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Reverse Camera Mode For Fun - Reverse Video Apps for 2018 Are Here

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Reverse video apps

Reverse video apps are a new craze as the edited videos are fun to watch and attract viewers.  Easily available as free both on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes, these apps turn your life moments into precious and yet entertaining memories.

Apps are wonderful means to get a host of innovative ways to convert regular videos into awesome and sometimes funny videos that attract attention and engage the viewers.  Few of the latest apps that are gaining popularity these days on android and iOS platform alike are the apps to reverse video.

These apps turn the videos into entertaining yet creatively stunning pieces of motion which are quite entertaining to watch. You have an element of creativity or not, these apps make editing simpler, and the outcome is comparable to a pro-level video editing.

The users no longer need to depend on their PCs to bring these effects to their videos.  So be it an interesting video of any vacation or the dance moves, these apps add the magic and witty element to your recorded moments.

These apps are free, and the users can easily download it from the Google Play or the Apple App Store.  Let take look at some of the best and free reverse video apps for android and iOS:

Apps for Android



Ranked as #1 video editor in over 100 countries, you can create funny stories with your videos with this app. It has its community in four countries.

Key Features:

  • Professional Editing Tools
  • Trimming & Merging of Videos
  • FX effects, stickers, music, different fonts, filters this app has all
  • Blur effect, voice changing and editing preview
  • Nine funny lenses
  • Easy to use Photo Slideshow Maker
  • Free Downloads built in the app for enhancing the videos
  • Video Collage Maker
  • Adding music from the library or the internet
  • Sharing

It is not merely a reverse video app; it is a complete video editor.


Videoshop – Video Editor

 Videoshop - Video Editor


One app that does everything  for you. With a rating of 4.5 on Google Play store, with regular  updates,  it   is   getting acceptance from the users.

Key features include:

  • Reverse videos with multiple effects
  • Trimming of Videos
  • Adding Music and sound effects too.
  • Slow Motion and display adjustment with saturation, contrast, and brightness.
  • Merging multiple clips into one.
  • Put text on your videos in various styles and colors
  • Records your voice over the video
  • Resizing videos, filters and stop-motion feature
  • High-resolution videos which are easy to share


KineMaster-Pro Video Editor

 KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

This application is a feature full video editor that gives pro-like results. It provides immense management in the editing process, be it the amateur or a professional. The reverse videos by this app attract eyeballs.

Key features:

  • Trimming on videos frame to frame basis
  • 3D effects, fade, blur and other options
  • Various animations themes available
  • Videos, stickers, images can be merged in a single video
  • Music addition to the videos along with volume control
  • Fast and smooth sharing

One of the preferred app by YouTube video creators, journalists, educators, etc.


Video Editor for Video

 Video Editor for Video

This comprehensive and powerful application has multiple features, all packed in one.  The reverse videos made from this app stand apart from the other apps. Its top features include

  • Video trimmer along with the option of removing the sound from the video.
  • Video format conversion
  • Adding audio
  • Slow and fast motion video making
  • Video compression & merging
  • Derive photos from the video
  • Video splitting to reduce size for sharing
  • Video Rotation


FilmoraGo- Free Video Editor

 FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor

Power packed video editor, let’s you add effects, music and animation to your videos. Create funny videos, share with friends on social networking. This app is fun and easy to use. The key features are:

  • Mix videos and photos, even import from social networking sites
  • Fantastic templates to add
  • Music or your voice addition to the video
  • Different types of video aspect ratio available
  • Reverse, slow, speed up videos
  • Filters and elements to boost the appeal of the video
  • Multiple Language support
  • Free downloads of themes, music fonts, titles, etc.

It has some pro-level editing tools as well and lets you export HD videos to your phone anytime.


