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10 Best Laptops under 1000 Dollars (2018) which will Blow Your Mind

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best laptop under 1000

Laptops have become an important part of our lives and we need them for performing our everyday tasks. Various laptops are available in different price ranges according to their specifications, features, and configurations. FInd Best Laptops under 1000 Dollars.

Priced between $800 and $1000, you will get laptops that have a good RAM capacity and storage options.

Usually, when users go for affordable laptops, they are mainly looking at the display, memory, storage, and processing speed. An informed user will specifically look for processing speed more than fancy options that a user looking for graphics would want.

So go through our list to find out which suits your purpose the best.


Best Laptops under 1000 Dollars


10.Apple Mac Book Air MJVE2LL/A Price $858.94Apple Mac Book Air MJVE2LL


Apple and Mac lovers would never switch to Windows even if they have to shell out less money. Mac has always succeeded in drawing loyal customers who end up patronizing the brand forever.

This Mac book has 13.3 inches screen size and a maximum resolution of 1440x900 pixels. With an inbuilt graphics processor and graphics card from Intel, users can expect clarity and faster processing speed in loading any format of graphics and images.It makes for one of the top laptops under $1000 as you can expect consistent performance. The processing is not expected to slow down at all even after months of use.


  • Intel Core i5 processor with a processing speed of 1.6 GHz.
  • Internal memory 4GB.
  • 9 hours of battery backup and weighs 1.4kg.
  • HDD of capacity 128 GB only makes for a decent amount of storage capacity.
  • When you put this MAC book to sleep mode for 3 hours, battery power can be conserved for a span of thirty days.
  • With a size of 13 inches and LED backlighting, the laptop makes a vibrant background for graphic works, like editing pictures, videos, artworks.
  • This Mac Book comes with dual microphones that automatically reduce the background noise when you are, for instance, making a Skype call.
  • iCloud, which is one of the inbuilt features that comes along with the Mac Book, helps users store all the content on their Mac Book air on this cloud, and access it remotely as and when needed.


  1. Samsung Notebook 9 Price $949.00


Samsung Notebook 9 Price - Best Laptops under 1000


Prebuilt with Intel Core i5 processor, this 13.3 inches Samsung notebook 9 is a lightweight laptop with many features that make it one of the best laptops under $1000. A DDR RAM of 8GB is a good configuration that users can find in a laptop for less than 1000 dollars.

Preinstalled with Windows 10 home edition, most of the features of single PC are activated.

Users cannot perform peer to peer networking with the free resources and features that come preinstalled with this edition of Windows.


  • 1920 x 1080 pixels is the maximum screen resolution.
  • SSD hard drive is 256GB and comes with a shared graphics coprocessor.
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports and one 802.11 A/C wireless adapter is made available with this notebook.
  • This sleek design of Samsung notebook 9 weighs 1.9 pounds, and gives a battery backup of 10 hours.
  • The preinstalled software lets users connect with other Samsung devices easily.
  • The Intel Core i5 is suitable for faster performance of media files and other file formats.
  • With enhanced security features on this notebook, users can protect their screens from shoulder surfing of strangers when using them in public areas.
  • Though, the keyboard does not have a backlight, users can still get great display of colors for photos and video file formats.
  • Users can connect their smart phones, television sets, and other wireless devices to this laptop.


  1. Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series Price $893.96


Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series - Best Laptops under 1000


A silver chassis installed with Intel Core i7 processor, this 7000 series of Dell Inspiron is installed with Windows 8.1 O.S and has a processor speed of 2.4 GHz. A maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080 and 8GB RAM; this is a basic configuration that is good to go with for any user looking for a good laptop under 1000.

With an integrated Intel HD Graphics coprocessor, 1 USB2.0 and 2 USB3.0 ports available, users can still use their older versions of USB drives.


