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15 Best Hoverboard Brands (2017) to Gift Them This Christmas

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Hoverboards are fondly called as the “fun scooters” and are one of the modern day devices of having fun. Youngsters use this device often as it is soon emerging as one of the most preferred mode of travelling while one is having fun. The market today is thronged with a number of hoverboard brands.The best hoverboard brands ensure that they provide a robust product to ensure that the hoverboard is long lasting, enduring and is capable of going through the churn of daily use that the user is going to put it through.

There is a lot of caution that one should exercise in order to ensure that there are no exigencies or casualties in terms of injuries while one uses these hoverboards. One of things that one should take care of while buying the hoverboard is ensuring that the battery compartment is sealed properly. In addition, the batteries that are used to operate these hoverboards should also be tested properly to ensure that they work properly and in tandem with the hoverboard. The resellers of the hoverboards have also been paying a great deal of attention on the quality of hoverboards that they are purchasing. Even the governments of many countries have put down certain norms that one should be following if one wants to manufacture or sell hoverboards.

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The warranty details of the hoverboards have also seen a complete overhaul, due to which the hoverboards have become much safer to use. Some of the hoverboards were taken off the shelf on account of security concerns. However, with the advent of friendly policies from the government which have taken care of the security concerns, has ensured that the hoverboards are safer now and are back on the shelves of online portals and shops.

A lot of effort has been put in to ensure that the list of brands that we quote here have a reliable and dependable reputation in terms of the quality of the products that they offer. So their hoverboards are long lasting and enduring. Therefore, you can be rest assured that the brands mentioned below will be a good choice for you if you are contemplating on buying a hoverboard.

Let us now throw some light into the top hoverboard brands that one can think of using so that one has an amazing and mind blowing experience while having some fun on the hoverboard.

IO Hawk

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This self-balancing scooter has a lot to offer to a hoverboard enthusiast. Priced at around $1799 which amounts to AU$2,500 and £1,200, this hoverboard is available in multiple colors of yellow, blue, red, white and black. It comes with a warranty of one year and weighs around 22lbs or 9 kilograms. The maximum speed that this hoverboard can work on is 6.2 mph or 9.9 kph.

With a battery which is fully charged, the distance that one can cover with this hoverboard is around 12 to 19 kilometers or 8 to 12 miles. This device promises to provide one with loads of enjoyment and fun while one rides it on account of it being smooth to ride and easy to use.

Monorover R2D

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This hoverboard has a lot of buyers and provides a one year standard warranty. In addition, the limited colors in which this hoverboard is available makes it slightly difficult for one to choose as per one’s liking and preference.

However, people who like anything in either black or white can like this brand as these are the only two colors in which the hoverboards from this brand are available. With a weight of 9 kilograms or 22lbs, thishoverboard is a robust one. Its performance is great and one can hit a maximum speed of 9.5 mph or 15 kph.

While on full or complete charge, this hoverboard can help you cover a distance of around 11 to 15 miles or 17 to 24 kilometers. The price at which this hoverboard is available ranges around $599 or AU$830 or £400.

Street Saw

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This brand enjoys a 5 star rating from the users and has a hoverboard which weighs around 13 kilograms. Therefore, it can be considered as a lightweight self-balancing scooter when compared to some of the other similar scooters mentioned herein.

With a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour, this device can help one travel for 20 kilometers at a stretch on a fully charged battery without having to worry about getting discharged. There are a lot of security measures that have been taken to ensure that this device is a secure one.

It is available in multiple colors and the one that is in red is highly in demand due to its chic look and pleasant appearance


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Priced reasonably at around $1,499 or £1,000 or AU$2,070, this hoverboard has a lot of fans as it is available in a wide range of colors namely black, blue, orange, pink, red, silver, yellow and white.

Weighing around 18 lbs or 8 kilograms, this hoverboard is considered a sturdy one. One can cover a distance of 10 miles or 16 kilometers if the hoverboard is made to run on a completely charged battery. If you are a speed enthusiast then you will love this hoverboard as you can attain a maximum speed of 12 mph or 19 kph on this.

So if you are looking for an affordable and good performance oriented hoverboard, then you should surely check this brand out as it has all the necessary features that a good hoverboard should definitely possess.

