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Top 10 Laptop Brands Worldwide for this Year which are Perfect for You

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Who would’ve thought that one day people would be able to carry their computers with them, in portable backpacks? But today, it’s impossible to imagine our lives without laptops.Laptops pretty much bundle up our work life into a single portable system. These smart devices have proved to be useful for people from all walks of life. Most professionals and business people own a laptop and use it for their office work and client communication, and/or other tasks.  Students also find the use of these multi-utility portable gadgets, which can be employed for study and entertainment purposes equally well. Here is the list of Top 10 Laptop Brands Worldwide for this Year which is Perfect for You.

Some may argue that Smartphones now pretty much do everything that a laptop does, and are lighter and more portable. But for more complex tasks and running heavy software, a laptop is your best bet!

Laptops can also be a gamer’s most sacred possession. There are hundreds of popular games which can be played on a laptop. If the laptop has been assembled with the right configuration for gaming, then be ready for a ride of a lifetime!

There are several laptop brands names that offer myriad models across a wide range of prices. Moreover, there are different variants available for the specific kind of work which you are planning to do on these devices. There are basic home use laptops and then there are heavy duty laptops for commercial use. The basic home use laptops will have a very rudimentary configuration, but the ones which are needed for specific purposes such as running certain software like AUTOCAD or certain games will have an advanced configuration.

These days, people are also opting for customized laptops with mind-blowing configurations and marvelous aesthetics.  But this, of course, requires more money. Some of the top laptop manufacturers at present are Dell, Asus, Lenovo, HP, and others. These companies manufacture laptops of quite similar configurations.

If you are looking to purchase a new laptop and are confused after perusing the different brands, models, and offers, then this guide on the best laptop brands in 2018 will help you to make a smart choice.

Top 10 Laptop Brands Worldwide for this Year which is Perfect for You

  1. Toshiba

Toshiba - Top 10 Laptop Brands Worldwide for this Year

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A Japanese Multinational Conglomerate, Toshiba, was the first Japanese company to manufacture a laptop in Japan in the year 1986. However, the quality of their laptops has deteriorated over time, and as a result, in this list of best laptop brands in the world, Toshiba stands at the 10th spot.

If we talk about the design of their laptops, in a single word, they can be defined as mediocre. While they are not very pretty, you cannot term them unattractive either. For instance, its KIRAbook 2015 has the company’s new Skyline design language with a silver, brushed finish which is certainly appealing. But, while it’s Radius 14 and 15 are heavily inspired by the 360-degree design of Lenovo laptops, they fail to achieve the wow factor of Lenovo laptops.

On the innovation scale too, the company has not done much in the past few years. While they do offer variety in the latest 2-in-1 laptops that come with styluses and 4K display, apart from the low-price models, they haven’t come up with something that can make them stand out from the crowd.

They do offer a wide range of laptops though. You can buy a Chromebook 2 which costs $300 or the pricier KIRAbook 2015 at $1,999. If you are looking for a low-budget laptop, Toshiba again has a lot to offer.


  • Large number of budget laptops
  • Wide-range of 2-in-1 laptops


  • Mediocre designs
  • Unimpressive specs when compared with laptops from other brands
  • Tech Support is difficult
  • Laptops are almost similar to the models manufactured by other brands
  1. Acer

Acer -Top 10 Laptop Brands Worldwide for this Year

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Headquartered in Taiwan, Acer is one of those brands that offer good value-for-money laptops. But average support, unimpressive aesthetics and standard systems are some of the reasons that hold the brand at the 9th spot.

Acer mostly uses textured plastic in most of its laptops, like Chromebook 15, One Cloudbook, etc. Even when they did use aluminum chassis in Chromebook R11 and Aspire R14, they were not very aesthetically pleasing. But the Aspire R13 and Predator 17 from Acer are two of the models which were highly appreciated for their looks.

While the company does have friendly customer support service, many users were unable to find exact answers to their problems. A lot of people have also complained about the long digital queues that one needs to wait through to get in touch with an online chat agent. The company is known for its innovativeness, which was very much evident when they launched its 14” Cloudbook with an all-day battery at a cost of $209.

