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18 Great PS4 Games of 2017: Available Online in Huge Discount Online

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Wishing to play brand new, thrilling and adventurous games on your PS4 gaming console? Looking for best games in the marketplace? Let us have a look at the best 18 PS4 games 2017 that are about to come for PS4 players.

Playing video games is always fun. Not only kids but also adults take pleasure of playing video games for the purpose of leisure. If you and your kids love to play games on PS4 or play station 4, then you must be happy to know that you can explore the most popular ps4 games available in 2017. Just collect the game from the marketplace and enjoy exclusive and anew range of ps4 games at your home.

It is true that there are many ps4 games available to play on your play station 4 video gaming consoles. You can find many cool games for ps4 that you can buy from different online stores at a comparable price. Now take a look at long list of blockbuster ps4 games 2017 that not only give you speed that you want in your games but also deliver you the all new way to play video games.


PS4 games whose price ranges from $40- $50


Standard Edition of Madden NFL 17, Price$49

Standard Edition of Madden NFL 17


The game is designed to play on your play station 4 video gaming consoles. The game is available at a wide discount in physical and online shops. The game can be played with the team or in draft champion mode. The game is designed in such way that you can get ball carrier feedback during your play.

Even you can enjoy prompt assistance in every stage of the game. The function of the game provides you alert of threats and guides you how to make the special move to defend your game.

The game is simplified in the way that you can enjoy an utmost level of joy with the play calling defense system. You will be assisted by the system to make a defensive movement to play your safe game passing on the defenders. The game is planned with all new real NFL policies.

The game just is made to provide players the excitement of real ground NFL match. Even you can get the chance to play blocked kick during this game time on your favorite ps4 console.


  • The game is designed especially for playstation4.
  • You can play the game with a prompt assistant and easily defend threats.
  • Play the game in a different mode, in a team, or you can play with the draft champion mode.
  • Even you can enjoy commentary while playing the game.


  • The game can be played by the single player at a time.


Final Fantasy XII, Price$49.96

Final Fantasy XII


When you are fond of battle games, and you always look for new and improvised battle games to enjoy on your PlayStation4, you can definitely try The Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age now. The game is available at a great discount on online game stores. Even online stores offer the best price that you can foster your gaming desire playing the Final Fantasy XII.

The game will take you to the Dalmasca kingdom which was conquered by Archandian dynasty.

The game will display the Ivalice realm the age of war. The storyline of the game is centered within Princess Ashe who lost her throne. But she desires to regain the freedom of her country.

The story also tells about Vaan, who has lost his family because of the war. But he wants to fly again in the free sky of freedom. The story is all about the fight to get back lost the glory of Dammasca royalty as well as the freedom of the country.

You can join the allies to help the princess to regain the lost glory of her dynasty in her war for freedom. Join the heroic team to get the full adventure of the story, and you will be armored with powerful amenities. And you can help princess Ashe to make her motherland free from bondage. The game is designed in full HD platform with improvised sound and techniques.

You can enjoy playing your game to the fullest. Unique features, mind blowing sound. The true HD will make the game like real experience in front of you. You can feel the pain and passion of princess Ashe through her journey, and this is the main attraction of the game.



  • Final Fantasy XII is the game of combat; you can say great and massive combat.
  • The game is designed to foreplay the pathos of a princess who lost her throne by the attack of Archandian.
  • The game is designed in full HD along with high sound and technology.



  • Single player game.
  • The game can be played in a different mode, Hunts, Battle as well as mini-games.


PS4 games whose price ranges from $51- $60


Mafia III, Price$55.90

Mafia III


When you are looking for a high action-packed video game for your PS4 console, you can definitely try playing Mafia III. The game is just about to come in your hand. You can get the game from your nearest game parlor, or you can place an order for the online game store like Amazon.

Mafia III is a power packed revenge story, and it will surely bring all thrilling element that you look for generally in an action game. The hero of the game is Lincoin Clay who will be fighting to take revenge for his family. The game is all about a cruel and chaotic world of the mob. You can enjoy the full sight as well as the sound of the same era via your play station.

Mafia III is one of the big hit fighting ps4 games among the list of good ps4 games which are just about to hit your gaming media. You can play the game in different ways, such as with your individual play style, brute force stalking and killing tricks or just by blazing guns. Whatever will be your mode of playing, you just need to wipe out the Italian Mafia to take revenge behalf of your superheroLincoin Clay.


  • You can call this game, a game of revenge of a son for his family.
  • The hero of the game, Lincoin Clay will rise against the brutal force with advanced armor and will break down the empire of Italian Mafia.
  • You will enjoy great sound and video quality in the game.