Skque Self Balancing Scooter

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The best part of this self-balancing scooter is that it is UL certified which makes it dependable, reliable and safe. A lot of tests have been conducted to ensure that the safety levels of this scooter are high and enhanced.

This scooter can be turned on or operated with ease with the help of a remote control which is simple to use. It also has a powerful battery pack which has a dimension of 4400 mAh. Therefore, this gadget has a long battery life thereby, offering you long hours of fun and speed.

This device has the necessary precautions taken to avoid accidental slips or falls. Therefore, it is aided with rubber pads at the bottom and LED lights in the front. In addition, the maximum speed limit on this device is also not very high. Therefore, one can have fun in a safe manner with this hoverboard.


Spaceboard Electric

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This is an expensive and costly hoverboard as it has an enhanced and improved design. With an enhanced battery pack it ensures that it provides a great run for the person using it for an elongated period of time.

The improvised version of the motherboard makes this device a potent one in terms of performance and safety. The technology used in this device is such that it can understand the motion of the user and act accordingly. It is also very suave and has in built speakers which has the Bluetooth capability. Though incessant usage of this feature may drain out the battery substantially.

Therefore, it is recommended that this feature should be used with caution

Glyro self-balancing scooter Turbo

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The higher end models of this brand comes with a remote control, however, the lower end ones do not have one. The overall design of the hoverboard is very soothing to the eye and oozes an elegance of its own.

It is the charger and battery of this device that has suffered some backlash from the customers, however, the brand product experts are constantly working on it to enhance the quality of the charger and the battery of this brand.


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This is one of the most used self-balancing scooter. It weight around 11 kilograms or 26 lbs thereby, making it a strong and potent device to have fun on. With the capacity to attain the maximum speed of 6.5 mph or 10 kph, this device is bound to provide you the thrills of speed while ensuring that you are safe while riding it as it has foot pads that understands user motion and feedback.

It also has an easy to use remote that will help in enabling the child lock. It is easy to learn to ride this device. It also has nice LED lights in the front which provides the flexibility to the rider to ride in the night. Priced at around $499 or £333 or AU$690, this self-balancing scooter is bound to provide you great service.

With a decently charged battery, you can travel for 6 hours non-stop on this dashing looking hoverboard which is available in multiple colors namely gold, silver, pink, green, red, blue, white and black.


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This hoverboard or self-balancing scooter is the ultimate choice for children or younger people who are just on the verge of learning the traits of riding. It is not of the most popular hoverboards and is lightweight compared to other hoverboards. The beneficial features like front facing LED lights, a robust battery pack and wheels which measure 6.5 inch in dimension, make this hoverboard a safe and a much liked self-balancing scooter.

While being on completely charged battery it can cover a distance of 10 miles in an hour as that is the maximum speed it can attain, however, the speed limit can also be set at 7 miles per hour as per enhanced safety measures.

Swagway X1 Hands Free hoverboard

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This awesome looking hoverboard is available to you in multiple colors namely blue, green, red, white, black, dark red and pink. With a standard one year warranty, this exceptionally beautiful and gorgeous hoverboard is available at a decent price of around $399 or £266 or AU$550). It weighs around 9 kilograms or 22 lbs and is safe to ride with the maximum speed limit of 16 kph or 10 mph. With a fully charged battery, this hoverboard can help you ride for 32 kilometers nonstop or a distance of about 20 miles. So if you have been looking for a hoverboard which is safe, good looking and a performance oriented one, then you should definitely check this brand out.


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The construction quality of this hoverboard is solid and is of high standards. Therefore, the cost of this hoverboard is on the higher side. Being made of high quality materials the robust architecture of this hoverboard ensures that one has a safe ride while using it. This hoverboard is renowned across the user circle on account of it being a safer one to use.

This is a great choice for both beginning level and advanced riders. This brand of hoverboards is famously known as the “Rolls Royce” of hoverboards. It is on account of its superb looks along with the unique combination of enhanced safety features which include a foot pad, well fitted LED lights etc. which makes this device a much sought after one.

