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12 Best iOS Racing Games (2018) You can play!

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Best iOS Racing Game

You may be the proud owner of a dazzling luxurious car which, on accelerating can leave many mouths wide open and hair fluttering. But a reality check of today’s packed roads and numerous go-slow signs on your way kill all the excitement and thrill behind that steering wheel. If u miss that kick of madness and racing in real life, then hold on to the Best iOS racing games which are certainly the finest option to charge your batteries and give you that ultimate lifetime experience which was just an imagination till now.

For some of us, nothing can be more soothing and gratifying than the spluttering sound of the revving car engine. For these speed buffs, we have tried to make the most sought-after list of some pretty good iOS racing games which can keep you occupied for long hours.

The collection of the Top iOS racing games promises an exciting and impressive racing experience that would give you the insight of the thrilling racing world, apex supercars and the farcical speed. Get the real life of racing experience via awesome graphics and smooth gameplay through these iOS racing games.


Our Choice of Best iOS Racing Games that will excite and thrill you!


12) Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go on iPhone - Best iOS Racing Games


  • Developers: Rovio Entertainment Go!
  • Offers In-App Purchases
  • Price: Free

Angry Birds Go, is a good fun racing game for iPad and iPhone. Get ready for a bumpy ride on the Piggy Island. Take on the roguish opponents who will leave no stone unturned to win the race on the perilous roads. They would evade obstructions, use unusual powers and mess up with you for coins aiming right at the chequered flag.

Experience the adrenalin rush going vroom on diverse tracks being offered including air courses, stunt roads, and off-road races.The game is available in a variety of modes varying from Classic to Dual races, Time Trials, Fruit Splat, Versus Mode and Champion Chase. Any mode you choose, play it to earn extra points and enhance your ride.

Keep winning and upgrade your car from a mere soapbox to a supercar. The outstanding 3D world allows you to have a rich and colorful view of the pigs and the birds.

You can get the Angry Birds Go game from here!



  • Developers: Slitherine Software UK Ltd.
  • Price: $9.99

QVADRIGA takes you back to the Roman era where you head a chariot racing team in search of riches, distinction and pole position. You get the opportunity to train and guide your drivers and provide them with the best gear. The format offered is strategic, like that of a board game where you can mastermind your witty moves to outsmart your enemies. In case your plan flops, you have a shrewd option to thrash the other racers or crush their chariots.But beware !!!

The enemy can make you taste your medicine, accidents can occur so avoid developing an emotional bond with your charioteers and always be ready with a substitute. So get set and race your way starting from the humble tracks of the Roman Empire and master a powerful team that accumulates enough wealth for you to pass through the gates of Rome’s supreme competition at Circus Maximums and gets your name registered in the history. So just don’t miss on any effort and reach for that fame by simply exhibiting your driving skills.

You can download the awesome game from here.


10) Final Freeway 2R

Final Freeway 2R iphone - Best iOS Racing Games

  • Developers :
  • Offers In-App Purchases
  • Price:$0.99

Final Freeway 2R is good racing games for iPhone and iPad. It features a classic walkway in which you sit behind the steering wheel of a Ferrari Testarossa. It takes you back in the time where you don’t have to outrun some wild drivers in the astounding graphics and an urbane gameplay, but compete with the clock.

You don’t have rivals racing along but you definitely need to keep a check on the clock that is simply unstoppable. You can choose from three characters each with a specialized skill. Get a perfect retro feel with that awesome pixel art. Look out for those trees and avoid crashes!!!

So pick a character and decide your path and don’t allow any annoying rival beat you. You come across 14 stages in an old school racing arcade. It has astounding crash sequences that will simply blow away your mind. Keep achieving and winning and see yourself scaling the leader's board.

To double your efforts towards the winning line you have the full support of an accelerometer and touch along with MFi Game Controllers support. Final Freeway 2 is a perfect mix that would leave you addicted to its retro and hair fluttering racing arcade.

Download Final Freeway 2R from here.


9) Real Racing Game 3

Real Racing Game 3 in Iphone - Best iOS Racing Games


  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Offers In-App Purchases
  • Price: free

If you are missing that push in your life then Real Racing 3 is the Best iOS racing games for IPad and will deliver some real racing action. You get to choose from 100 spectacular cars for passionate racers from big-time manufacturers like Porsche, Chevrolet, Bugatti, Mercedes Benz and Audi. Now you can race and challenge anyone at any possible place and anytime around the clock with the technology Time Shifted Multiplayer( TSM), ghost challenges, leaderboards and Real-Time Multiplier.

