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Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in India (2018) which are simply cool!

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Double Door Refrigerator

It goes without saying that a refrigerator is an indispensable part of modern life. How else would you keep your food fresh, germ-free and edible? But today, with so many appliance companies offering a variety of fridges, it can be difficult for you to pick the right one. The vast array of features and specifications can particularly leave you confused.So get to know a little more about the best refrigerator brands in India before you start shopping.

Consider aspects like quality, performance and affordability before you make a decision.And of course, your preferences and requirements are of paramount importance too.

best refrigerator brands

#10. Sharp


Sharp Logo - best refrigerator brands

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As a well-known Japanese multinational brand, Sharp is trusted all over the world for the superior quality consumer electronics it supplies. You will come across fridges in different styles, capacities, colors and equipped with avant-garde features.

Refrigerator types and features

  • Single Door – These are naturally the most affordable models exhibiting simple but efficient designs. They come with manual water evaporation system and doors that flaunt smart mirror finishing.
  • Double Door – Automatic temperature control, energy saving mechanism, and adjustable tempered glass shelves are some of the common features in these models. They may also be armed with deodorizers with AG+ technology, hybrid cooling systems, Plasmacluster Ion Systems, Eco Button, door alarm, LED lighting, inverter technology and LCD display .
  • 4-Door – You get to enjoy ample space with these versions, besides all the features found in double-door varieties. These also come with ice makers.

#9. Panasonic


Panasonic Logo - best refrigerator brands

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Established in 1918, Panasonic has always been acclaimed for its objective of improving the quality of life for everyone. And they still continue to do so, by embracing brilliant ideas and constant innovations.

Refrigerator types and features

  • Direct Cool – These are single door specimens offered in multiple hues like gray, wine, peach, blue, maroon and more. Eye-catching aspects include toughened glass shelves, removable door gasket, transparent interiors, door lock, AG Clean technology, and adequate storage space for bottles and vegetables. Some models have pocket handles while others feature bar handles.
  • Frost Free – Equipped with double doors, these refrigerators may have freezers either at the top or at the bottom. Other advantages may comprise of intelligent eco sensors, LED lighting, FreshLock technology, AG Clean technology etc. Some configurations may flaunt vitamin safes and double vegetable cases.
  • Side by Side – The ease of arranging, viewing and taking out items is enhanced manifold, with these roomy models. Watch out for cool features like anti-bacterial and deodorizing technology, Econavi (energy saving mode), child lock, inverter technology, Hygiene Active System, LED tower lighting and home bar to name a few.
  • Multi Door – Endowed with multi-hygiene system, smart control panel and quick freezing technique, these fridges are unbeatable both functionally and aesthetically. They reduce electricity consumption, keep mold, bacteria and odors away, and their tempered glass shelves can withstand loads as heavy as 100kg.

#8. Electrolux


Electrolux Logo - best refrigerator brands

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This multinational appliance giant from Sweden offers refrigerators which seamlessly blend intelligent cooling, convenience, energy saving, flexible storage and style. You can look forward to experiencing an authentic European lifestyle with these.

Refrigerator types and features

  • Euro Series – In case of power loss, these fridges can retain the cold inside for up to 5 hours. Special deodorizers keep the food fresh. The tempered glass shelves are robust and spill proof. You can use either the bar handle or the recessed handle as per your ease. These models are sleek, elegant and highly energy efficient.
  • Mini-refrigerators – Are simply compact versions of normal refrigerators and can cater to modest requirements wonderfully. They are equipped with door bins which tilt and door locks.
  • Refrigerator with deep door shelves – If you want to make the most out of fridge doors, then these are ideal. Their deep shelves can accommodate big, fat bottles easily. The anti-bacterial removable gaskets provide a properly sealed environment and make cleaning convenient.

#7. Haier


Haier Logo - best refrigerator brands

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With its foundation laid in China, Haier first made its appearance in India in 2004. This consumer electronics company attained popularity in a short while, with its impressive collection of refrigerators with capacities ranging from below 180L to above 600L.

