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32 Best Earbuds (2018) with Great Sound Quality For iPhone & Android

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Earbuds are the white exposed portion of any earphone which helps an individual to get in contact with the music being played on the device which is connected to the headphone.

They are designed to fit in the ear perfectly and in such a position that the individual wearing the headphone can have access to the music which is played.

The basic earbuds have got no controls, while there are some great earbuds with mic which comes with a variety of features and controls.

The main feature of each and every earbud is that they can be replaced at a very low price.


Some Bestseller Earbuds in the market across all price range:


And more we picked:


The following is a list of various earbuds available online along with their features:

Earbuds between $5 to $10

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-K , $9.68

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-K



Panasonic presents dark ultra-delicate ErgoFit in-ear earbud earphones adjust in a flash to your ears. Eight striking design shading alternatives with earbuds which are colour-matching and lines shading coordinating for iPod Nano fifth gen.

An extensive recurrence reaction for more giving the user an excellent experience.Long 3.6-ft cord strings in a comfortable fashion through apparel and packs.

Thus you are getting some good features at a price which will definitely suit your budget.


  • The earbuds get stuck to the ears in a perfect
  • These are good in ear headphones, dynamic in nature
  • Have a texture to impress any user.
  • Sound comes to you in a very clear manner which is very comfortable to the ears


  • Attached to high-class headphones
  • Soft and decent earbuds available in different colours
  • Dynamic sound effect supportive

Mugmee(TM) Premium Earphones Earbuds , $9.99

Mugmee(TM) Premium Earphones Earbuds


Mugmee brings you the premium earphones and earbuds with inherent mic and multifunction control to answer/end call or play/delay music. It is impervious to sweat and can be given the tag of waterproof.

It is of ergonomic design which fits into the ears to a great degree and fit safely, with an awesome sound quality that gives you super bass.


  • The earbuds are waterproof
  • Not damaged by sweat. So need not have to worry while carrying your cheap & best earbuds.
  • Elegant looks
  • Smart and deep reach to ears


  • Excellent bass supportive
  • Soft and flexible material usage, perfect for comfort of ears

Sentey Earbuds Earphones In Ear Headphones, $6.97

Sentey Earbuds Earphones In Ear Headphones



The Sentey earbuds earphones come with a 3.5mm Stereo Connector/ cord with a length of 4Ft/Smooth Level Cable/Two sets of tips in S/M/L sizes. They have uniquely outlined headphones with earbuds having cords which are anti-pulling.

Nexus is planned with a very advanced material to give you a quality feel and a complete finish in addition to a jazzy look. It has got an in-line amplifier: The in-line amplifier on nexus takes into account simple conversation on any sound gadget.


  • The earbuds are made of silicone
  • Fit into the ears perfectly
  • Capable of adding some extra bass due to the material.
  • They are coming in a variety of sizes, thereby reducing the tension of getting the appropriate size.


  • Available in Small, large and middle size
  • Silicon material ideal for generating sound clarity
  • Material supported extra bass

MEE Audio RX18 Comfort-Fit In-Ear Headphones, $4.99

MEE Audio RX18 Comfort-Fit In-Ear Headphones


MEE brings to you lightweight in-ear headphones built for the most secure fit that will give you the desired comfort.

The 10mm drivers that are dynamic in nature deliver fresh and clear solid with profound, yet controlled bass.

An ergonomic earpiece outline takes after the regular state of the ear to provide comfort to the ears throughout the day as well as night.


  • The earbuds give you a solid comfort
  • While you wear them and is not damaged by sweat
  • They provide you with some extra bass
  • Comes in a colour which is preferred by most of the people
  • Black colour adds some extra style to its texture.

