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35 Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend to Gift Him this Christmas

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love writing gift for Your Boyfriend

Quite often in life it so happens that we’re left toiling through the daily rut, while completely failing to acknowledge and appreciate the inexplicable charm, love and laughter brought along by the ones with love. And this is especially the case when it comes to our boyfriends, and life partners.

As unforgivable as this mistake is, it is almost never too late for us to step up our game by showing them just how much they mean to us, by means of getting them some of the choicest creative gifts for boyfriend. And while that would just be a start, it will surely help create a way that leads to eternal love filled with blissfulness.

So let’s take a look at some of the best available alternatives for a thoughtful gift!


  1. Magic Candle Holder

    Magic Candle Holder

Here’s one gift that will help you express your love in a stunning yet effortless manner.Hand crafted in wood, this creative gift will help you convey a short loving message for your beloved in a unique way.

The message is cut out on one side of the holder, which will be projected on the wall, whenever a candle is lit inside it. Perfect for those romantic dim light settings, this holder features some spectacular shapes on the other sides which accentuates its appeal.

  1. What I Love About You’ Journal

    What I Love About You’ Journal

Talk about personalised gifts and their undying charm! With subtle prompts to help your creative and romantic juices flow, this journal will take your expressiveness to a whole new level. One simple look at this wondrous journal, and we’re sure your loved one will be bowled over.

Reasonably priced, this amazing gift will hardly occupy any space and prove to be the most wondrous and convenient keepsake capturing the true essence of your love!

  1. Wooden Beard Comb

    Wooden Beard Comb

Now, here’s bringing to you one of the quirkiest gifts on our list! This eccentric wooden comb is meant for those with an unwavering love for their beards, however scarce or bushy! Engraved with the quote “Keep Calm and Beards are Sexy”, this little gift is surely going to tickle his funny bone!

Moreover you don’t even need a specific occasion to give it to him, because every day is beard combing day!

  1. iPhone Docking Station

    iPhone Docking Station

Boyfriend getting graduated, joining a new job or thinking of start-up?

Well, here’s that perfect little gift that will help him get things going. Handmade from fine quality rosewood, this iPhone docking station will surely add oodles of functionality to his table, that too with a stunning element of sheer elegance. Along with docking his phones and iPads, this station will also help him charge his Apple Watch.

What’s more, is that this dock is designed with three slots in perfect for holding stationary.

Now if that isn’t a thoughtful gift, we don’t know what is!

  1. Love Journal

    Love Journal

Titled “Love Notes From Me to You”, this journal comes in a spiral bind with rigid heavyweight chipboard covers on either side. With an extended back over for holding the pen, this creative giftis made out of recycled materials. Constituting of a 100 ruled pages, you can either pen down your feelings for your beloved in it, or gift it to him as is, for him to use it in any way he wishes to. Either way, he’s going to love you for this amazing present.

  1. Leather Front Pocket Wallet

    Leather Front Pocket Wallet

What could possibly be better than a classy gift that isn’t just personalised but hand-stitched as well! This elegant front pocket wallet, is made of rustic oil tanned leather which ensures an added allure along with unmatched durability.

With an option to get his initials embossed on it, this wallet will truly prove to be a keepsake. Perfect for holding up to 4 cards and some cash, this wallet offers great utility.

Thanks to its slim profile, it would be hardly visible from the pocket of his front or even rear pocket of his jeans.


  1. Designer Sports Watch

Here is a gift that offers great value for your money. This designer watch gives you all the style and glamour imaginable, without burning that nasty hole in your pocket. With a polished stainless steel construction, this watch comes with a round-shaped chrome dial.

Its triple-row link bracelet gives it an ideal masculine sophistication. Offered in an elegant black faux leather case, this watch will definitely make for a premium gift!

  1. Personalised Rustic Watch Box

    Personalised Rustic Watch Box

If style, elegance and functionality is what you’ve been looking for in that ideal gift, we believe your search will end with this astounding Personalised Rustic Watch Box! An impeccable gift, this box is made using 100 years old reclaimed pine wood, which offers it a unique look and beautiful distressed texture.

