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15 Best Monitor Stands (2018) among the Stands Available in Market!

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All of us think that purchasing a monitor stand is a very simple chore to do. But it is not as easy as said. It could be one tedious task because it is going to be holding the most precious part of our system, the monitor.

It is an inexpensive tool so the importance of the tool cannot be based on the price of the tool.

Here is a list of certain things that are most essential when you choose to buy good stands for a monitor.

First and foremost, one should look for the quality of the material that is being used to build the stand. The build should be sturdy and should have no flex and strong enough to hold the monitor. The material of the stand should definitely be checked.

Although top monitor stands are made of non-magnetic materials, care should be taken to see if the material is magnetic as that would interfere with the functioning of the monitor and cause harm than good.

Also, a consideration for the adjustability and mounting options are also to be given.

Here are some of the best monitor stands 2017.

Let’s starts with most expensive monitor stands and best-featured stands available in online portals


Ergotron WorkFit-C Dual Sit-Stand Workstation (24-214-085) , Price $785.34

Ergotron WorkFit-C Dual Sit-Stand Workstation (24-214-085)

This stand from Ergotron makes your computing comfortable. It is very easy to relocate your workstation, and you can change your computing position whether you are computing in a sitting position or standing position whenever you want.

This product makes your computing very comfortable for a prolonged period with a single motion to move your keyboard and two displays at the same time.

Key Specifications

  • This stand can hold two monitors align side by side which can weigh 14 lbs each.
  • This stand can be easily movable through doorways.
  • This stand gives the flexibility of lifting keyboard and LCD simultaneously to desire height.
  • The speciality of this stand is lifted. It can be lifted to 51 cm to 63 cm. It can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • The stand has integrated handbrakes to keep the table in place.
  • This stand has VESA FDMS MIS-D mounting standard with 100/75-hole pattern.


Neo Flex LCD Cart by Ergotron , Price $661.92

Neo Flex LCD Cart by Ergotron

Neo flex is one of the highly-rated stands in online portals. It will give the high design for the user to work with more relax and ease. It also provides some cool features, and it can hold only one monitor.

Key Specifications

  • This stand has a dedicated arm for holding monitor.
  • This stand can hold up to the maximum weight of 26 lbs.
  • This stand is one of the low-cost products that also come with height-adjustable cart.
  • The LCD arms can be adjustable according to our needs.
  • This stand comes with open-architecture design with large workspace and a small footprint and 27 inches of height adjustment.
  • The CPU holder of this stand is VESA- compliant thin.

Take a look at the Stands that available for below $600


Displays2go TVSTN80 for Monitors , Price $532.25

Displays2go TVSTN80 for Monitors

Displays2Go stand is one of the best products available in stand category. These stands are known for its holding weight and have a wider monitor mount. It also provides some incredibly features that will help the customer according to their needs.

Key Specifications

  • This stand can hold the monitor’s from about 60” to 100”
  • This stand can hold more than 280 lbs weight and makes it one of the best products to hold this kind of weight.
  • It comes with 4 locking wheels, and it help to make the unit portable.
  • This stand has dedicated tray for camera and Av shelf for teleconference and presentation.
  • This stand has post-cable management that will help the wire to be in an organized manner.
  • The product is weighed about 132.1 pounds which way less than its holding power.
  • It also has one of the little wider dimensions of 28.5’ (L), 46.2 (W), 68” (H).


Ergotron 24-280-927 , Price $518.43

Ergotron 24-280-927

Ergotron work-fit stands are one of the coolest stands in whole monitor stand. It gives so many features with relatively low cost. It is well designed to meet both American and European standard. If you want to work easy or improve your energy, this must be the best product for you.

Key Specifications

  • This stand provides various sitting and standing position while doing dork, and also it improves your energy.
  • This stand also has patented CF Technology that provides one-touch adjustments.
  • This stand also has integrated brakes to keep the table in place, and it can be easily released to change heights.
  • This stand can hold about 40 lbs weigh.
  • This stand has dedicated tray for keyboard, mouse, and CPU.
  • This stand has no match when compared to other stands with quality concern.
  • This stand has four levelling glides helps to establish firm footing and adjust the unit on uneven floor.


Varidesk-Pro Plus 48 Black , Price $495

Varidesk-Pro Plus 48 Black

If you are looking for wide area workspace, then it is the product for you. It is the best kind of stand that gives various features for the users to do their work with ease. It can handle more than one monitor in the stand. It provides some extraordinary features to the user.

