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Top 10 iOS RPG Games that Keep the Thrill Going!

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Top 10 iOS RPG Games

What is life without a little thrill? And when you drag your tired soul every day to carry on with your mundane activities, you wonder if there was something else; maybe a dash of adventure, a spoonful of romance or a handful of thrill? All this may happen, but not in real life. Step into the world of alternative reality, and you will have a bunch of good iOS games to fulfil your fantasy. The RPGs or the role-playing games are probably the best ways to escape to a different reality.

The latest trend is mobile RPGs which offer a smooth blend of imagination, punch of fantastic graphics, and a taut storyline spanning over the entire globe. They offer the players a smooth transition to this world of alternative reality which is nothing short of extraordinary.

Even the most avid cyberpunk would agree that the best iOS RPG games have all the ingredients starting from thrill, adventure, magic, supernatural power to fantasy. Why not take a dive into this cyber world and explore more? And maybe you can also take your best picks from this world.

  1. Attack the Light

Attack the Light iOS

Let’s begin on a lighter note shall we? This video game with the protagonist Steven Universe has been designed for iOS, Andriod and Kindle. Although it was first announced in 2014 at MAGFest, it surprised the world of video game lovers On April 2 in 2015. Here Steven Universe along with Pearl, Crystal Gems Garnet and Amethyst strive to save the world from Attack the Light. The game has an amazing combat system, which is quite flexible and neat.

It allows the players to have timed moves so that they can boost their power or dodge their enemies. This RPG takes its cue from the Cartoon Network series and has a smooth feel which can easily grab your attention. This game is hugely inspired by Paper Mario.

Most of the actions of the players are tethered to the power gauge; so every time the player makes a move or an attack, a little bit of power is removed until there is no more power left to fight. However, you can save your power bank by following a few simple strategies like ending turns pre-maturely, or using specific items, or taking help of badges which give the players extra power.


  • Quick combat style which leaves a small window to defend or damage
  • Good gameplay mechanics which allows parents to enjoy the game with their children
  • The game will soon have a Diamond mode where the enemies will be more challenging
  • Compatible on iOS, Andriod and Kindle
  • Characters are fashioned in chibi-like style and also includes in-show background character models
  • A lot of references can be found about DragonBall Z and Pokemon

Things to remember:

The game is available at iTune at $2.99. Take the proper visual cue and tap the screen for the gems to perform extra work. Use as many items as possible especially the Star Fruits which can help you to end your battles quickly. You should end turns quickly to save your star points, because you never know when you might need them.

  1. Loot & Legends


Loot & Legends

This part ROG and part card game will allow the players to practically have an adventure party through a range of tactical battles. This is one of the top iPhone games where players are urged to collect powerful cards to combat your competition in a huge cardboard universe.

The journey is filled with humour; you will have cardboard miniatures and when you look at the story you will find that they have an unusual take on tabletop RPG fantasy. As a player you lead a group of three like Elf Wizard, Dwarf Warrior and Human Priest through a series of dungeons where you will combat the enemies, and at the same gain armour, weapons and staff. There will be a linear map, and the levels of difficulty will increase.

At any level, you simply cannot move your fighter close to the Dragon to gain an advantage. Instead you need to rely on run/dash/move cards in the deck to move on designated spots.


  • Although the game has a linear structure, it is the CCG aspect which converts each equipment as a card. So, when you pick up an axe, you get all the cards with it. But you need to strategize because you will never have ‘perfect’ pieces which will complement your playing technique.
  • Humorous story telling adds to the zest of the game
  • Super suave and combat and deck-building system

Things to remember:

It is a free game. There are certain items that you can buy with real money, but you can disable the in-app purchase feature if you want. The best way to play this game is by using your intelligence. You have to unlock rare cards to progress through challenging atmosphere. Always go for the loot, you never know what you may find.