  • It is single user game.
  • The game can be enjoyed in various modes; brute force or blazing guns or stalk and kill tricks.


Rise of the Tomb Raider,Price $56.91

Rise of the Tomb Raider


One of the most critically acclaimed adventure games for PS4 is Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20-year celebration. It is a gameplay for more over fifty hours. You will get all new stories while playing the game.

The content of the game is created in celebrating twenty years of Lara Croft. The game is an award-winning version. In the game, Lara will uncover the secret world of primeval mystery. She will explore the Siberia regions with her furious and aggressive attitude.

She will face several dangers in her way to unearth the mysteries. She will fight against the treacherous as well as hostile surrounding with her wits and skills to reach her destination like Tomb Raider.

You will find Lara in playing a strong role of a survivor that you have neverseen before. You can experience the blood ties in your playstation gaming console version 4. The game is designed in such way that you can feel hostile, but beautiful wild nature surrounding you, just like Lara does in the game.

You can play the game with same thrilling and adventurous feeling in fighting with guerrilla and exploring the deadly tombs to survive.

Now just get ready to explore new land of mystery as well as gloom through the eyes of Lara. You can play the game alone, or you can take your friend to defeat the enemies in the way of you. At the last of the game, Lara will meet with the change of her life and triumph over the brutality in a run of survival.


  • The rise of the Tomb Raider is the most adventurous game, and duration of the game is 50 hours.
  • You can see how Lara will unearth the secrets and mysteries of the Land of Siberia region with her will and aggression.


  • The game is single user game.


WWE 2K17, Price$57.80

WWE 2K17


WWE 2K17 is going to be a big hit in PS4 video gaming consoles for players who love to enjoy gaming wildest and craziest fighting games above other games.

If you are crazy about WWE game and looking to explore something new and exciting on your playstation4, then you can once try WWE 2K17. The game is about to come in the market place with more than thousands of unique moves of all your rock star WWE, NXT fighting legends, onstage and backstage tussles as well as awesome animations that will make your gaming just like real WWE fighting.

You will definitely not want to miss the chance of enjoying this game in your video console and thinking how to buy the game for you. Whether you or your children cannot afford to miss the experience of playing powerful fight game, you can definitely buy this WWE 2K17 for an online store or your nearest game store.

The game is designed with explicit sound and video quality that you can enjoy every step of gaming without getting bored. Even you will able to create new and exciting WWE gaming mode with MyCAREER as well as WWE Universe mode. Choose your WWE star from a rival team or alliance team. You can shape your character with your word and have fun.


  • The WWE 2K17 is one of the top games for playing on playstation4 media.
  • The game is developed with high-quality music and video.
  • The game is coming with new features.
  • You can select your team to play your game without getting bored.


  • The game is single player game.
  • You can change the mode of the game from MyCAREER to WWE Universe mode.


Spider-Man for PlayStation-4 , Price $59

Spider-Man for PlayStation-4


Spider-Man is one of the biggest hit stories for people of every age. Now you can enjoy the story in real. You can join your superheroSpiderman via your video gaming console PS4 at your home or your office.

The game is just brand new, exclusive as well as authentic. The game is available in the marketplace at the affordable range; even some of the online stores provide heavy discounts for customers in beginning of the sale.

Now your Peter Parker is more furious, masterful as well as aggressive destroying his enemies with acrobatic power. This Peter Parker is a master in web-slinging. The spider is new with superfluous powers whom you have not met yet in cinemas.

The interesting part of the game is that you can control your superhero in all brazen out. Now rise up the superhero within you and destroy the enemies with same passion and fun.

The video quality and sound system of the game are designed in such way that you can feel like real fighting with the enemies of Peter Parker sitting at your home.


  • The spider-man game is designed with a new form of combat.
  • Now you can see Peter Parker with more power and sizzling attitude that you have neverseen
  • The game is the co-venture of Marvel and Insomniac team to offer the brand new performance of Spider-Man.


  • The game is only played by the single


Dragon Quest Builders, Price $59.88

Dragon Quest Builders


Are you fond of playing the heroic game on your PS4 video gaming console? Are you looking for such game which is full of element and heroism? Then Dragon Quest Builders will be one of the best as well as great ps4 games for you.

The game is all about the fight between the evil spirit and god chosen spirit. The wicker creature, the Dragon lord made everyone’s life just misery. Every person under his kingdom had to suffer because of his evil magical power.

The Dragon king was living in Alefgrad. He made the lives of people just a hell in snatching their homes and compelled the mankind living in distress.

Then goddess will choose a heroic figure to rescue all the distressed and homeless souls. The game is all about to fight against the king of monster, the Dragon and to free the land from his violence and oppression that people of the land Alegrad can live their lives again peacefully.

