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11 Best Headphones Under $50 to try your Hands on

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11 Best Headphones Under $50 to try your Hands on

Our guide of 11 Best Headphones Under $50 will help you make the right investment for the best sound.

We often bank on our headphones for all those private moments of life, where we want to be oblivious to the surroundings and drown in our cozy world. Our needs decide the kind of headphone we long to have. Often our smartphones are accompanied by a set of headphones, so basic that the phone makers incur no extra charge on them, thus, making it an easy guess of the quality being served.

The terrible sound and the ever tangling wires leave us frustrated. Not bearing much cost, the manufacturers play with us by making complete pieces of junk which are painful to wear and look horrible. Most of the big company's just work on their high-end pieces, leaving the use and throw pieces for most of us.

First of all, we need to have a quick review of different terms we, come across while selecting a headphone. Let’s clear our conception first by answering few questions.

  • What is an Earbud?

Earbuds are not earphones as they do not enter our ear canal; in fact, they sit outside the canal and are flat in shape. They do not grip properly to our ears and may give troubles like inaccurate stereo images and bass response. Earbuds are totally different from earphones.

  • What is an earphone?

Earphones, unlike earbuds, enter our canal slightly, thus, sealing off the canal safely with silicon ear tips. This results in an amazingly accurate stereo image as well as an ideal bass response. So before buying, we should be aware of the thing being offered. There is no surety that earphones will give brilliant sound but ‘they do come as sweat-free, exercise-friendly, and most of them also include the in-line mic and remote controls.

  • What do you understand by On-Ear and over –the –Ear types of Headphones?

We can divide the headphones as:

  1. Circumaural or over –the –ear headphones: which refers to the headphones that curve around our ear, thus creating a seal by pressing a soft ear pad against the area around our ear.
  2. Supra-aural or on-ear headphones: refers to the headphones that use light pressure against the ear to stay in place.

Both these styles can provide excellent sound with proper comfort, so the choice now depends on our personal requirement

  • Is Bluetooth option found on all Budget Headphones under $50?

Unfortunately, this option is a little hard to find in budgeted headphones under $50, though Bluetooth connectivity has made a serious tread in recent past.

But this category has still to flourish in this under $50 a box. But as we expand our budget to $100, the blue tooth options also expand.

  • Are “noise canceling” Headphones available in Headphones under $50?

Efficient noise cancellation is expensive but this option is available in some of the headphones under $50, again the efficiency of this can be questionable in this range. However, even if the headphone doesn't come with a noise canceling option that does not mean that it will not give us an effective sound.

Now that we have cleared some of the basic ground rules headphone ones, we can decide how to choose the best headphones for ourselves easily. If we talk about a few years ago, it would have been difficult for us to crack a good headphone at the cheap rate. But, if we do a serious review of what is available in the market, we can surely find the best headphones under $50 which can please our ears as well our pocket.

Admirable sound, an appropriate fit and in-line controls, all within our budget, is what we track for when it comes to headphones. But, this becomes a daunting task sometimes, as we don’t get the perfect piece which serves our needs and cares about our budget. So, here we have tried to bring across a range of 11 best headphones under 50 dollars that might suit your requirement without disturbing your funds which is a mere $50 or even less.

11 Best Headphones Under $50 for You to Buy Today

#11) Koss Ksc32M Fit clips

 Koss KSC32M Fitclips Headphones


If you are hunting for an affordable piece which clings on to your ears and your pocket as well, this can be the best buy for you.


  • They stay well fit in place during motion and  exercising
  • Sweat resistant
  • Ultra light weight


  • The sound quality is average.
  • Available in feminine colors.

  Price: $15.75 on Amazon (mint color)

#10) Meelectronics M6 In-Ear Head Phone




This product is a rising star which offers high quality at low price. The ear curl fits well and clings on as we move around the house or hit the gym. It is known for versatility.


  • Very comfortable, soft and adjustable ear curls.
  • Right fit for the ears
  • Noise isolating in-ear design with the energetic sound and enhanced bass.
  • Certified IPX-5 sweat and water resistant for better durability.
  • Includes carrying case and 6 sets of ear tips for the best fit and comfort, gives six years manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Long chord tends to be disturbing during heavy activities.

Price: $17.38 on Amazon

#9) Brainwavz Alpha In-Ear Headphones

Brainwavz Alpha


For those of you who want to enjoy the 15-28,000 Hz frequency response and 200 hm impedance, this piece is something that you can benefit from.


  • Rich and full bass without being  loud and thumping
  • The highs and mids come through loud and clear.
  • The gold-plated L-shaped jack carries plenty of power and makes it sturdy.


  • Earbuds  are light and non-durable

Price: $19.50

#8)  Aukey Ep-B13 Sports Bluetooth Headphone




Those of us who love to be in long hrs company of headphones, this might be the best choice as it  comes with an eight hour battery backup and can even be  hung around your neck while working out.


  • It gives good quality music, clear sound with latest wireless Bluetooth 4.1 technology and A2DP stereo music.
  • Impactful audio driver offers balanced audio and crystal clear sounds and great base performance.
  • Noise cancellation lets you have a good quality hands-free conversation with the clear voice even when there is lots of noise in the background.
  • The stylish design of the headphones guarantees an ease and comfort in wearing for outdoor activities when the body is in motion like running, jogging driving, camping and gumming.
  • Gives 8 hours of talk time or 160 hours on a full charge battery.