Reverse Video Pro

 Reverse Video Pro

This app has all the making of a great user-friendly app. Its key features include:

  • Trims the whole video or just a part of the whole video
  • Add your background music
  • Magical and funny effects to your videos
  • Lets you use various camera features
  • Filters to apply on videos


Reverse Movie FX

 Reverse Movie FX - magic video

From Bizo mobile with a rating of 4.6 on average by 452,659 users this app amazes you with:

  • Peppy way to captivate objects
  • Adding music
  • Original plus reverse video and vice versa
  • Sprinkling or drinking water/juice
  • Captivating money bills and much more
  • Can also add music to the videos
  • Sharing on social networking sites instantly.

With a new User Interface, it surely turns you into a wizard.  So impress your friends and family with this fantastic and helpful application.


Video Editor with Music

 Video Editor with Music

Create, edit and share that’s this app does for you and with greater ease.  Powerful and yet easy to use, some key features are:

  • Make reverse slow or fast videos
  • Video trimming along with video compression
  • Video Merging and video converter
  • Extract photos out of videos
  • Add music, voice, animations, and effects.


Reverse Video-Video Editor

 reverse video backwards

This easy to use app lets your create videos in reverse mode and share on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.  Doing any normal activity backward make everyone laugh out loud instantly. It has many more exciting features like:

  • Keeps the video and delete the audio of the original video
  • Faster exporting of HD videos
  • Trimming of videos
  • Slow motion to fast video mode conversion
  • Video preview before sharing
  • Over 50 languages supported
  • Sharing on social networking sites


ReverX-Magic Reverse Video

 ReverX - magic reverse video

This app from Swiitt Computing Inc. is easy to use and a faster app to reverse your recorded video.  Throwing a disc in the park and this app will convert it as of you are retrieving it, the simple action of drinking water transformed into an entertaining video of spilling water.

  • Video Trimming feature
  • Add background music
  • Sharing on YouTube
  • Fast & Easy


Reverse Video Movie Camera

 Reverse Video Movie Camera Fun

This rich video editor app makes you trick your friends with video tricks. You can do a backflip, walk backward, jump and dancing backward and lots more fun with this editor. Tricks like rejoining a torn paper and everything else that you can creatively think of, this app lets you do all. It's gaining popularity with features like:

  • Bringing various effects like zooming, playing with brightness on the reverse video
  • Modified videos saved in the Gallery folder.
  • Adding songs of your favorite singer.
  • Sharing videos on social networking sites, Whatsapp made easier.
  • No data services required



Apps for iOS


Backward Camera + Reverse Video

Easy, fun and hilarious that’s what sums up this app. Available at iTunes for 1.99$, it an excellent backward/reverse movie app maker.  It has all it takes to take your creativity to a new crazy level.

Its key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Tutorials to guide at every step and about every function
  • App works on both the front and rear camera and supports flashlight mode
  • Slow, fast or reverse the video while shooting or choose from the library
  • Save both the original as well as the reverse movie in your phone
  • Add background music to your video
  • Fast sharing on social media
  • No ads during the app working
  • No watermarks in the edited videos


Videohance- Video Editor, Filters

Priced at 3.99$ at iTunes, this app is worth a buy.  Adding some serious style, fun and awesomeness to your videos, it gives total control to your video editing experience.  Key Features are:

  • Work with multiple layers and looks simultaneously
  • Eight modes of picture control
  • 50+ texture effect options
  • 25+ Frame styles
  • Create slideshow of your pictures
  • Multiple clips mixing to make a single video
  • Add music or voiceover
  • 40+ present options like vintage, black & white, etc
  • Sharing is fast and easy
  • Regular app updates


VideoCraft -Video Editor

A perfect multi-tasker, it transforms your video into an incredible story which is fun to watch and easy to share. Beautiful yet simple user interface, this app is fast earning its reputation. The key features are:

  • Lets you choose the aspect ratio of the video as well as the resolution
  • Merge multiple videos along with photos
  • Smooth panning and zooming of the videos
  • Slow, fast, stop and reverse motion options
  • Add multiple videos onto a single screen view
  • Add music or voice for your video
  • Add blur effect and various sound effects
  • Add text and animation over the videos
  • Various editing tools
  • Save in the gallery and share on facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.