The splendour of this box is enhanced through a deep, sophisticated walnut stain. In a bid to complement the look of this sophisticated gift, a customizable monogram plate is included with it!

  1. Mr Right Hanger

    Mr Right Hanger

Here’s a gift that is fairly simple, and yet amazingly adorable! While girls are always the one bidding for getting the title of being always “Right”, this Mr Right Hanger will help you let your boyfriend know, that it is otherwise.

Thanks to this amazing gift, you’ll be able to tell him, just how much you value him and his opinions, and that too in your own quirky witty way! Now isn’t that a great idea?


  1. Melted Crayons Keyboard for MacBook

    Melted Crayons Keyboard for MacBook

Creativity at its very best, is how we like to define this gift. Made of 3M Vinyl, tis keyboard is ideally designed to be used with the MacBook.

Flaunting an eccentric melted crayon look, this keyboard will help you add just the perfect dash of vibrancy to your otherwise simple looking gadget. Reasonably priced, this gift is surely going to win his artsy heart!

  1. Reveal the Soul Decal for MacBook

    Reveal the Soul Decal for MacBook

Yet another one our list for those die-hard lovers of Apple! This eccentric decal made of Photopolymer PVC coms with a self-adhesive features an extremely detailed vector graphic, which will help you give a quirky twist to your MacBook’s look and appeal!

Designed to perfection with deep realistic colours, this decal will help  protect the front panel of your beloved comp from dust, scratches and moisture!

  1. iPad Mini Leather Folio

    iPad Mini Leather Folio

For the boyfriends vouching to make it big in the corporate world, here’s a gift that will help them do so while staying perfectly organised.

Giving them just the perfect edge over others, this organiser is made of natural leather, and features pockets for holding your iPad, your iPhone, a pair of headphones, some pens and pencils along with an attached notepad for taking down important notes.

Thanks to its chic brown hue, this folio spells an unmatched sophistication. With an option to get your boyfriend’s initials stamped on it, it will prove to be an amazing gift idea.

  1. Glitter Acrylic iPhone 6s Case

    Glitter Acrylic iPhone 6s Case

A little sparkle in life is all that’s needed to make your day worth the while. And it is for this reason that Glitter Acrylic iPhone 6s Case makes for just the perfect gift.

This spectacular case is created with beautiful sparkle and rose gold glitters along with some accents of sparkle bronze heart confetti for that glamorous look.

  1. Personalized Men’s Wooden Watch

    Personalized Men’s Wooden Watch

Yes, a watch that’s wooden and personalised too! We bet, there couldn’t possibly be a gift more creative and thoughtful than his one, and of course, special too. Handmade with Bamboo Wood this watch features Japanese Movement. A high quality product this watch offers a luxuriant look thanks to it stainless steel hands and a chic design. Engraved with your man’s initials or a lovely message, this watch is surely going to be one of his most cherished gifts ever.

  1. Courage Bracelet for Men

    Courage Bracelet for Men

This stylish bracelet for men is offered in a beige colour, with aminimalistic cord holding a bronze tone plaque, which comes embossed with the word 'courage'. Made of waxed cotton, the cord is elegant in look and appeal, while the charm, made of alloy looks simply stunning on the hand, making for a more than decent gift idea.

  1. Men’s Shoe Bag With Airplanes

    Men’s Shoe Bag With Airplanes

Travelling today is a way of life, and hence, this shoe bag makes for an incredible gift. Handcrafted to perfection, this bag is adorned with a vibrant print of flying airplanes which adds to its style quotient.

Perfect for keeping one’s shoes in a neat manner, while travelling and even at home, this bag is facilitated with a drawstring for added convenience. Made of pure cotton, this bag can be easily washed and is fairly convenient to maintain!