Play the game to driven out the evil power and to dethrone the cruel Dragon lord from the land of Alegrad.

You can book the game to avoid last stock rush in Amazon. The game is simply designed with a mesmerizing scenario that players can enjoy every moment of adventure. You just pre-order the game that you can enjoy the thrill and enter into the battle of killing the Dragon king for the people of Alegrad.


  • The game is developed with amazing visual effects and sound that you can feel the real world of Alegrad sitting in front of your Playstaion4 console.
  • People of Alegrad will try to regain their lost homes and peace with the help of Superhero chosen by Goddess.


  • It is a single player game.
  • Designed to provide extreme thrilling experience to the players.


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Price$59.96:

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue


Discover the character, Aqua through playing the game Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue on your PS4 media. The game is all about the content of Kingdom Hearts, the Birth by Sleep.  The game is available in full high definition. The game is the collection of the series of Kingdom Hearts.

The game is the preface of the storyline after the Birth of Aqua by Sleep. It is a fragmented passage. The previous sections of the game are already praised by millions and billions of players over the world. Now this is the turn of the new serious 2.8 Kingdom Hearts.

If you have already played the previous parts serious of these game, then the next serious will be more interesting for you.

You can easily get the game in the game parlor or online marketplace. Just book the game today to purchase to avail best discount and continued your favorite game in your favorite PlayStaion4.


  • The game is developed with high definition picture quality.
  • The game is power packed with high entertainment elements.
  • You can enjoy the game with your team and experience the power of protagonists, Sora and Riku.


  • It is a game that can be played individually, meaning single mode game.


Nier: Automata, Price$59.96

Nier: Automata


Are you looking for best and awesome quality battle game? Then you are just about to discover the game Nier: Automata. The game is the fastest mode action game with long time combat. The music of the game is composed by one and only Kelchi Okabe.

The game narrates the story of Invaders of a different world. They attract the mankind of Earth without any warning, and the mankind of Earth will take shelter on the moon as a refuge. The invaders use new kind of machine like machine life forms.

The humanity council will form a team of android soldiers to regain the freedom of their motherland. The team of human resistance will deploy a unique unit of android infantry, YoRHa.

The game is all about the battle between the machine of unknown invaders and android rages of humankind of earth. You can also be the part of the android army. Just buy the game from your online shop and save your world from the attack of unknown invaders.


  • Nier Automata is a PS4 game of action packed combat.
  • Music within the game is composed by one and only Keiichi Okabe, and the characters are designed by Akihiko Yoshida.
  • You will see how mankind will combat against the creatures from another world.


  • Single user game.
  • Only one person can play the game at a time.


Dishonored 2, Price$59.96:

Dishonored 2


The game Dishonered 2 is one of the limited editions for PS4. The killers, Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano, have come with improvised power. The characters will bring their views and emotions to the game in such way that you can relate to them.

The characters of the game are endowed with supernatural powers. Hence, you can enjoy gaming in doing supernatural activities with your superheroes. The upgrades trees and superior bone charm will help you get a new power. You can play your game in different ways with the customize feature. Every level of player can enjoy this game.

Even you can change your level of gaming from simple to complex with customize option for more adventure. If you are expert playing the tough game, then switch to the advanced level. Place order for the game for that you can make your children smile and happy.


  • Dishonored-2 has come up with bonus offer and mind blowing soundtrack that you will be amazed totally.
  • The game is all about supernaturalelements, and you will face various challenges in different stages.
  • The game is highly customized that you can play at different levels according to your choice.


  • It is a single user game.
  • The game can be played at multiple levels.
  • Players can choose the mode according to their choice.


Resident Evil 7,Price$59.99:

Resident Evil 7


People who are looking for adventurous as well as zombie games online stores, Resident Evil 7 is just perfect for them. The game will hit the marketplace soon. You can get a huge discount when you buy it from an online store like Amazon. Book the game fast that you will miss it. Be the part of the game to destroy the zombies who will come in your way and enjoy the terrific experience to survival horror.

The game is full of horrifying elements that will give you goosebumps. The game is completely made with natural tensed ambiance and puzzles. You will encounter horrifying elements while sit to play the game. The game is truly awesome for people who just enjoy horror elements.

So get ready to discover fresh and unique adventurous and thrilling game via your PS4 platform. The game is developed with intense sound effect and visual effect. You will enjoy amazing horror experience during your game. If you are crazy about playing horror games, then this game is just appropriate to satisfy your need.