Refrigerator types and features

  • Side by Side & French Door – The French door design diminishes the need for you to bend frequently. The fridges are ROHS compliant, have varying capacities and may come with tons of space, ice maker cum dispenser, LCD mirror touch control, Fuzzy Logic for automatic temperature setting, energy saving inverter etc.
  • Bottom Mounted Refrigerator – They have the freezers at the bottom and some of the models may exhibit a convertible middle door too. Solar induced freshness, 1 Hour Icing technology, separate fruit box, and 360 degree air flow are some of the attractive attributes to consider.
  • Top Mount Frost Free – With their freezers at the top, these specimens come with separate fruit box, spacious vegetable crisper segment, chiller tray for dairy products, 1 Hour Icing technology and more. They also retain cooling for up to 10 hours in case there is a power cut.
  • Direct Cool – These single door varieties are stylish and utilitarian. Some feature stabilizer free operation and Diamond Edge Freezer technology which causes ice to melt slower during a power cut.
  • Mini Bar – It is perfect for storing your favorite liquors in style without having to worry about space crunch. Haier mini bars are equipped with chic recess handles, clean backs, stabilizer free operation and compressors which produce minimum noise and vibration.

#6. Hitachi


Hitachi Logo - best refrigerator brands

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The leading Japanese brand promises exemplary quality, durability and loads of features that make your life a piece of cake! There is a whole host of configurations available for you to pick from. All of them are free from CFC and HFC.

Refrigerator types and features

  • Made in Japan – This revolutionary model features 6 doors, vacuum and photocatalyst preservation, high speed defrost, energy saving technology, dual fan cooling system, intelligent sensors, travel mode, touch control panel and more.
  • Side by Side – These fridges come with tank type water and ice dispenser, LED light, dairy pocket, super moist drawers, Eco Thermo sensor, moldproof door gasket, touch screen controller etc.
  • Big French Series – Watch out for aspects like automatic ice maker, movable twist tray, power cool pocket, front air flow, nano titanium filter, dual fan cooling, and Eco Thermo sensors and so on.
  • French Bottom Freezer Series – As the name suggests, the freezer is at the bottom of these 3-door fridges. They are fitted with most features mentioned above except the ice and water dispenser.
  • Big2 and Super Big2 Series – These are naturally very spacious and frost free, with smart compartments for different kinds of edibles. Inverter control, power cool pocket, tempered glass shelves, LED control panel, and lock and key option are some of their features.
  • New Stylish Line Series – Equipped with 2 doors, these refrigerators flaunt jumbo door pocket, slide out chilled case, moldproof door gasket, movable twist ice tray, dual fan cooling and a lot more.
  • Slim Line Refrigerator – Sleek, elegant and efficient, these specimens feature electronic control, rear temperature control dial, eco thermal sensor, nano titanium filter etc.
  • Solfege Series – This variety offers slide type double deck drawers, quick freezing, automatic ice maker, LED control panel, inverter control and so on.

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#5. Videocon


videocon logo - best refrigerator brands

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Since 1979, Videocon has been able to carve a special niche for itself not only in the area of consumer electronics, but in other industry verticals as well. Their refrigerators unite the beauty of advanced design and flawless performance, to woo customers who wish to choose wisely.

Refrigerator types and features

  • Side by Side – These fridges are packed with enviable features like automatic ice and water dispenser, humidity controlled crisper, mini home bar for your finest drinks, folding wine rack, LCD display, luxury mirror, low energy consumption, dual fan cooling, nano silver anti-bacteria technology and 6 smart sensors.
  • Frost Free – Embrace a healthy life with models that come with energy efficiency, stabilizer free operation, glossy transparent interiors, anti-bacterial door gasket, sturdy wire shelves, PCM door finish and more.
  • Direct Cool – This range includes options in myriad shades and patterned finishing. Aspects that might interest you are high energy efficiency, cooling booster, toughened glass shelves, adjustable wine rack, and chiller with space for storing bottles. Some versions may come with external condensers.
  • Welcome Series – They are simple but smart, and flaunt anti-bacterial removable door gasket, multi-point cooling system, wire shelves, opaque interiors, recessed handle, in-situ foamed door, and door lock.

#4. Godrej


Godrej Logo- best refrigerator brands

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As one of the oldest and most revered names in the field of consumer electronics, Godrej stands for trust, quality and technological advancement. Their refrigerators not only keep food fresh and tasty for a long time, but also flatter the décor of any home easily.

Refrigerator types and features

  • Frost Free – These models may either have freezer at the top or bottom. Some remarkable features cover digital touch control panel, Just the Right Temperature technology, motion sensing zone lighting, environment friendliness, dual fan system, smart air lock technology, collapsible wine rack, LED lighting, slide and serve door bins, flexi-freeze tray and more. Some configurations have poly bag suspenders inside the freezer door and low starting voltage.
  • Direct Cool – Enjoy the union of good looks and functionality with specimens that exhibit excellent energy saving properties, large shelf and freezer spaces, rust free warranty, deep bottom chiller tray, dry storage space, chocolate or medicine shelf, aroma lock technology, removable anti-bacterial gasket etc.
  • Side by Side – The fridges in this range have, intelligent inverter compressor, intelligent self-diagnostics for easy maintenance, dual fan system, photosynthetic LED zone lighting, flexible ice maker, segregated drawer space, foldable wine rack and so on.