  • This laptop can be used as a tablet, and the performance is consistent and of superior quality when used in both the modes.
  • Also, available is a built-in stylus to take notes or sketch anything users want to. This is any day cheaper and affordable compared to Microsoft’s surface laptop.
  • For a tablet, 500GB HDD is great for storage. Since, you can convert this laptop into a tablet, the features are still unaffected.
  • It has 10 finger touch feature and a full HD capacity to give vibrant clarity and easy scroll.
  • Especially, the touchpad is designed for high precision whether you want to zoom, scroll, or pan the screen.
  • Users can also use this laptop for a short while in places where temperatures are hot.
  • Media card reader along with Bluetooth is available with this laptop.
  • Users get a 1 year warranty along with this laptop; however, there is no preinstalled antivirus available with this laptop.


  1. Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5259 Price $$849.98


Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5259-1- Best Laptops under 1000


Within a price range of $800 to $1000, a few brands like Toshiba and Dell are offering convertible laptops. It means that you don’t have to buy a separate tablet when you buy these convertible laptops.

Like most of the laptops, Toshiba too has similar configurations when it comes to processors, memory, hard drive, and ports. The difference here is, it comes shipped with a Windows 10 O.S.  This is a great laptop for $849.98.


  • An Intel Core i5-5200U processor with a 2.2GHz processor speed.
  • 8GB RAM and a 128GB hard drive.
  • A screen size of 6 inches and a maximum resolution of 1920X1080 pixels, users can expect great clarity for viewing photos and videos.
  • A Mobile Intel HD graphics processor that is integrated. It means that if ever the user wants to upgrade the graphics card, they have to upgrade the motherboard.
  • Weighs 5.1 pounds and is available in black and gold colors.
  • Keyboard has a numeric pad and backlight.


  1. Dell XPS 13-9350 Ultrabook Price $849.00


Dell XPS 13-9350 Ultrabook - Best Laptops under 1000


This Dell XPS laptop was originally refurbished by the manufacturer and contains 180 days of warranty. It has an integrated webcam and graphics processor. Installed with a 6th generation Intel iCore processor, most of the specifications of this laptop are suitable for HD viewing. Preinstalled with Windows 10 and a memory capacity of 8GB, users can play games with high end graphics and also experience speed in between multitasking any programs.

  • With 13.3 inches screen size and a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, the clarity is good to go!
  • Weighs 4.8 pounds and available in silver color, this is a bulky laptop that is still easy to carry anywhere.
  • With a Bluetooth and 802.11A integrated adapter available, users can connect to numerous wireless devices at the same time.
  • HDD is 128GB of the solid state false memory type that makes multi tasking and data retrieval even faster and gives a battery backup of 15 hours!!

The best advantage of buying the Dell laptop is that, any upgrades that the user wants to make is faster and reliable. Though, the USP of most of the Dell laptops is that they are refurbished, and all the internal parts are original.


  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Price $953.89


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - Best Laptops under 1000


On an average, this newer version of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 gives a battery backup of 9 hours. Users who are always on the go and prefer to work without the constant need of an adapter, this is a good choice. Easily considered one of the top laptops under $1000, it has a maximum screen resolution of 2736x1824 pixels. This gives scope for creating intriguing graphics designs and viewing them with a lot of clarity.


  • 128GB HDD and a 4GB RAM, also are available RAM sizes up to 16 GB.
  • Preinstalled with Windows 10 Professional version, users can get better peer to peer network connectivity with this edition of Microsoft’s surface laptop.
  • Convertible from a laptop to a tablet and vice versa; the functionality of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is most powerful.
  • Known for its versatility, it weighs only 3.5 pounds.
  • Available graphics cards are Intel i5 or i7. Users can look into this configuration before buying this laptop.
  • There is a cover port, surface connect port, USB port, a headset port, and a port for card reader.
  • This laptop comes with 5.0 MP front facing as well as 8.0 MP rear facing cameras.
  • Also, available for audio stereos and speakers in Dolby systems.
  • Physical volume buttons are available on this magnesium case of this laptop.
  • Highly recommended for professionals who deal work in the graphics media. For those who are not familiar with the MAC environment, they can go for the surface version to work on the Adobe software bundle, for instance.