Specifications –

  • Soft material usage
  • 1 Year’s warranty
  • Black coloured extra sensitive quality for amplifying the bass

Extra Small - Earphones Plus brand replacement earphone tips, $7.95

Extra Small - Earphones Plus brand replacement earphone tips


This headphone tips are available in different shape and size. You can get them to replace the original buds that are provided with your headphone. The buds are of deep ear reaching capacity and suitable for emitting stereo output. Hence get the best effect of music, while using this headphone buds for you.


  • The first thing that you will get in the buds is the variety of the bud sizes
  • The next thing that you will get is the deep reach of the buds in your ears. Hence all external sounds will be cancelled


  • The first thing that you check is the size. They are available in a small size in four formats.
  • The second and the final specification is the sound enhancing the capacity of the headset buds.

Black Replacement Silicone Ear Buds, $6

Black Replacement Silicone Ear Buds


This headphone has all the features that you often look for in a stereo system. The system has six different shapes and models in the pack. SO you can remain assured that they will fit your ear surely. The next thing that is there is the silicon gel attached with the buds. Thus they will be ideal for your ear, and they are ready to be used with almost all types of the headsets that are available in the market, supported with a stereo system.


  • The buds that are available are of six different shapes. So you will get the option to fix it with the accurate headphones.
  • The Buds are excellent in shape and support stereo outputs
  • The earbuds are extremely soft and they are compatible with all headphones


  • Use the buds as replacement samples for your headphones
  • Black in colour and soft silicon in nature. Hence excellently soft and pleasant to your ears.

UiiSii C200 In-Ear Headphones Sports Earbuds, $9.99

UiiSii C200 In-Ear Headphones Sports Earbuds


UiiSii presents to you delicate silicone elastic earbud earphones which give you a super comfortable noise.

It has got a noise cancelling feature which is very essential for most of the headphones these days. It is basically most suitable for wearing during any athletic activity which includes running, cycling, jogging, etc.

It has got a built-in mouthpiece and Multifunction Control-HD receiver earbud earphones to make the sound audible in a crystal clear fashion.


  • Soft in nature, being manufactured with silicone
  • Elastic in nature, hence prevent damage
  • These earbuds are most suitable for wearing while performing any sports. Magnetic nature helps the buds to stick to your ears.


  • To be used with all types of sports headphones
  • High-class material compatible for long time usage
  • Excellent looks


Samsung 3.5mm Stereo Headset , $7.04

This earphone presented by Samsung comes with a multi-function remote that has an implicit mic performing various jobs. It can help you reply or end calls, adjust the volume when necessary and switch between tracks while listening to music.

It is very compact in nature and has got a light-weight design. You can utilise these earphones to chat on your cell phone effortlessly while driving or working.


  • Fit perfectly into your ears
  • It is very soft in quality
  • The excellent comfortable experience of listening to music.
  • Elegant looks and
  • Deep penetration support


  • Extremely light weight, perfect for your ears
  • Easy to be used for long drawn hours without any disturbance

Sentey BULLEX GOLD Earbuds Earphones , $8.99

Sentey BULLEX GOLD Earbuds Earphones


This is the earbud that is perfectly designed for your headset. You can fix them and get the most from the headsets.

The technology that is there in the buds is anti-sweating, and it is going to enhance the stereo effects of your headset too. You can attach the buds to any of the standard earphones, and it is going to enhance your MP3 quality for sure.

The material that you will find is so soft that you will feel no pain at all in your ears and that is the magic in the sets.

The decency in the design of the buds is superb, and that is going to create a new style entirely for you. You will get a special support in the headphones too, and that is the special thing that is adhered with the devices too.


  • The earbuds suit perfectly to the golden colour of the headphone.
  • The black shade of the earbuds gives the earphone a brilliant look.
  • Besides its soft quality is very user-friendly.
  • Round with corner tip makes it a special device

Specifications -

  • Ultimate deign and looks brilliant in black shaded ear buds
  • Outstanding quality of the buds prepared to fit the stereo headsets
  • Can go deep in your ears producing excellent sound quality

Kinbashi® In-Ear Earbuds Noise Cancelling Earphones , $9.99

Kinbashi® In-Ear Earbuds Noise Cancelling Earphones


These earphones can give you some good experience of listening to music for hours. It has got a unique design with delicate silicone ear tips that is resistant against sweat and diminish outside commotion so that you can appreciate music on the go.

