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8 Best DSLR Cameras under 700 Dollars (2018) for Awesome Shots!

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8 Best DSLR Cameras under 700 Dollars

If you are looking for the 8 best DSLR camera under 700 Dollars, look no further.Here's our advice to choose the best DSLR for photography enthusiasts!

A good camera takes photos as a return ticket to the moment otherwise gone. But buying a good camera isn’t an easy task as it was a few years ago. Times have changed and even if you look at one particular brand, there’s a huge buffet of choices. For example, only the brand Nikon has five different entry-level cameras under $700.

There are many entry-level photography freaks that have a query regarding the best camera which is handy and suitable for them. Keen photographers who will never compromise on the image quality and expect crisp shots should go in for a DSLR camera.



A DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex, which uses a mirror to direct light from the lens, which is then processed and recorded by the sensor, to the viewfinder.

What I suggest is that DSLRs under $700 is an excellent choice as they offer superior features that an experienced shooter needs and are compatible with the hoard of accessories and variety of lenses. No doubt that the digital SLR’s are generally heavy for the pockets as compared to the basic consumer-oriented digital cameras but then they are specially designed for photography fanatics.

Best DSLR cameras under 700 are more cost-efficient, user-friendly and are best suitable for beginners and intermediate devotees. Further cutting down on the cost of $400 or less, would be a hit on the image quality and will not lead to any improvement in the art.


8 Best DSLR Cameras under 700 Dollars


What should one look for in a good DSLR is its image quality, its ruggedness, the ease of use and the most important its value for money. Just because its cost is $700 doesn’t mean that it is better than the one who bought it for $550.

8 Best DSLR Cameras under 700 Dollars (2018) for Awesome Shots!

Even the best DSLR cameras are differentiated into two types based on their sensor types: frame and APS-C formats. The full frame SLRs are more expensive and best suited for professionals whereas the APS-C sensor format can be found in high end, medium and entry-level DSLRs is an ideal choice for beginners and also cost between $600 to $700.

So here we have for you a comparative list of the best DSLRs under 700 dollars available in the market along with their technical details and customer reviews, to help you decide so that your decision and purchase are both well informed.

#8 Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR


Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR

For Connoisseurs

Price: $599.99



For all the art lovers, who are obsessed with photography and want to restore their artistry by transforming their composition skills and picture quality, the Canon camera of T5i model is an ideal choice as it is user friendly and has a continuous shooting speed of up to 5.0 fps which ensures that every single moment is captured crisp and clear, even If the subject is mobile.

Having an 18 MP CMOS (APS-C) sensor, company’s signature DIGIC 5 image processor, an 18-55mm detachable lens capable of 43x high definition zoom combined with ISO range between 100-12800 which is further expandable to 25600 in H-mode, it gives unimaginable picture quality and performance ensuring crisp and intricate images both in dull and bright lights.

Lightweight, with an ergonomically designed body which is convenient to use and carry, this camera is a great value for money. Storage wise it can take 16 GB memory cards and many other external attachments.

#7 Nikon D7000

Nikon D7000


Designed For Best Outdoor Shoots

Price - $644.99



After going through various harsh environmental tests and being specifically designed for outdoor shoots is the D7000 model from Japanese giant Nikon, which has a compact body and durable top and rear covers made of magnesium, to protect from undesirable elements like dust and moisture.

The main features of the camera are a 16.2 MP, 18-55mm lens that delivers high-resolution images which need large prints or can be cropped tightly. It also a has an advanced noise reduction technology that automatically activates enabling vibrant, lifelike images even in the natural light whenever single focus shots, capturing a movie or high-speed image processing is required.

Nikon D7000 comes fully loaded with the latest features like higher ISO range of 100-6400, further expandable to ISO 25600 which enables shooting in bright sunny outdoors as well as in low lit interiors or evenings, a faster shutter speed, more powerful AF functions.  It is the first Nikon SLR having to 1080p movie recording option. To top it all, it has an external microphone jack for a superb audio quality.

