing the show.

Each watch from every collection of this brand offers more than just essentials. It additionally has sports function, dress function or other simple practical functions. These watches are very affordable and impressive. You can easily pick a piece as a perfect gift for your loved ones, as these timepieces often outplay their cost. Looking for something less formal? Go ahead and get a handy piece from their Lupah range of watches that are suitable for daily wear.

Some More About This Brand

SubAqua range of these watches offers a great variety in their use. These watches can be worn during sports or outdoor activities. Though this company is not much about luxury watches, it is inspired by the expensive Swiss watches to keep the modern fashion conscious customers happy. You will also find Japanese automatic movement and luxury watches for women under the umbrella of this brand. You will easily get different kinds of watches for every need and range.


  • Affordable and stylish models
  • Watches for every need and budget can be found
  • Ideal for women who are not very slim


  • The brand did not focus much on luxury watches
  • Not suitable for teenage girls
  • Big dial faces may be discouraging for those who prefer sleek styles

9) Timextimex

All Timex Watches Models

Timex is one of the finest watch brands for women known to rule the world with its popularity. Timex is the successor of the famous clock making company was known as Waterbury that was founded by Benedict and Burnham. In its initial days, the company was known for making clocks, but with passing time, they began experimenting with watchmaking also. This brand for women watches has reigned the world market for more than half a century. The top watches of this brand are well known for their exceptional designs paired with modern style. This brand is highly durable and comes in different price ranges.

Timex watches are very attractive and impressive in looks. Some of the watches of this brand also offer additional features like date, heart rate monitor and GPS and much more. Timex has come out with the latest collection of timepieces to fulfill the demands of all the ladies. Timex Analog Dial women’s watch is one such striking timepiece that can add an old-school charm to your personality.

The Timex brand for women comes with round shaped cases that protect internal components like the watch movement and so on. It can also be an excellent choice as a gift for any woman who deserves the best.


  • Watches are available at numerous price points
  • Additional features like date, heart rate monitor and GPS are offered
  • Well known for intelligent designs
  • Highly durable


  • Not many watches are offered for special occasions

8) Sonata

sonata - Top 10 Watch Brands for Women (2017)

All Sonata Watches Models

This watchmaking giant has its headquarters in Bangalore, India. These watches have more than 60% share of the total Indian market. Sonata watches are also sold in about 32 countries through various marketing subsidiaries.

These watches have always been popular among customers for their practicality and reasonable prices. Sonata wedding watches make use of simple designs and multiple hues that lend an enchanting look to their dials. Minerals are used to make an asymmetrical glass to protect the watch from small scuffs and scratches.

These watches are also water resistant and are highly comfortable. The low price ranges attract many women who like to change their watches often. What more? These watches make you look more stylish, are durable, and can be an ideal gift for a bride.


  • Appealing design
  • Its wedding collection will make any bride look more beautiful
  • Amazing products at affordable prices


  • Some of these watches don't have a sporty look, and hence may not be suitable for casual or outdoor events

7) FossilFossil

All Fossil Watches Models

Fossil is an American lifestyle brand, with its creative roots deep set in authentic vintage and classic designs. The brand Fossil has come up with a collection of beautiful luxury watches for women. The unique and gorgeous designs of these watches make them suitable for making a chic style statement.

Fossil only uses premium quality materials in their watches, like mineral crystals, leather, and stainless steel.  These watches for women offer a stylish look with clear stones, which add to their dazzling looks. The stick markers on the dials of these watches also have clear stones that look brilliant. Fossil women’s watches are definitely a great buy for those looking at classic international designs and good quality at a decent price.


  • Made of premium quality material
  • Dazzling looks
  • Affordable prices


  • Poor battery life

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6) Christian Dior

Christian Dior- Top 10 Watch Brands for Women (2017)

All Christian Dior Watches Models

Christian Dior is one of the most famous European companies that deal in luxury goods. This luxury company was founded by and named after, a very famous designer, Christian Dior in 1446. Although this company primarily deals in leather goods, footwear, jewelry, and other accessories, the watches of this brand offer fierce competition to other big global brands of women’s watches.

Christian Dior watches are well known for their elegant styles. Wrap a Christian Dior watch around your wrist when you go for a party or any social event, and you will surely create a buzz there. There are many brands that can compete with Christian Dior like Gucci, Prada, Burberry and many others.

The very first Dior watch was known as Black Moon and was launched in 1975. Some of the top watches of this brand for women are available in divine colors extending a feminine and poetic charm to the wearer. These offer a new take on sapphire crystals and are often offered with watch glasses.


  • Offered in beautiful colors
  • A name to reckon with among luxury watches
  • Competes with many other renowned brands


  • Very expensive

5) Gucci

gucci- Top 10 Watch Brands for Women (2017)

All Gucci Watches Models

Gucci is one of the most celebrated watch brands available across the world. It is an Italian brand that was initiated by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence. This brand has continued to rightfully earn its place on the list of top 100 brands of watches till date. Gucci has about 278 stores in different corners of the world. And it has also been ranked 38 by the prestigious Forbes magazine.