Key Specifications

  • This stand is about 4 feet wide giving more space for placing another monitor and also left some space as per the requirements.
  • This stand provides 11- different height adjustment position.
  • This stand uses its much owned patented spring-load lifting mechanism to lift up to 45 lbs within very few seconds.
  • This stand is already assembled which means it doesn’t require any tools for setup.
  • This product weighs about 60.57 lbs which can hold 45 lbs weight.
  • This product’s measurements are 51” (L), 33.8” (W) and 7.2 “(H).


HealthPosturesTaskMate Go Dual 6350 Adjustable Assisted Lift Standing Desk , Price $508.45

HealthPosturesTaskMate Go Dual 6350 Adjustable Assisted Lift Standing Desk

Taskmate Go Dual 6350 is one of the most useful and stylish stand in that category. This product is designed to meet all the features that needed to maintain a comfortable and healthy position while working and it is looking more affordable.

Key Specifications

  • This stand comes with height adjustment feature.
  • This stand also has some separated large workspace and an assisted mechanism to make easy to lift the desk up or down.
  • It can hold double monitor, and the monitor holding arm is very adjustable.
  • This stand will be fit on cubical desks and also in desk corners due to its front clamping, two base system.
  • These stands also have the separate space for document holding tray positioned in the centre.
  • This stand has light weighted design weighing about 56 lbs.
  • This stand provides some little space for wrist holding near the keyboard tray.


WorkFit-S Single HD Sit-Stand Workstation by Ergotron , Price $462.30

WorkFit-S Single HD Sit-Stand Workstation by Ergotron

Workfit-s Single HD Sit stand is simple yet powerful stand to hold the single monitor and also give good features additional to that it can make the user to work with so much comfortable and looks very attractive.

Key Specifications

  • This stand can help a user to improve energy and productivity by sitting or standing as you work.
  • This stand can give the flexibility to change your position whenever you want.
  • The keyboard tray and Monitor can be lifted easily and simultaneously with unsurpassed ergonomic conditions.
  • It comes with fully assembled set, and it is very easy to use and also offers effortless operation.
  • The display can be moved independently at the arm through a 5’ vertical range.
  • This stand is made up of some heavy, materials to hold about 20 lbs weight.
  • The ideal display unit that this stand can accommodate is about 30 inch.


ELEVATE EWS-M1 Standing Desk , Price $446.95

ELEVATE EWS-M1 Standing Desk

Elevate EWS-M1 is the perfect stand for every need. It can hold large weighed monitors. It provides some good feature to customers according to their need. They can have the option to increase their height.

Key Specifications

  • These stands provide height adjustable between 3.5 and 16 inches for the comfort of the customer.
  • It can hold up to 35 pounds weight on it.
  • It has one of the largest spaces for dual-monitors and also has the space for a keyboard with mouse.
  • It does not require any tools for assembling. It comes as the assembled set.
  • It is made of 100% repurposed rubber Wood.
  • This stand is made up of strong wood which can hold dual monitors weight.
  • It has a weight of about 31 pounds.


Have a look at the stands that are available below $400


Humanscale M8 Adjustable Monitor Arm , Price $399

Humanscale M8 Adjustable Monitor Arm

Humanscale Monitor Arm is not exactly a stand but it is very useful for those who need just an arm to hold their monitor. It also has really good features which is much lesser in the various stand of this kind. It can hold really heavy monitors.

Key Specifications

  • This stand is well designed to hold and to support heavier and large screen monitors.
  • This device also supports and have removable 180-degree arm from swinging into walls.
  • This stand comes with integrated cable management system which helps to keep the cables largely of out of sight and also out of the way.
  • This stand can hold nearly weigh about 15 lbs.
  • This stand is really light weighted stand weighed about 14.2 lbs.
  • The dimensions are 29.8” (L), 17.2 (W), 6.4’ (H) which can hold large monitors.


Victor DC300 , Price $279.99

Victor DC300

Victor DC300 Stands is perfect those who are looking for changing position continuously to sit and stand. This sit and stand feature is helpful to increase your energy level and also maintain your health conditions.