The NIKON EXSPEED 2 image processor provides fast, accurate image processing and starts up time. The flashing 3-inch display monitor with reinforced glass provides a 170-degree viewing angle and its inbuilt pop-up flash covers a 16mm lens. The dials, switches, and buttons of the gadget are very spontaneous offering comfortable features.

The dust is automatically removed from the sensor with its Ultrasonic Dust Removal System and the Active D-Lighting function vastly improves shadows and highlights of high-contrast scenes. Storage wise, it comes with twin SD card slots to individually manage RAW and JPEG files or even videos.

#6 Fujifilm X-S1 DSLR


Fujifilm X-S1 DSLR

Connecting Photo Freaks With Inspiring Photography

Price – $699.99



Built with accuracy and creativity, for delivering a solid and effective performance, is the Fujifilm X-S1, since it is an ideal choice of DSLR camera under $700 suited for beginners who want to buy their first DSLR as it has user friendly features, namely a large dial command, 3 inch display screen, manual focus ring, tilting LCD screen and lastly a durable body.

Having a 24-624mm lens plus a 12MP Fujifilm pioneered, EXR-CMOS sensor its auto mode smartly adjusts for you and also allows you to switch between its 3 modes for various lighting conditions thus enabling vivid and vibrant lifelike images.

While the High-Resolution mode is best suited for bright lights, the Wide Dynamic Range is ideal for highlights and high contrast aspects of shadows and the low noise and high sensitivity mode is perfect for low lit situations.

Its Auto ISO mode has an excellent setting between ISO 100 and ISO 3200 whereas manual setting can be done up to ISO 12800. The 26x manual zoom enables capturing subjects as close as 1 cm in the super macro mode with outstanding clarity and sharpness. 4 auto bracketing options, white balance functions, shooting in RAW and JPEG files, when manually chosen and 8 film simulation are the other features offered.

#5 Nikon D5300 DSLR


Nikon D5300 DSLR

Quality Features at a Premium Price

Price – $496.95



Nikon’s D5300 is an ideal choice in consideration of a good DSLR camera under $700. Though it’s a little expensive as compared to the rest in the lot, as they say, “quality doesn’t come cheap.” Its price is justified by its premium features that make it well worth the price tag.

To start with, the photographic equipment comes with not just with an inbuilt GPS technology, but also with a built-in WI-FI that makes the photo transfers to the smartphone a smooth experience. The device flaunts a 3.2-inch LCD display with 3:2 proportionality and 720 x 480-pixel grid.

The miscellany of shooting and exposure modes allows the beginners to capture images in any situation. The device offers an excellent feature of high resolution, 24-MP format sensor without an optical low pass filter thus producing detailed images while avoiding filtering.

Leaving apart the still images, the D5300 also displays excellent video capabilities by shooting High –Definition 1080 p video or film at either 50 or 60 frames per second, depending upon the video mode tabbed and has an option of shooting slow-motion, high quality flicks also.

#4 Canon Rebel XT DSLR

Canon Rebel XT DSLR

A Blend Of Quality And Performance



A perfect blend of sophistication, grace with convenience, affordability and superior features is Canon’s curved edge model “Rebel XT” suited both for professionals as well as weekend photographers.

Specification wise it comes loaded with an 18-55 mm lens with an 8 MP CMOS sensor, a DIGIC II image processor, a detailed display menu giving precise information like diopter adjustment and depth of field view, several plays back features, 10x zooming and brightness settings.

Always ready for action, the special feature of this gadget is its continuous shooting mode which can capture 14 images 3 frames per second giving unbelievable quality and speed performance. Furthermore, their ultra-fast 0.2 second starts up time, 100 milliseconds shutter release lag and 175-millisecond viewfinder blackout times make it a high-speed DSLR in this price range.