Gucci watches are beautiful and are made of premium stainless steel. These watches are water resistant so it will not cost you the earth if you would want to enjoy in the rain while wearing a Gucci watch. This brand is usually a favorite of many celebrities. Often, you will find many noted celebrities sporting Gucci watches on the red carpet.

These luxury watches for women also come with diamonds at times, making them quite an expensive but stunning buy. Some may even call it an investment. At the same time, these watches cannot be worn on a daily basis and are less durable. But nevertheless, your brand new Gucci watch will make you look nothing less than a celebrity, even if you buy it only for special events.


  • The brand has a star power attached to it
  • Gucci watches are a style statement
  • Luxurious feel and look


  • Very high prices
  • Not wearable on daily basis
  • Less durability than many other hardwearing brands or models

4) Tiffany and co

tiffany and co logo


All Tiffany and co Watches Models

Tiffany and Co is one of the best American brands that deal in jewelry and other branded products and is based in the New York City. This brand deals in jewelry, sterling silver china, watches, personal accessories, as well as leather goods. The brand Tiffany is well known for its luxurious wares and is particularly known for its diamond jewelry designs and quality.

This company was founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B in the year 1837. Initially, this company was known for selling a wide range of stationery products. But it soon started getting tremendous success, and it expanded the business in other areas like watches as well.


  • Incredibly beautiful timepieces
  • Affordable prices despite the illustrious brand name


  • Cannot bet on the precision quality of the product
  • This brand is more famous for its jewelry; hence, investing in its watches particularly at a significant cost can bring in some risk

3) Coach


coach logo

All Coach Watches Models

Coach is another American brand company with its headquarters in New York City that deals in various accessories like small gift items, travel accessories, and small leather goods handbags for men and women. The spirit of innovation ingrained in this company’s workshops has been instrumental in maintaining the longevity and durability of its watches.

As one of the best women's luxury watches brands, Coach’s luxury watches for women flaunt their company’s logo that makes them stand out. As compared to its rival brands, the quality of these watches is very high. You will also come across various options of glittery and delicate watches to choose from. As this brand is highly reputable and popular, there are no such drawbacks of its products except that its prices are very high.


  • Many watches have the company’s logo inscribed on them, giving them a different look
  • High- quality and eye-catching designs


  • Not ideal for those with a moderate budget

2) Patek Phillipe


patek philippe logo

All Patek Phillipe Watches Models

When you are looking at the top women's watch brands 2017, Patek Phillipe is sure to emerge as a chartbuster. Patek Phillipe is a Swiss watch manufacturer company. This company designs and manufactures timepieces including some of the most sophisticated watches at the moment. Many experts and aficionados consider it as one of the most prestigious brands of watches in the market.

The lustrous stars in some of the watches create an unusual appeal for women across the globe. This well-known company has carved its niche in the market of watchmaking and started its venture by manufacturing pocket timepieces. But slowly and steadily, it expanded its production, and now it has the know-how and skill to produce the most complex pieces ever.

The timepiece by this brand that created a lot of buzzes was Ref. 5002P Sky Moon Tourbillion. This watch has created a world record owing to the fact that it is the most expensive watch of modern times. This watch was sold in Hong Kong for $ 1.4 million.


  • The glittery stars on the watches cannot escape anyone's attention


  • Some watches meant for traveling are very delicate
  • The company needs to come up with more designs

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1) Piaget

piaget logo


All Piaget Watches Models

This is another Swiss watchmaking company that ranks high as the provider of one of the best women's luxury watch brands. It was founded by Georges Piaget in 1874.

Initially, this company was known for manufacturing watch movements, but since some time, it has started marketing watches. In the year 2008, this brand got the prestigious position of being sixth on the list of most prestigious jewelry brands. Piaget is one of the best luxury watch brands that designs its watches in-house. The brand stands for innovation and high precision.

The watches of this brand have self-winding mechanical movements.

The main feature of these watches from Piaget is that they are ultra thin and offer creative interpretations.


  • Ultra-thin watches
  • Creative interpretations


  • Watches lack accuracy

At Last

Now with this list of the top women's watch brands for 2017, go ahead and pick the right piece that works best for your pocket and your wrist at the same time. For those who love to live a luxurious life, these watches are set to boost your confidence, aura, and personality.

Although there are many accessories available in the market for women, watches are pieces which never go out of style. Whether it is a party or marriage, whether you are dressed up in party attire or a traditional one, watches work well with everything. Replace your bracelets with these attractive functional accessories that can match with your dresses too, both formal and informal.

Not only this, these watches can be a perfect gift for your mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter or any other lady who is the object of your affection.

The bottom line is that people notice things that are uncommon. Since luxury watches are not common, they stand out effortlessly. With these watches, you will definitely earn the spotlight wherever you go.

Last but not the least; do let us know if there is a watch brand we forgot to include in this list, which you think deserves mention. We will be happy to hear from you!

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