#3. Whirlpool


Whirlpool Logo- best refrigerator brands

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An American multinational corporation established in 1911, Whirlpool is undoubtedly among the best refrigerator brands in India. Cutting edge technology and premium finishing make their refrigerators highly demanded.

Refrigerator types and features

  • French Door – Add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen with this model. Adequate space, DC inverter compressor, dual cycle dual air cooled system, high retention moisture technology, automatic ice making, fresh UV lights, and intelligent temperature controls are features that will wow you.
  • Multi Door – Make the most of these 3-door beauties, along with their 6th Sense Activefresh technology, moisture retention technology, Microblock to keep microbes away, Fresh Keeper technology, and air boosters.
  • Double Door – These fridges feature Microblock in fruit crisper, 6th Sense Intellifresh technology, fresh flow flexi-vents, Freshonizer, tallest air tower, Hexafresh moisture lock technology, ample space for bottles, and even storage corner for chocolates.
  • Single Door – Compact and chic, these models come with numerous attributes like 6th Sense Fresh Control technology, energy efficiency, vegetable and fruit crispers with Microblock, honeycomb moisture lock, insulated capillary technology, super fast ice making, 12 hours cooling retention, extra cold and extra large freezer, deep chiller, removable anti-bacterial gasket, door lock and stabilizer free operation.

#2. LG


LG Logo- best refrigerator brands

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LG Electronics is a reputed company that presents products intended to make your life better, convenient and productive in every way. Their refrigerators are loaded with the latest features and are visually appealing too.

Refrigerator types and features

  • Side by Side – These roomy models feature inverter linear compression, multi air flow cooling, door in door design, water and ice dispenser, Hygiene Fresh Plus technology, smart diagnosis system, LED display, digital multi sensors and Express Freezing technology.
  • Bottom Freezer – With the freezing unit at the bottom, these fridges exhibit inverter linear compressor, LED lighting, multi air flow, moist balance crisper and easy interior styling.
  • Double Door – This range of refrigerators comes with smart inverter compressor for energy saving, eco-friendly technology, ice beam door cooling, smart diagnosis system, Hygiene Fresh technology, Fresh 0 Zone, movable twist ice tray, stylish control panel, door cooling and digital sensors.
  • Single Door – If you want to save space and still benefit from advanced refrigeration techniques, then go for these. Features include energy efficiency, large vegetable basket, stabilizer free operation, anti-bacterial gasket, egg cum ice tray, fast ice making technology and a compartment to store beauty products.

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#1. Samsung


Samsung Logo - best refrigerator brands

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There are obviously solid reasons why we have ranked Samsung as first. It is a futuristic brand and a leader in multiple home appliance sectors. Samsung refrigerators leave no room for doubt, whether it is about quality, performance or stunning looks.

Refrigerator types and features

  • French Door – Introduce glamour and powerful utility into your home with these models. They flaunt digital inverter technology, 10-year warranty, convertible freezer, water and ice dispenser, 13 smart sensors, LED display, foldable shelves, impressive door storage system, door alarm, and Triple Fresh Cooling technology.
  • Food Showcase – These will let you smoothly access all the food items you love, with their “fridge within a fridge” concept. Other features are metal cooling guard, all around cooling, adjustable storage, ice and water dispenser and tons of space.
  • Side by Side – Benefit from aspects like twin cooling system, multi flow deodorizer, mini drink bar, wine rack, automatic ice maker and dispenser, LED display and control, dairy guard and much more.
  • Top Mount Freezer – Energy efficiency, all around cooling, cooling retention, anti-bacteria protection, LED lighting, storage space for big bottles, additional vegetable box, child lock, door alarm and ice dispenser are some of the attributes which make these specimens special.
  • 1-Door – Available in myriad exciting colors, these compact powerhouses can keep food frozen up to 9 hours in case of power outages. They save energy and are immune to voltage fluctuations. Single door fridges also exhibit durable shelves, clean and smooth back, and have adequate room for big bottles, vegetables, fruits and so on.

So just chill

All good refrigerator companies in India have one common objective – to take away your worries and anxieties about eating fresh and healthy! They let you make the most of revolutionary technologies; that too with complete simplicity.

Just remember that prices can widely vary depending on the refrigerator brand, model, size and features.

And don’t forget to tell us, which one of the above brands did you find most to your liking and why.

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