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Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in India (2018): The Good and the Bad

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The mobile market in India is surely a hot one. And there are reasons for it. According to a recent report by IAMAI and KPMG, the number of mobile users in India is going to reach 314 million in the next two years. And those are pretty sizzling numbers for the phone companies which are vying to capture chunks of the Indian mobile markets.So today we are out with an article Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in India (2018) : The Good and the Bad.

It can be safely said that any phone brand that captures the Indian market is on its way to make it to the top slot of mobile brands. In such a highly competitive market, which are the brands that are really worth looking at, which are the ones that stand out through cool design and stunning technology, which are the elite players that captures the popular imagination.

Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in India (2017) : The Good and the Bad

Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in India (2018) : The Good and the Bad

Here are the top 10 mobile phone companies in India in 2017, their Good and Bad, and how they rocked the Indian market and wooed the buyers.

#10.   Micromax

micromax logoMicromax makes it to this list of bigwigs since it’s the first Indian mobile company which has been able to optimize the technology of a smartphone to meet the requirements of the middle-class man. Enter smartphones which are actually economical.The Canvas series has had some great releases and it is their main line of phones. They even created phones with cyanogen mod running in them.

Here are the all Mobiles by Micromax


Micromax Canvas Knight A350Micromax Canvas Knight A350 White and Gold priced at Rs 19,999 fall in this category. The phone has a vast storage capacity of 32 GB and a 1.7 GHz Octa-core processor, making it the fastest dual sim phone in this category. Latest Canvas Knight is 2, which is also good.


Micromax A310 CanvasMicromax A310 Canvas Nitro blue is priced at Rs 6449. The phone has the resolution of 720x1280 pixels with an oleophobic coating and a front camera of 5 MP, designed specifically for selfies. Insane battery life with a battery of 2500 mAH makes this a good budget phone.


Micromax X424  (Black & Grey) Phone is priced at Rs 810. The phone is 1.77-inch phone with 800mAH battery with the handset, battery, charger, USB cable, and earphone. It is one of the cheapest dual sim phones available in the market.

The Good

  • Micromax has phones with good specs.
  • The phones are low priced.
  • The company is reliable.

The Bad

  • The software has bloatware.
  • Performance isn’t that great.
  • The design is poor and the phones have ripped off designs a lot of times.

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#9. Asus

Asus Phones Creating great laptops has been something Asus is great at but they are rising quickly in the phone department too. Asus created the first phone with 4 GB of RAM. This brand chooses to use Intel processors in most of its phones.

The audience is desperately waiting for Asus to launch Zenfone 3 to explore the new features that it will bring along.

Here are the all Mobiles by Asus

Asus's Premium Phone

Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe ZE551ML
Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe ZE551ML priced at Rs 10,449 falls in this category. The phone outweighs its competitors in terms of its 64GB internal memory expandable up to 128GB and dual SIM (micro+micro) dual-standby (4G+3G) and has a RAM of 4 GB.


Asus's Budget Phone

Asus Zenfone 2Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL priced at Rs8,199 falls into the budget phones. The phone has an octa-core 1.5 GHz processor and a great autofocus camera of 13 MP.


Asus's Entry Level Phone

Asus Zenfone Go 4.5Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 Phone priced at Rs 5,299 is the best entry level phone in Asus. The phone comes with quad-core 1.3 Ghz processor and a 5 MP camera with a flash. It has an 8GB inbuilt memory.



The Good

  • Asus phones are excellent for gaming.
  • They have a low price range.
  • Value for money.

The Bad

  • The software has a lot of bloatware.
  • All phones have a not so reliable plastic body.
  • Cameras aren’t the best.

#8.   Xiaomi

Xiaomi This Chinese company has been producing phones which are value for money phones. It is new in the Indian market and it has witnessed a meteoric rise which was almost unbelievable. They also have smart bands which are inexpensive and affordable.