  1. Legend of Grimrock


Legend of Grimrock

Among the best iOS games for iPad, the Legend of Grimrock stands tall. This dungeon-crawling RPG has an interesting storyline. A group of prisoners are sentenced to Mount Grimrock for crimes they may or may not have committed. However, what they do not know is that the mountain is full of magical tunnels and riddles, and the captives have to solve the riddles and conquer the path to see daylight again.

There is something real old-school about this game as it brings to the table the opportunity for the players to go for tactical real-time combat. There are puzzles to solve, riddles to uncover, and it is the wit and intelligence of the players which will be their strongest weapons.


  • Follows the old school classics like Eye of the Beholder where perception and wit of the players are their strongest weapons.
  • Real-time combat system
  • Modern techniques combined with old-school tactics
  • The loot is hard to achieve, which can be easily done in modern RPGs
  • Players need to be observant to get the best of powerful tools

Things to remember:

This game is available at iTunes for $4.99. Once you start playing, you should be quick-witted enough to dodge the traps, solve the riddles and at the same time look out for traps, surprises and pressure plates. As a player, you should rely on your intelligence to unlock the mysteries of Grimrock.

  1. Galaxy on Fire 2


Galaxy on Fire 2

This is indeed one of the best iOS RPG games in the sci-fi genre. Developed by Fishlabs, this is a popular game among video game lovers and can be played both on tablets and phones. The war hero Keith Maxwell takes a star-studded journey through the galaxy which is packed with aliens, pirates, space stations and different star systems.

The engine malfunction in his spaceship takes him from year 3589 to 3624. As he thrown to a different time zone, he has no money. So, he is sold to the highest bidder in the space system. Everyone around him is threatened by an alien race known as Void which makes frequent attacks. So, Maxwell starts on this journey to combat this race.


  • Addictive tone where the player gets a lot of opportunities to upgrade their gear and ships
  • The storyline is nice where missions are based on plots, but missions are slightly repetitive in nature
  • Combat system is extremely predictable and lacks finesse and options
  • Nice visuals to complement the mission stories
  • Although combat seems simple at first glance; you cannot charge into the enemy without preparation, because that would be suicidal. Upgrades in ships, armours, weapons and shields need to be done very intelligently.

Things to remember:

This game comes with a 10-hour-plus campaign, and you need not pay a penny for it. However, you are looking for additional episodes; you have to go for in-app purchases. Those who are looking for thrill for some hours will be mighty pleased with Galaxy on Fire 2.

There will be too many missions grappling for your attention. But the game interface is a bit clumsy for those who are looking for finesse. Movements can also be repetitive. Although this means that you have greater chances of winning, the game may get boring for a while.

  1. Evoland



If you ask why Evoland is part of good iOS games, then there is a simple answer to it. It is your crash course in gaming history. You take a journey through the history of action and adventure gaming, and in the process unlock new techniques and technologies.

The journey itself is worth mentioning, because as a player you have the capacity to explore the monochromatic world of video games to the super chic 3D atmosphere. You will find a reflection of many cult series on this game, and it would be a surprise if there weren’t any. And as the players undertake the journey, everything in their path is laced with humour and constant references to different classic games.

The journey from monochromes to the refined graphics and gameplay mechanics will be a sin to miss. And you can begin your journey from turn-based battles and later move on to 3D graphics. On an overall scale, the game is quite compelling.


  • It is the history of the adventure-action games that will enthrall the players
  • Discovery of the evolution of games makes it extremely compelling
  • You can revisit the starting phase of video games with your own airship
  • The journey also includes all the stereotypes like puzzles, dungeons, and secrets which make the game more interesting.

Things to remember:

The game is available at $4.99 in iTunes. Although it is ‘evolution’ of the game which is the main theme, do not get sucked into the storyline so that you forget about your game. It will probably evoke a sense of nostalgia among old school players, but may leave the younger generation a little disappointed. So, if you are willing to bring back the childhood memories and a happy smile on your face, you can try this game.

  1. Sorcery! 3


Sorcery 3

Developed by Inkle, this gamebook adaptation provides a complete experience for all RPG lovers. This game is part of a series that have been adapted from Steve Jackson’s books. Each game is a complete package, and if you are already familiar with the previous parts, you will find this even more interesting. The third part which was initially named as The Seven Serpents will have a protagonist crossing a huge wasteland known as Baklands.

