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The 10 Best iOS Multiplayer Games Of All Time!

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The 10 Best iOS multiplayer games of all time!

When Apple burst forth into the technology world, it changed the way we talked about technology. Gaming soon became a predominant division of the portable devices world. However, the Apple operating system took gaming to an all-new level, changing the game forever. Better user interface, better graphics and so much more, made gaming fun. Below we have listed the 10 Best iOS Multiplayer Games Of All Time!

Today, iOS devices have become an inseparable part of our lives.  We carry them in our bags, our pockets and simply whip them so as to get ourselves some source of entertainment. When we talk about the top 10 iPhone multiplayer games, we clearly opine that gaming has no longer remained a solo affair in our lives.

10 Best iOS Multiplayer Games of All times You want to Play

The fun of multiplayer games- Isn’t it nice to have someone else in the virtual world? Someone who can share a few moments of entertainment with us from the other side of the screen? Well, that is why Apple devices offer you several platforms (we shall largely focus on iPhone and iPad) to enjoy these multiplayer games with others.

The best iOS multiplayer games await the players on Apple portable devices. From conventional duel games that require slick action to board and party games, you are left with a large choice of games that you can enjoy with your friends. These are the games that you can enjoy with your family or friends, or simply with the group that you desire.

Select Your Mode- Wifi Only Good Ipad  Multiplayer Games Or Same Device Games

When we talk about the multiplayer games on the Apple devices, there are two ways you can enjoy the games. First, you can play these games on the same device. So, let’s suppose that you are using an iPad, you can get to enjoy a single game with another player over this device only. The second option that you have is WiFi only iOS multiplayer games. This option allows you to enjoy a game with your partner (s) over the WiFi network, but not online.

Note that most of the same device iOS multiplayer games are meant for Apple iPad only. These form the best iOS multiplayer games for iPad. Without much ado, let’s bring you our list of top 10 iOS multiplayer games, both for iPad and iPhones.

#10- Slice HD (Available on App Store for $2.99)

Slice HD is a great game that can be played between two players or among more than that. The screen opens with two blades sitting in an X position. You should move the blades out carefully so that your fingers can prick the button beneath these blades.

When the level of this game goes up, so does the possibility of your mistakes. The mistakes lead to fingers getting “sliced” from the blades and you end up with a screen full of blood. This game calls for meticulous, yet quick reaction from the gamers.

What makes Slice HD great on iOS devices?

Well, this game feels and sounds great on Apple devices. The spatter and the sound of this game on iOS devices is so naturally convincing that you actually sometimes jerk away from your fingers lest you find them sliced! This game makes you feel like you will actually cut your hand if you don’t move it. It’s so smooth and great that it gives more realistic appeal to the entire game. Overall, this is one of the good iOS multiplayer games to gather your friends around and play it with them.

#9- Heads Up (Available on iTunes for $0.99)

Heads Up iOS

Heads Up by Warner Bros. is one of the most fun-filled multiplayer games ever. This one seems to be mostly like charades. The game challenges a player to take a guess the maximum possible words from the deck of themed cards, on the basis of clues from the friends. The only awkward thing in the game is holding the screen on your forehead (well, that’s how it got its name Heads Up, perhaps!).

But, the entertainment, rather, infotainment of this game is so exciting that you’ll soon get over this awkwardness too. The themes of deck include animals, movies, and celebrities. The gamers are allowed to create their own custom decks as well. This, however, includes in-app purchase worth $0.99 for a deck.

What makes Heads Up great on iOS Devices?

To be honest, the weirdness of holding up the device on your forehead makes it a great multiplayer game. Precisely, we can say that it’s a game you can play at an in-house party and make your friends laugh out loud, like really!

#8- Fruit Ninja HD (Available on App Store for $2.99)

No learning. No rocket science. Just pure fun and entertainment! That is what defines Fruit Ninja HD for you. If you are someone who doesn’t play too many games and still wants to do something on the device to kill time with a friend on a train, open up Fruit Ninja HD and get started. All you need to do is swipe the fruit on your screen to cut it to pieces.

