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The Best & Must Have GoPro Accessories (for 2018) Take a look!

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GoPro is one of the renowned top brands in the electronics world all over the world and especially in the US. Products that are there with the company are of excellent quality, both in terms of looks, portability, and functionality.

Take a look at the top must have accessories for GoPro of the brand, that is available on the market.

You will definitely be amazed to find the high-end products and especially while you go through their prices.

3-way Adjustable Monopod, $14.99

3-way Adjustable Monopod


Here is the new and smart GoPro monopod stick that is available on the market. The stick can be used in three ways. You can use it as a tripod. It will be a fancy use while handling like an extension arm for capturing your selfies. The camera grip that you will find in this accessory is of excellent use.

The overall package is outstanding in terms of looks, with three folds, having world class finishing. The handle when fully extended can become 50.8 cm in size. However, you can fold it till 19 cm. So it’s quite portable too.

USP–This selfie stick can be used in three ways, fixed like a stand, like a handheld selfie stick and even as an extension arm. The length of the stick is 19 cm, and it can be extended till 50.8 cm.

Large GoPro Carrying case, $15.99

Large GoPro Carrying case


This bag is not only sophisticated in terms of looks, but the use of it is even more helpful for you. You will be able to fit all the GoPro professional accessories in the bag, and it is handy to carry too. So take this handy 13 by 9 inches’ bag with you, along with your two cameras. You will not have to search your full bag for any of the accessories. Eva casing inside will keep all the equipment safe and secure, with caves fixed for individual gadgets.

USP – Firm padding and durable zip attached bag can hold two cameras, and all their accessories and the 2.5-inch-wide bag is perfect to be carried anywhere.

Head strap Camera Mount, $7.49

Head strap Camera Mount


Going to jungles or for an adventurous trekking. Free your hands. Use this GoPro head strap for easy image capturing and remain safe. The material used is waterproof and is easy to be worn around your head, like a helmet.

The inner diameter is only 6 to 7 inches, and it is expandable till 12 inches. So, keep track of all the things with you and go for the better opportunity. The gadget is applicable to all the cameras of Hero Series. So if you are having one, just have this gadget for making your trekking experience even better.

USP – The fit all sized helmet with nylon straps is suitable for all Hero Camera models. Polycarbonate buckles are fit for long trips and treks.

GoPro Casey, $49.97

GoPro Casey


Keep all your cameras and accessories in one case, while traveling. The things will be safe and secured too. The casing is really handy and is perfect to be kept with you, while on a trek or on a trip.

The casing is 4 by 7 inches and is having many pouches to carry your cameras, SD cards, and all other accessories. The device is waterproof too and hence is perfect to be carried in light rain and snow.

USP–The 4 by 7 inches casing is good for storing all the accessories, like the cameras, SD cards, USBs, and batteries. The casing is waterproof and proof of snows. So carry all your gadgets in mild rain and snow, ensuring no damage to the accessories.

Chest Mount, $39.95

Chest Mount


Are you fond of making adventures? If you are interested in skiing and even cycling through the mountains, you will not be able to hold your camera in your hands. The best support in such condition is to carry a mount for you. This harness chest mount is perfect for your trips and different adventurous treks.

Free your hands and keep the same in your chest, capture images and videos directly from there. The zoom capacity of different ranges is also available in the set. So enjoy your rides and do not miss a single event, since your camera will be taking a snap of everything. If you have the question where to buy GoPro accessories, then the right answer for you is the online store.

USP – The Nylon belt mount holds the camera over your chest and takes a snap of everything. It can capture images and videos of different wide ranges.

Floaty from GoPro, $19.99

Floaty from GoPro

If you love to swim or to surf, you will feel that your camera is not at all safe. Change your ideas. This is the time to change the overview of all the things and turn that into an advantage. Get the floaty from GoPro and capture image while floating in deep water activities.

The floaty is having features to remain floating in the water and keep your camera attached to it. There is one sticky surface of it, to hold down your camera. So feel safe to use the floaty and do not miss a single image, while floating in the water bodies.

USP – Supports floatation with sticky pads to hold your camera, while in deep water activities. The adhesive in the pad is ready to protect your camera in the extreme conditions too.

Battery BacPac, $15.49

Battery BacPac


You are in need of a second battery for the long drawn session at the playground or in the adventures through the sanctuaries. You can take this backpac along with you and extend your battery life till 2 x.

This device is perfect to make your long trips enjoyable. In the set, you will get a Li-ion battery along with a USB cable. So fit this to the Hero camera and enjoy the waterproof or skeleton door, so that you will not have to change the battery even when the charge of the first battery ends.

USP – Make your battery charge last for 2 x time with this bacpac. The pack contains a li-Ion battery and a USB cable. The entire set is ready to increase the battery life of your camera and help you to take snaps or record videos for a longer time.