Vizmato- Add Zing to your movie making

Animate your videos and enhance your editing experience with this application.  It gives you videos that go viral on social media and doing all this editing on this app is seamlessly smooth.  It records in high-quality HD videos, some of the key features of this app are:

  • Filters and special effects to your videos and selfies
  • Give various themes to your videos
  • 40+ options available for FX effects
  • Slow, fast, reverse and stop mode for editing
  • Mix multiple videos and photographs
  • Add music or voiceover to your videos
  • Share on social media with a single click

In reviews, it has also labeled as a dream combination of Snapchat and Instagram.

Dreamplay-Video Editor

With a relatively higher rating, this app claims to create surprisingly good and entertaining videos.  The main features are:

  • Special effects on reverse video and clips
  • Adding your music
  • Muting the background music or voice
  • Seven filters to beautify the video
  • Trimming videos made easy
  • Mix multiple videos into a single clip
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes with ease

Video Toolbox-Video Editing Tools All in One

A complete app with multiple tools meant for creating or editing videos. This frees app works wonderfully and quickly to produce reverse videos.

Key features:

  • Make multiple clips of a large video
  • Multiple subtitles styles
  • 30+ modification choices available for your video
  • Add music or watermark your video
  • Various video filters
  • Reverse the video in various speeds and the mask the video too.
  • Blur effect for the face or private parts of the body.
  • Many more advanced customization tools

Video Editor & Slideshow maker studio with music

Amongst the favored apps meant for reverse video editing, it key features are:

  • 80+ filters to choose from
  • Merges trims videos in seconds
  • Slow motion, reverse video up to 8X times
  • Adjustment available for shadows, sharpening, highlighting as well.
  • Add music or voice overs to your videos
  • Use pictures to create slideshows
  • Quick sharing

Quik-Free Video Editor – Make a quick music edit

In a few seconds, this app creates engaging, funny and appealing videos. It adds effects, animations, music and much more to your videos. Few main features of this app are:

  • 29 video styles to choose from with excellent transitions and graphics
  • Mix up to 200 photos and videos into a single video of the desired length
  • Detects and analyzes individual moments, faces to enhance the video
  • Choice of font filters and graphics
  • Video customization
  • Add emojis
  • Add any soundtrack from your library or iTunes
  • Quick Save and Share in 1080 or 720 resolution
  • Regular updates

Back Cam- Reverse Camera Video Editor

Whether you want to play your videos backward or rewind your videos, this simple does everything for you.  Fun and easy to use, it will make you laugh at the videos edited by this app. It's simple to use; all the user has to do is to select the video, play it and the app on its rewinds the video and one can control the speed of the video play as well.  Key features are:

  • Easy sharing on social media
  • Good quality video output
  • Uses gallery to record videos
  • Manage the pace of the video play as well.


Amazing way to have fun by turning your videos in reverse mode. This app converts your regular videos into playable reverse videos which are enjoyable and entertaining to watch.  Key features of the app are:

  • Multiple video speed options available
  • Add your music to the video
  • User interface is convenient to use
  • Fast sharing on social networking sites
  • Exclusive app for reverse video



A variety of reverse camera apps are now easily available for free downloads on both Google PlayStore and Apple iTunes alike.

These video editing tools are a quick way to bring such effects to modifications to your video that it tends to give a pro like impression to the viewer.  Editing applications bring the required finesse or the element of fun and entertainment to your memories captured in the videos.

Apart from the reverse option, the fast forward or the slow motion option are also available.

With multiple filters, animations, font styles and other effects, these apps leave scope for any other editing.  A single video can be modified with these apps in such numerous ways that it's difficult to recognize the original one.

However, the reverse camera fun is the best feature for every user to grab.  Hilarious that reverse videos are, a simple video turns into a laughter riot for the viewers.

These apps are simple to use and quick in response. Just a few taps and the editing is done. Most of the apps have inbuilt tutorials to help and guide the users.

Sharing the edited videos on the various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. engage your friends and family members alike.

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