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Top 25 Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Kids to buy for them in 2018

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Picking up gifts, especially for the young brigade can be quite a daunting task, considering the fact that their choices are dynamic, and it isn’t always that we can read their minds.

However, to help you combat this problem, especially with the festive season coming up soon, we’ve consolidated a list of some assorted gift items that will help you make them jump out of sheer excitement and happiness.

So go ahead, and take a look at our top 25! Hope you enjoy the same!

  1. Pet Toy Set

    Pet Toy Set

Before you gift your little ones, their own pet, we think it might be a good idea to gift them with this astounding toy set so that they can get used to the related items. Easy to carry in the pocket, these sets are designed such that they can be used at any place or time.

Thanks to the life like pieces, this set makes it fairly easy to fascinate the child and let him wander in his own imaginary world.

Hand-painted with love, this set can be easily customized by getting the child’s name inscribed on the lid. Essentially made of clay, tin and canvas, this set will offer the kid with an unmatched opportunity to hone his imagination.


  1. Paint a Peg Doll Kit

    Paint a Peg Doll Kit

This can be easily termed as a cool gift for kids, given the fact that it will help them learn the wondrous art of painting. This kit comprises of 4 maple wood dolls, 2 mushrooms,a cotton storage bog, one box, some acrylic non-toxic paints, a bees wax sealer, a paint brush, a pencil and eraser along with a color wheel sticker to help the little one understand the art of mixing colors.This kit is ideal for children of agates 3 and above since it contains certain small parts which can prove to be choking hazards.


  1. Suspenders and Bow Tie Set for Baby Boy

    Suspenders and Bow Tie Set for Baby Boy

If you’ve been wanting your kid to look like a prince, then here’s a perfect gift set for him. The pair of suspenders van be easily hooked onto his little pants, while the bow-tie will ensure a classy look. Perfectly suited for a charming birthday outfit or that for any other special occasion, this set is available for toddlers aged 3 months and above. Made to order, this gift set will ensure that your loved one looks simply stunning on occasions such as Mustache Parties, a Photo Prop Opp and other Holiday Pictures such asthose taken at Thanksgiving and Christmas.


  1. Kids Ball Pit with Zippered Storage Bag


Kids Ball Pit with Zippered Storage Bag

This is one gift that is ideally designed to be used both indoors as well as outdoors. Offered in a vibrant polka dot hexagonal theme design, this ball pit ensures a safe playing space for the little one and his friends. Facilitated with a pop-up design, this pit is easy to set up and fold. The zippered storage bad that it is offered with makes it easy to pack and carry along. Made of a fairly soft waterproof polyester fabric, this ball pit comes with a high-strength memory steel holder for added sturdiness. Offering the toddler just the perfect place to play, jump and run around, this kit will help develop their motor skills.


  1. Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set

Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set

This one’s ideally designed for all the lovely little girls out there. Essentially a 30+ piece set, this kid’s day at the spa includes various tools such as a battery operated nail dryer, satin eye mask, pedicure slippers and toe separators along with a nail file, buffer, 4 bottles of nail polish, 1 bottle of glitter polish and 6 sets of printed press-on nails complete with an inflatable pedicure pool. Ideally suited for children above 3 years of age, this kit will prove to be memorable gift.


  1. Eco-Friendly Toy Storage Basket

    Eco-Friendly Toy Storage Basket

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, an infant or a toddler, one things that’s common with all the kids is too may toys, and now place to keep them all. It is for this very reason, that we’ve included this amazing toy storage basket on this list. Made from natural durable strong Jute, this basket is lined with wire for added stability. Water proof on the inside, it offers ample space to store the kid’s toys, stationery and/or clothes as per your convenience. Light-weight and durable, it is fairly convenient to take it anywhere you go!


  1. Relaxed Trousers for Baby

    Relaxed Trousers for Baby

These Modern Baby trousers will prove to be just the most ideal gifts for the newest member of your family.  Offered in an alluring geometric prism triangles print over a charming cream hued organic jersey cotton approved by the GOTS, these trousers will give the little one an adorable modern day touch. Aptly designed in a way that offers plenty of nappy room, along with an impeccable level of comfort, these trousers are facilitated with cuffs, which can either be worn down or turned up, in a bid to offer ample growing room for the child. Made to order for infants of all ages, right from newborns to those who are 12 to 18 months of age.


  1. Short Cloud Pillow

    Short Cloud Pillow

Worried that the little one will bump his arm or legs in the crib or on the cot? Worry no further, because we present to you a cute and useful idea to ensure your kid feels perfectly cozy at all times. The short cloud pillow, made from cotton, will prove to be just the ideal pick for their crib, The dreamy cloud like design makes it look alluring, while the cushion filled center ensures that your little one stays safe from unwanted bumps and bruises. Available in a plethora of colors and prints, we’re sure that this unique gift idea for kids will take your hearts away.