The ear tips adjust to the state of your ears, where they rest tenderly however safely, and spread contact equally. The tips come in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, and L) and thus it permits you to choose the fit which seems to be the most appropriate for you.

Nothing will get in the way of you and your music while you are wearing this earphone.

The fixed acoustic gives you a more immersive listening background so that you can get a chance to hear everything about your music.


  • Can fit into any ear perfectly.
  • The earbuds have got an extension at the end which is a bit curved to make space for itself around the ear.
  • Other than that the grey colour of the buds makes it look more stylish.
  • Outstanding bass enhancing capacity and
  • Fits with stereo systems


  • Outstanding sound quality ensured from the headsets
  • Compatible with all class headphones with stereo system enabled in them
  • Grey colour and stylish design will make your headphone look even more classy


Earbuds ranging between $10 - $25

Wotmic In Ear Headphones Wired Earphones , $12.99

Wotmic In Ear Headphones Wired Earphones


Here is the Wotmic in wear headphone with some excellent earbuds. Just to make you enjoy the music, Wotmic gives an extraordinary stereo sound to your ears and helps each and every music lover in the world to live the music. The multifunction button helps you to control your music with ease.

You just need to press it once, in order to play the music or pause it, press twice to jump to the next track of yours and press it thrice for getting back to the track which you were listening to previously.

The black earbud with mics adds some extra spice to the headphone.


  • The multifunction button makes it easier to gain access to the music at once.
  • These are great earbuds with a mic in the colour of black which in itself is very attractive.
  • The mic helps you speak to anyone over the phone with your headphones attached.


  • Earbuds with mic
  • Excellent black looks
  • Compatible with most of the stereo headphones

Apple EarPods 827 In-Ear Stereo Headphones , $14.99


To begin with these are apple ear pods. Hence you are getting one of the best and most preferred brands in the market. It comes with bass which has got an enhanced response. The tones get deeper and become rich in quality.

You get to adjust the volume with ease. What you need to do is just press the + and – buttons in order to increase and decrease the volumes respectively.

You can control the music and video playback just by pressing the button located in the centre.


  • Just as the earphone, the earbuds also display some sheer class.
  • It is completely white in colour thus adding to the soberness and simple look of the earphone.
  • It fits deeply into your ears and gives you a unique audio experience that can relieve you of all your stresses and help you relax better.


  • High-class audio support
  • Soft material and simple looks
  • Goes deep into your ear supporting high-quality music without noise trouble

Earphones,AILIHEN SE-01 Sports Sweatproof Earphones , $11.99

Earphones,AILIHEN SE-01 Sports Sweatproof Earphones


Decent looking earbuds compatible with all types of headphones.

There are some of the features that you will have to check out. The ear bud is superb in utility, and that form the right device for you.


  • Elegant and black in colour
  • Outstanding getup and
  • Excellent noise reduction ability
  • Aided with bonus bass controlling features

Specifications –

  • Excellent black silicon body

Compatible with all decent and stereotype headphones

Bengoo Headphones Earphones Earbuds , $11.99

Bengoo Headphones Earphones Earbuds


Bengoo headphones bring to you earphones with superior copper driver unit, that have a resolution which is much more accurate than common drivers.

Its sound execution is clear with treble perfect vocals and substantial bass. It is extremely comfortable to wear, with flexible foam tips.

With an HD microphone attached, it makes the voices of people on the other side of the phone, audible in a much clearer fashion than regular headphones.


