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25 OMG! Gift Ideas For Girlfriend to Make Her Fall In Love, Again

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While every day is special when you find that special someone who makes life worth living, there are always certain days and occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s and other that hold a special place in your heart and that of you loved one too! It is for these very occasions that we brings forth to you our top pick for the best gifts for girlfriend!

Not only will these stupendous gifts take her heart away, but will also ensure that she is always reminded of your love, care and thoughtfulness almost every single time she glances at them! For what it’s worth, almost all of these gifts are rather affordable, so that you can impress your loved one, without burning a hole in your pocket!

What makes these amazing gifts ideas for girlfriend truly stand out is the fact that almost all of them are handmade and are crafted to perfection by artists who truly care for your feelings. Most of these gifts can even be personalized to an astonishing level, which is sure to leave your girlfriend completely in awe of them right from the first glance that she gets! Offered in adorable gift boxes, these gifts will last a lifetime, giving your story of love a milestone to be remembered by not just on your special days but almost every day that follows from the time you present her these.

Since we’ve clearly got you hooked and excited about these unique gift ideas, we think it’ll be cruel to keep you waiting any longer!

Hence, without further ado, let us check out this one of its’ kind list with some of the most stunning gifts that you can possibly pick for the love of your life!

  1. Headband cum Ear-warmer, Ebony With Scarlet Heart

Made of fine quality Patton’s metallic yarn, this exquisite accessory will surely sweep your girlfriend of her feet. The metallic yarn ensures that this wondrous headband emulates the look of a finished metal like material, while being amazingly soft to touch and feel.

Offered in a chic ebony color, this headband is adorned with a stunning scarlet hued heart for an added appeal.

At the end of the band are two silver buttons, which are thoughtfully placed to help adjust the fit, while also offering it an adorable look. A perfect add-on to be carried with almost every outfit, and hairstyle, this one’s a must buy!


  1. Double Bird Anklet With Pearl

    Double Bird Anklet With Pearl

If your girlfriend likes everything that’s pretty and delicate, the Double bird Anklet with Pearl, will prove to be juts the perfect pick for her. Offered in an alluring silver finish, this anklet comprises of alloy charms in the form of flying birds which are conjoined with a lavender pearl to complete the look.

Handmade to perfection, this anklet is approx. 11.5 inches in size, making it just perfect for an averaged sized leg. One of the loveliest Christmas gifts for girlfriend, you ought to place your order for this dainty accessory right away!


  1. Personalized Love Box

This is a gift that will truly make your special someone jump out of sheer happiness and joy! This impeccable hand-made gift is especially made to order, so that it carries the essence of your love, straight from your heart!

This stunning box comprises of a quaint hand painted wood box n sealed with your initials, a gorgeous miniature bouquet of paper flowers, a crimson red handmade paper heart along with a short love letter! What makes this gift so special is the fact that you can actually give your own love-filled message, which would then be printed on a fine paper so as to be treasured by your girlfriend for a long time to come!

  1. Rosegold Heart Wire Ring

    Rosegold Heart Wire Ring

Yet another adorable gift option on this list that can easily pass as one of the most charming Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend, this delicate ring will help you win her heart in an instant.

Made from Rosegold Plated Wire, this ring offers complete resistance from any kind of tarnish so that this exquisite symbol of your love can last forever. Since each piece is especially handmade as per your requirement, you can feel free to mention the ring-size of your special someone in order to for the ring to fit her just perfectly!

  1. Rope Diamond Bracelet with Custom Name

    Rope Diamond Bracelet with Custom Name

What could possibly be better than expressing your undying love for your girlfriend with a stunning piece of jewelry such as this one? A perfect blend of sheer class and an unmatched style, this impeccable bracelet is essentially comprises of a stretchable fabric based band which holds a stunning gold and diamond piece at the center, which spells ‘LOVE’.

If you so wish, you can even chose to get your girlfriends name or initials designed for this space. The name is written in 18k rose gold finish, and is studded with round cut conflict-free diamonds for a dazzling appeal! With the promise of SI quality of diamonds, each of whose color range varies from G-H, this bracelet will surely offer you great value for your money.


  1. Pink Flower Cluster Earrings

    Pink Flower Cluster Earrings

Here’s an alluring way to win over your girlfriend’s heart, only with the Pink Flower Cluster Earrings.

After all, as they say, jewelry is a girl’s best friend! Intricately designed with polymer clay, these handmade earrings comprise of some stunning silver beads and wire along with some exquisite glass beads to complete the look.

Offered in an enticing shade of pink, these cluster earrings will look truly flattering when accompanied by a complementing attire! For the jaw dropping price that they are available at, this pair of earrings is something to vouch for!

  1. Gold Calla Lily Earrings

    Gold Calla Lily Earrings

Presenting to you, just the most thoughtful gift that will leave you’re the love of your life simply spell bound! After all, it isn’t always that you gift her a stunning set of earrings that accentuates the glow on her pretty face!