  1. Lenovo Z70 Price $998.16


Lenovo Z70 - Best Laptops under 1000


Installed with one lithium battery and preinstalled with Windows 8, this version of Lenovo laptop is one of the best laptops under 1000 dollars. The Z70 series of Lenovo weights 8.2 pounds and comes in a black chassis. Installed with Intel processor and a flash memory of size 8.0, it can be considered a good laptop to buy.


  • Screen size is 17.3 inches, which is big enough to view wide angles, and a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.
  • Intel Core i7 processor with a processing speed of 2.4GHz.
  • NVIDA GeForce 840M graphics co processor having a graphics card memory of 2048 MB.
  • Gives 4 hours of battery backup and has 2 USB3.0 ports.
  • Users who want to install Linux O.S can do so by formatting the system and installing this operating system.
  • Gamers and graphic designers, who are looking for an affordable laptop that gives great performance, can go for this one.
  • Sleek design and thin frame for a gaming laptop makes it a hit amongst many users.
  1. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro convertible Price $ 975.00

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro convertible - Best Laptops under 1000


Screen size of 13.3 inches and a maximum resolution of 3200 x 1800 (quad HD+) gives top notch picture and video quality. Though, this laptop has a short battery backup, it is exceptionally good in terms of performance and display. Thin and lightweight, Lenovo Yoga 3 is an ultraportable laptop.


  • Intel Dual-core M-5Y71 with a processing speed of 1.2GHz and available up to 2.9 GHz.
  • Multi-touch touchpad and 6 hinges that make this laptop convert into a tablet and available in different stand by modes, is a great feature of this laptop.
  • 512 GB hard drive and an integrated Intel graphics co processor are available along with this laptop.
  • Preinstalled with Windows 10, it weighs 2.7 pounds.
  • Comes in sliver color and the memory type is DDR3 SDRAM with a capacity of 8GB.
  • Integrated wireless 802.11A adapter and a 802.11bgn Bluetooth adapter is available.
  • 2 USB3.0 ports, a card reader, a HDMI port are also available.
  • A webcam of 720p is built into this laptop.


  1. HP - Spectre x2 Price $ 974.99


HP - Spectre x2 -Best Laptops under 1000


As good as Surface Pro but at a lesser price, HP Spectre comes with 128 GB hard drive, ultra thin chassis, bigger bezel buttons, exceptional processing speed, and an integrated graphics coprocessor. Those users who are looking for good display and graphics, this is a good laptop under $1000 to go with. With a battery life of six hours, this ultra thin laptop from HP offers excellent quality in terms of performance.


  • With 12 inches screen size and a RAM of 4GB, users can install a browser other than Chrome for Windows 10 O.S, as they can experience frequent crashes.
  • Users might still find it difficult to find dongles that are compatible with this version of HP laptop.
  • Faster boot up speed and overall multi tasking facility is speedy.
  • Available with 1 year warranty and most of the specification such as a DVD player, a numeric keypad, and a design that is ideal to use as a laptop as well as a tablet.
  • There is no blu-ray player available with this laptop.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity as well as 4G connectivity is available with this laptop.
  • It comes with a kick stand that can help the user use it like a laptop as well as a tablet, though it is difficult to dismantle it from the kickstand.


  1. ASUS Zenbook UX305LA Price $999.00


ASUS Zenbook UX305LA - Best Laptops under 1000


Users have the choice of buying used or refurbished laptops for a much lesser price that they would have to pay while buying a new laptop. Intel Core i5-5200U processor with a processing speed of 2.2 GHz, and a standard size RAM of 8GB, graphics card and wireless adapter are the highlights of this laptop. But note that most of the laptops are not shipped with laptop accessories, users have to buy these accessories separately.


