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Top 10 Lingerie Brands in India (2018) To Buy One!

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Girls are very particular about dressing according to the occasion. But when it comes to the clothing underneath, some girls just don’t give it a second thought.

I was travelling with this acquaintance of mine, who chose to wear a red bra under white shirt on hot summer day. It didn’t make a difference for her, but the people sitting around us surely got an eyeful when the trickling drops of her sweat reached downwards to make her super-light white cotton shirt transparent at few places, revealing her scanty bright red bra. Embarrassed by her poor choice of innerwear, she had to run to the bathroom immediately to change into something presentable.

No matter how good clothes you wear, right selection of the innerwear makes all the difference. Like for a professional shirt, you should go for a padded bra, for a t-shirt, you should go for a seamless sport/t-shirt bra. Same goes with the underwear. The wrong selection of underwear can attract unnecessary attention to your behinds.
In earlier times, women were not very open about the choice of their undergarments and would wear anything they could buy in the local market. Those were the days when women weren’t allowed to go very far from the house, and buying from a brand simply meant wastage of money.

But, things are changing these days, as most of the women are working and moving out for other activities. Outgoing women are most of the time very conscious of what they are wearing and what they are wearing underneath. They are now buying the under-garments that offer them maximum support, comfort, fit and also style, from prestigious brands. Also, being from working class, they usually have money to invest in their personal pleasures.

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This change has also helped various companies, working in this field, flourish and make their name as a brand.

We are presenting the top Indian innerwear brands list, which has been made on the basis of the most preferred products by Indian women.


The tag-line that goes around with jockey is ‘jockey or nothing’. Ever since the women have awakened to this tag line, they are buying jockey invariably. Jockey has a range of underwear, socks, thermals, sleepwear, active wear, sportswear, lounge wear, men's, women's and children's ranges that it makes Jockey one of the most loved brand among young people of india.

Since the ladies are also getting a range of bras according to their needs, t-shirt bra, sports bra, padded bra, simple non-padded daily wear bra, Jockey makes to the top of best Indian bra brands list. Jockey products are believed to be simple and very comfortable in nature, they might not be the most fancy, colour and style wise, but they are highly comfortable and are everyone’s favourite for a normal working day.


When comfort meets style, it is called enamor. It is a very successful undergarments manufacturer and very popular among young brand conscious women. It is a little on the more expensive side, but the women who buy this brand are buying it for pure pleasure, fashionable stance and trendy appearance. Not that it will make all the difference from outside, but it does make a hell of a difference and has a classy touch that can liven up a gloomy day.

Women prefer enamor bra and panty for special occasions, where they might get to show it off, like a beach party, honeymoon, or wedding anniversary, or simply at a girls sleepover. The vibrant colours and sexy designs separate enamor from the crowd of other lingerie manufacturers. Plus they are very supportive and comfortable to spend the whole day in.


Started as an online store, Zivami has now become one of the most favorite online lingerie brand. Although Zivame’s own production doesn’t have many designs, but those it offers are state of the art level. They come in various colours and designs with cuts and padding to provide full support to the delicate organs of a female body.
It is known for its high end technology that gives ‘no sagging effect’ to the breasts. They claim that the support of Zivame is ultimate and prevents sagging of breast. It makes you look more beautiful, which boosts the confidence inside.

Pretty secrets

Pretty Secrets makes pretty bra and panties and sells them online. These come in various designs, cloth materials and support definitions. They could be satin, lace, cotton, viscose etc., without pad, with pad, wired or non-wired. These are not only pretty-looking, but are also pretty comfortable.

The online store of pretty secret keeps announcing shopping deals and discounts which can actually render this expensive brand, affordable. The range has designer pieces which come in different styles, halter, strapless, convertible, bikini, thong etc. it shows pure luxury in its brand position and that’s what women get, when they buy pretty secrets.


Another one in the line of luxury lingerie brands is Amante. Each piece of Amante is exquisite and shows class. The collection is rich with innumerable designs that are not just comfortable, but have a seductive aura around them. It has a great collection which has been categorized under various labels such as bridal, nightwear, activewear etc. and products that can make victoria’s secret lover think twice.

Amante is the new hottest pick for the women of India these days. With its amazing deals and freebies, amante is attracting more customers than ever and needless to say, they are the happy customers as they can find every look in the book here.


A household name in the world of women, Bwitch has established itself as a most desirable lingerie brand in the country. Not only it has all that big brands can offer in its products, but it also comes in price, which is affordable to almost all fashion-conscious, brand-lover women in India.

Each of Bwitch piece is bewitching with its designer style and attention to detail. The comfort it offers is of highest level with its pure cotton and hosiery range, even the padded and wired bras are more comfortable than expected and they provide full support to the soft breast tissue. Bewitch is one of the best brands in the market.


Clovia is one of the biggest Indian bra and panty manufacturers. Its name earlier was ‘the secrets of cloe’, but it has been changed into Clovia only a few years back. This transition of name usually upsets the sales numbers, but this transition of clovia has been smooth, all the credit goes to the good positioning of brand and marketing of the new name.

Clovia has not only acquired a good place in the market, but also on the hearts of Indian women. The quality of material and the comfort it provides are of another world. The satin nightwear and lingerie is so soft and light that it won’t even make you feel that you are wearing anything. When it comes to the fitting, Clovia outruns all other brands by a good margin.


It is the best trendy lingerie brand in India, as people would call it. But it is so much more. Lingerie is just one section of this famous fashion apparel brand. The dresses and tops are exquisite and so are the night pieces. But the best collection is that of designer lingerie, indeed.

From its workaholic range of highly comfortable and all day wear lingerie to the fit-for-special-occasion sexy lingerie range, Soie rules the hearts of many Indian women. To add the value, are the continuous discounts it offers, makes the brand well in reach of even the middle-class women.


Mariemielli, soon to be known as Dorina, provides all year round essentials. Be it a daily wear or sports-wear range, or a high class sexy bra-panty set, it just sets its users a class apart from the users of other brands. It has rich taste in terms of designs and uses more fabric than any other brand for lingerie.

Mariemeilli lingerie is of that kind which we see models and actresses wearing in movies. It is that high class material which can be unleashed at a beach party just with a trendy sarong and nothing else. It is a brand to be looked forward to as it brings new collection every fashion season.


It is recognized as one of the best panty brands name. Its publicity is not just confined to its website and online portals or exclusive showrooms, but it is also available in the common bra and panty, or nightwear stores and shops. It is a high quality brand which is affordable to a lot of women. It is the kind of brand

It offers products which are of daily use and are highly comfortable. The comfort level comes from its exclusive materials which are mainly cotton based, and so, are most preferred for daily use. Moreover, they are also very reasonably prices, so a lot of women can buy more than just a few pieces for their daily use.


These are top 10 lingerie brands that are providing their products in India and are loved by Indian women of all the ages, class, stature and natures.

Under-garments are not just to hide our modesty, but they really are worn to enhance the beauty and confidence that comes with dressing up properly. Its nt enough to dress in a beautiful outfit, it is more important to take care of what is being worn underneath, only then the beauty of that dress is also enhanced.

So, what are you wearing tonight?

It doesn’t really matter if you are wearing right thing underneath, that’s the one which will make you look beautiful.

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