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Top 12 Spectacular Tech Blogs 2017 for the (Tech Geek) in You

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Are you always glued to a Tech Blog in order to be abreast with the latest developments and happenings in the Tech world? Well, there are a number of tech bloggers today who have quality tech blogs that helps one to be up to date with all the latest developments in the Tech world.

Whether it is the release of a new version of your favorite software, the launch of a new upgraded operating system or the reports of the bugs that one finds in the existing tech properties, it is all available for you on your fingertips in the tech news websites.

Absence of blogs would make the life of a tech geek very monotonous and mundane. Blogs today form the mainstream source of information for any field of communication. When it comes to the Tech world it serves as a principal source for like minded Tech individuals to connect and get inspired from each other.

Alternatively, the bloggers also influence the Tech enthusiasts to a large extent by sharing their experiences, knowledge etc. Now there are a plethora of tech blogs available in the online world. Of course, you would not want to spend your precious time in sifting through large number of blogs in order to find that one top tech blog which captivates your attention.

So let us now explore some of the best tech blogs that one should definitely have in their list of blogs to visit regularly so that their tech quotient is always high and they get their daily dose of tech trivia.

12. Cnet

Looking for the latest technology news? Then you should check out the “Tech Culture” blog portal from Cnet. The Cnet blog has a “How to” section as well, that can be visited in the link www.cnet.com/how-to. Whether it is news about ordering a Galaxy Note 7 or simple queries like “How to free up space on your Android Phone or Tablet?”, you can just find it all in this blog.

The news that is available in Cnet provides all the latest updates from the Tech giants like Apple, Google, etc.

It was one of the portals which has been providing constant updates about the hugely popular game Pokemon Go and broke out the news about the game registering 55M users in the first month itself.

Cnet is a dependable and established brand when it comes to news and blogs. The main website of Cnet has a credible standing in terms of general news or news from different sectors.

Therefore, the news and information that is available on this platform from the technology sector is genuine and authentic. A number of users visit this website regularly to understand the developments across the technology sector when it comes to phones, computing and other gadgets.

The expert opinion of experienced panelists is also available as product reviews etc.

11. How to Geek

Even if you are an advanced Tech user, it is not humanly possible to know everything about the tech world. However, this blog portal helps you with the simplest as well as the complicated information and provides a lot of entertainment for you in the form of games that are available on this website. Bloggers and readers can both have a ball of a time by playing games on this website. This portal helps in solving different tech queries and provides a number of “How to tips”.

This blog has a lot of information about the operating systems and their developments. The best part is that this blog is not dedicated to Windows OS only, however, has a lot of information and news about Linux as well. All latest news about the Windows 10 Anniversary update was captured in this blog and lets you know about the probable solutions that could help you fix any broken issue as well.

10. Computerworld Blogs

One of the famous blogs on this platform is “Apple Holic” from Jonny Evans. Computerworld Blogs is an aggregator of different blogs provided by varied bloggers in the tech space. It is one of the renowned and dependable blogs platform in the Tech space. There are different blogs available on this platform. Even information about big data, data centers, security, servers, storage, mobile, operating systems etc. is all available in this common platform.

The blogs on this platform are for advanced users in the field of technology. Complex topics in terms of setting up a data center, dealing with security threats, storage related architecture etc. are covered in depth in this blog platform.

9. PCMag.com

This portal is also known as the PC Magazine and is the hub for any issues related to computer peripherals and upgrades. This website can give you all the latest updates about Windows 10 launch, tips & tricks of using an OS and its shortcuts and you can check on some of the best deals as well that are available in the technology space.

PCMag has been followed a lot with respect to reviews for laptops and systems like Dell systems, Lenovo systems, HP systems etc. These brands strive hard to get a good review on the blogs that are published on this website. Therefore, this portal has a lot of credibility across readers as one can be assured that the reviews published on this portal will be genuine and informative. In addition, the blogs in this portal are pretty updated with all the gadget revolutions and technology innovations on a real time basis.

8. Boing Boing

As the tag line of this blog portal says “A Directory of Mostly Wonderful Things”, this portal provides a host of blogs on important topics like futurism, technology, gadgets, science fiction etc. One of the things that this blog portal is famous for is the launch of “unicorn chaser” which was a concept created by the editors of this portal.

As per this concept, any shocking post would have a picture of unicorn following it. It was in the year 2007 that Boing Boing launched a site that was very specific and focused on the gadgets. They also have a section called Boing Boing TV which streams videos and is liked a lot by the readers.

7. Gigaom

This blog portal was recently acquired by Knowingly Corp.  in the year 2015 and it has started publishing fresh tech content from August 2015. It was originally launched by a personal blogger named Om Malik in the year 2006 and then it grew into a large blogging avenue. One of the categories on which one can find intriguing content is the emerging technologies. In addition, if you need any news on the recent startups and any other technology related news, then you can find it all here. Gigaom had also conducted a number of events under the name of Gigaom Events which features recent launches and updates in the field of Data Structure etc.  Whether it is the alert from Dropbox about changing the password or blogs sponsored from market leaders like Samsung, you can just find it all here in this blog portal.

