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21 Best GBA Games (2018) that will Capture your Imagination and Attention

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GBA Games 2017

The GBA or Game Boy Advance by Nintendo is one of the best and most popular portable games. Initially it was super hit in Japan but quickly spread to the entire world.

It is a legend on its own with a well knit, passionate community and hundreds of games.

In this post we’ve selected the 21 best gba games which we’re sure you’ll love.

Below are the top gba games for 2017 , below $400.


Pokémon: Yellow Version - Special Pikachu Edition by Nintendo, Price $399.99

Pokémon: Yellow Version - Special Pikachu Edition by Nintendo


The Pokémon: Yellow Version - Special Pikachu Edition by Nintendo features enhancements that make it better than previous games. The player in this game is seeking to become world’s greatest Pokémon trainer for which he will have to win many battles.

The first Pokémon in this version is Pikachu who travels together with you and not inside the Poke ball.

Pikachu’s mood affects the events in the game, so for best winning chances you need to keep Pikachu in a good mood. It also has new inter-player battle modes as well as a secret game called as Pikachu’s beach.

This game is highly addictive and yet fun. It is a great place to start playing Pokémon in case you haven’t played Pokémon yet. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best among all gba games.


Pokémon Ruby Version by Nintendo, Price $399.97

Pokémon Ruby Version by Nintendo


Pokémon Ruby Version by Nintendo has common elements between the earlier Pokémon games Crystal, Gold and Silver. The similarity is mainly about Pokémon controls.

The main objectives of the game is to collect as many Pokémon as you can and defeat the elite four to become world’s greatest Pokémon master.

The battle fields also remain almost the same as previous versions. But this is where the similarities end. With the Pokémon Ruby version you can now control one to two, same or different types of Pokémon’s.

You can choose Pokémon with opposite powers (such as fire and water) and use them to watch each other’s back to increase your chances of winning.

Another attractive addition is a concept of berries. You can pluck berries from berry trees and after collecting required number you can blend them to make PokeBlock which you can use to improve condition of your Pokémon.

Be careful, if you will pluck too many berries too soon, the berry tree will disappear. You can also plant berries to get a new Berry tree. This game is also multi-player in which 4 players can be linked.


Advance Wars by Nintendo, Price $399.97

Advance Wars by Nintendo


The Advance Wars by Nintendo is a huge hit in Japan which makes it among the top gba games. It has amazing 114 battle fields. The game starts with you first learning how to play and win the game.

Then you immediately become CO in the Orange Army. From here you go through different increasingly challenging battlefields.

The mission finally culminates in a fierce battle with an immensely powerful enemy army. Defeat this army and you win! The games clever artificial intelligence always has surprise waiting for you. It won’t let you win easily.

This game supports multiplayer which can be played by 4 players. The spellbinding battles will continually stretch your strategy skills.

The multiplayer mode features ‘Hot Seat’ mode, where the players give orders to their units, before they can pass on the GBA to the next player who can then see the results.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater by Nintendo, Price $294.75

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater by Nintendo


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater by Nintendo, which is among the best gba games, is Nintendo 64 port of the celebrated Tony Hawk’s Pro skater for PlayStation. This goal of this game is to collect as many videotapes as possible.

You can move through its 3 competition stages only by collecting the required number of video tapes  and can skate for only two minutes within which you have to collect 5 videotapes, failing which you again restart that stage, which unlocks new levels and skateboards through your journey.

Keeping your special meter full increases your chances of winning because it gives you the ability to use the three special skating tricks that your skater has, each of which will bring you more scores than a normal trick. This game can be played solo or between two players.


Below are good gba games under $200.


Sonic Advance by THQ, Price $199.99


Sonic Advance by THQ


The Sonic Advance by THQ is a new adventure game in which, if you choose to be Sonic, your goal is to find the chaos emerald by defeating the villain Dr. Robotnik in his plan to destroy the world.

You can choose to play any of the 8 characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails or his evil twins, or any of the villains Shadow, Rouge, Dr. Robotnik or Dr. Eggman. Each of these characters has different abilities which give you different game experience unique to that character.

Using link, you can hook-up up to 4 different players to compete against one another in a mini-game. No wonder that this game is always counted among the very good gba games.


Golden Sun by Nintendo, Price $164.95

Golden Sun by Nintendo


Golden Sun by Nintendo is an adventure game in which you choose which character you want to be, and experience the journey based on that characters abilities. Irrespective of your chosen character, the goal is to recover a powerful stolen artifact which threatens to destroy the whole world. The game is full of magic.

