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10 Best Android Clock Widgets (2018) to Revamp How to See Time ;)

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The clock function is one of the most used functions in an Android phone.

So it is not surprising that people want to personalize it.

A special type of widgets called as ‘clock widgets’ satisfy the immense need of several people who search for phrases like ‘clock widgets for android free download’.

To make it significantly simpler for such people, we have selected the best-in-class and the most popular clock widgets.

Here they are:


Clock by Google Inc., FREE

Required Android: 4.4 and above

With 10,000,000 to 500,000,000 downloads, the Clock widget from Google is the most widely used clock widget. It nicely wraps up all the necessary functionality into simple user interface.

Some of the functionalities which this clock widget offers are alarm, timer, stop watch and world clock. It can also be paired with devices running Android wear to get the timer and alarm functionality on the wearable.

No wonder why it is always seen as one of the good best clock widgets.


Weather and Clock widget by Devexpert.NET, FREE

Required Android: 2.3 and above

This clock widget is downloaded by 50,000,000 to 100,000,000 users. Its average rating by more than 2 million users is 4+ stars. This tells why it isn’t surprising that this widget shows up in first page of search results for ‘clock widgets for android free download’. This app is an all-in-one bundle of widgets which includes a number of functionalities, one of them being providing clock and clock related functions. For clock related functions it date, day of the week and time.

You can also set and manage multiple alarms through this widget. Additionally it has world clock. Another useful feature which people normally require together with clock is weather information.

This widget brilliantly integrates weather information together with the clock functions enabling you to not only check day, date, and time of any location worldwide, but also sees the current weather plus hourly 10 days weather forecast.

The information related to weather which it tracks are temperature (in degree Celsius and Fahrenheit), relative humidity, visibility distance, precipitation and so on.  The widgets that it includes are designed to work in both portrait and landscape modes.


Digital Clock Widget by Maize, FREE

Required Android: 1.5 and above

This clock widget, which is among the top best clock widgets, has been downloaded by 10,000,000 to 50,000,000 people of which more than 76,000 people have rated it has 4+ stars in the Google play store. This makes it one of the most popular clock widget. As the name suggests, it is a digital clock widget.

It displays day of the week, date and time information and it is highly customizable which means that you can easily customize what information you want to see and how you want to see it.

For example, it lets you choose between 12 or 24 hour time formats, it lets you select the color of the text, it lets you choose if you want to see only the time information or you also want to see date and day information. For date and day information, it gives you several options to format how it is displayed. Moreover it supports multiple languages too making it a global clock widget.


Digital Clock Widget Xperia by Lazar Dimitrov,  FREE

Required Android: 2.3 and above

With 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 downloads currently, and consistently ranked average 4+ stars by approximately 125,000 people, the Digital clock widget Xperia by Lazar Dimitrov is definitely one of the most popular clock widgets.  The beauty of the highly customizable clock widget is its simplicity.

This widget gives choice to select between three differently sized widgets namely small (2x1), big (4x2) and tall (2x2) configurations. After setting it up, you can optionally resize it manually to suit your needs and requirements. It supports 8 beautiful fonts which helps you to make it perfectly matching your vision of how the clock should look like on your phone.

Moreover, you can also choose different colors, and select your most comfortable time and date formats.


DIGI Clock Widget by ForestTree, FREE

Required Android: Supported Android version varies with device.

The DIGI clock widget from ForestTree is being used by 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 people currently of whom more than 85,000 people have rated it with an average rating of 4+ stars. This clock widget supports devices of all form factors namely phone, tablet, and phablet.

The key strength of this simple to use clock widget is the sheer number of customization that you can do to make it look exactly like your dream clock widget. You can customize which information to be displayed, in what color, having which background, in which font, in what size, with or without shadow effect, and whether to show it or not on the lock screen.


Retro Clock Widget by lingen.me, FREE

Required Android: Supported Android version varies with device.

The Retro clock widget by lingen.me has been downloaded 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 times and rated average as 4+ by more than 87,000 users. This makes it as one of the best clock widgets for Android. It is one of the first clock widgets for Android, and since its inception its simplicity and customizability made it a star clock widget. As the name suggests, this widget brings the style and class of retro digital clock to your Android device.

This widget is one of the parts of the full bundle and provides only display and basic customizations. Its sister app named as ‘Retro Clock Settings’ app gives much more powerful ways to customize the entire look and feel of this widget.


Super Clock Widget by US Droid,  FREE

Required Android: 2.3.3 and above

The Super clock widget by US Droid is currently being used by 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 people. The average rating of this widget by nearly 12,000 people is 4+ stars. These are real and undeniable proofs that this is very popular clock widget. This widget has funky droid kind of looks with Teal theme.

It can be displayed in two sizes 2x2 and 3x3. Other than the digital clock, this widget also supports weather information such temperature, pressure, wind speed, sunrise and sunset times, and 5 day weather forecast. It also uses resources on your phone to display battery information, interface with your calendar app, and work as an Alarm clock.


TSF Clock Widget by Launcher 3D Pro, FREE

Required Android: 2.2 and above

The TSF clock widget by Launcher 3D Pro has fan club of 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 people of which the average rating of more than 26,000 is 4+ stars. Hence this clock widget deserves to be in this list.

The unique aspect of this widget is its 3D plug-in which gives it a 3D look and feel. Its entire design is based on this 3D effect. The widget is shaped like a coin. One face of the coin can either display clock information such as time, date and day of the week, or it can display the weather information.

The other side of the coin has the settings interface for information being displayed on the front side. The coin flips in 3D to either show the information or give you access to the settings panel. Tapping on appropriate icon displays either the time information or weather information on the front face of the coin.

While the above were most popular freely available clock widgets, there are also several famous paid clock widgets. Below is couple of top paid clock widgets.


DIGI Clock Widget Plus by ForestTree, Price $1.29

Required Android: Supported Android version varies with device.

This is ad-free version of the free DIGI clock widget. It has all the features and functionalities of its free counterpart and offers the same type of rich customizations. The widgets size is selectable from 5 different sizes which are suitable for phone, phablet or tablet form factors.

You can select your favorite colors and shadow effects, you can choose any one of the 40 available fonts, or if you are not happy with any of those then you can choose any font saved in your memory card.

Like the free widget, you can control the transparency of the background from being completely transparent to completely opaque. The soaring popularity of both free and paid widgets make it one of the best clock widget 2017.


Make Your Clock Widget Pro by Tomas Hubalek, Price $3.49

Required Android: Supported Android version varies with device.

This is one of its kind widget. Its only offers very highly customizable elements and you can yourself create your very own clock widget by your hands right inside your phone.

This widget is like a bag of Lego which you can use to make whatever you can imagine be it extremely simple clock widget having only time information in basic font and colors, to the advanced clock widget having weather, battery, different shapes and sizes, in color and fonts of your choice, having effects as you want it to have.

You can also optionally download designs from the web. This widget can easily be counted under the top best clock widgets.


Let us know which among these will you vote as the best clock widget 2017.

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