Here are the all Mobiles by Xiaomi

Xiaomi'S Premium Phone

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro priced at Rs 32,000 falls in this category. The phone has a vast storage capacity of 68 GB and a speedy recharge time. The beautiful MiUi skin customization settings and good specifications at this cost make this a good buy.

Xiaomi'S Budget Phone

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Gold, 64GB) is priced at Rs 9749. Android v6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system with 2GHz 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa core processor, Adreno 506 GPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory expandable up to 128GB and dual SIM (micro+nano) dual-standby (4G+4G)


Xiaomi's Entry Level Phone

Redmi Note 4 (Black, 64GB) is priced at Rs 10,999. The phone has feature-rich software and the unique feature of having 4G LTE on both sim-card makes it a good buy in this range.

The Good

  • Phones are moderately priced.
  • Specifications of their phones are amazing.
  • Very good cameras in all their phones.

The Bad

  • For keeping the prices low, they neglect build quality.
  • The Mi phones have a design similar to iPhones.
  • The interface is very basic and not creative.

#7.   LG

lg mobile LG makes it to this list mainly because of their innovation. In their latest smartphone, they have an extra display; one of their phones even had a flexible body.

Despite an amazing series – the G series which has amazing smartphones- this South Korean giant has always had a low profile in India.The audience will have to wait for LG’s next surprise.

Here are the all Mobiles by LG

LG's Premium Phone

LG G4LG G6 priced at Rs 28,999 falls in this category. The phone offers a very unique hexacore 2.35 GHz processor and has a very bright and vibrant screen quality. It comes with 64 GB inbuilt storage capacity.


LG's Budget Phone


LG G2 D802 (Black, 16GB) which is priced at Rs17,000 finds its place in the budget phones. The phone comes with a superb 13 MP camera with a flash and a Quad core 2.26 GHz processor which is a unique feature in this range.

LG's Entry Level Phone

LG L45LG K10 4G Dual Sim Mobile Phone (16GB, Black-Blue) is priced at Rs 8,498. Android Lollipop operating system with 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory expandable up to 32GB and dual SIM dual-standby (4G+3G)


The Good

  • LG has phones which are power packed and have great specs.
  • It is a very reliable company.
  • The phones have good build quality.

The Bad

  • Various versions of the same phone decrease its value.
  • They stuff their phones with useless features.
  • Their flagships haven’t been on the top.

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#6.   Sony

sony mobile girl This Japanese giant has done a remarkable job with their phones. They have been in this business for a long time. Their phones run on Android and they have phones in almost all the price ranges.

Sony has its Z series as its flagship devices.Sony Xperia Z5 is the latest version of it. It has three models. The Z5 premium, as the name suggests, is their most premium phone to date.

Here are the all Mobiles by Sony

Sony's Premium Phone

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual (Gold)

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium priced at Rs 76,129 falls in this category. The phone offers a very unique and powerful 23MP Camera and an impressive 4K display. It comes with a 3430 mAh battery and a 3 GB Ram.

 Sony's Budget Phone

Sony Xperia M4 AquaSony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual which is priced at Rs 17,405 finds its place in the budget phones. The phone comes with a waterproof quality and comes with an octa-core 1.5 GHz processor which is the maximum available in this range.

Sony's Entry Level Phone

Sony Xperia E1Sony Xperia E1 Phone is priced at Rs 7990. The phone has a decent custom interface and comes with 3G support and 1750 mAH battery.




The Good

  • Durable and reliable smartphones.
  • Most of them are waterproof.
  • Good cameras

The Bad

  • Sony’s UI has a lot of bloatware.
  • Same design in almost all the phones.
  • The poor performance of phones.

#5.   OnePlus


This company has been full of surprises. They have perfectly killed the flagships with their devices. The OnePlus One was such a huge success in our country that OnePlus brought in the OnePlus 2, which has witnessed a very impressive reaction from the audience till now & now, One Plus 3 also released.

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Recently, OnePlus launched the OnePlus X which is a low range smartphone and it has specs like no other competing smartphone, this add  OnePlus to category of top 5 mobile phones companies in India and rest of the world.