Fruit Ninja HD is an ideal game for head-to-head two players’ purpose. There isn’t any learning curve involved and so, this is a game for anyone and everyone. This game is also available in the online play mode, wherein you can let any player have a head to head with you. This can be played over the Game Center. Personally, we believe that same device playing is more fun for Fruit Ninja HD.

What Makes Fruit Ninja HD Great On IOS Devices?

Whether you play it on iPad or iPhone, the ease of playing, great graphics and interesting plop down makes Fruit Ninja HD, one of the top iPhone multiplayer games. Not to mention, even the iPad players find this game extremely good for the parties!

#7- Reverse Charades (Available on iTunes for FREE)


Reverse Charades ios

This turns out to be one of the most entertaining and fun-filled iOS multiplayer games for any in-house party. As the name suggests, this game is a complete opposite of the charades formula. Here, a single person guesses the word, while the entire group of friends act it out.

This forms a great entertainment and is a super hilarious game that calls for quick reaction time, fast-paced action and a mad and fun riot within the groups playing it.

Reverse Charades is available for free on iTunes. However, the players only get a limited stock of themed decks in this version. A premium upgrade or individual buying options can unlock the present and future themed decks as well. Remember, more the number of themed decks, more the fun!

What makes Reverse Charades great on iOS devices?

It’s only available on iOS devices. This is what makes it great actually. This is a group game that calls for everyone’s involvement and the genre of it makes it fantastic.

#6- Worms 2: Armageddon (Available on App Store for $4.99)

Meant typically for the computers; especially PCs, Worms 2: Armageddon has literally been taken to the iPad as it is. This is considered to be one of the best multiplayer games for iPad. The great thing about this game is that it can be played on a range of modes. This also includes playing Worms 2 online.

However, the best mode of playing it is hot seat mode. You sit with another player and keep passing the iPad according to chance. This is the most fun mode of playing Worms 2. Interesting and different, this game is indeed fun and entertaining.

What makes Worms 2: Armageddon great on iOS devices?

When you pass your iPad to each other to take chances, the worms on the screen start firing ridiculous weapons. The sheep make this game super fun and the weapons like rocket launcher give you a little bit of adrenaline rush as well!

#5- Catan (Available on App Store for $4.99)


Catan iOS

Catan is a multiplayer game meant typically for the iOS devices. This can be played amongst more than 2 players. Usually, 4 players are required to play Catan. The essence of Catan is to gather resources and then colonize the given land.

This involves a player pitching against three more opponents so as to colonize the land and build his/her game faster than the other three opponents. It requires around 45 minutes to 1 hour of complete play time, after which, you need to finish off the game.

What makes Catan great on iOS devices?

This is a proper iOS device game. It can be played at its best on the iDevices only. It leaves you with strategy building and finding the best possible ways to get your resources and build the game as soon as possible. Leaves you in a competitive spirit and makes you apply whatever you have; against your competitors! This is indeed one of the top 10 iOS multiplayer games for 4.

#4- Spaceteam (Available on iTunes for FREE)

This is a really good iOS multiplayer game for sci-fi lovers. Get your technobabble friends together, form a team that can take up a mission and completes it! The game involves Electronic Grabber, Multi-Spoon and Contaminant Hypnothruster; typically for a science fiction group. Ideally suited for a party, this game calls for co-operation and of course, a lot of shouting. Why? If you may ask so, let us explain.

You play starship bridge crew member in the game. In fact, every player has a designated role. Together, you all work to keep the disaster at bay. Each game brings in a lot of teamwork, confusion, chaos and shouting at each other.

The players’ iOS devices have a screen including instrument panel that consists of sliders, switches and button panel. The players must execute their task timely, rush towards the ship and avoid any kind of disaster. You end up barking instructions, while making sure you don’t move your eyes an inch, off your screen.