The land where you will travel will have evil forces destroying it, and you will have to use your psychic powers, magical spells and alchemy to counter those evil effects. Through the way to winning you will also learn new and complex spells by gathering and combining earth, water, wind and fire.

The Golden Sun supports multiplayer mode via link in which you can join 2 to 3 more people to go fulfilling your quest together

Here are the GBA games below $150.


Super Mario Bros. - Classic NES Series by Nintendo, Price $149.98

Super Mario Bros. - Classic NES Series by Nintendo


As the name suggests, the Super Mario Bros. - Classic NES Series by Nintendo is the perfect GBA port of the original Super Mario Brothers which makes it one of the best GBA game among all gba games.

Your Super Mario jumps the same, reacts the same, and falls down exactly in the same way. The game even makes the same sounds as the original game which many of us played and loved few decades ago.

Thus, playing this game takes us down that memory lane and in addition to enjoying the game, we also enjoy those good old memories.

If you haven’t played the original Super Mario game, you will still love this game, and this is a great place to start playing Super Mario games. The only difference between the original game and this game is that this game can link with another GBA to play this game with a friend.


Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land by Nintendo, Price $144.99

Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land by Nintendo


Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land by Nintendo is another game full of magic.

In this game you are Kirby, a pink puffy character living in a place called Dream Land. The villain King Dedede has done something which stopped Dream Land residents from dreaming. This is leading to chaos in Dream Land and its neighboring places. Kirby has the responsibility to save all these people.

The only way he can do this is by restoring the stolen Star Rod. But the problem is that King Dedede has broken the Star Rod into many pieces and given them to his subordinates.

So, Kirby has to fight each of these underlings and after defeating them eat them and their weapons, only then he will slowly be able to resurrect the Star Rod and defeat Kind Dedede.

You will love it when Kirby will transform into funny and weird shapes as he eats the enemies and becomes more powerful.


Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 by Nintendo, Price $135

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 by Nintendo


Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 by Nintendo is yet another fun and excitement filled journey of the Super Mario.

This adventure and action packed game revolves around the plot that Bowser and his kids have turned all local kings into animals.

With no one at the helm for control and administration, plus the fear in the people seeing what happened to their kings, creates havoc in the kingdoms. Only Mario and Luigi can stop this menace. From here, the game takes you through amazing journey of Mario and Luigi as they find and defeat Bowser.

In this game you will amass new powers as you tackle challenges through different levels, each one difficult but more exciting than the earlier one.

It climaxes with a thrilling fight with Bowser where you will need to use all the tricks and super powers because Bowser will not go down easy. During the game you can optionally open new levels by scanning a special card through the e-Reader terminal.

This game allows up to 4 people to play this game in multiplayer mode.


Donkey Kong Country by Nintendo, Price $130

Donkey Kong Country by Nintendo


The Donkey Kong Country by Nintendo is a fun game which is exact recreation on GBA of its classic counterpart. It has only animal characters that will make you laugh like crazy yet challenge you to defeat them.

The game is based upon the story that the evil Kremling King K. Rool steals something from the two monkeys Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong and hides it in his abode. Your job is to help the two Kong monkeys to get it back. The path to K. Rool is full of threats and challenges.

You will have to think quickly which would be better to play – the stronger Donkey Kong or the nimble Diddy Kong. Throughout the journey you will face Kremlins who are hungry for bananas whom you’ll have to defeat to go the next level.

You will also find many friends such as Rhino Rambi and Ostrich Expresso who will help you win the crazy challenges at every level.


Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 by Nintendo, Price $127.59

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 by Nintendo


The Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 by Nintendo is an exact GBA port of the classic Super NES game. It includes all 96 levels as-it-is from the original game. This game is about saving princess Peach from Koopa King who is under the influence of the evil Bowser.

Only Mario and Luigi and do it. On one hand Mario and Luigi are faced with incredible foes and on the other hand they have friends to help them out. In this game they also have a new friend Yoshi who is small dinosaur who can spit eggs, munch and climb using his tongue.

The game begins by Yoshi teaming up with Mario and Luigi and helping them as much as he can through their challenging journey.  The game will pull your skills to the extremes – while some levels are pure action where you have to be strong like Steel, other levels are more like puzzle where you have to be smart and intelligent.

You will have to go through 9 huge worlds to challenge and defeat Bowser and his evil Kooopalings. In case you are lucky and find the hidden key in the star world, you will get to enter the gates of an extremely challenging Special World which hides its own secrets.