Here are the all Three Models by One Plus

Oneplus'S Premium Phone

OnePlus 2 (64 GB) 4G Mobile Phone By OnePlus

OnePlus 5(128GB) priced at R38,990 falls in this category. The phone offers a very unique and accurate finger sensor and a Type C USB Connector.Also, the battery capacity of the phone is also high with a battery size of 3300 mAH.


OnePlus's Budget Phone

OnePlus XOnePlus 3 (Soft Gold, 64GB) at Rs 18,999 finds its place in the budget phones. The phone offers 6 GB Ram,  3000mAH lithium-ion battery, and has a unique and outstanding design. Also, the User Interface for this phone is highly responsive and makes it a good buy in this range.




The Good

  • All OnePlus phones have top-notch specifications.
  • They have premium design and looks.
  • All their phones have a very low and affordable price.

The Bad

  • Phones are available only on invite basis
  • Not many service centres in the country
  • Have very few devices in the market.

#4.   HTC


HTC has always been reputed brand. Their phones are classy and live up to the name, especially the top-end ones.

The Taiwanese company has recently racked in good sales with their mid-range smartphones while their One Series has had some series fans because of their design and innovation.

Despite that the company’s flagships have had a rocky ride, and the company is hoping it will turn around its fate soon enough.

Here are the all Models by HTC

HTC's Premium Phone

HTC One M8HTC One M8 priced at Rs 50000.The sound enhancement quality is the unique feature and is credited with dual frontal stereo speakers with Built-in Amplifiers, Interactive Lyric Display, etc. The video features like 3G2 and Full HD is provided and the music player comes with features like AAC, AMR, OGC, WAV and M4A.


HTC's Budget Phone

HTC Desire 826

HTC Desire 826 (Dual SIM, White Birch, 2GB RAM) which is priced at Rs 11,499  falls into this category. The phone comes with a 2 GB Ram and 16 GB inbuilt memory. A good 13 MP camera and the HTC Sense UI make it a unique phone in this category.

               HTC's Entry Level Phone

HTC Desire 620GHTC Desire 620G Dual Sim priced at Rs.9,299. The phone comes with a robust configuration and HD display, 1 GB Ram and, 8 gb internal memory. The ability of its camera to click sharp and great images makes it a good buy.



The Good

  • The phones always have great looks.
  • Sense UI is highly praised for its simplicity.
  • HTC has great build quality.

The Bad

  • Lower range smartphones have poor performance.
  • Poor service and customer care centers in India.
  • Don’t use the best processor nowadays even in their flagship.

#3.   Motorola

Motorola After being bought by Google, Motorola had a makeover. The phones it started to release were excellent and even after being bought by Lenovo it still is releasing great phones. The Moto X was a phone which had high amounts of customization and great specs. The Moto X line went on ahead and it now has 2 new smartphones which are offering flagship quality specifications at low prices.

The G series are their mid-range smartphones and they are the best in the mid-range. The E series is the low range smartphone. Currently, Motorola released their Moto X Style smartphone which is their flagship.

Here are the all Mobile Phones by Motorola

Motorola's Premium Phone

Moto TurboMotorola Droid Turbo priced at Rs 31,999. The phone comes with a unique feature of having a vibrant Quad-HD screen and a swift Snapdragon 805 CPU. It has a 3 GB RAM internal memory of 64GB. The rear camera is of 21MP with features like quick capture, autofocus, face detection, auto HDR, burst mode, etc.


Motorola's Budget Phone

Moto G 3rd GenerationMoto G 3rd Generation priced at Rs 12,999. The phone is unique in the sense that it has a IPX7 certification for water resistance. The phone has 2 GB RAM, 16GB internal memory and external memory extendable up to 32GB. Also, it has an exceptional battery life with a battery capacity of 2470 mAH.

