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15 Best News Sites & Apps In India (2018) for your Android & iOS Devices

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News is one of the medium that keeps one abreast with the latest happenings in one’s country and around the world. Indians have been glued to news since time immemorial. It is this craze for news that has given way to the existence of a number of channels that provide news today.

News in the current world is not restricted to the traditional medium of newspapers but is available in one of most popular channels today which is the smartphone. There are a number of free news apps in India that provide access to news on your fingertips.

The world today has converged into the Smartphone in the form of apps. For instance, online shopping for groceries, clothes, etc. is all available on the phone in the form of apps. Likewise news is available in the Smartphone for all to read in the form of apps.

Let us now talk about the top news apps in India. These apps are used by millions to keep a tab on current affairs and daily happenings.

#15. Business Insider

Business Insider

Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

If you have been looking for an app that keeps you up to date with the happenings in the business world, then you should definitely have this app on your iOS or Android phone. With enhanced features like ability to share articles along with the provision of offline viewing and reading of articles helps one to know about all the happenings across the world of business.

In addition, one can keep a tab on the happenings in the field of Technology, Finance and Politics with the help of this app.

News from large business houses along with updates from the stock markets, news from the banking sector, real estate news etc. are all available in this app. Apart from support for simple text news, this app also supports other types of media.

Therefore, you can use this app to accelerate your knowledge from the field of business in the Indian context. You can also view the entire content stream for each of the post without you having to click multiple times.

#14. First Post

firstpost logo

Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

Customization of topics for which you would want to read news is a possibility with this app from First Post. With the help of this app it is not necessary for you to sift through business news or sports news if you are not a business or a sports enthusiast.

Rather you can tune the app to bring to you the news for the topic you want to follow. For instance, if you only want to receive news from the world of politics then you can tune your app to receive alerts for the news from the world of politics only. Another brilliant feature is that this app streams news almost instantly after the news goes live on the online portal. This app also helps one to read the popular First Post blogs.

This app also houses a number of blogs from different genres like health, sports, entertainment, technology etc. So if one wants a holistic experience of reading news along with the want of satiating one’s urge of reading hi-tech articles then this app is the best source for reading latest news and articles.


#12. ABP Live

Abpnews Live Logo

Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

This app helps you get news from some of the renowned media channels like ABP Majha, ABP Ananda and ABP news. From the names of the news channels, you would have guessed it by now that this app provides news in different Indian languages namely, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Hindi and English. This app is a champion in terms of providing news from different avenues.

Sports, technology, Bollywood, politics, state and local news, everything is covered at length in this app. You can also set favorites in this app. Likewise, you can save the news or bookmark it for easy reading in an offline mode.

#11. CNN

cnn logo

Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

Ability to set location preference is one of the features of this app from CNN that makes this app a preferred one across different news readers. CNN is known for providing genuine news in the Indian television circuit. The app from them was named as the Best App of the year 2014.

Therefore, you can gauge the dependability and the genuine news quotient of this app. This app has been customized to be light and fast across smartphones and tablets.

This CNN app provides news from the area of your choice as it accesses your location after seeking permission in order to provide you with news that would concern you more as it is from geographical areas of your interest.

Get live streaming of news from channels like CNN 360 and CNN TV. This app has been a preferred one to watch the presidential debates in the recent past.

#10. IBN Live


Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

This app has been one of the famous apps for the iPad users. In addition, this app has gained a lot of accolades from Smartphone users as well. Availability of news in both English and Hindi is one of the plus points of this app.

This app also provides the live streaming option from the channels of the IBN network like CNN-IBN in English, IBN7 in Hindi and IBN Lokmat in Marathi. Using this app you can tweet your favorite news with the followers of your timeline along with sharing it on the wall of your Facebook account.

You can save the news so that you can visit it at a later time to read at your preferred and convenient time. With a size of 2.5 MB this app is very light to be used and downloaded.




Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

This is one of the best news apps available on platforms like Windows Phone, Android and iOS. As NDTV is one of the oldest news channels in India, therefore, the news from this app is trusted. This app is also popular amongst the readers as it not only provides news but also helps in streaming the shows from the television channels of NDTV Media. TV shows from NDTV channels like NDTV Profit and NDTV Good Times can be streamed live on the iOS platform.

Getting real time news and news across different categories is a possibility with this app and listening to news is a definite prospect that makes this app a much used one. So if you are not the one that likes reading then this feature of being able to listen to news by means of video streaming will suit your preferences.

In addition, the live streaming of news from the NDTV channels makes this app highly popular.

#8. Aajtak


Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

As a regular Indian news watcher, you would have definitely heard of the news channel named “Aajtak”. Therefore, the new app from this news channel is a popular one that provides news in Hindi.

News lovers who want to get the news in Hindi are a huge fan of this app as it provides news across different verticals like Bollywood, business, sports, tech news, local news, international news etc. In addition, this app also provides the feasibility to set favorites in terms of news.

Getting real time alerts as and when news is being streamed on the TV channel is also a prospect with this app.

#7. Dainik Jagran


Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

As an avid Indian news reader you would have surely heard of the newspaper named “Dainik Jagran”. This newspaper has earned loads of credibility in terms of providing cent percent genuine news from different fields across India. Consequently, the app from this newspaper house has also garnered the trust of the readers. It is one of the few apps that provides real time news in Hindi.

The overall architecture of the app is very simple due to which the loading speed of the app is very fast. Since this app is very easy to use and light in terms of size and user interface, so it works wonderfully even with a 2G connection.