Acer is well-loaded with models for every budget and need. It offers low-end laptops, like Cloudbook 14 and Chromebook, and also offers a number of high-end models like the Aspire F Series and Aspire S7.


  • Value-for-money laptops
  • Wide range of laptops for every budget and need
  • Friendly customer service agents
  • 1-year limited warranty on most of the models


  • Standard systems and design
  • Long queues for online support
  • Not many premium models
  1. Samsung

Samsung Logo- Top Laptop Brands

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Samsung is one of the most famous brands globally, but its share of the laptop market is not very impressive. The designs of their laptops are highly appealing, especially the models like Ativ Book, but the design hasn’t changed much in the last 3 years.

One of the best things about Samsung is its customer support. Right from the phone agents to its online support, the service is quick and the representatives are capable to handle even the most complex of queries. While the company is known for its innovation and has some of the most amazing thin laptops, they are not doing anything new apart from upgrading the existing models.

In simple words, Samsung has some impressive models for people who are looking for highly productive laptops that are easy to carry, but gamers might be required to upgrade their Samsung laptops to make them compatible with latest titles. Also, everyday consumers might find their laptops to be very expensive. They can get the same specs in laptops that are almost half the cost of a Samsung laptop.


  • Aesthetically impressive models
  • Customer support is quick and very helpful
  • Highly-productive laptops


  • Expensive
  • Nothing new in terms of innovation
  • Not ideal for hardcore gamers
  1. Microsoft


Microsoft Logo - Top Laptop Brands

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While Microsoft only manufactures a total of three systems, their Surface 2-in-1 line of laptops have garnered a lot of interest, and have landed them at the 7th spot in this list of top laptop manufacturers.

While the company is highly innovative and tries to do something new with each of its laptops, they have a tendency to release the products even before they are ready. The touchpad of the Surface Book and camera of the Surface Pro 4 are two of the biggest examples.

Moreover, their laptops are also very expensive when compared with laptops from other brands, especially after considering the fact that the buyers need to shell out an additional $130 for buying Surface keyboards that are very much necessary with their Surface laptops.  The tech support of Microsoft is also noteworthy and not just on phone and online, but their support team on Twitter is also very responsive and helpful.

Rather than their highly impressive tech support, it’s the innovativeness of the brand that is responsible for its standing at the 7th position even after only offering three systems. However, the company can surely take their time before launching a laptop to make sure that it is actually ready for release.


  • Highly innovative
  • Stylish aesthetics
  • Impressive tech support


  • Only three systems
  • Expensive
  • Tendency of releasing unfinished models

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  1. MSI


MSI Logo -  Top Laptop Brands

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MSI mostly sells gaming laptops that are loaded with a number of interesting features, like eye-tracking sensors and mechanical keyboards. The design, innovation, and performance of the laptops from MSI are highly impressive. The brand stands at 6th spot in this ranking of laptop brands not due to any flaws in their product line-up, but due to the limited selection, weak warranty and unimpressive tech support.

MSI as a brand loves taking risks with their laptops, and the risks generally pay-off pretty well. For instance, their T72S Dominator Pro with its shiny red body and dragon imprint is quite popular. Also, even if you want your gaming system to be more subdued, you can go for their regular models, like GT72 2QE Dominator Pro.

The brand is not just about gaming laptops though. They also offer some impressive, slim and stately workstations, like WS60 that comes with customizable backlighting. While the company doesn’t offer a large variety of laptops, their laptops are pretty solid and have collected rave reviews from the buyers.


  • Excellent gaming laptops
  • Highly innovative products
  • Stylish designs


  • Limited range of laptops
  • Tech support is mediocre
  1. HP


HP Logo - Top Laptop Brands

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HP had an impressive line-up of products that could easily land the brand at the 3rd or 4th spot in any top laptop manufacturers list in the past. However, the company released some highly unimpressive products in the past year, like EliteBook 745 G3 and Envy 13t. While the company is still known for manufacturing some of the most aesthetically-appealing laptops, their recent releases have landed them at the 5th spot.