  • The earbuds come in a unique shade of red and white making it look very attractive.
  • Besides the stereo speakers is an added feature.
  • The earbuds are very comfortable to wear and help you listen to calm music better.
  • Outstanding bass energising capacity inbuilt
  • Applicable with stereo headphones


  • Ready to be worn for a longer phase of time
  • Excellent quality of material usage supporting noise reduction and smooth hearing effect
  • Tips are made of flexible foams

Cablex In-Ear Earbuds Earphones , $14.99

Cablex In-Ear Earbuds Earphones


This earphone has got a premium quality, high-constancy stereo sound and the feature of noise cancellation. It incorporates additional earpads which come in all of the three sizes. It has an ergofit shape for the desired comfort and to get fit perfectly.

A length of 3.87ft of the earphones gives the adaptability and solace required for a dynamic day.

Its multi-function remote comes with an inherent mic performing the functions to answer/end calls, play/stop music, volume down/up, past track/next track.


  • Attractive colour is really charming for users
  • It comes in a shade of red and black and is pretty elongated in shape.
  • It goes deep into the ears and helps one listen to some good music.
  • Bass Support and stereo output are special added benefit

Specifications –

  • Ready to be worn with all types of stereo supported headphones
  • High-quality fibre usage ensuring long hours of usage
  • Deep ear listening aid with extra sound rectification support

Amoner Premium Earphones/Headphones/Earbuds , $12.99

Amoner Premium Earphones/Headphones/Earbuds


Amoner is giving you versatile and lightweight earphones which have got a  fantastic stereo sound quality added with some super bass. It has got a built-in mic and remote control.

The amplifier does not require hands to be used and is controlled by a remote that permits you to effortlessly answer calls, end calls, control the volume, and play music. It even helps to rid of the surrounding noise in order to make the listener enjoy the music comfortably.

If you want to consider something in your headsets, that is nothing else than the ear jacks. You are going to get the best support, with that notion here. try the earphones. You will surely like the device and the features of it.


  • The earbuds are entirely white in colour thus giving it a simple yet stylish look.
  • It has got an oval shape that is built specially to fit into the ears perfectly.
  • Excellent bass controlling and stereo output facility available in the headset buds

Specifications –

  • Ready to be worn for long hours without any stress
  • Stylish looks perfect to suit varieties of headphones
  • Compatible with surround-on enabled headphones

APIE Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headphones , $19.99

APIE Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headphones


APIE brings to you earphones with an astounding volume and sound quality. It's progressed APTX sound gives a mesmerising sound, with profound bass that you always crave for while buying ant earphone or headphone.

It is for all sorts of clients and all types of uses. You can use it perfectly while you are in the gym, climbing, cycling, running or jogging and you do not want those irritating cables to distract you.


  • The earbuds are designed as such to help sweat trickle over and not sustain any sort of damage.
  • The earphone looks amazing because of the black colour of the earbuds with the blue light blinking in the midst of playing music.
  • It has also got a very different shape, perfect to go deep inside your ear and reduce external noise effect.

Specifications -

  • Compatible with all high-end headphones, especially those that work wirelessly
  • Excellent material ready to be used for long hours
  • Capable of nullifying the usage of extra sounds

Earphones,Magnet Attraction In-Ear Earbuds , $12.99

Earphones,Magnet Attraction In-Ear Earbuds


These earphones have got premium earbuds for the high quality of sound. These are earphones with good bass. The delicate inward earbuds give a solace fit to your ears, with the goal that you can appreciate continuous music on the go. It has got a built-in microphone and a multifunction control in order to answer calls.

Besides it is attracted by a magnet. Thus it is perfect for all Apple Gadgets, android cell phones, windows phone, MP3/MP4 player and compact music player.