The Calla Lilly earrings, are essentially made of fine quality surgical steel, and are enhanced by a dazzling golden polish. What makes these earring all the more attractive is the exquisite ivory cream Swarovski pearl that hangs at the center!

Handcrafted to perfection, this set of utterly romantic earrings are exactly what you need to get her heart ticking!

  1. Pearl Acorn Necklace

While not everything can be truly as marvelous as your special someone, it can be at least a little close! And if anything, this stunning charm necklace is something that can surely live up to your expectations of a gift that’s not just truly enticing but utterly charming as well.

This cluster pendant is adorned with a stunning swarovski pearl acorn along with a copper pine cone, complete with a woodland branch of three leaves. Offered in an astounding antique gold brass finish, this pendant comes with a 22” necklace that helps it assume a magnificent look.

Given the fact that it is manually polished, sometimes, the unique patina acorn top of the pendant cluster may vary in color and patina. But then, isn’t gifting something truly unique your idea of a scintillating gift?

  1. Heart Stud Sterling Silver Earrings

Charming your special friend after a small feud isn’t something you must get worked up about, simply because you now have the amazing alternative of cheering her up with the beautiful Heart Stud Earrings! Offered in a unique sterling silver finish, these earrings will ensure that your live keeps dazzling forever!

Handcrafted to perfection, this pair of exquisite earrings is offered with a silver polishing cloth, a pair of sterling silver backings, some extra plastic backings and a special gift card! Because, when you’re making an effort to do something, it’s best to leave no stone unturned!

  1. Butterfly Brooch

If you think your girl has a thing for all things glittery, this might be just the most ideal gift for her! Intricately designed, this stunning brooch is hand-embroidered on fabric using Swarovski, rhinestones, Czech crystals, seed beads and other high quality sequins.

Offered with a removable decorative chain, this stunning accessory comes with a clasp which ensures a tight grip. With a hue of green dominating this design, this one’s will simply make the onlookers grow envious in an instant!

  1. Bunny Ear Scrunchie

    Bunny Ear Scrunchie

For there are times, that you find your girl a little too cute, and wish to spoil her with everything that’s nearly as adorable, here’s the bunny ear scrunchie. A perfect hair accessory, she can use it in multiple ways to adorn her ponytail or bun! It can even double up as a funky bracelet!

Offered in a stylish monochrome pattern with some musical notes printed for added allure, this scrunchie is made of pure cotton, along with Kawaii spirit! For the spectacle that it is, you must get it right away!

  1. Ladies’ Leather Backpack

    Ladies’ Leather Backpack

Well, who doesn’t love some stunning leather accessories to go with, and what could possibly be better than a lovely backpack that one could carry along all day! Thanks to us, you can now rejoice in the sheer joy with the handcrafted Ladies’ Leather Backpack! Made of fine quality genuine leather, this backpack looks only more spectacular with age. The shoulder straps of this bag are intricately made of chestnut vegetable tanned leather, and can be easily adjusted thanks to the additional strap and buckle.

Offered with a flap and buckle along with a leather drawstring for secured packaging, this backpack is a treat to have.

  1. Personalized Zipper Pouches

Personalized Zipper Pouches

There is nothing like too many zipper ouches, not for girls anyway! With a ton of jewelry, trinkets and cosmetics to carry around all the time, they are always wishing for some more. And this time around you can grant your special someone with this wish in the most stylish way possible.

Offered in an impeccable feminine design, you can choose to get her name or a short message printed on the pouch. Perfect for keeping in a large handbag, or simply carrying around on its own, this secure zipper will make for a memorable gift!

  1. Paris Coin Purse

    Paris Coin Purse

As is always the case with ladies, they’re almost never full of more clutches, bags and purses! And it is for this reason that that you can feel free to gift your beloved this stunning Paris Coin Purse.

Offered in a glamorous design inspired from the streets of Paris, this cosmetic purse is created from premium cotton fabrics. Interfaced for a sturdy design, this purse can be easily opened and closed thanks to its metal clip. Ideal for carrying cash, cosmetics or mobile phones, this accessory is as useful as it is stylish!

  1. Seed Bead Turquoise Necklace

    Seed Bead Turquoise Necklace

Only seldom will you come across a lady who would deny the need for yet another piece of accessory, especially when it is something as gorgeous as this Seed Bead Turquoise Necklace! This amazing necklace is adorned with bright turquoise hued beads, while the better part of this necklace is camouflaged with a stunning black mesh for that added splendor! 63 cms in length, this necklace is sure to accentuate the beauty of any dress that it is paired with.

  1. Custom Picture Frame

    Custom Picture Frame

What could be more enticing than a customized picture frame, that can not only carry a sweet message from you, but also the name of you and your loved one, etched into it to last a lifetime!

If anything, this elegant gift spells togetherness at its very best! One of the most ideal birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend, this one will truly take her heart away!