Apart from the amazing-looking laptops, one of the best things about HP is that they pay the shipping fee when a user sends their laptop for servicing, which is something that is only done by a few laptop manufacturers. Also, their laptops come with a standard 1-year warranty which is not voided even when you upgrade the hard-drive or RAM of your system.

While the brand didn’t introduce any ground-breaking laptops in the past year, it did release some impressive models in their existing categories. Spectre X360 15t and 13t, Spectre x2 and ZBook are some of its best recent launches. Just like Acer, HP too has something for every budget and need. For people who are looking for inexpensive models, Stream 13 and Pavilion 13z can be excellent choices. And for others who are looking to shell out a little more, Spectre x360 13t can be a great option. Moreover, HP also allows you to configure some models if you purchase them from their official website.


  • Attractive-looking laptops
  • Company pays the shipping when you send the laptop for servicing
  • Tech support is good
  • Laptops available across a wide price range


  • Recent models are not very impressive
  • Some of the models are heavily inspired from Apple laptops
  1. Asus


asus logo - Top Laptop Brands

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Asus as a laptop brand has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and its impressive range of gaming rigs and ultra-portables are responsible for its current ranking at the 4th spot. The company lays a huge emphasis on innovation and affordability, to make sure that the buyers get the best of products at competitive rates.

No matter if you are looking to buy Transformer Book Flip TP200SA ($309) or G751JY ($1,600), one thing that is common among all the Asus laptops is their premium looks. Even when their laptops have an outer casing made from plastic, like the EeeBook X205TA, they still look like high-quality laptops. While the phone support offered by Asus is pretty good, their online support can do some improvements.

Also, Asus is the only brand which provides accidental damage protection along with its standard 1-year warranty. However, it is only offered along with their high-end gaming laptops. Also, while the company is not doing much on the innovation front by itself, it is the first to imbibe new technologies into their products. For instance, their G751J was the first gaming laptop to have Nvidia’s latest anti-tearing G-Sync technology. While the company covers a diverse range of laptops, they are yet to launch a business notebook series.


  • Competitive prices
  • Premium-looking laptops
  • Phone support is great
  • Some models carry accidental damage protection


  • Online support is time-consuming
  • No business notebooks
  1. Lenovo


Lenovo -  Top Laptop Brands

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The 3rd spot in this list of best laptops brands names belongs to Lenovo. Their ThinkPads are considered as the best business laptops, while its Yogas are amazing, 2-in-1s. They could have been easily at the 2nd spot, but their LaVie Z, launched in the year 2015 was unremarkable, and even their phone support can be defined as mediocre at the best.

Lenovo is famous for its multi-use, folding laptops and has launched one for every type of user. For business, there is ThinkPad Yoga 260 and premium consumers are sure to love their Yoga 900. While their LaVie series of laptops had the unimpressive keyboard and battery life, as far as their design is concerned, they surely broke some new grounds with their feather-light build.

The average waiting time for phone support is about 26 minutes, and a lot of users have complained that their customer service agents do a poor job of handling questions. The warranty with Lenovo laptops depends on the model you’ve purchased. It offers 1-year standard warranty where the user pays for the shipping, 1-year depot warranty where Lenovo pays for shipping, and 3-year depot warranty as well.


  • Best 2-in-1s
  • Multiple types of warranties
  • Laptops available for every price range


  • Phone support is not very good
  1. Dell


dell  - Top Laptop Brands

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While there are a number of brands that manufacture laptops for every budget and need, they don’t do it as good as Dell. Right from premium business laptops, gaming rigs, to affordable 2-in-1s, Dell does all of it and a lot more to make sure that it is one of the best laptop manufacturers across the world.

From bright color splashes to edge-to-edge screens, Dell has some very original laptop designs to offer. If you are looking for tech support, you can reach a Dell professional through live chat, their diagnostic tool, and email. Their phone support is the only thing that holds them back and the average waiting time to get an agent online is about 40 minutes, which is longest across all the top 10 laptop brands.