  • The earbuds have got a unique colour that is not usually seen in any other earphone.
  • The blue hue blended with black gives it a perfect shade.
  • Alongside comes it a softness that gives the user his or her desired comfort.
  • Outstanding deep ear effect and bass amplifying effects in the buds

Specifications -

  • Magnetic ear buds withy excellent deep going effects
  • Perfect sound quality with noise reduction ensured
  • Excellent material usage, perfect for listening aid


DIKOO Wood In-ear Headphones Premium Genuine Noise Cancelling Earphones , $18.99

DIKOO Wood In-ear Headphones Premium Genuine Noise Cancelling Earphones


This earphone is made out of very natural wood. Thus it helps you get a very soft sound. The TPE material in it is translucent in nature thereby adding the feature of anti-tangling of the cable along with it.

Thus the wire is effectively prevented from getting tied, and as a result, the service life of this product is increased to a great extent.

The gold plated plug is of the length is of the length of 3.5 mm, and it guarantees high-fidelity audio output.

Besides all these, it has got a built-in microphone where there is a button to answer a call coming on the one and another one to operate the music which is played on it.


  • The earbuds are made of silicon thus making them soft and giving the user a very light and soothing sound of the music.
  • Excellent music effect and noise reduction to the fullest extent.

Specifications -

  • The earbuds come in three sizes which are small, medium and large.
  • The ear tips are made up of silicon that gives comfort to the ears while listening.
  • It also has a noise cancellation quality.

Top One Tech NEW Wireless Bluetooth Headphones , $18.99

Top One Tech NEW Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Outstanding buds comes with excellent looks. White bands over greying buds make the bud look like a feather. The feel of the bud is also like that only. with outstanding style, the headphone looks perfect.


  • Elegant looks
  • Stereo output
  • Deep ear penetration capacity, perfect for noise reduction and
  • Excellent bass is energising capacity in the buds.


  • The quality of the buds is too good, and that is the key feature of the buds.
  • The bud is having a white feathery band on it.

Motorola SYN1462 Factory Original 2.5mm Premium Stereo Headset , $14.96

Motorola SYN1462 Factory Original 2.5mm Premium Stereo Headset


These earphones are very stylish and very hardy in nature. Often nowadays it is seen that earphones get damaged within a use of 3 days at max.

The main problem of these earphones is their durability. The inner wires of such earphones are very weak and hence the user cannot use it for more than a week. But this earphone has got very hard wires which guarantee the user of long time use.

Besides, it is compatible with most of the devices and all brands of smartphones.

It has got a play and pause button which can help you stop and start your music even when you are very busy.


  • The earbuds of these earphones are pitch black in colour, and this adds to the attractions of this earphone.
  • The stereo speakers help you listen to some good quality music as well.
  • Excellent deep ear going shape of the buds ready to cancel all external sounds

Specifications -

  • Earbuds with some excellent decency and outlook
  • Smart looking earphones with deep effects and capable of going deep in your ears, ready to cancel the external sounds
  • Pitch black in colours

G-Cord® Stereo Crystal Sound In-Ear Earphones , $11.99

G-Cord® Stereo Crystal Sound In-Ear Earphones


G-Cord bring you some brilliant headphones with element speaker frameworks which offer an extraordinary sound execution. The sound comes to you deep, wide and as clear as crystal.

It's remarkable in-ear outline helps it get fit perfectly in your ear. It completely isolates the noises which come from the surroundings, and it comes with a flat wire which does not tangle easily. You can get control of your phone at your fingertips with this earphone.

So you can answer or end your calls with absolute ease. And above all, it is totally compatible with most of the cellphones, tablets and all other devices.


  • The earbuds come in a blended shade of black and red which adds to the charm of the earphone.
  • The softness of the earbuds can be stated as one of the main highlights of this earphone, and it helps users to listen to some soothing music.
  • Stereo effect guaranteed
  • Ready to be used in all common headphones

Specifications -

  • Ear buds ready for your headphones of cell phone
  • Available in black and red colours
  • Can go deep and reduce the external sounds

Firegram Mini Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earbud , $14.99

Firegram Mini Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Earbud


Firegram brings you the smallest headset with a weight that is almost negligible. It is very comfortable to wear and comes in a unique design.

Are your hands not free at this moment?