Get ready for an epic car experience on a 22- car grid sitting behind the wheel of some intensely designed cars to give you the time of your life. Give nasty checks to your challenger's bumpers, enjoy real-time racing with drafting as well as confront the Al-controlled versions in their absence available in Time –Shifted Multiplier. The remarkable Mint to 3 engine is the heart that pumps your car and gives you a rich racing experience. It also offers fully handy rear mirrors and thorough car damage with lively reflections to give a true HD effect.

Download the game from the iTunes store for free and enjoy unlimited hours of fun.


8) Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager - Best iOS Racing Games


  • Developers: Christian West
  • Offers In-App Purchases
  • Price: $2.99

For all those who look for tactical approach over mad speeding Motorsport Manager is a Good iOS racing option. You play a real-time manager who's working on his team rather than sitting behind the wheels. So you are the witty planner who takes care of a wide framework right from picking your machine, deciding on your drivers, working on the game plan to out win your challenges.

You persistently have to explore new ideas and ways for the development of your machines to enhance them so that you leave no possibility to win. You have an option to watch the race in real time or you can opt for strategy screens and take control of the action. Work with your drivers to form a line of attack to achieve the needed qualifying lap and be a perfect team player. Reach the top of Motorsport by winning global championships.

You can download the cool Motorsport Manager racing game from here.

7) Nitro Nation Drag Racing

Nitro Nation Drag Racing - Best iOS Racing Games


  • Developers: Osauhing Creative Mobile
  • Offers In-App Purchases
  • Price: Free

Nitro Nation Drag Racing is among the Top iPhone racing games in the category of a drag race. All you need is a good internet connection and sit back to enjoy this game. The game provides you with a chance to flaunt your driving expertise to your friends as well as your rivals. The cars boast of some big names like BMW, Mc Laren, Pagani, Dodge, and Honda. You would love to push the accelerator of your favorite dream car further of any limits, but while doing so don’t forget to maintain the balance between the power and the grip.

Upgrade your car and prove your madness for driving in ¼ & ½ mile races. It offers you 10 ranks of cars and race groups and a boost of “nitrous oxide” to fuel up the game. Driving can be fun alone, but to get that high indulge in competition with other online people challenging 9 players in one go. You can also team up for personal communication and share your plans and flaunt your rewards. So just get set for a mad race in your much loved beauty and cash on your skills to win.

Download Nitro Racing from here.

6) Crazy Taxi City Rush

Crazy Taxi City Rush on iPhone - Best iOS Racing Games


  • Developer: SEGA
  • Offers In-App Purchases
  • Price: Free

For those of you who want to have an adventurous driving experience where you drive in the mad rush on roads just to drop your passengers at their destination as soon as possible, Crazy Taxi City Rush is one of the Good iOS Racing games for iPad & iPhone, that promise to give you an adrenaline rush. Get nutty and fly your car in the air over the ramps, madder you get, more rewards to fetch.

You also get the option to style your car on your way and fuse more power in it by upgrading it. Join the wacky rush and welcome some of the craziest passengers on the weirdest routes. Go on some wild missions and relax while driving the car to your tunes.

Head to the iTunes store now to download the game.

5) Fast & Furious Legacy

Fast & Furious Legacy for ios - Best iOS Racing Games


  • Developer: Kabam Inc
  • Offers In-App Purchases
  • Price: Free

For all you action lovers this game is one of the Best iOS racing games carrying on the legacy of the hit movie Fast & Furious. For all the movie lovers this game assures you fun and adventure at par. It gives you a good mix of lane control, drag racing, including insane wandering, all packed to give you more of an active experience rather than a stimulating one. You race with movie characters in different modes and can get fortunate enough to collect 50 customizable cars.

Discover new spots like Tokyo, Rio De Jenario, Los Angeles to Miami in the fun game. You have a possibility to style your car your way by using cool paints, rims and much more. Have fun racing with your friends and clash against others. You also have an option to actually converse with your friends and share your game plan.

To download the awesome Fast and Furious Legacy Game click here.