For defeating Koopas you will have to go into their strongholds and play in areas where they are strong. For example you will have to go inside pipes to defeat Koopa who loves and knows how to hide and fight inside pipes. Another Koopas home is scorching lava lake so you will have to go there to defeat him.

You can play this game either solo or jump into the challenge with 3 others in multiplayer mode.


Wario Land 4 by Nintendo, Price $115.5

Wario Land 4 by Nintendo


The Wario Land 4 by Nintendo is the GBA port of Marios archival Wario which was one of the biggest blockbusters of all times when it was launched in handheld platforms. It is about his adventures driven by his greediness for money. The game rests on the plot about a golden pyramid which has loads of hidden treasure.

This is enough to get Wario scurrying to the nearest jungle. He definitely finds the pyramid but it is made of bricks and not gold. But he knows that it has heaps of wealth in its womb, so he attempts to get inside as soon as possible. Alas, it’s not so easy.

The treasure is guarded by 4 guardians whom Wario must defeat if he has to lay his hands on the treasure. That’s what this game is about. It takes you through nine challenging levels. At each level Wario has limited time to fight and defeat the guardians or he has to press a button to escape the scene before the time runs out.

Unlike the original, Wario is mortal in this game. So he has to continually maintain his health and replenish his energy levels by collecting pieces of hearts. Each of challenges is bigger than the previous which finally climaxes in the biggest and toughest battle with the supreme boss of the golden pyramid.


Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga by Nintendo, Price $113.99

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga by Nintendo


The Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga by Nintendo is again one of the most loved Mario and Luigi GBA. One deadly curse has replaced Princess Peach’s voice with explosives! This is hurting her as well as others badly.

Mario and Luigi have no other option but to undertake foot journey to the neighboring kingdom together with their arch enemy the Bowser. This is the only way to remove the curse from the pretty princess.

The Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is all about this exciting, fun-filled and adventurous journey filled with action, new challenges as well as new enemies and old and new friends. Throughout this journey you will meet the classic Mano characters and rivals.

The game offers a new control with which you can either control only Mario or only Luigi or even both of them together. You get incredible new combos for playing both characters together which improves your chances of winning. This game will definitely stretch your puzzle solving and role playing skills.


And finally we have cheap GBA games which are priced under $100.


Pokémon: FireRed Version by Nintendo, Price $49.98

Pokémon: FireRed Version by Nintendo


The Pokémon: FireRed Version GBA developed and marketed by Nintendo is one of the two games which were launched together, other one being Pokémon: LeafGreen.

These games have similar storylines are previous games but starting from these two games Nintendo has done few amazing new things which made these games an instant hit even among the cautious game buyers who usually first doubt a new game and normally need hard convincing to take the money out of their pockets.

Similar to earlier games, these games are based in Kanto. The plot is similar where you have to prove yourself in the regions pokemon’s league and beat the team Rocket single handedly. In these games you will enjoy lots of unexpected twists and turns in many new storylines.

This game comes with a wireless GBA adaptor (sold separately at extra price) with which, for the first time ever, you can access, trade and battle pokemon from favorite games. These games have more than 100 Pokémon waiting to be discovered and trained by you.


Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure by Nintendo, Price $49.95

Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure by Nintendo


On the surface the Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure game which is developed and marketed by Nintendo looks like one more usual ‘save the world’ type of game. But when you will play it, you will surely fall in love with it.

In this game Crash’s long standing arch-rival, Dr. Neo Cortex decides that rather than wasting his time and energy on fighting with Crash, it will be much better to harm the entire world. Working on his sinister plan, Dr. Cortex invents a colossal shrinking ray and after carefully aiming, he fires it on Earth.

In no time the Earth, together with everything on it, gets shrink to the size of a grapefruit. But the inhabitants of Earth are very lucky. For past some time, Crash’s kid sister Coco had been zealously working on another ray gun which can reverse the shrinking effects of the shrinking ray made by Dr. Cortex.

For her gun to be complete and operational she requires certain special crystals which are dispersed all over the Earth. This 20 level game is the journey of Crash as he goes from several exotic locations such as icy Arctic, the mysterious Mayan jungle and so on.

To save the Earth, Crash will have to have to use every single trick, and every drop of energy to be continuously running, jumping, sliding and doing all kind of acrobatic maneuvers in this very fast paced game. By collecting one crystal at a time, Crash slowly but surely collects all crystals. Any guess who will help Crash accomplish this goal? It’s you!


Pac-Man Collection by Bandai, Price $39.95

Pac-Man Collection by Bandai


The Pac-Man Collection by Bandai is the collection of best of 4 Pac-man games which are the original Pac-Man, the Pac-Man Attack, the Pac-Man 3D and the Pac-Man Arrangement games.