No problem, you can do almost any activity you want to with just a single button. It is extremely simple to operate.


  • The main feature of these earbuds is that they are extremely small in size.
  • They come in black colour which prevents the fear of them getting dirty easily.
  • The buds are perfect for stereo speakers

Specifications -

  • Compatible with most of the devices and headphones
  • Excellent smart looks in black model
  • Perfect material usage makes the buds effective to reduce the external sounds

Zhicity In Ear Headphones with Mic Earbuds , $14.99

Zhicity In Ear Headphones with Mic Earbuds


You can enjoy the absolute comfort, style and pleasure of listening with these ear headphones. The very soft ergofit-in earphones fit instantly into your ears, and it comes with two sets of extra ear tips.

This makes sure that you will get a very comfortable fit that will not slip out very easily. It has got a completely stabilised audio with some crisp high notes and very deep low notes. It mainly stresses on a clear and realistic quality of sound.

These are noise cancelling in-ear headphones. The 4.1ft wired cable is a very nice colour and extended durability which helps it get fit in all sorts of clothing and bags.


  • The earbuds are specially crafted to enhance the quality of a particular headphone.
  • It comes with a stunning grey colour with a little shade of white in it.
  • Perfect in shape and provides a lot of comfort to everyone wearing it.
  • Excellent bass increasing power
  • Outstanding deep ear effect

Specifications -

  • Excellent material used
  • Effective for finding genuine sound quality

Earbuds Above $25


Wired 3.5MM Headphones Earphones, $34.95

Wired 3.5MM Headphones Earphones


The Ghostek turbine earbuds bring you a unique experience of listening to music. It comes with a 3.5 mm jack attached to the headphone that goes with almost every brand of phone. You are getting a built-in microphone for smoothening the communication with your friends or relatives.

Besides, it has got an in-line control by a remote so that you can keep your device safe in your pocket. You have got MFI buttons in a dedicated manner which helps you maintain the privacy of your music albums.


  • The Ghotsek Turbine earbuds are built with a material that in turn is made up of ceramic.
  • So you are getting high-quality headphones which are completely different than anything else in the market along with excellent bass and treble effect
  • Easy to be used with all common headphones

Specifications –

  • Ceramic Finishing
  • Latest technology applied in the Turbine mode earbuds

Symphonized XTC Wood In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones , $25.00

Symphonized XTC Wood In-ear Noise-isolating HeadphonesBUY NOW ON AMAZON

The excellent looking headphone has a black extendable headphone bud, and they are readily made for the headphone only. You can also use the buds in other headphones that support stereo system.


  • The buds of the phone are tangible soft and black in hue.
  • The soft silicon used in the buds makes listening to music comfortable than ever.
  • Can go deep inside ear and reduce the effect of external sounds


  • The excellent looking outstanding buds are made of silicon.
  • They can go deep inside your ear to provide crystal clear music.

ActionPie VJJB-V1S High-Resolution Heavy Bass In-ear Headphones , $26.99

ActionPie VJJB-V1S High-Resolution Heavy Bass In-ear Headphones


ActionPie is getting you some high-quality earphones with vast features. A unique feature of this earphone is that it has got neodymium press boron magnets with the firmest drive unit, thus giving you a magnetic experience. It is furnished with a high-quality sound that comes in high definition.

It has got a tuning innovation which is absolutely exclusive in nature and is triband clear and natural. It has even got a sensing technology which is pretty unique in nature and capable of suppressing glitches that are generally of high frequency.


  • It has got a shape which is totally different than the others
  • The earbud is much more exposed towards the outside than normal earbuds.
  • Besides it has got a very nice colour.
  • Outstanding bass effect and stereo supportive


  • Available in triband colours, attractive yet decent
  • Different shape ready to go deep in your ears.
  • Excellent quality of the buds, perfect for long time usage

Monster Beats By Dr Dre Ibeats in Ear Headphones , $32.88

Monster Beats By Dr Dre Ibeats in Ear Headphones


Beats is till date the most reliable brand when it comes to headphones or earphones. Monster Beats is a very versatile and lightweight earphone which gives you a fantastic stereo sound quality with super bass.