4) GT Racing 2 The Real Car Racing Experience

GT Racing 2 iphone - Best iOS Racing Games


  • Developers: Gameloft
  • Offers In-App Purchases
  • Price: Free

The game is undoubtedly among the Top iPhone Racing games and comes with superb car collection of more than 71 licensed cars like Nissan, Audi, Ferrari, Dodge, and Ford. With a game size of 1.22 GB, it boasts of superb graphics. There are a variety of modes available to test your driving ability including Duels, Overtake, Knockouts and Classic races. Every week you come across with 30 new dares that hone your skills and who knows you might win that new car!

You drive in the sun or under the clouds, the magnificent inner view will sweep you off your feet. It gives you an option to play with your friends or compete with people from around the globe, you can even form teams and beat your competitors.

So get ready for the most pragmatic simulation and an action-packed racing experience by downloading GT Racing 2 The Real Car Racing Experience from here.


3) CSR Racing

CSR Racing on iphone - Best iOS Racing Games


  • Developers: Natural Motion Games Ltd
  • Offers In-App Purchases
  • Price: Free

CSR Racing is one of the Best iOS racing games for iPhone where you get to choose from a variety of latest ravishing car collections like Buggati Veyron, Aston Martin, and Ferrari. You compete against the best CSR drivers and if you are lucky enough then win a new car and top the leader’s board. Adorn your car with cool custom paint and number plates.

It offers you an astounding graphics and an addictive gameplay coupled with exceptional online players. Gear yourself with new challenges awaiting you in every corner. You get a variety of racing modes including multiplayer matches to burning opponent racing gang's.

So beware of your rivals and fasten your seat belts for another speeding experience with CSR Racing.

Download this action-packed game from here.

2) Racing Rivals

Racing Rivals on Ios - Best iOS Racing Games


  • Developers: CIE Games
  • Offers In-App Purchases
  • Price: Free

It’s a real-time racing game and makes it space among the Top iPhone racing games, where you play with live players who challenge you or you throw a challenge at them. You bet on cash or car, so be well prepared and hone you're driving skills, else lose your cash or car. Indulge in Turf Wars.

Don’t miss the chance in these weekly competitions to earn some bonus points or collect some gems or even to the extent of controlling some cities and a jackpot means, cars not in reach of anyone draped in colors which no one can imagine about.

Choose different parts of your car to increase its efficiency in every way from a range of options available which includes crankshafts and air filters, Nitto gives you genuine tires and modified rims from biggest players like SSR and Volk Racing.

You can download the game for free from the Apple iTunes store.


1) Asphalt 8: Air Borne

Asphalt 8 on iPhone - Best iOS Racing Games


  • Developer: Game Loft
  • Price: Free

Asphalt 8: Air Borne easily climbs to the top position and is the Best iOS racing games iPad & iPhone. It supports super dynamic performance with astounding stunts that gives you an experience of your lifetime. It gives you a good mix of high octane driving and incredible jumps which might remind you of the age of San Francisco Rush.

The game with its magnificent arcade has set a new standard for the App Store. Drive your luxury dream car as you have a choice among more than 95% cars. The top manufacturers like Lamborghini Aventador LP 700 -4, Bugatti Veyron, Audi and Ferrari FXX have attached their names to the game for you to break all the records. Go wild while you perform barrel rolls and whacky 360-degree jump and reach that high by hitting the ramps. You would be offered 13 different settings such as Iceland, Venice,

Tenerife, French Guiana, and other exciting locations. The tracks are available in two options of original and mirror variation in Career mode. So get set to find those shortcuts and challenge your friends to prove that you are the supreme speed machine. For thrill seekers, this action-packed game is a must.

Download Asphalt 8: Air Borne from here.


Racing is exciting and in our busy monotonous lives and gives us the much needed high. Speed seems to run in our blood and these outstanding racing games just pump it to give us that adrenaline push.

So now you have some of the Top iOS Racing Games which have been picked up carefully keeping in mind the varying tastes and preferences of our global audience. Sit back and pick up from the above-given options, you have all the elements wrapped up including fun, bizarre, strategy and madness.

Become an incredible driver or opt to be a strategic manager, shake your rivals or form a team, look for all the fun and get a taste of lifetime driving experience in your dream cars.

Did our search bring you closer to finding your desirable iOS racing game?

We have tried to bring the best for you, in case we have missed anything, feel free to put your comments in the section below.

We would love to hear from you.

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