  1. Men’s Brown Vintage Genuine Leather Backpack

    Men’s Brown Vintage Genuine Leather Backpack

This si a gift which will leave your man, simply speechless. Made of High Quality Genuine Leather, this backpack comes in a stunning vintage look in a chic brown finish.

Facilitated with two shoulder straps, a loop for hanging, a flap cover with buckles along with a drawstring and some extra pockets, this bag is ideal for those who love to live life on the go. This is one of those thoughtful gifts that offer a high functionality.

  1. Music Print Bow Tie

    Music Print Bow Tie

Bow-ties are probably the most sought after accessories which help make a man look impeccably suave and prim. And what better than anaccessoryas amazing as his being available in an inspiring musical print. Trust us, this monochrome bow-tie is all that you need to take him by a melodious surprise.

  1. Personalised Wood Wrapped Flask

    Personalised Wood Wrapped Flask

For those who love their drinks, neat and strong, here’s a gift that they can literally keep close to their heart. This stainless steel flask, with a capacity to hold 6 ounces of one’s favourite drink, comes wrapped in wood for a stylish look.

With the option of getting your beloved’s initials engraved on it, we’re sure this one will win him over almost instantaneously.

  1. Personalised Docking Station

    Personalised Docking Station

For those who love to keep their belongings in a way that’s not only organized but sophisticated as well, this docking station will prove to be the most ideal gift.

With a spectacular cut-out of the receiver right at the top, this amazing docking station facilitates space for holding one’s smartphone, smart watch, keys and wallet in a perfectly neat manner. Offered in an antique teak finish, style and functionality are innate to this gift.


  1. Men’s Wrap Bracelet

    Men’s Wrap Bracelet

Handmade with cotton and antiqued brass finishing, this bracelet is an astounding gift for those with a sense of style and flamboyance. Perfect to be worn along almost all casual outfits, this bracelet will help your man gain a stylish edge over others.

  1. Reasons Why I Love You Book

    Reasons Why I Love You Book

Here’s a mini-book that’ll help you convey your feelings to your boyfriend in the simplest yet most romantic manner.

With a capacity to hold as many as 8 cards, you can use this unique gift ideafor boyfriend’s birthday to ensurethat your beloved gets a keepsake that will always remind him of just how much you love and care for him.

  1. Batman - Couple’s Gift Mugs

    Batman - Couple’s Gift Mugs

This one’s for the ardent fans of the Batman. Offered in a pair of two, one of these mugs states ‘I’m Batman’, while the other one claims ‘I’m Batman’s Girlfriend’. Made of fine quality ceramic, these mugs can be conveniently used in the microwave as well as dishwasher.

Now isn’t that an amazing idea to express the way you bond with each other.


  1. Personalized 5pc Cocktail Shaker Mixer

    Personalized 5pc Cocktail Shaker Mixer

This stunning set of Cocktail Shaker Mixer comprises of a measurer, a shaker, a stirrer, a pair of tongs, and a cocktail mixer all made of stainless steel. The set is accompanied with a wooden storage box, for added ease of use. Each of the piece of this set, can be engraved with the initials, name, logo and even graphics, as per your requirement.

Now isn’t that one of the best personalised gifts you’ve ever come across?

  1. Men's Silver Necklace

    Men's Silver Necklace

This stunning rhodium necklace with a silver tooth pendant will prove to be ideal gift for your man for the simple reason that it will help accentuate his suave look and appeal almost effortlessly.

Rhodium being one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals, helps make this gift unique and valuable in its own little way. For the fairly reasonable price that this men’s accessory is offered you need not think twice before grabbing it.

  1. Custom Peg Couple Figurines

    Custom Peg Couple Figurines

It isn’t always that you get the opportunity to gift your loved one with something that resonates the relationship that you share in such an astounding way possible.

All you need to do is fill out a simple form, and in turn, you’ll get a lovely pair of peg figurines on your doorstep which resembles you and your boyfriend in the cutest way possible, What’s more is that you can also add your pet, or your little ones to this special gift. Hand-painted on wood, this gift will last a lifetime!