Key Specifications

  • This is a sit-stand desk converter which gives correct posture when you are working.
  • This stand also has the option to transform a sit-down like desk into one of the sitting or a standing desk.
  • Height in this stand is easily adjustable with the rotation of knob.
  • This stand is made up of sleek wood and it has durable laminate coating which can be used for many years.
  • This stand can come in black colour with attractive design
  • It can hold up to the weight of 40 lbs.


WorkFit-P, Sit-Stand Workstation , Price $260.33

WorkFit-P, Sit-Stand Workstation

WorkFit-P stand by Ergotron is one of the best and fast selling stands in online portals. These stands have some cool features when compared to other stands of the same type. It will give immense pleasure to work on it.

Key Specifications

  • The setup of this stand is really simple.
  • These stands come with elegant height-adjustable feature works with any kind of platform but it looked perfectly for Apple’s Macbook.
  • This stand creates ergonomic, minimalist station that enables you to stand more and sit less, which improves your  overall health.
  • It also provides excellent writing or drawing surface whenever you want it like that.
  • Cable management clips on the underside of the arm route and designed to hide cords.
  • This stand is made up of solid-Aluminium materials.


LOCTEK D7SD Dual LCD Adjustable Monitor Stand , Price $229.99

LOCTEK D7SD Dual LCD Adjustable Monitor Stand

Loctek D7SD dual LCD stand is the simple stand which is one of the best-selling stands in many online portable. It gives wide range of features to the customers and it has some unique features that have been way better than any other stand. This product price in online portals is $229.99 and you will be charged extra for delivery.

Key Specifications

  • This stand is easily adjusted to support an ergonomically correct workstation.
  • This stand helps to mount dual display mount to keep your desk and workstation clear.
  • This stand helps to rotate your screen to landscape or portrait mode.
  • This stand has gas system hovering system gracefully adjusts monitor height.
  • This stand gives swivel actions for greater flexibility in positioning.
  • It is a simple installation and effortless operation.
  • This stand is made up of aircraft-aluminium with injection moulded plastic for cable.
  • The VESA holes on the back have the measurement of 100*100 and 85*85.
  • This stand can fit 10’-27” monitors.


Cotytech Expandable Dual Desk , Price $308.09

Cotytech Expandable Dual Desk

This stand is one of the most rated products in the online shopping portals. This mount is ideal for classrooms, offices, homes, industrial areas, production line, public places and so on. It is used in many places because of its good features. It is one most stylist stand in that category.

Key Specifications

  • This stand has a spring arm design which can be used to makes extension and height adjustments.
  • Not only this adjustment, the maximum extension can be done tilting, swivelling.
  • It can hold 8.4 lbs – 17.8 lbs for each monitor.
  • The design is the first impression. This stand has a uniquely chic look that is sure to flatter your mouth.
  • This stand is mounting on the VESA pattern having 75*75 and 100*100 measurements.
  • This stand gives maximum extension of 22”.


VARIDESK-Monitor Mount for Apple Monitors with Laptop Cradle - Apple Monitor Mount , Price $200.99

VARIDESK-Monitor Mount for Apple Monitors with Laptop Cradle - Apple Monitor Mount

This stand is specially made for Apple products, but that also have Laptop cradle. This stand has some special while handling to the laptop cradle.

Key Specifications

  • This stand contains monitor arm hands up to 3.8 lbs.
  • Then the laptop cradle holds up to 1 lbs.
  • This stand comes with easy installation.
  • This stand design is compatible with VESA.
  • This stand can lift your display to height of 12”


Here is the one of the cheapest stand available under $100


Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand By VIVO , Price $35.99

Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand By VIVO

This stand-v002 is a wonderful product as it is the right kind of stand that you will want to purchase. It is fully geared to suit the needs of handling a monitor perfectly. The features this offer makes it the best monitor stand. It is very versatile and puts the user at ease while at work.

Key specifications

  • This stand can hold not one but two screens which can weigh 22 lbs each.
  • This stand also provides a place near.
  • The angle of tilt is the main speciality of this stand. It can be tilted from -15 to 15 degrees. It can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • The clamp is a ultra-heavy duty c clamp.
  • The stand has 75x75 mm and 100mmx100mm mounting holes.
  • This product has been recently upgraded with additional features like the VESA plates that can be removed.

This was our list of top monitor stands at different price tags. The stand in the top of the list have some wonderful key features when we come down in price, the key features are limited and have some essential features too in that. Features of the stand are available based on the customer needs.

So which of the monitor stand is best for you?

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