The sleek finish and the finesse of the hoverboard ensures that it provides the much needed value for money. Speed limitations is also exercised in this device thereby, making it a self-balancing scooter, safe to be used by children and novice riders.

Hoverzon XLS 

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Newly designed frontal lights and enhanced wheels is what makes this relatively newer brand in the domain of hoverboards a much sought after one. With a charging time of about 3 hours, this device can give a speed limit of 8 miles per hour.

This conservative speed limit in this device makes this a safe one to ride. The architecture of the hoverboard is such that it is in a close proximity with the ground and has a wheel which is 6 inches in dimension. Other features that make this hoverboard a special one include a battery indicator, a movement indicator in the form of a LED light etc.

It is a heavier hoverboard with a total weight of 28 lbs and thus is a robust one. Alternatively, it can balance and support a weight of 220 lbs or pounds.

Hover Tech

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This is a model which has found a lot of takers on account of it being a reasonably priced one which makes it very affordable. The affordability in price does not indicate a compromise on quality. It is a well-made self-balancing scooter with all the important features that a hoverboard must possess. This hoverboard also has the distinguishing feature of using dual electric motors which function on a standalone basis along with a battery pack of 4400 mAh. It has all the necessary UL certification, thereby, making it a safe one to ride.

In addition, it can carry a rider weight at a higher limit of 285 lbs. A rider can ride at the highest speed of 15 miles an hour with a nonstop riding availability with a sustainability time of about 2 hours. Once this hoverboard is charged you can have a nice time with it as it can travel for a long distance and the controls of this hoverboard are simple and easy to use.

Different models are available from this brand, however, the latest ones are technologically advanced and the safety standards that they adhere to is high.

Razor Hovertax

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A revamped and overhauled version has been introduced by this brand as the older version from this brand was not a successful one. A stripe of LED lights were used. The frontal lights gave way to these LED lights in order to increase the effectiveness of the lights.

In order to render this hoverboard more stable, the wheels of this hoverboard are covered with some good looking covers. A run time of about an hour can be guaranteed by a decently charged battery and this hoverboard provides support for a total weight of 220 lbs which is a standard as per the industry norms of hoverboards. This self-balancing scooter also comes with a standard warranty and is available in a variety of colors.

The overall price of this hoverboard is slightly on the higher side on account of the brand name and the high quality of the hoverboard that this brand provides. The sleek appearance of this hoverboard is also something that appeals and resonates a lot with the young users.


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This is one of the top brands that provides hoverboards of great quality. This brand has successfully launched two models which have been enjoying huge popularity and loads of user accolades.

One of the models is known as the Swagtron T1 and the other model is known as the Swagtron T3. These models are definitely UL 2272 certified which is one of the most prosperous safety norms that the manufacturers of hoverboards should adhere to.

The controls of these models are very simple to use. The chances of accidental slips and falls are minimal with these models, therefore, the hoverboards from Swagtron are considered to be safe.

A dual electric motor that functions on standalone basis with a wheel size of 6 inches makes this device a dependable one. It has a speed limit of 8 miles per hour, thereby, making it very safe to use. With a completely charged battery a distance of 12 miles can be covered easily on the T1 model and the battery charging time could vary from 2 to 3 hours depending on the charge levels of the battery.

Hardware failures can be easily prevented in the T1 model with the help of the technology named Sentry Shield which ensures that the battery of the device is protected efficiently. The T3 model also has similar features like the model named T1 however, with an additional feature of having in-built Bluetooth speakers.

This feature is not used extensively by the users as it leads to certain amount of overloading of the battery if the Bluetooth speakers are used incessantly. This brand has a good name in the market on account of durability and high endurance of the hoverboards.



Therefore, if you have been looking for some nice hoverboards then you should definitely check out the brands mentioned above. These hoverboards are reasonably priced and ensure that one can have a nice time while moving around in them. In addition, due caution and thought has been exercised on the fact that these hoverboards are safe to be used by the youngsters.

So if you have any thoughts or comments that you would like to share with us about some of your favorite hoverboard brands or if you want to list out some of your awesome experiences with the hoverboards, then please free to share your comments with us by mentioning them below.

If your kid has been insisting for a hoverboard it is time that you get him one as it is a nice device to have when it is used with care and control.

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