  1. Personalized Housewarming Gift

    Personalized Housewarming Gift

If it’s a gift for someone who holds a special place in your heart, it ought to be something truly memorable! And what better than a customized picture frame etched in wood to mark a special occasion! Made of basswood, this frame will ensure that your picture becomes an integral part of it, and hence stands the test of time.

Thanks to the natural wooden backdrop, your picture will have an enticing rustic look and feel to it, which will only add to its magnificence. For what it’s worth, you can always bank upon this stunning gift to be one of the most of the memorable gifts of your relationship!

  1. Boho 3D Dream Catcher

    Boho 3D Dream Catcher

Here’s presenting to you something as stunning as the most beautiful of your dreams! Yes, this 3D dream catcher is exactly what you’d want to gift your girlfriend on especially when you want to wish her success in life! The rings of the dream catcher are carefully intertwined and are held firmly wrapped in a light-grey faux suede cord.

The inner string comprises of a light-beige thread embroidery complete with a cluster of bright and vibrant beads, feathers and metal keys hanging from the bottom. Handcrafted to perfection, this gift will leave her truly mesmerized.

  1. Love Messages in a Bottle

    Love Messages in a Bottle

Now, here is one of the most creative gifts that you can possibly pick for that special someone. This impeccable gift comprises of a small glass bottle, which holds as many as 101 message scrolls, with an adorable message to your loved one, coming straight from your heart.

Every time she picks a scroll, she would be lovingly reminded of the innumerable ways that you love her in, and the fact that you care so much! With a personalized tag, and the alternative to pen down each message in your own words, this is one of the most thoughtful gifts on this list, which will surely bring an inexplicable charm to her face!

  1. USA Map Pillow Cover

    USA Map Pillow Cover

This stunning pillow cover will prove to be one of the most unique gift ideas for girlfriend, especially if you’re in a long distance relationship. With two hearts placed in different states of USA, this personalized pillow cover also mentions your names with a date of your choice! What’s more is that you can even get one of your favorite love quotes embroidered on it for that snugly feel!

Made of fine quality linen blend, this cover is facilitated with a zipper at the back for a neat look. Hand-embroidered, this cover will make for a cherished gift item!

  1. Felt Heart

A lovely little gift that measures 7 cms, roughly the size of your own heart, this felt heart will make for a perfect occasional gift!  With a message 'Only you my love' being hand-stamped on a cotton fabric, this adorable gift is as alluring as it can possibly get. Hand sewn using a premium 40% wool blend in a somber grey color, this heart is hung through a cute hoop of jute twine.

Offered at a stunningly reasonable price, you can pair it with some other gifts in order to create that moment of sheer awe!

  1. Personalized Vase

Well, who doesn’t like the smell of some fresh blooming flowers! And more so, when these flowers can be arranged in a charming personalized vase. Offered in a clear glass finish, this vase measure 9 inches in height and is almost 4.5 inches wide.

With the word “Love” printed in a gorgeous hue of red, right at the center of the mug, you can opt to get the names of you and your loved one printed on the sides to make this amazing gift a memorable one.

Decorated with permanent vinyl, you can rest assured that the prints will last for a long time to come.

  1. Party Bracelet with Personalized Message

    Party Bracelet with Personalized Message

Here is another gift that will sweep your loved one right off the floor, thanks to its sheer magnificence. The awe-inspiring bracelet in this pack is made of tarnish resistant cubic zirconia with a stupendous gold finish to complete the look.

Also available in a white gold or rose gold finish, this bracelet is designed in a bangle cuff style with an adjustable belt to fit all wrist sizes up to 8 inches.

This bracelet is offered with a lovely card which will hold a message for you to receiver etched in a lovely handwriting for that added splendor!

  1. Personalized Fine Bone China Mug

    Personalized Fine Bone China Mug

A personalized gift yet again! But then, why not? After all, what could be possibly better than something that instantly reminds your loved one of your true and undying love and care for them? Made of dine bone china, this astounding mug is hand-painted for that raw feel. With a height as well as diameter of 8.5 cm, this stunning mug an hold a little over ½ pint.

With an option to get your name along with that of our beloved hand painted on the mug, you get it duly signed by the artist in an adorable gift box complete with a card of authenticity.


  1. Romantic Magic Candle Holder

    Romantic Magic Candle Holder

There are seldom such gifts which express your feelings in such a marvelous yet effortless way, and this unique candle holder is one such gift. Made of  wood, this candle holder gets its uniqueness from the fact that a short message from you to your dear one is cut out on one side, which is then projected on to the wall, whenever you light a candle inside it.

Ideal to be used in dim light settings, this candle holder also features some stunning shapes, mostly inspired from the nature, which are cut out on the other sides for an added allure. Simply put in the room on your special day, and watch the face of your loved one gleam with a charming smile!


So, what do you think of our list of gifts for your special someone? Which one would you like to pick as the most perfect anniversary gifts for girlfriend! Tell us in the comments below!

In fact, you can also share some of your own gift ideas too! So go ahead spread the joy and let us all rejoice in the amazing feeling that love is!

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