Though it misses one more best Pac-Man game, the Ms. Pac-Man, the superb graphics and sound plus the perfect controls compensate for this. So now get set to either feast on the dots, or get excited by everything in 3D, or avoid ghosts, or eat up ghosts furiously in a Tetris like play.


Metroid Fusion by Nintendo, Price $38.47

Metroid Fusion by Nintendo


The Metroid Fusion is another best seller from Nintendo. Like with all Nintendo games, this game also has amazing graphics, animations and sound effects. It has the same controls and fantastic as the original Metroid game which were among the top reasons to for original Metroid to be a hit.

The game is about the bounty hunter, Samus Aran, who in his quest for treasure enters the BSL ship which is infested with a deadly parasite which can replicate itself by only one way which is by killing its victims. For Samus to succeed he will have to not only kill the parasite but also ensure that it cannot replicate.

It isn’t easy because, as replicating by killing its victim is the only way the parasite can survive, it will always be aggressive to find its next victim. To keep going Samus will have to not only replenish his supplies but also gain new abilities. For this he will have to absorb as many X as he can. He will also have to search the abandoned ship to find different weapons which he needs to fight the parasite.


The Legend of Zelda by Nintendo, Price $24.47

The Legend of Zelda by Nintendo


The Legend of Zelda by Nintendo is the package of complete super NES game and a brand new four player game called as 4 swords. The storyline of the main game begins with Link receiving telepathic distress call from Zelda.

To help her out, Link travels across the Light World restoring peace and fighting against Ganon. Thinking that his work is nearly done, he climbs the death mountain and finds a strange, suspicious and glittering tile, and it dawns to him that his goal of restoring peace has suddenly moved very far away.

The tile transports him to different worlds, which strangely Link finds familiar. Using the tile he must keep traveling back and forth between these two linked worlds and keep fighting the adversaries on the way to finally be able to have the showdown with Ganon.


Scooby Doo Double Pack: 2 Games in 1 by Warner Bros, Price $22.14

Scooby Doo Double Pack: 2 Games in 1 by Warner Bros


The Scooby Doo Double Pack: 2 Games in 1 GBA is developed and marketed by Warner Brothers. It includes two games, the Scooby Doo and the Scooby Doo: Monsters Unleashed. The Scooby Doo is based on the 2002 film. It is about the Mystery gang with Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Fred and Velma.

This team has to go through a spooky island which is haunted by demons. To win, they must work together to manage to get past the monsters for which they will have to sometimes avoid them, sometimes trap them, sometimes use disguises to confuse the demons and collect the required items on the way.

The Scooby Doo: Monsters Unleashed is about GBA players reprising the roles of the characters in the Mystery gang in a brand new adventure.


Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 by Nintendo, Price $15.76

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 by Nintendo


The Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 by Nintendo is a perfect GBA port of Super NES classic Super Mario 2: Yoshi’s Island. The storyline is exactly same as the original game with Yoshi trying tirelessly to unite baby Mario and his parents.

The journey traverses through the treacherous Yoshi’s island. Yoshi is helped by his dinosaur friend. In this game you don’t control Yoshi, rather you control the dinosaur. It is a very unique dinosaur who eats its enemies and immediately the enemy gets converted into an egg which the dinosaur can fling at other enemies to harm or kill them. The better you strategize your ‘eat-convert to egg-throw’ strategy, the easier and faster it will be for you to kill all enemies.

Another curious aspect about this game is Yoshi significant differences from Mario. Yoshi is slow but he miraculously floats midair for few seconds after jumping. This completely changes the game dynamics especially for those people who are used to the way Mario moves. This game also includes multiplayer version in which 4 people can play together.


Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories by Square Enix, Price $13.43

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories by Square Enix


The Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories developed and marketed by Square Enix brings together Disney and Final Fantasy characters. The game starts with a magical room which takes away all powers from Sora, Donald and Goofy as soon as they walk into that room.

Only Sora can restore their powers but for that she will have to fight and win a series of card battles. During the duel she can combine different cards to get new abilities, spells, tactics and combo attacks.

She must use the special cards very wisely as these cards have the tremendous power to summon characters from original kingdom hearts. During her card fight she goes through several locations finding treasures on the way. Will you help her win?


This was our line-up of best of GBA games from different price categories ranging from quite expensive to cheap gba games.

All these differently themed games are super addictive. We’re sure that you’ll find your favorite among these.

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