The built-in mic and the remote control is an added feature of this earphone. It has got a smooth outline that can make anyone fall in love with it.


  • The black earbuds of this earphone
  • Absolutely brilliant texture and quality.
  • The earbuds are very comfortable to wear and can help you get a very different tour of the world of music.
  • Supports stereo headphones and goes deep to reduce external noises

Specifications -

  • Matches with all quality headphones
  • Excellent material used is ready to be used for your hearing aid
  • High-quality sound from headphone ensured with noise reductions and cancellation

Bluetooth Earbuds, RythmiX Live, Premium Wireless Earbuds , $37.99

Bluetooth Earbuds, RythmiX Live, Premium Wireless Earbuds BUY NOW ON AMAZON

RythmiX presents to you an amazing experience of the music world with its wireless Bluetooth earbuds. You can get many benefits with the use of these earbuds. First of all get access to some deep bass and a very clear sound of the music you are listening to through those earbuds.

Besides that, it has got a modern APTX technology. It just perfectly fits your requirement of sound for games, music, audiobooks, etc. When it comes to security, you just cannot get any other earphone better than this one.


  • These earbuds come with a very attractive colour and add to the style and display of the earphone.
  • It is very user-friendly and is fit for use even while an individual works out or performs some athletic activities.
  • Outstanding stereo support and deep ear effect

Specifications -

  • Ready to be used with multiple earphones that support Stereo system
  • Extremely comfortable and deep sound effect producing buds
  • Can go deep inside your ears cancelling all external noises
  • Made of silicon and soft fibre to support the function

SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones Stereo Neckband Wireless Headset Sport Earbuds , $24.99

SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones Stereo Neckband Wireless Headset Sport EarbudsBUY NOW ON AMAZON

If you are in search of a tropical earbud that is compatible with all types of stereo headphones, this one is the best for you. You will get the perfect looks m them and the best features at the same time along with noise reducing capacity.


  • The earbuds are of excellent quality
  • Comfortable for long time usage
  • Easy to nullify the external sound effects

Specifications –

  • Black in hue
  • Large and deep in size, ready to go deep in your ears.

Brainwavz S3 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones | Earbuds,$74.50

Brainwavz S3 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones | Earbuds


The decent looking headphone is available with a perfectly designed reddish translucent headphones. The best part of the headphone is the looks of it, although the sound quality of the phone is excellent.


  • The buds of the device are readily made for the noise reduction purpose.
  • The earbud is dedicated for the purpose of this headphone only.
  • The best features of the headphone buds are the stereo output


  • The headphone earbud is ready to be used in the particular headphone only
  • It is having a reddish translucent body and excellent in noise reduction.

Panasonic WINGS Wireless Bluetooth In Ear Earbuds , $189.99

Panasonic WINGS Wireless Bluetooth In Ear Earbuds


This headphone is a limited edition one with wireless sports clip headphones which run on Bluetooth.

It has got a slim design which fulfils the requirement being categorised as a sports headphone.The blue edge-lit LEDs add to the uniqueness of the headphone.It is compatible with smartphones of almost all brands


  • The earbuds along with the sides of the headphone which is rectangular in shape.
  • The earbuds add to the attraction of the headphones as it is very soft and helps the user in getting access to some good quality sound.

Specifications -

  • Use the ear buds for continuous 6 hours, and you will find no effect at all.
  • The material used in the device is of high quality
  • The buds are perfect to provide classy sounds
  • It can go deep in your ears producing excellent bass

At Last

After going through the specifications of all of the earphones and headphones listed above, it can be concluded that the best set is available from Monster beats.

With its unique features and having the topmost brand’s name associated with it, it is definitely able to steal the show and top the charts.

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