  1. Linen Crib Skirt and Side Bumper

    Linen Crib Skirt and Side Bumper

As a parent or even a friend or relative, there are times when you can’t help but think of the little one’s safety, even when they’re all comfy in their cribs, it is for this reason that we bring to you this stunning set of crib skirt and side bumpers. Made from 100% flax linen in natural color with ruffle, this gift set comprises of one skirt, 4 side bumpers complete with non-allergic filling and zipper closure. This set can be conveniently customized in terms of size of the crib. Ideally suited for children who have sensitive skin, this set will prove to be an ideal gift.


  1. Kids Apron and Snack Bag

    Kids Apron and Snack Bag

For kids who show a keen interest in the art of cooking from a very young age, we bring to you this charming kids apron, complete with a reusable snack bag. An eco-friendly cotton wear, this apron is designed using Quilting Cotton Fabric along with Cotton Twill Ties. The snack bag offered with this gift set is not only eco-friendly but is also made from a water resistant fabric. With an alluring truck construction print all over it, this apron ensures that the kid will instantly fall in love with the culinary delight that a kitchen often provides.


  1. Chess Gift Desk Organizer

    Chess Gift Desk Organizer

Handmade of fine quality wood, this desk organizer comes in alluring shape of a chess pawn. Offered in a unique blue and brown hued patchwork, this organizer offers ample space for storing the little one’s pens, pencils and other items of stationery. It can easily double up as a paper-weight and can be conveniently used at home, in nursery or for office decoration. Hand-painted with non-toxic acrylic paints and non-toxic varnish, each piece is uniquely designed, so that no two pieces are alike. Now isn’t that something which will lure the little ones to their study tables?


  1. Star Wall Shelf

    Star Wall Shelf

Here’s presenting to you a unique wall shelf, which will also act as an artefact thanks to its unique star shape. Ideally designed to blend in with almost any style of interior, whether trendy, Scandinavian, industrial, modern or even vintage, this will perk up the décor of your child’s room like never before. The shelf is adorned with 2 hooks to hang items of show or that of daily use like a small bag or the kid’s jacket etc. Handmade in France from natural wood, this shelf is fir protected with natural oils. The star wall shelf gets its unique edge from its alluring design and unmatched utility.


  1. Chalkboard Gift Box

    Chalkboard Gift Box

Looking for some unique gifts for kids? Well, here’s one which will leave the receiver totally amazed, thanks to its eccentric look and appeal, apart from awe-inspiring utility. It is essentially a vintage wooden box which is meticulously decorated using the unique decoupage technique. Inspired from the school Math, resonating a typical school students’ emotions. Ideal for storing all those little treasures from the toddler’s life at school and outside, this box will prove to be an amazing keepsake. Offered in custom designs, you have more than just a few reasons to pick it as your chosen gift item.


  1. Personalized Aluminum Water Bottle

    Personalized Aluminum Water Bottle

What does a kid loves more than an adorable image of his favorite animal? Probably his or her own name to go with it, for that unique sense of belongingness! That being established, you can now go ahead and pick this astounding aluminum water bottle. Offered in a smooth white finish, this 600ml bottle is rather light - weight, and is thus ideal for use during sports, school trips as well as day picnics. A charming way for the young ones to identify their bottle with their favorite animal, they’ll simply fall in love with it! Facilitated with two interchangeable tops, including a screw top and a karabiner hook, tis bottle offers complete convenience while the kid is on the go, and can even be attached to his back-pack thus ensuring that it doesn’t get lost.


  1. Mirror Bow Tie

    Mirror Bow Tie

Talk about an eccentric touch to the little one’s outfit, and all you need is this glamorous mirror bow tie. Offered in a custom 9 x 5 cm size for kids, this spectacular accessory is sure to make all heads turn around. A stunning handmade product, it comes with a chic black colored ribbon which is adjustable in accordance with the neck size through hook and eye fastening. Quite reasonably priced for custom-made item, you can take your pick from a plethora of designs offered by the designer.


  1. Big Whale Plush Toy

    Big Whale Plush Toy

There are seldom any kids who aren’t pleased with a plush toy, and especially if this toy is offered as a gift! The Big Whale Plush Toy is your go to gift, when you’re running short of alternatives or are confused as to what exactly will the kid like. A perfect unisex gift, this plush toy is offered in an elegant hue of gray with a rather illustrious design which is sure to catch the little one’s imagination. A handmade product, this toy is designed using cotton jersey andcotton faux fur. Stuffed with polyester fiber, with safety plastic eyes, this toy will make for a cherished gift. Offered in a cotton bag for ease of carrying and storage, this gift is fit for all ages.


  1. Geo Safari Jr. Microspcope

Geo Safari Jr. Microspcope

Here’s presenting to you a fun and unique way of getting the preschoolers and young kids excited about the otherwise dreaded subject of science. This junior microscope will help them have firsthand experience of the miracles of magnification. Be it a flat object or a three dimensional, this microscope will help the kid magnify small objects up to 8x their size. Fairly colorful and vibrant in looks, this microscope comes with two large eye-pieces and thus offers great ease of use. It has a chunky, user-friendly focusing knob and an LED light for better viewing. It comes with a large sample tray, that’s fixed on to the device and can hold both flat and 3D objects neatly. Functioning on a set of 3 AAA batteries, this is one of those cool gifts for kids,  that will make them fall in love with you.