The game is all about your success rate over the completion of missions before your uncalled demise in the game.

What makes Spaceteam great on iOS devices?

The real-time paneled screen makes you feel like you are actually in charge of something huge. This game is indeed a paradise for the sci-fi lovers. The sound and feel of this game on Apple devices make it absolutely fascinating.

Now that we have covered most of the best iOS multiplayer games, we are sure you have your devices for downloading a few of these games. Get yourself a team or organize a fun party at home. Download these team-building games and enjoy a power-packed hour or so with a group that you totally love!

But, before we wind up our article, we would like you to have a look at our top 3 picks for this category of the best iOS multiplayer games. So here, we bring you the top 3 iOS multiplayer games in our category of selection:

#3: Slingshot Racing (Available on iTunes for $0.99)

Crescent Moon Games brought out this action game for a group of up to 4 players in one go. Exciting and grappling, this game is exclusively designed for iOS devices only. It is available for iPhone as well as iPad.

This is primarily a racing game and requires the players to use their “grappling hook to slingshot around corners.” In order to pass by the obstacles that might arrest you, all you have to use is your speed boost or jump.

The Slingshot Trials game can be played for FREE. For more fun and by shelling out just about a dollar ($0.99, to be precise), you get Slingshot Racing game, which makes your dollar worth spending! This is one o the most addictive family game that multi-players can enjoy.

What makes Slingshot Racing great on iOS devices?

This game is exclusively available only for iOS devices. What makes it so great for these devices is amazing retina graphics, iOS 6 support, amazing 3D effects, shadows and systems of the game. The best part is that a family of 4 can easily play this game together. For the iOS 5 or plus users, this game is also available for online tournaments at the Game Center.

#2: Monopoly HD (Available on App Store for $9.99)

Monopoly HD is available only for iPad users. The tabletop mode of this game will bring you the actual memories back. This is only to be played together, that’s the only condition for it. The top-down view of this game on iPad makes you feel as if you are playing Monopoly on the board itself. People love this game and Apple has brought it for the players live on their iOS device.

This game can be downloaded from the App store at a price of $9.99. Expensive, but engaging- that’s what summarizes everything.

What makes Monopoy HD great on iOS Devices?

The real board game like the feel of this game makes it so unique on iPad. Perhaps this is one of the best multiplayer games for iPad users. The tabletop mode of this game on iPad allows you to have a real feel, which is more or less similar to the real board. Carry your Monopoly HD in iPad along, whenever you are traveling or at places where you wish to engage the group in something fun.

#1: Shadowrun: Dragonfall (Available on iTunes for $4.99)


Shadowrun: Dragonfall

This is a game that will give you an amalgamation of technology and fantasy. This RPG game is cyberpunk-themed inclusive of magic-wielding corporations, cyborg elves and so much more. You are given the role of freelance operative, specializing in massive black ops. Y'all are highly skilled and your designation in the game is that of the Shadowrunner.

You receive assignments from governments, mega-corps as well as the dark-sided controversies. You are given a total of 17 missions spread through extensive combating mechanisms. Go ahead and take on the world!

What makes Shadowrun: Dragonfall great on iOS devices?

This game can be played on iOS 5 and iPad 3 or up. The game offers unique setting, turn-based tactical action, skill-based possession of the character and of course, great graphics.

This is our top pick because of the fantastic cyberpunk ambiance that doesn’t seem to look like a fantasy at all. It’s a great thing for cyber-addicts and a wonderful multiplayer iOS device game.


How many of these have you already decided to download? Well, give yourself a good entertainment with the games that we’ve listed out for you. Also, please notice that this is not the comprehensive list.

We have chosen these games on the basis of what we thought as the top 10 iOS multiplayer games. We would like to know your take on these games.

Also, write in comments if you think we should add some even more fascinating and engaging games to our list. We would love to update our list with your suggestions!

Go on and play well!

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