Its USB 2 connectivity for computers and Macs, numerous shooting modes for automatic setups for portraits, landscapes, close-ups, night portraits etc makes it an attractive deal for neophytes who are looking for both cost and comfort.

#3 NIKON D3300


Nikon D3300

The Best All Round Buy

Price: $446.95



Nikon D 3300 is an entry level SLR in line with its higher end models boasting of a speedy performance and quality illustrations. It is an excellent choice for those who want amazing results photographically.

To talk about its specifications, it features a first-rate APS-C sensor in the center equivalent to any professional DSLR. The base unit is incredible and flexible producing high-quality dynamic images which makes it a top end camera at this price.

The D3300 can capture images and video in the number of formats, in different lighting conditions and with good color reproduction. With a well-built body, it fits well in hands and has easily reachable buttons. The battery life is marvelous and can be set as a standard with a bar at 700 shots before running out.

Overall D3300 fits well on the list of best DSLR cameras under 700.

#2 The Pentax K50


Perfect for the Outdoor Enthusiasts

Price: $629



While venturing into the market of best DSLR cameras under $700, the Pentax K50 with its weather sealed body design seems to be a justifiable option. Its USP “weather sealed” means that everything actually has a seal, the outer shell, memory card slots and even the battery compartment keeping the photographic equipment dust, water and cold resistant. Normally this kind of protection is in the top end of the gamut.

Further, the device flaunts a 16.3 MP CMOS sensor bundled with an 11 point AF system, a high-quality viewfinder. A 3 inch high-quality LCD which allows the user to smoothly switch between various shooting modes thus capturing reliving moments. While delivering bright well-defined colors in normal range it works exceptionally well even in low lighting situations.

Though a little large and heavy in size, it feels better and big in average sized hands. The battery life is around 480 shots between charges but we can increase it by swapping the onboard battery with 4xAA batteries if stuck. To save you from manually changing settings every time, its well-placed intelligent dials allow you to easily change exposures.

#1 Sony Alpha A68


Bargain bragging rights. (Good value)

Price: $498



On further exploring the list of best DSLR cameras under 700, we have a Sony Alpha A68  which is a good value for money with some really great features. The A68 views the world differently as it is not truly a DSLR but a Single Translucent Lens Camera (STL). Though it doesn’t make much of the difference as the camera can remain auto-focused on objects even while taking pictures for example in case of capturing sports events.

Talking about other features it has a 24.2 MP APS-C sensor at its heart producing deep, crisp color heavy images. An LCD screen with a tilt option enabling capturing of low level and awkward shots. The device offers highest color depth profiles with excellent image quality at a quite bold bargain rate.

The “sweep panorama mode” and in-camera “picture effects” make it a splendid device for people who love experimenting with the images and editing them in the camera rather on a computer. Thus the device is small and sleek, user-friendly with well-placed buttons and a superb gadget for the neophytes to DSLR.


So now after looking at all the best options available in  DSLR cameras under 700 dollars, one can say that no doubt even if these cameras aren’t the cheapest options available but they all are amazing in their features and definitely a good value for money even if compared to the players at the other end of the spectrum.

All the above-mentioned cameras are actually excellent and would be owner’s pride but there has to be a winner amongst the lot. For an amateur photographer, the above-mentioned models have the benefits of being user-friendly, easily portable with an option of interchangeable lenses which puts a beginner on the transitional path of being a professional, seamless and straight, besides being light on the pockets.

These DSLRs are unparallel in terms of their image quality, speedy performance and can never replace it like point-and-shoot cameras that are expected to be replaced by high-end smartphones, these days.

As a beginner, one may not have sufficient technical knowledge which makes choosing the right gadget a horrifying task. But as an alumnus of the basic camera or basic digital camera. DSLR’s are a good choice to take your skill up on the ladder.

Do you agree with the above-mentioned list or you do not? Please feel free to give your valuable inputs in the comments section below!

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