At the same time, he has to kill the serpents of the bad guy known as Archmage. You cannot leave any serpent alive, because that will make the next game even harder, because the bad guy will be warned of the player’s approach. There are many creatures, many twists and turns and you can even backtrack for your benefit. And because you are a magician, you will have ample spells in your hands to have a breakthrough.


  • The part-story part-game feature makes it exciting; plus as a player you have the option to be the hero
  • In most encounters, the protagonist is given the scope to cast a spell; but you need to choose from three-letter codes
  • Adventure/interactive gameplay
  • This game can be played from scratch without even encountering the previous two versions
  • Absolutely irresistible choose-your-path gameplay
  • Clever mechanics and smooth graphics
  • If the players want, they can transport previous characters from earlier versions in this instalment
  • The element of replaybility is absolutely fantastic
  • The element of interactive fiction

Things to remember:

This game is available for $4.99 in iTunes. In this game players are given the opportunity to teleport between beacons. You are not locked in any linear path, so try to use this to your advantage. Roam around the entire map to find the weakness of the serpents. Also, because you have the benefit of backtracking, you can have ample playtime.

  1. King of Dragon Pass


King of Dragon Pass

This game is a complete fusion offering a seamless blend of RPG gaming and building an empire. Regarded as one of the best iOS RPG games, this has a fine plot which adds element to the game. When the tribes decide to settle down, they need a brave uncompromising leader to lead them through the difficult terrains of Dragon Pass.

You need to be a player who should be brave enough to guide the people of the clan and also save them from the strange creatures of this unknown land. Plus, you need to guide your clan towards prosperity by helping them in farming and other activities, strike an alliance with neighbouring clans and also defend your tribe against the neighbours. Dragon Pass tests your limitations, strengths and also tries to push beyond your familiar boundaries in placing you in various religious, moral and diplomatic dilemmas.

With each turn, you as a player will be placed in a position where you have the advantage and obligation to decide; and once you make the decision, the story will proceed. The dilemma of what is wrong and what is right is evident in every aspect of the game. Whatever decision you take, you have to face the consequences later.


  • Combination of RPG, strategy, storytelling and adventure.
  • Limitless ways in which the story can proceed, giving scope of replaybility
  • Unique storyline or plot
  • Imaginative and colourful graphics totally in sync with the storyline
  • Interactive gameplay
  • Use of strategy makes the game interesting
  • Blend of RPG, strategy and management simulation
  • Good for a thinking gamer, because players must think carefully before they proceed on the game

Things to remember:

This game is available for $9.99 in iTunes. When you start playing the game, it is better to avoid too many feuds at the same time. Feuding clans will raid more. You must pay attention to the season, because the agricultural calendar is extremely important for the benefit of the clan.

To stay informed, you should consult your advisors. Explore all your possibilities, because relationships will be complex and your emissary may hold a grudge.

  1. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition


Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

To include it in the best iOS RPG games is a conscious choice, because not all games can be played with such finesse in mobiles. You can explore a different world of forgotten realms, and be a part of a dead god’s legacy.

The best thing about Enhanced Edition is that it fixed different bugs which were reported in earlier versions. Baldur’s Gate was first released in the year 1998 and has been noted as one of the most popular games among gamers and critics alike.

This saga of intrigue, mystery and adventure has set a standard for Dungeons & Dragons. The Advanced Edition includes Baldur’s Gate’s adventure and the entire pack of Tales of the Sword Coast Expansion. And you will be introduced to three new members namely Dorn-II Khan, the vile blackguard, the wild mage or Neera and the monk Raasad yn Bashir. In the previous versions, the protagonist was under the protection of Gorion. But now he is forced to leave his safe haven and is drawn into the conflicts of Sword Coast which is in brink of battle.