Camera Cap, $18.95

Camera Cap


You will not have to wear a strap anymore on your head to capture images, while both of your hands are engaged. Here is a cap that is having the holder to place the GoPro camera at the top. Now, take snaps of every moment or record a video of the full event, without any type of hazards. The quality of the cap is excellent.

It is made of cotton and with a padding for your relaxation. In the end, you will find an adjustable strap, to fit your head. The holder that is at the top of the cap is ready to hold any of the GoPro cameras.

USP – An excellent cotton cap fixed with holder and the adjustable strap is in the store to support your activities and record the complete game. The cap is easy to wear and is ready to capture anything that is in front you.

Housing Replacement, $44.99

Housing Replacement


Enhance your video capturing ability with this excellent Housing cool GoPro accessories. The device is ready for all the cameras of GoPro starting from Hero 3 and above that. In the full set up there are three features included for you. The first one is the standard housing.

The second one is standard backdoor and the third on is the skeleton backdoor. Addition to all these, you will get the buckles and thumbscrews in the set. Thus if you are a professional, here is the best chance to enhance your qualities.

USP – A perfect substitute for the standard housing system of your camera is here. You will get a perfect replacement of the buckles and thumbscrews. The device is applicable for all the Hero 3 and upgraded devices.

Seeker bag, $169.99

Seeker bag


If you long to go to the treks, this accessory is perfectly made for you. The bag can hold many cameras and batteries in the specified locations. Collect all the accessories and make your trip comfortable.

You can also use the strap on the chest while putting the bag at your back. Place the camera on your chest using the scrap and record unlimited videos. Shots from shoulder back are also applicable here. You can put the holding camera angles fitted with the Camera set to the back end and capture images or videos from there. The quality of the bag is excellent. It is waterproof and is having a large capacity.

USP – Put all your cameras and batteries in one place with this 16-litre capacity holding bag and capture images from your shoulder or chest strap.

Smarter Charging GoPro case, $29.99

Smarter Charging GoPro case


You need a system to recharge your camera battery, while on a trip. You can do that very well with this charging bag. The bag includes slots for your SD card and also for your batteries and cameras.

So you can carry the full set of two cameras with this bag. There are five locations to place your batteries. So five batteries can be charged using the Li-ion adapter that is there in the bag, preinstalled. The capacity of the adapter battery is 5000 mAh. So you can charge your batteries well from this bag, while you are traveling.

USP – This bag contains space for holding all your cameras and accessories, and you can charge your camera batteries from it too. The camera is having slots for every thing and the adapter of 5000 mAh is having a LED light to indicate the charge that it is having.

Thumbscrew and wrench, $11.99

Thumbscrew and wrench


You are not happy with the plastic screws in the Hero camera set? Well, if you are willing to replace them, this screw set is going to give you the perfect support. It has the arrangement to make your camera even more safe and secured.

You will find three aluminum screws with rubber heads and a blue wrench to support your opening and closing. The overall set is handy and is going to ensure a better hero camera set of yours.

USP – The pack contains 3 aluminum screws to replace the plastic screws of your hero camera set. The aluminum screws have rubber heads to protect erosion in them. The pack is also having a wrench for easy tightening and removing of the screws.

Hand-bar mount for motorcycle, $14.75

Hand-bar mount for motorcycle

Do you enjoy traveling long on bikes? If you are, then the ideal way to support the same is in the form of a handle mount. Put the camera in the middle of the bike and capture all images and videos easily.

The mount is compatible with all the Hero camera sites of GoPro. So attach it and use it as a periscope too. The holder of the camera is 33 mm in diameter and is ready to hold all GoPro cameras. The device is also ready to be installed and is having a 2 years’ warranty.

USP – The mount is ready to be installed on the handle of your bike, and it is having a base diameter of 33 mm. install it on the handle of the bike and put all hero cameras on it. It will act as a periscope for you.

Floating Wrist Strap, $13.95

Floating Wrist Strap


You are not a professional cameraman, but does that mean that you will not take images while in water. You have a hero camera that is by default waterproof, but that will sink in the water body if you do not grip it properly.

Take this hand strap and enjoy your summer holidays with the Hero camera. The strap is of light weight, and it can hold your waterproof camera. So prevent the camera or your wash proof mobile phone from sinking, while the device will naturally be on your wrists, floating in the water.

USP – The wrist strap has features to hold the camera, and it can naturally make your camera float in water. So you will save your camera or mobile from sinking. The strap is available online in five colors and with a 1-year warranty.

Glimbal Electronic Stabilizer, $279.00

Glimbal Electronic Stabilizer


Optimize the video, you capture through GoPro Hero cameras through this stabilizer. It contains three motors that are ready to assist you with the ultimate video quality, that is parallel to movie features.

The device is having advanced sensors too and is also one of the best among all the cheap GoPro accessories. So you are going to get better control on the device and that too with the stands. So, keep them in the beaches or in the river beds and enjoy capturing excellent quality videos without any breakage or damage. The set is compatible with all the Hero cameras, starting from Hero 3.