  • This is one of the ultra thin laptops that are lightweight, and have a flash HDD of 256GB.
  • Preinstalled with Windows 10, users can also revert back to Windows 8 or 8.1 O.S
  • It has inbuilt security features and a bundle of preinstalled software that processes the background services faster.
  • 0 ports are available, but they run faster on this laptop as ports have an inbuilt technology for faster connectivity and file transfer.
  • Display gives 72% correct color accuracy on this laptop.
  • Users can watch stunning visuals on the 13.3 HD screen with a maximum resolution of
  • 2MP HD camera can help you take a lot of good quality selfies.
  • Touch pad is smoothly operable just like any Mac Book.
  • Super fast Wi-Fi 802.11ac adapter can let users browse the internet even when they are on the go, as it connects faster to the hotspots as well.
  • Ergonomically designed keypad will never be hard on users who use the keyboard for long hours of typing.
  • This laptop comes with a one year cover for accidental damage. If users have ever dropped or spilled anything on this laptop, they can use this cover to get a replacement for this laptop with same configuration.
  • The touch screen technology for this laptop was developed in a similar way as the touchscreen facilities on smartphones. It has higher sensitivity and a greater accuracy though.
  • If users ever want to ship these laptops for a repair, the cover provides two-way shipping for free.


Most of the laptop brands provide free 24x7 technical and customer support. All the repairs can be carried out at the designated technical centers of the branded laptops. It is highly recommended not to use a local repair service to repair any of these laptops, as it would make the cover and the warranty invalid. Most of the laptops have a numeric keypad. If users are not too keen on looking at the layout of the keypad, they can buy from any of these brands as most of them have similar specifications. Laptops that fall under the category of less than 1000 and more than 800 come in a 2-in-1 convertible form. That is, the users can use them like tablets as well. The kickstand makes it easier for them to dismantle the keypad and use it like a tablet.

Chassis is one of the important aspects which most of the users choose not to pay any attention to. Laptops that fall under this category usually have an ultrathin chassis that is also lightweight. You can usually choose from colors like black, silver, or gold. Users can buy sleeves, laptop bags, external connectors, and other peripherals that connect to their laptops separately. Some users who are still not comfortable with using the touchpad, might go for the traditional mouse. Intel is the most commonly installed processor, as it has had the reputation of giving great performance and processing speed. The CPU fans and cooling is better with the Intel systems compare to Celeron or the AMD processors.

Most of the gamers and graphics designing students can opt for the good laptops under $1000. It is easier to find a laptop that falls under this category as most of the configurations of these systems have a high-end display and graphics preprocessor. A few HP versions might have problems with drivers. If users install software that is not compatible with the preinstalled drivers, they have to first look for compatibility. In case of drivers, backward compatibility is not available for most of these laptops that fall under this category. Those who are still in love with Windows 7 might not be able to successfully install that flavor of Windows O.S on these laptops. Versions greater than 7 alone are apt for successful installations.

Optical drives are still an option. If users are used to using USB drivers as external storage, they can look for a laptop that does not have tan optical drive installed. This works better as they are more focused on other features like the processing speed and better display. Touch screen or not, this is one option that comes installed with all the latest laptops under most of the brands. It is, however, essential to run driver updates regularly so that none of the installed software crashes, and it functions properly.

Design and look is one thing that is assured with most of these laptops along with reliable performance. There could always be minor issues with regard to installing software that is high end. Sometimes, custom installing software can resolve installation issues arising from compatibility mode. Boot speed is one aspect not to be ignored as it shows the number of background services running.

If users do not use printers regularly, they can terminate these background services, for instance. Since, most of the laptops come with preinstalled software that might not be required; it might slow down the boot speed. Users can check and uninstall any preinstalled software that is not needed, and speed up the process of booting the system.

So take an informed decision based on our list and also let us know if we have missed out on a model which you feel should have been mentioned. We will be happy to hear you out!

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