  • Some inconsistency observed while watching the video.

Price: $21.99

#7)  Koss Sportapro




For our audience who love to travel, hike and indulge in all sorts of sporty outdoor activities   and is looking for a portable and flexible set, this can be one of the awesome earphones under $50, to cater to your needs


  • High-quality sound
  • Foam ear cushions
  • Frequency response from 5 Hz to 25kHz
  • Sporty outlook with the adjustable headband that can go over the top or around the neck.
  • Easy to travel with as they can be compressed according to pack in hiking backpacks or laptop bags.
  • Flexible headband  design which is easily collapsible
  • Includes 0.125 and 0.25-inch  stereo plugs


  • A sloppy plastic body.

Price: $22.36

#6) Superlux HD 681




It comes with big 50mm drivers backed with neodymium magnets that bear out the 10-30,000 Hz response exceedingly well. They use more power because of slightly higher 32 ohm impedance, but the resulting sound quality is evident.


  • Ventilation  for ears
  • Max power 300 Mw
  • Semi-open  construction is comfortable
  • Frequency range from 10 Hz to 30 KHz
  • Sensitivity 98db with SPL/mW
  • Complete with carrying pouch


  • Bleeding of sound in and out

Price: $30.49

#5) Rha Ma350 In-Ear Headphones




They can be the best pick for all those who love instrumental music that needs meticulousness over raw power. It has won various wards for its sound production capacity and is among one of the top selling headphones under 50 dollars.Indulge in it to feel it.


  • Rich sound in small package
  • The sound moves directly into ears without any loss due to aero phonic construction.
  • Reduction in sound leakage and background noise.
  • The aluminum acoustic chamber helps in better staging.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Multi-award winning British design
  • RHA speaker for perfectly balanced response across the frequency range.


  • The strong chord can make noise when in movement.

Price: $39.95

#4) Lg Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Wireless



These can be your anytime partners as you can carry them anywhere without feeling the weight on your head. It syncs well with your mp3 and smart phone.


  • The neck band includes a mic and software which would read your text messages for the time between your phone operation and the music playback.
  • Syncs with any Bluetooth device
  • Magnetic ear buds which snap into place when not in use.
  • Music control on the neck strap.
  • Up to 10 hrs of talk time and up to 15 days of  stand by time


  • Limited range

Price: $44.99

#3) Shure SE112



For those who love to put on their headphones while covering distances via bus or any public transport these earphones can be the best pick, as even with the music going on at mid-level, they wipe out the chaos going on in outside world.

They come in a budget box. The overall quality is very impressive.

There is a heavy gauge fork at the center around which a thick rope of black cable is curled, stretching up to bulging plastic Earpieces which are very solid.


  • Solid construction
  • Effective detailing
  • Clear and open soundstage
  • Great passive noise isolation


  • No microphone or control piece
  • Upper register  occasionally too snappy

Price: $49

#2) Audio -Technica ATH-M20X



The Audio technica Ath M20X headphones come with a set of 40mm drivers with interior aluminum wires that are coated with copper to give excellent sound. It gives you a nice mix of treble and bass with excellent sound isolation even at high volume.


  • Mild noise cancellation
  • Superior build quality and engineering
  • Suitable single side cable exit
  • Circumaural design that outlines around the ears for excellent sound isolation in disturbing environments.


  • The set is bulky and might not be comfortable for few users.

Price: $49

#1)  JVC Light Weight Elation Noise Cancelling Headphones



If you are looking for a lightweight, sweat, and water resistant piece with the perfect fit and a perfect companion to your smartphone, then this might be the right pick for you. This can be concluded as the best pick out of all the headphones covered above and tops the list of best headphones under 50 dollars.


  • Clear audio with ultimate bass because of the 10 mm neodymium drivers and extreme deep bass ports.
  • Integrated microphone and single control button.
  • Blocks environmental noise due to its perfect fit
  • Deep bass, sound isolating and stable fit.
  • Ideal for sports and work outs as it is sweat and water resistant.


  • It may be little expensive  under range of earphones under $50

Price: $49.95


Thus, we see that budget phones have really picked up their game in recent years not only in the field of bass response but other highlights like more stylish designs, use of better and durable material  which makes them very light, yet very powerful.

The above list of some of the headphones under $50 wraps up a range of headphones each with its pros n cons.

Depending upon one’s need a person can choose a piece to fit in his desired framework.  A person engaged in physical activities can adorn a headphone which gives a perfect fit and clings on to the ears while occupied in an activity, whereas a music lover which puts headphones to strive for peace of mind can look for noise cancellation property in a headphone. Similarly, people who would use headphones for a long time can look for a better back up set.

Thus, in this unbiased search, we have made an effort to find a piece that might suit your needs. We would love to know about your choices. Did this help you to buy a headphone in your budget or did we miss upon any good headphone under $50? Write to us in the comment section below, we would love to have your suggestions!

So give your ears and your pocket a treat and go ahead and pick any of these best headphones from these.

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