  1. Good Morning Handsome - Stamped Spoon

    Good Morning Handsome - Stamped Spoon

Well, somebody has rightly said,. “The breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Probably because, it is the most apt time for you to express your love for your loved one.

And now you can do so, in an amazing way thanks to this personalised flatware. Hand-made, with a vintage silver plated design, this spoon quotes “Good Morning Handsome”, thus helping you add that dash of sweet romance to the first meal of the day!

  1. I Do What I Want Cat Funny Coffee MugTed Baker Men's 'Smart Casual' Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Dress Watch, Color:Blue (Model: 10026553)

It is always good to tickle your loved one’s funny bone. After all, love and laughter is what we all live for! Thanks to this impeccable mug, you will now be able to do so with great ease.

With a line-drawing of a funny cat face, this ceramic coffee mug comes with the quote “I Do What I Want”, albeit only seldom in life when can actually do what he wants!


  1. I Love You’ Matching Necklaces

    I Love You’ Matching Necklaces

If only love could ever be quantified or even compared for that matter! But just for fun, here’s a pair of matching necklaces for you and your beloved.

While one states ‘I love you more’, the other one claims, ‘I love you most’. Offered in an aluminium ball chain, the quote is stamped on a rectangular charm, giving this romantic gift a stylish edge.


  1. Unique Star Wars Origami Gift

    Unique Star Wars Origami Gift

One of the best personalised gifts for boyfriend on this list, this shadow box frame comprises of an origami of x wing fighter. With the alternative to personalize the print along with including names and dates, this gift takes customisation to a whole new level.

Housed in a 5x 7 frame with front window, this gift will add the much desired touch of eccentricity to your home interiors.

  1. Personalized Pocket Knife

    Personalized Pocket Knife

Well, not exactly one of those cute gift ideas for boyfriend, the pocket knife, however definitely makes for a unique one. Made of fine quality stainless steel, this fairly durable pocket knife is accentuate with a Laminated Pakka Wood Handle.

With the wooden handle engraved with the name or initials of the receiver, we bet that this gift will be something they’ll always keep by their side. And for what it’s worth remember you fondly every time they use it.

  1. Custom Bobblehead Doll

    Custom Bobblehead Doll

Handmade to perfection with the help of high-quality polymer clay, this one will prove to be a stunning Christmas gift for boyfriend! All you need to do is simply share a picture of your special someone, while placing the order, and it will be hand-sculpted into a spectacular bobble-head doll that will sweep the receiver off the floor!


  1. Funky Crewneck

    Funky Crewneck

Now, here’s bringing to you a stunning gift idea that will help you boost your loved one’s pride in the quirkiest way possible, This crewneck shirt available in a sombre bluish-grey hue comes with a catchy quote -  ‘This is what an amazing Lover looks like’., with two thumbs pointed at the wearer himself. Offered in an attractive design, this t-shirt will surely add oodles of style to his personality.


  1. Personalised Love Poster

Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend? While look no further because here’s a witty gift that will prove to be equally romantic. This poster that comes in the form of a monochrome eye-chart, says ‘I am totally Crazy in Love with you’ in a unique manner.

Ideal to be placed in any room of your choice, it will help keep your partner reminded of just how much you love him.


  1. Personalized Engraved Bamboo Sunglasses

    Personalized Engraved Bamboo Sunglasses

Who in their right mind wouldn’t fall in love with these stunning Personalized Wood Engraved Monogram Sunglasses? With a three lettered monogram of your choice, these glasses will prove to be the most bewildering addition to your boyfriend’s collection of styling accessories.

Not only are they spectacular to look at, these high-grade wood sunglasses are precision cut and hand sanded in a bid to offer your man a unique style statement.


We bet,

this consolidated list has helped you figure out some of the most romantic gift ideas for boyfriend, and even some quirky ones for that matter! Do you like them, or would you want to suggest our readers with some of your own creative gift ideas. Either way, feel free to let us know in the comments below! After all, sharing and caring is the way to spread love, laughter and happiness.

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