6. Gizmodo

This blog portal has been in news on account of some of the jovial and cheeky commenters which are on board. The internet is widespread with the comments from the blogs on this website. This portal is famous as the “TMZ of Tech” across the web. It has also been in news for the large amount it paid for the lawsuit it got involved in with Apple on account of the stolen iPhone prototype.

This portal also has an interesting feature of providing the ability to the readers to share their feedback with the writers about any of the blogs. Now if you are not comfortable sharing the feedback with your credentials then you can submit an anonymous feedback on the portal with the application named Secure Drop System. Alternatively, you can also send your feedback or other tips that you want to share with the writers at Gizmodo at tipbox@gizmodo.com. Information about broadband speed in addition to information about phones and computing power of gadgets are also available in this blog.

All new brands of Smartphones have a blog about the phone models on this blog platform. In addition, information about the recent laptops along with other gadgets like iPad are also available on this blog. News and information about the recent developments in the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. are also available here.

5. Engadget

The field of gadgets and consumer electronics has a lot going on a daily basis. The developments, the launch of apps and other software for phones happen at a rapid pace. If you want to keep a tab on all the happenings in the world of mobile and other gadgets, then following the blogs on this platform is the best thing that one could do. It covers a huge range of topics and this online web magazine has been the basic source of information for all the tech enthusiasts as it provides the updates and blogs on a real time basis.

Some of the most loved features in this portal is the product reviews. Recently, one of the posts that has had a good following is the information about Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Yoga. This website is also frequented by gamers as it has a lot of information about modern gaming applications and trends in the gaming sector. In addition, this blog is available across regions like UK, Denmark etc. This platform has different sections dedicated to different sectors like it has a section exclusively for “Mobile” which brings to the fore all the recent developments from the mobile world. Social media is also covered and all recent technological developments like Facebook accommodating vertical videos etc. are all available on this platform at the earliest.

4.The Verge

Whether it is to know about the latest accessories for your iPhone or if you have been looking for an in-depth review about the Nexus 9, you can just get it all here. The reviews and the technical specifications available on this platform are great and all the tech blogs are content rich in terms of product specifications and usage experience.

This platform is a unison of news from the tech world, podcasts, product reviews, entertainment shows, long term feature stories etc.

Operated and controlled by Vox Media, this blog is managed from the headquarters in Manhattan, New York.


As the name suggests, this website is a great platform to be connected to all sources of news from the world of technology, startups, gaming, communications etc. In addition, one can find all the information with regards to politics, science, entertainment, business etc. It also includes the blogs from erstwhile ArsTechnica as it had purchased this blogging platform for $25 million in the year 2008.

This platform is a part of the Wired Digital Group and has a version in the print medium as well. In addition, a number of science related blogs are also available on this platform.  Future trends of technology are captured really well on this platform.

This portal is often frequented by college students as it serves as a good platform for selecting and researching for one’s technical projects etc.

The Wired magazine is also very famous across tech enthusiasts and serves as a good source of technology related information.

2. TechCrunch

If you want to establish yourself as the “Tech Leader” in the field of technology, then you cannot be unaware of this blog. Though, it is younger in age than ZDNet but it has created huge ripples in the world of Web 2.0 and beyond. The blogs that are available here are a conglomerate of blogs from their owned online properties like CrunchGear, TalkCrunch and MobileCrunch.

Any kind of a tech startup news is also available in this website. The overall structure of this website is also very simple and easy which makes navigation a cake walk.

Reviewing new tech products and internet related information is all available in this blog platform. Similarly, this platform is often frequented by people who follow startups as a lot of startup related news and information is available on this blog platform.

TechCrunch events like TechCrunch Summer Party etc. are hugely popular as it serves as a great networking platform for technology enthusiasts.

1. Mashable

This blog is one of the most used blogs today as it provides all the latest news from the world of social media. This blog successfully sources any news and updates posted by a techie in the platforms of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. After spotting the topic that the techies have been talking about in social media, this platform provides blogs for those topics after sourcing information from the top bloggers. Therefore, one can get a hang of all the recent happenings in the Tech World. Founded by Pete Cashmore in the year 2005, this platform has grown from strength to strength and serves as a robust blog for the Tech space.

One of the other events that Tech geeks who follow this blog regularly look forward to is the Mashable Connect conference where speakers and technology enthusiasts from around the world participate to network and share knowledge on a common forum.Mashable has been a great source of interest for not only technology enthusiasts but also for the digital marketers.

In addition, technology related to enhancing of social media platforms and analytics are also some topics that are covered as blogs on this platform.


Conclusively, we are positive that this write up of ours would have helped you to be acquainted with the top tech blogs that you should follow regularly.

These blogs will not only provide you with the necessary information about the tech world but will also offer you a sneak peek into the world of futuristic tech which is definitely a domain of great interest for any tech enthusiast as the world of tech is always changing and dynamic.

So leave us your comments and let us know, if you feel the need of sharing any other vital information that could help us provide a more detailed analysis.

Stay glued to our blog channel as we have many other promising blogs lined up for you which will unveil a whole new world of information and knowledge.

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    Some tech blogs I also really like are Recode, 9to5Mac and Venturebeat.


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