  • Introduction of player character voice sets; professional recorded voices to customize the characters
  • The game now supports HD widescreen displays
  • 400 different improvements on the original game; advanced gameplay
  • Enhanced multiplayer support with connection between various platforms
  • Good replaybility technique
  • Improved interface
  • High-resolution fonts
  • Players can now switch to the character of a priest, and the game will immediately switch to Priest Spells screen
  • The players can customize the abilities and traits of the hero

Things to remember:

The best thing about Baldur’s Gate is that as long as you are acquainted with the mechanics, you can beat every situation. As a player you should constantly explore, so that you know the map like the palm of your hand. Quick save is an amazing feature, so use it to your advantage.

During the course of the game, you should auto-pause during encounters. Before you start the game, you should read the official manual thoroughly. Also, it is a good practise to check all the guides which explain different mechanics. It is available at $9.99 in iTunes.

  1. Banner Saga


Banner Saga

Among the best iOS RPG games, Banner Saga is noteworthy. This role-playing Viking game from Stoic Studio is known for its intense plot and tactical wars. Always remember that the strategic choices of this game will affect the journey you will undertake.

As you travel through the harsh landscape, you will have to make alliance with different people who might directly or indirectly affect your journey. But your choices will be always critical, because they may pose a threat which can affect the safety of your civilization. The best thing about Banner Saga is that it is the first part of a trilogy. Once you complete this game, the storyline will take you to the next level.


  • As a player, you have the opportunity to drive your own narrative
  • The entire story is an epic journey with 25 playable characters, 7 different classes and 2 different races
  • Always plan your strategy, allies, characters whom you choose to fight in a battle carefully
  • The journey that you undertake is very important; it affects your civilization and your caravan
  • Multiplayer combat system decoded
  • Mature storyline
  • Turn-based strategy
  • Beautiful graphics with colourful hand-drawn characters
  • Amazing soundtrack which is in complete sync with the storyline

Things to remember:

As a player, you should remember that this is a turn-based game involving strategy, similar on the lines of chess. The combat also takes place on a chessboard like square tiles. Before you want to attack your enemies and diminish their strength, you should reduce the armours which automatically make them weak.

It is good to find out where your enemy’s units are moving so that you can actually see their positions and find out if they can reach you. Take a cue from their movement range and decide on your strategy accordingly. This game is available at $9.99 in iTunes.

  1. Shadowrun: Dragonfall


Shadowrun Dragonfall

This turn-based tactical video game has effortlessly captured the fantasy sci-fi hybrid ambience. At the same time, the whole game has the flexibility of a tabletop which is quite unusual for video games of Dragonfall’s stature. Following an event which is known as the ‘Awakening’, this entire video game takes place in an alternative reality.

Magic is at the core of the entire game. It is 2054 and the world is ridden with trolls, elves and tough corporations. Plus, there is the constant threat of the return of the Great Dragon Feuerschwinge. The shadow runners or the players have to combat it all.


  • A story-driven video game. The narrative is extremely compelling, the characters have depth and they contribute to the novel-like narrative.
  • The setting is absolutely fabulous with elements of magic and technical advancements.
  • Turn-based tactical combat. Choose your actions well, and select your weapons and spells which will help you in the long run.
  • Choose a character and you can help to build their skills and contribute in the overall progression of the narrative.
  • Multiple replays which give the players a rewarding experience

Things to remember:

Always keep in mind even if you do not win the combat sessions in the first mission, it is fine. You will have to live through 10 rounds and then you can flee. Read through the story, so that you know what you can expect and what you are heading for. You should use the lay/cover lines effectively, and it is better not to stay in a group for long.


When you think about some of the best iOS RPG games, you will be surprised to know that each player has their own preference: some prefer the storyline, some love the turn-based tactics, some are keen on the strategy part and others will talk about smooth graphics.

But there are only a few games which have a combination of all these elements and something more. Surprise is a big ingredient which can hold the attention of a gamer. Take a look at some of the best games that have created stir in the realm of video games.

There may be a few names in your list which are missing here. The list is by no means comprehensive, but it definitely captures some of the best video games which have enthralled gamers in different ways.

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