  • Resident Evil 7 is an adventurous game.
  • The game is full of puzzles and mysterious.
  • You will uncover the next level of horror in the game with ultrasonic sound and finest visual quality.
  • The game is designed with modern techniques to provide an awesome


  • The game is designed for one player mode.


The Last Guardian, Price$59.99

The Last Guardian


The game is a game of mystical land where a boy will discover a mysterious creature. And he will create a deep and unbreakable bond with the creature. It is an amazing emotional story of two characters that belongs from the different genre but shares a true bond of friendship. The story narrates the journey of the two friends through dangerous, adventurous and towering circumstances. The story will surely touch your heart, and you can feel the harrowing journey like you own story.

The story is all about the fantastic creature Trico and his friend who is an ultimate protector. The friendship will charge up the emotion within you, and you can relate the story to your own. It is a beautiful and fantastic world of animated characters. You can uncover the mysterious things and discover a new world of friendship while playing the game.

This is the game of two friends and their trust on each other during their tough as well as a mysterious journey through obstacles. The story shows how two friends win all the obstacles and survive after going under the dangers but never be apart from each other.


  • Last Guardian is a unique game for PS4 gamers coming to hit the marketplace.
  • The game shows the unity between a human Trico and a special creature.
  • The ambiance of the game is developed in an extraordinary way with explicit music and video.


  • The game can be played at one time by the single
  • It is a unique game shows friendship of two different creatures.


God Of War for PS4, Price$59.99

 God Of War for PS4


This is one of the best ps4 games to get for you as well as for your children. The game is exclusively made for people who love war game to drive out the warrior nature from their inner core. The game is all about the vengeance against almighty, the god of Olympus of Kratos. Players, who have already acquainted with Kratos, now will see Kratos as a living man who lives in the domain of Norse Gods and giants.

God of War is made with the wild scene and scenarios where Kratos has to fight every moment to live in the unforgiving land. You need to save your hero from all the miseries and cruelties and play to get the respect for your hero and his son. The game is designed with thrilling and amazing story plots that you are assured to enjoy the game with your friends.

You will get a closer look of action in playing God of War, and the fights will be so feverish with Kartos’s powerful magic axe. Hope will enjoy playing the video game and grow with your superhero Kratos killing enemies in the regime of Norse mythology. Kratos will be confronting against his enemies, and his son will be by his side.


  • God War is a unique game where you can experience the fight for the survival of the protagonist, Kratos.
  • He will fight against the evil power to protect his birth in the human
  • Kratos and his son stay against the injustice in the lands of Norse with powerful amenities which is the high attraction of the game.


  • The game is made with single player mode.


Final Fantasy XV, Price$59.99

Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV is going to hit most of the playstation4 gaming consoles very soon. If you die heart fan of action games, then you cannot miss the game to play. To avoid last time race to buy the game just place your order now. The game has come in the marketplace in limited edition.

The game has come up with amazing and most powerful Masamune DLC weapon that you can easily and you can say rapidly cut your enemies in pieces just in stroke.

Now you can be a part of Noctis and his team on the giant journey with FINAL FANTASY XV Road trip of the fight. Do not miss the chance to be the part of the fiery team to cut down each enemy on your way. Be the part of FINAL FANTASY XV before other one snatch the opportunity.

So pre-book the game today and take part in the epic journey to get the ultimate thrilling experience and adventure of the fight, sitting in front of your gaming console.

The game will provide you different action via your favorite characters. You can move at great speed, even can do a double jump with key inputs. And you can enjoy roaming to explore your gaming world via car or airship or famed Chocobo.


  • The game is highly developed to offer best gaming experience to the players.
  • The game comes with limited edition, and the game is an affordable online marketplace.
  • You can enjoy great weapons and fiery power during the game and fight against your opponents.


  • Single player game.


Tales of Berseria, Price$59.99

Tales of Berseria


Now get ready to play new and awesome battle game in your playstation4, the Tales of Berseria. The game is exclusively designed for people who love to play battle or attack game. Uncover the hero inside you with this game with your friends.

The game is a journey self-discovery a young woman who is Velvet. Velvet is in self-discovery of her poised nature that was replaced with furious anger as well as hatred incident of her life before 3 years.

You can enjoy the game with 6 different characters. Now onwards you will find every character with the different but unique trait, skill and pattern of combat against hostility.

It is one of the top ps4 games 2017 that you are looking for. You can call the game just like an outstanding animation movie with beautiful cinematic plots that made the game just like your real life experience. The game is designed in such way that you can relate yourself while play with each character and will be engaged with step by step action as well as sequences.

To keep away from last time rush buying the game, you can place your order in Amazon and uncover the role of Velvet in her journey to self-discovering her real me. Velvet will be part of a squad of pirates who will sail across the blue sea to visit numerous islands and explore new mysterious lands.