Dell offers a standard 1-year warranty on all its laptop and is the only brand that pays for the return shipping for each of its laptop. While the laptops offered by Dell offer great value-for-money, you might have to compromise on the specs. For instance, while Inspiron 14 starts at $260, its screen is dull and keyboard is very shallow. None of the Dell laptops with a display of 1080p are available below $800. But other brands do offer some good laptops with a 1080p display even under $600. Just like HP and Lenovo, Dell also offers some customization options if you purchase the laptop from their official website.


  • Excellent variety
  • Original designs
  • Multiple customer support options
  • Company pays return shipping when you send the laptop for servicing


  • Poor phone support
  • Low-end models only have standard specs

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  1. Apple


Apple Logo - Top Laptop Brands

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With the help of its premium laptops, helpful warranty, and remarkable tech support, the prize for 2018’s best laptop brand goes to Apple. The MacBooks offered by the company are highly impressive and the addition of the 12” model has further enhanced their profitability.

Apple has also gone ahead and introduced the 12” models in three different colors- gold, traditional silver, and space gray, for the first time. Moreover, apart from the Type-C USB port and a single audio jack, Apple has eliminated all the other ports from their laptops to further enhance their aesthetics. Apple has an award-winning customer service and has also launched its support page on Twitter.

While the brand offers a standard 1-year shipping that is offered by most of the brands, they allow you to get your malfunctioning laptop repaired in a number of ways. You can send them to Apple and they will pay the return shipping. Or you can go to the nearest Apple store, and if the repairing process is simple, Apple might even send the replacement part along with the instructions which you can use to repair the laptop yourself.

Apple has a simple line-up and only offers 5 laptops. If you are looking for a budget-laptop, Apple is not a brand that is worth considering. Even the cheapest offering from Apple, the 11” MacBook Air starts at $799, while all the others are priced at $999 and above.


  • Impressive line of premium laptops
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Multiple servicing options


  • Highly expensive
  • Most of the laptops look similar

Types of Laptops

While we’ve made the process of choosing a laptop brand easier with the help of this top laptop manufacturers list, you’ll only be able to pick a particular model after understanding the different types of laptops manufactured by these companies. While laptops can be differentiated on the basis of their features, price, built, etc. this will again result in a large number of laptop types, and will make the buying process confusing.

To keep things simpler, we only divide the laptops into 5 different categories. Detailed information about these categories is mentioned below.

Conventional Laptops

These are the types of laptops that were first introduced in the market and even though there are many other advanced laptops available, conventional laptops are still one of the best-sellers. They generally have a screen size of 14”-17.6”, comfortable keyboard, standard configurations, and have adequate space to accommodate demanding applications.

They offer a wide range of connection options with their multiple USB ports, audio jacks, and HDMI outputs. Moreover, there are also models that come with graphics processors for seamless functioning of advanced applications and games. While portability is not the USP of these laptops, they are still great value-for-money products.

Convertible Laptops

These are the ones that are designed in a way which allows you to use them as a laptop with keyboard and a touchscreen tablet as well. They have a hinged display, with the help of which you can fold and unfold the keyboard to switch between two modes. These laptops are getting popular with school and college students as they combine the benefits of laptops and portability of tablets.


These are the laptops that are created by keeping the needs of a modern professional in mind. They are powerful, light in weight, sleek, and expensive. However, there are some impressive entry-level ultrabooks manufactured by a number of brands. Moreover, the battery life of these laptops is generally much better than conventional and convertible laptops.


These are laptops that come with detachable keyboards. When the keyboard is detached, they can be used as a touchscreen tablet. They generally have a screen size between 10.6” and 12.6”, and have excellent battery life. They are highly portable and there are a number of models with high-resolution displays. Moreover, some of the models run on Android platform.


Chromebooks are compact laptops that work on Chrome OS of Google. They are highly affordable and offer many advantages over Ultrabook laptops. While their build is not very impressive, they are solid performers. Standard Windows-based applications cannot be used on these laptops and they generally rely on cloud-based services and apps.


Now you have the list of Top 10 Laptop Brands Worldwide for this Year along with detailed information about different types of laptops.

Use this information to understand your laptop requirements to narrow down your research, and choose a model that is well within your budget and has all the features that you are looking for.

Please also let us know if we have missed out on a brand that you feel deserves a mention on this list.

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