  1. Play Tunnel Toy Tent


Play Tunnel Toy Tent

Ah! What superb fun would it be to crawl in an out of a tunnel! Now isn’t that something that will keep your little one and his/her gang of friends happily occupied? Six feet in length, this stunning play tunnel is extremely easy and quick to set up, without the requirement of any tools. Extremely light-weight, and made with water prof material, the tent like material of this tunnel makes it perfect to be used for both indoor as well as outdoor fun times. Offering utmost convenience, this tunnel can be easily folded flat and stored when not in use.


  1. KidizoomSmartwatch DX

KidizoomSmartwatch DX

Here’s presenting to you one of the most premium birthday gifts kidson this list. This stunning smart watch, available in two unique, vibrant colors is sure to fill the little one’s life with fun and frolic. It offers the kid with the unique opportunity to indulge in 3 fun activities, 5 games and 3 action challenges. And the motion sensor that it is enabled with will only help make this experience worth their while.

Facilitated with a still as well as a video camera, this watch comes with ample memory for the kids to save their pictures and videos. Its interactive touch screen, voice changing effects and other apps including a calendar, a basic calculator and stunning digital and analog clock diplay, this watch is more than just a gift. It will in fact, become their way of life. An ideal gift for kids aged 4 to 9 years, this watch is a must buy.


  1. Wooden Toy Car Jeep Wrangler

    Wooden Toy Car Jeep Wrangler

A wooden toy to look at, this one can prove to be a just the perfect keepsake foe the little one. A perfect model of the Jeep Wrangler, this toy comes with fully rotating wheels making for a fun ride for the kid’s toys. Made from natural woods including beech, maple and oak, this model used no nails or screws to ensure complete safety. For what it’s worth, this toy car makes for a classy gift, something that will be cherished for years at end.

  1. Toddler Bow Tie

    Toddler Bow Tie

What better than a cute little bow ties to adorn your toddler’s favorite outfits with? Offered in a multi-colored hues of orange, light blue, black, white and gold, this stunning bow-tie comes in a striped pattern with flowers for an alluring look. Offered with a nude nylon or an alligator clip, this bow is available in three size, with the mini bow measuring 2 inches by 1.5 inches and the large one being 4 inches by 2 inches.


  1. Vanilla Cupcake Planner Bookmark

    Vanilla Cupcake Planner Bookmark

Now here’s just the perfect gift for the kids who love their books, and their cupcakes too! I can even be the other way round. Trust us, it wouldn’t matter once they see this inexplicably adorable gift. This bookmark features a yummy rainbow sprinkles vanilla cupcake.  This metal bookmark roughly measures 9 cms in length, while the cupcake charm measures 1.5 cm x 1 cm. handcrafted to perfection, this unique little gift is made from custom blended polymer clay.


  1. Toy Vacuum

Toy Vacuum

Because running out of those perfect gift ideas for kids isn’t an option, we bring to you an astounding gift. A toy vacuum that is based on the principle of the latest Dyson "Ball" model. This toy won’t just prove to be an alluring playtime alternative but will also help the child learn some cognitive skills. This vacuum features a cyclone action with colorful balls for added allure, and twists and turns just like your actual vacuum would. The foot of the vacuum features suction which helps the child understand the cause and effect phenomenon.


  1. Durable Walkie Talkies

Durable Walkie Talkies

You will only seldom find a kid who won’t be amused by the wondrous idea of using walkie-talkies, just like they do in the movies! Offered in a set of two, it will prove to be just the ideal gift thanks to its amazing ease of use, with a simple push to talk feature. This set promises a stunning battery life of over 9 hours on standby and 3.5 hours of continuous use. Its amazing 3 channel operation will help the kids come up with those super-secretconversations which will make the playtime all the more fun!


  1. Beginner Microscope Kit

Beginner Microscope Kit

This one’s designed to be used for children in their pre-teens to help them get a fair idea of the scope of a real-life microscope. Offering a high-level of magnification, this microscope meant for educational applications comes with a monocular viewing head featuring an LED and mirror illumination along with a built-in color filter wheel. Making for just the perfect gift, it offers magnification of up to 1200x. Available in a 52-piece accessory kit and hard-sided plastic ABS case, this microscope will work wonders for students who have an inclination towards life sciences.


At Last

Now that you know of some of the most astounding gift options for kids including some impeccable personalized gifts for kids, do let us know as to which one you liked the best while we’ve tried to include all possible classes of gifts including toys, stationary, educational items as well as those reacted to looks and lifestyle, let us know if you think we’ve missed on an important category.

For all you know, we might just include them in our nest list! Also, tell us, which is the gift that you’d like to present to your little one, or to a niece or nephew who rules your heart!

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