USP – In the package there are three poles and motors along with advanced sensors. The device is ready to give you some advanced customizing features and easy to control systems for a better video capturing the experience.

Female Cable for Microphone, $7.99

Female Cable for Microphone


You will like to know what you are recording. The visual studio will help you to see what you are capturing, but what about the sound. Here is the USB chord that is going to support you in your recording. One side of the chord is attached to the USB port, and the other end is having a female 3.5 mm jack support.

This is going to give you the additional support to attach any stereo system or a headphone to the hero camera sets and listen to what you are recording or what you have recorded. The device is compatible with almost all Hero cameras, starting from HD sets to Hero 4.

USP – The USB Cable is a female coupling and is going to support all headphones and stereo system with the camera. So show the video with all its sounds directly from the camera.

Suction Cup Mount, $39.00

Suction Cup Mount


You love to get images or capture the videos in all conditions. Attach this suction to your GoPro camera and place it on your bike or boat or any fast moving vehicle. The device has they capacity to capture videos till the speed of 150 mph. so you can understand that it can be placed anywhere. The device also has extensive features to capture lovely images with additional assistance and arrangements.

USP – Convenient for use in all types of vehicles and capture images or videos. The machine is supportive in all sense, including the image capturing. The suction pipe at three sides is going to make the arrangement easy for you. So, one accessory will work for all vehicles.

58 mm close-up macro lens, $40.99

58 mm close-up macro lens


You are a professional camera man and in need of closer images. So, you are in search of a macro lens. Here is the perfect macro lens that is perfect to be placed on the Hero 3 Lens. The lens is having a diameter of 58 mm.

So, you can now get the images of the insects and even at the closer parts of the plants and flowers. The lens is perfect for the photographers, and the quality of the image that you will be capturing are all of the high quality. So consider this Hero 3 extra lens and capture images of high quality.

USP – The macro lens is going to give you a Close-up of 58 mm, and it can be extended till 10. So it is perfect to be installed in your hero 3 camera and get advanced micro images.

Pet Dog strap, $12.99

Pet Dog strap


Your pet is going to different places in search of many things. You are not going to that place, or that place is inaccessible for you, but your pet can go there easily. So attach the GoPro Hero camera with it and capture the video easily. You can get this GoPro black accessory for your pet and fix the camera so that the video can be captured by easy means.

The strap is made of water-friendly material, and that can be arranged and washed easily. The camera can be placed at different angles and hence is perfect for the video capture.

USP – The entire strap has a perfect system, and that is going to give you a perfect strap for your dog. Fit the right setup and make your pet the best in the world. This strap on is accurate for capturing your images.

Protective lens Cover, $19.87


You need protection for the lens. This is very much essential while you are going for some of the trips. The facility has been there for all the hero sets. The package includes the lens cover and is made of plastic and is durable too.

The battery cover and all the lens covers are ready in this package, and that is the best thing that you will get in the package. The package is available online and is really very much useful for your regular use.

USP – You will be getting a series of the package here. In the package, there are side casings and the lens cover to adjust all the Hero camera sets.

Portable Dual Charger, $49.99


You have two batteries, and you need a portable charger for charging them while you are traveling. You cannot wait to reach your hotel room for charging the battery, since there are many things that need to be captured in your camera, in the middle. So, take the help of the dual charger available online among the GoPro accessories.

The battery charger is equipped with LED light. this will indicate the percentage of charge that your battery has received. This one is the handiest tool for you if you are going to a long trip, where most of the time, you will be on the roads.

USP – The package contains a dual charger with LED light indicating both the battery that will be charged. It is handy and can be taken on trips.

Flat Mount, $17.40


This is the tool that is really handy and you can use this adhesive ingredient to place your camera on anything. It can be moving or a fixed object, but your intention is to put the camera safely so that it is not altered by any chance.

This sticky pads will be holding the camera and will also put itself in a position that is safe for you. Image capturing experience is perfect through this device.

USP – The portable mount is added with adhesive elements and hence can be placed at any position to hold your camera.

Power battery, $19.97


Get two battery parts, AHDBT and AHBBP at the same time with a dual charger in this set. The entire set has a chord with it for the plugin, and that is going to enhance the function of the device for you. The lovely dual battery charger can be carried easily at any location because of the light weight of it and the small space it covers.

USP – the perfect device is compatible with Hero 4 cameras, and it contains charger, cable for charging and two 1160 mAh batteries.


All the above accessories are perfect for the Hero camera sets of GoPro and they all comes with a warranty, ranging from one year to five years. You can get the products from Amazon.com and other online stores too.

So get the full knowledge about all GoPro essentials and then get them from the online store.

You can get the better view of the products from the online site.

This will help you to check out the right accessory for you.

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