This app was very much in use and witnessed high download during the election season.

Apart from covering the Indian news scenario, this app also features a section for International news and provides all the updates in Hindi.

#6. The Hindu


Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

The app named as “The Hindu News” is famous across news lovers as the one which is “easy to use”. Ability to set favorites so that the news can be read later even when one is in an offline mode are some of the benefits that this app provides.

This app also provides news with in-depth analysis from experts. As a news reader one can also be privy to the opinion shared by the experts from different fields. This app also provides the feature of browsing news from the left pane apart from seeing the top news in the Home Screen.

A reader can dig deeper into the news if he or she accesses it from the left pane. The User Interface of this app is very simple and light due to which this app works brilliantly even at a 2G data or internet speed. As this app is light, it is one of the most preferred apps across different platforms.

The newspaper named The Hindu is published by the famous news house from Kasturi and sons and therefore this news app is one of the most dependable sources of information.

#5. Google Play News Stand

Google Play News Stand

Google Play Store & Apple Store

This app is available for all Android phones running version 2.2 and beyond.  This app is one of the best apps from the Google Playstore as it is brought to you by one of the leading technology giants Google. One can get the choice of getting access to his or her favorite news from the “My News” section. It is easy to subscribe to different upscale magazines and popular newspapers from this app as well.

Being an app from Google, this app uses analytics to the best. Depending on the search pattern of the user or depending on the topics that the user shows keen interest on, this app customizes the experience for the user.

However, the popularity of this app is getting limited as it is available only for the Android Phone. This app has also been rated well for 12+ Parental Guidance as well.

#4. Flipboard

flipboard news app 2017

Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

One of the nagging features of some of the news apps is that they only provide snippets of news and to get the complete news, you will have to go to individual websites.

However, this problem has been solved effectively with this app as this app helps in browsing through news without having to login into any other sites. Access to social networking sites is also a possibility through this app.

Another feature that appeals a lot to the users is the ability to create one’s own magazine.

Yes, you heard it right, with this app you will get a freedom to add stories to your magazine from sectors of your interests. For instance, if you are an avid follower of sports or a health enthusiast then you will have the flexibility to add articles from these genres to your magazine.

This app is used by Indians to get news from around the world along with local news.

#3. Inshorts

inshorts news app

Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

A friendly interface to share news on social media websites is one of the special features of this app. Another worth mentioning feature is the ability of this app to paraphrase news into smaller snippets so that a reader can browse through the news quickly and get all the vital information at one go. Accessing all kinds of news at a single tap is a possibility with this app.

This app is famous in the world wide apps as the one which summarizes the news in 60 words that helps in knowing the critical news in a quicker manner.

This app has been rising the charts of popularity as people who do not like reading long paragraphs, are a huge fan of this app. This app has been famous on account of being a time saver as it enables one to read news in short paras of 60 words rather than having to sift through long paragraphs to understand the crux of the matter.

This app is available in both English and Hindi. The news that it provides is not biased as it does not contain any opinion. Therefore, you can be privy to the top news in the shortest possible time without you having to spend a lot of time in reading through lengthy paragraphs.

#2. Daily Hunt


Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

This is one of the best news app in India. Available in Google Store, this Indian news app is available in 15 languages like Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kanada, Bangla, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Oriya, English and others.

If reading is your passion, then this app has more in store for you. You can also purchase e-books on this app and quench the thirst of reading with this mind blowing app that helps you stay current with news and latest happenings.

This app serves as an aggregator of news from leading Indian newspapers. One can get news about stock updates, weather forecasts along with news from local districts and states in this app. You can also customize the settings of this app to get alerts for the “Breaking News”.  Apart from sourcing news from different newspapers, this app also has the ability to provide news on a real time basis.

You can also set the background color and the size of the text as per your preference to ensure that readability is enhanced along with putting less stress on your eyes while you experience easy reading. Sharing of news over Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook and other social media channels is also a possibility with this app.

You can also get a personalized “Home Screen” on this app. It is in this screen that you can set the topics for which you would like to read news.

#1. Times of India App


Download App on Google Play Store & Apple Store

This app has been reigning the charts as the top app which enjoys a huge readership. It gets you the best experience of viewing news in real time. This app also enjoys the merit of being a fast download app which ensures that one can get access to it in a matter of minutes.

This app also provides easy viewing choice with the help of horizontal scrolling option. Apart from bringing news from top Indian political scenario, this app can also make you privy to live cricket scores, latest Bollywood news, movie reviews, spectacular photo galleries etc.

The Times of India app is available for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.  The architecture that is supported by this app includes the x86, x64 and ARM specifications. In addition, one can also get the flexibility of installing this app in multiple devices at once. For instance, you can install this app in more than 10 Windows 10 devices.

This app is famous with the tag line that it is “Made for India to simplify your life”.


Sharing articles in top social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. is a possibility with this app. Therefore, one can get a wholesome experience of news reading and at the same time sharing with one’s network the news that one feels like sharing.

With more than 15 million users, this app has been one of the mostly used app in India. In addition, people from across the world also use this app to know more about India news and thus this app is available for download in 225 countries. The approximate download size for this app is around 1000.51 KB – 3.32 MB.

Reading in the night can be enhanced with this app as it has themes like Sepia and Black which helps reading in dim lighting conditions as well.

Therefore, if you have been nursing an insatiable thirst for getting the right news on your fingertips then you should definitely check out the apps mentioned above to stay ahead and current in terms of news.

These apps are very much in vogue as they provide the innate capability of getting hands on news each and every time while one is on the go.

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