Motorola's Entry Level Phone

Moto E (2nd Gen)

Motorola Moto E4 XT1760 (Blush Gold) priced at Rs 6938. The phone is available in IRON GRAY. With the rear-facing camera of 8MP and front facing camera of 5MP the recording is of Full HD. The phone has a superb 16 GB inbuilt memory and the battery life is also good with a battery of 2800 Mah.


The Good

  •  Great looking phones which have great performance
  • Nearly Stock Android interface.
  • Motorola ensures quick updates.


The Bad

  • Still new in the market and not so reliable.
  • Some of their phones are available exclusively on Flipkart.

#2.   Apple

iphone This American company occupies the second position since it goes without fear where no phone maker would ever go. Brilliant engineering, innovative features and stunning design is what sets Apple apart.

The iPhone has had several versions and all of them had amazing sales records. The iOS stands out and is very different from Android. Apple just released its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and they have had great reviews. Rumors about the iPhone 7 are already sprouting up on websites and the excitement is building.

Here are the all iPhone by Apple

Apple's Premium Phone

iPhone 6s Plus - 128 GBApple IPhone 6s plus priced at Rs 79,499. The phone offers a unique 3D touch feature which adds a new dimension to interact with the smartphone. The operating system used is iOS v9, 2GB RAM, 128GB internal memory and single nano SIM. This IPhone also comes up with Bluetooth and WiFi Hotspot.

Apple's Budget Phone

Apple iPhone 5sApple IPhone 5S priced at Rs 20,999.The phone uses a unique A7 chip which offers fast performance and has a global LTE support. It comes with a 1 GB Ram and a 16 GB inbuilt memory.

Apple's Entry Level Phone

iPhone 4sApple IPhone 4S Black priced at Rs 13,899. The phone has iOS 7.1.2 operating system with 3.5 inch multi-touchscreen, 8GB internal memory and 960x640 pixels resolution. The primary camera is of 8MP with LED flash, hybrid IR filter, photo geo-tagging, etc.


The Good

  • Phones are stylish and elite
  • The iPhone has an excellent build quality and great looks.
  • Even with not so fancy specs, iPhones are very fast and function amazingly well.

The Bad

  • All the iPhones cost a fortune and will leave a big hole in your pocket.
  • iOS is a closed software and has high security making it difficult to transfer data.
  • The phone has a high maintenance and a rather funny mapping system.

#1.   Samsung

samsung mobile This South Korean behemoth reigns the smartphone market in India with almost 31 per cent market share. With a largest range of handsets and a wide price range, it appeals to every class of consumer with innovative features and sleek design.

Over the years, they have triggered a revolution with their curved screen technology and great sensor features. The Galaxy S series has 6 generations of smartphones and the Galaxy S7 released in march. Lots of hopes are riding on the S7.

Here are the all Mobile Phones by Samsung

Samsung's Premium Phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge PlusSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus priced at Rs 38,997. The phone has a pixel density of 518ppi, 2560x1440pixels and 5.8 inch screen. The company offers this as a low price phablet.


Samsung's Budget Phone

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S5 priced at Rs9,990. The phone offers a vibrant and punchy screen. This phone has features like heart rate sensor, compass, fingerprint sensor, etc. The phone offers unsurpassed performance in the high-end Android class.


Samsung's Entry Level Phone

Samsung Guru GT-E1200Samsung Guru GT-E1200 priced at Rs. 1120. The phone has a RAM of 153MB with 800mAH battery with the device interface unit is alphanumeric keypad and comes with 1 year of manufacturing guarantee.




The Good

  • They have an arsenal of phones in every price range. Considering the diversity of people in India, phones in every price range are available.
  • Their flagships have always surprised us with great features and specifications.
  • Samsung has reliable smartphones with great durability.

The Bad

  • Samsung doesn’t have the best-looking devices
  • Highly criticized for the plastic build of their phones
  • The low-end devices have poor specs.


Do consult our collection of the best mobile brands before heading out for your next shopping for a mobile phone.

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