The game is developed with the emotional story line in a unique way with every spectacular plotting. Hence, you cannot afford to miss it playing with your friends.


  • Tales of Berseria is a story of Velvet who is on her journey to discover her inner self.
  • The game will uncover how Velvet regains her nature through the mysterious journey with Pirates. Velvet sails across different seas to find her questions.


  • Single user game.
  • Though, players can choose any character among six characters.


PS4 games whose price ranges from $60- $70


Sonic Mania, Price$69.96

Sonic Mania


Great news for Sonic game lover. The two-dimensional Sonic Mania is back on your desk. The game is power packed with adventure and different twists. Now enjoy all new tails, knuckles while you will undergo different sonic game zones. The zones are designed in such way that players will easily get attracted to play more and more. You will get more bonus that your gaming can boost and you can destroy hurdles in your way.

It is the time to uncover the secrets and treasures of Sonic land. You can now fight against the devil Dr. Eggman’s robot in the more impactful way. You will enjoy playing new Sonic Mania for its pixel perfect effect, stunning 60 FPS and more that you never experience before. Place the order today and explore best classic Sonic.


  • The game is totally adventurous game.
  • The game is developed with high definition video quality and soundtrack.
  • You can unearth hidden and secrets of the game with powerful amenities.
  • The game is made with 60 FPS gameplay and pixel perfect quality.


  • Single user game with advanced


FIFA 17- Deluxe, Price $69.99

FIFA 17- Deluxe


Players who are just crazy about FIFA and play the game almost every day on your PS4 video gaming console, now be ready to explore new version of FIFA game. FIFA 17 is ready to hit the gaming bazaar with a bang on features, and the game will take players in the new world of gaming football.

Players, who have already played different FIFA games, knew that the game is very interesting as well as full of excitement. FIFA 17 Deluxe edition is exclusively designed for PS4.

And you can choose any league to play your football match with your friends or teammates. You will get the real feeling like you are playing the football match on the ground with other football players.

The characters are full of emotion in the video game. You will experience all new features, like a tunnel, locker room, the office of manager as well as team plane while playing this game on your PS4 medium. You can enjoy the real like football game with same excitement in every kick and every punch. The game is designed in a way with an active and smart strategy that players can finish their game with new moves and complete control.


  • Fifa 17 deluxe is a game which is just made for football maniac.
  • The game is developed with ultrasound quality, high definition video quality.
  • The special feature is that you can choose your team and players according to your choice.


  • The game is made with single user mode.
  • The game will provide new gaming experience of football to the users.

PS4 games whose price range is over $100


Horizon Zero Dawn, Price$119.96

Horizon Zero Dawn


Are you looking for abest mysterious game? Do you enjoy uncovering the secret treasures of a mysterious land? Then Horizon Zero Dawn can be the best choice for you. You can easily get the mystery game, the underground secrets of forgotten lands via the online shop, just like Amazon.

Just pre-order the game to avoid last time rush. The game depicts the Lush Apocalyptic world Scour which is full of ancient vestiges and mystifying buildings.

Now just unearth the hidden secret of the mysterious realm playing Horizon Zero Dawn. The game is designed with two contrast elements. Most of the players can gain utmost experience of adventure and thrill touring the vibrant but beautiful nature world.

The game is designed along with breathtaking improvised gaming tools. You can play the latest edition of this game with best and power-packed weapons and rise up the hero inside you.

You can take pleasure in using different armors to defeat your enemy. The armors are Carja Storm Ranger, Carja Striker Bow, Carja Trader pack, BanukTrailblazer, Nora Machine trapper and lots more.

The game is designed with all new armor and weapons that you can get a superior level of experience playing your part. You can face every threat with stocked powerful amenities.


  • People, who are looking for best and challenging mysterious game, Horizon Hero Dawn will satisfy their desire.
  • The game is made with special features that you need to uncover in every step.
  • You can play with an advanced weapon and modern gaming tools for more fun.


  • The game is for single player.
  • The game is designed with mesmerizing ambiance to provide utmost mysterious experience to the gamers.


All these games are just designed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 media. The games are high in quality and awesome in features that players can get the live experience while playing their games. Most of the games are available online at a great discount, and you can get them easily. If you do not want to miss any of the game, then you can place an order for these game just today.

When your children are crazy about playing PlayStation 4 games and always nag for playing the new and advanced level of PS4 games, it is the perfect time to surprise your children.

Just place the order for your kind of game online and make your children smile with most popular ps4 games available in 2017. Place an order and enjoy the game sitting with your children.


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