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17 Best Christmas Gifts under $30 to Buy in Year 2018

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The custom of giving and receiving gifts during Christmas aids in redefining relationships and reinforces the bond between the family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues alike and this gift exchange has immense social value.

So this Christmas, let’s plan to show your loved ones, the care, compassion and affection that you have for them in your hearts.

So, take a look at some of the marvelous gifts ideas and share the glee:


Chunky Knit Scarf

Chunky Knit Scarf

This scarf made out of a mix of wool and acrylic yarn is pleasant and soft. Ideal for winters and autumn alike, it is a perfect accessory and fashion statement in itself.

This handmade scarf is available in many colors and is 26 inches long and with a width of 8 inches. It can be hand washed easily at home, so no worries at all.

It makes a beautiful Christmas gift for the loved ones. Make your wife or your friend feel special with this elegant scarf, and it is even more heartwarming to gift it to her in the color of her choice. So go ahead.

Why to Buy: Stylish, elegant and a gentle fashion statement with this accessory

For Whom to Buy: The lady whom you wish to charm

Price: $28.76.


Mini Drone with 360 degrees Flip

Gifts excite each one of us, irrespective of the age. But it’s the children who become a bundle of joy when they open the gift wrap to find a toy inside. Why not make the younger ones happy this Christmas?

This professional 2 level quadcopter is a fantastic toy. Adjustable speed, flip function and LED lights, it can do four ways flip. It comes with a rechargeable 3.7 V 100 Mah battery.


Attractive packing, this toy comes in two colors of red and black. What can be ideal as a gift than this mini-drone? Family friends, relatives or neighbors, gift this chopper and witness the enormous fun and enjoyment it brings for the children.

Why to Buy: Exciting gift. Pro 2 level drone with 360 degrees, four war flip

For Whom to Buy: Kids of course

Price: $ 28.99: Don’t Wait, Buy Now

Fabric Foldable Storage Cubes

This one gift has a significant utility quotient. Storage cubes made of 80% polypropylene are collapsible and sturdy come in a pack of six. 10.5 inches width, 10.5 inches depth and 11 inches height, these come in many colors.

Whether it’s a kitchen or office or the living room, it will find its use and place quickly and firmly.

Very few gifts are there which tend to have multiple purposes, suits everyone and is overall liked by everyone too. Easy to assemble and dissemble, it creates a versatile and compact storage.

With this gift item, your search stops. This Christmas, buy this product which can be gifted to anyone and rest assured it will be cherished well by the receiver.

Why to Buy: Multiple uses, unique way to create storage space

For Whom to Buy: Ideal gift for everyone

Price: $21.99. 


8000mAH Solar Charger, Outdoor Portable Power Bank

This gadget makes an excellent gift for this Christmas. High capacity, with short circuit protection, works on solar power with LED indicators to show the battery charge percentage.

Compatible with almost all devices and facility of charging up to two devices simultaneously, the one who receives this gift won’t stuff it into storage shelf but instead use it on a daily basis.

The joy of gifting increases in multiples when we see the gift in regular use. Waterproof that this product is, it works well in outdoors where there is no power connection.

So, all those near and dear ones who are the gadget freak will relish this idea of a Christmas gift.  This festive season, gift this device and feel the gratitude.

Why to Buy: A unique gadget that works on solar energy. Takes over the worry of ‘battery about to die’ notifications

For Whom to Buy: The gadget freaks, the ones who own and work on a lot of multiple devices

Price: $ 28.99. 


Love- Sea Shell Heart Poster Print

Planning to gift something romantic to someone special this Christmas? This beautiful yet elegant poster has the signature work of Donald Verger-the award winning, world famous landscape and nature photographer.

The poster adorning the wall of the living room is poignant and posh. A home décor that is unique and provokes feelings of love and belonging, this poster is printed on fine quality paper on 120lb cover stock.

A size of 11x14 inches, it’s shipped in a transparent plastic sheet.  A gift for adults and kids alike, its charm will bring some precious smiles and amaze.

Why to Buy: A chic home décor with a signature work from a world class photographer

For Whom to Buy: One gift which will be liked by all, infuses love in the air

Price: $ 25.00. 


 Set of 3 Studs Crystal Earrings

Set of 3 Studs Crystal Earrings


Subtle and amazingly beautiful, is what these earrings are. Studded with Swarovski Crystals, delight her with this gift this Christmas.

Each earring has an 8mm single stone, the three pairs of stud earrings are available in Brass, Silver and Gold color and finish.

It is a super deal. All three earrings are packed in one box and affixed to a Timatibo Christmas Card, with an option of getting it packed in separate gift boxes.

It’s a gift idea for any lady be it your mother, wife, sister or the friend living next door. A gift that will make her remember you every morning when she is dressing up.

Why to Buy: Amazingly Beautiful, studded with Swarovski Crystals

For Whom to Buy: Your mother, wife, sister or your friend. Everyone will cherish.

Price: $ 30. Buy Now

Top 6 Essential Oil Blends Gift Set

Top 6 Essential Oil Blends Gift Set

An excellent Christmas Gift for the lady of your life. It has six 10 ml bottles containing different aromatherapy oils namely:

  • Tropical Island
  • Mellow Mind
  • Health Guard
  • Breathe Again
  • Dreamy Sleep &
  • Romantic Paradise

These are therapeutic grade quality essential oils and are totally unadulterated. These oils contain extract of clove, cinnamon, grapefruit, orange, cedar, lemon, eucalyptus, mandarin, thyme, etc.

It is a perfect gift idea for your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues alike.  Spread the aroma in the homes that diffuse tranquility and delight.

Why to Buy: Therapeutic grade oils, six different aromas

For Whom to Buy: Family, friends, neighbors and colleagues too.

Price: $ 22.95. 


Navy Blue & Silver Statement Necklace

Navy Blue & Silver Statement Necklace


Spoil your beloved this Christmas with this unique gift.  Resolute and soft in looks, it is surely set to charm the person. The necklace has second fiber in layer style of silver, navy blue and white beads.

Whichever way she prefers to wear it, this necklace looks classy and makes the heads turn. It is a bib style necklace that crafted with details. With a total length of 18 inches, it comes with a 3-inch chain for extending the necklace to suit all sizes.

Lightweight, comfortable, durable and alluring, this Christmas let people adore your feelings. Gift them this necklace that shouts out loud ‘Love, Love, Love.'

Why to Buy: Light and cheerful necklace. Soft in looks and classy.

For Whom to Buy: Perfect gift for all ladies, especially the woman in your life.

Price: $27.00. Buy Now


Set of Four Vintage Camera Ornaments

Set of Four Vintage Camera Ornaments


Gift someone, impress with this Christmas decoration. It is a set of four handmade camera ornaments with the front side printed with camera design and are filled with soft polymer giving a bloated look.

The backside of this is covered with white fabric. It being hung on a ribbon and since its light weight one can easily decorate the Christmas tree with this.

It is different and appealing, and the approximate size is 4x4 inches.

The children in the family will find these gifts perfect for decorating the tree this year.  Gift your neighbors this different accessory and surprise them.

Why to Buy: Handmade, different and magnificent Christmas tree decoration

For Whom to Buy: The children in the family who love to decorate their Christmas tree

Price: $ 30.00. Get it now.

Foldable Camping / Beach Table

For the one in your social circle or family, who is the usual outdoor type and loves beaches, fishing, camping and hiking.  Here is a gift, a perfect one rather for this Christmas.

Available in 3 sizes this aluminum table can be folded into a bag, making it compact in size and easy to carry. No tools required for the setup, have multiple uses of keeping food, drinks, gadgets, games, etc.


Surprise and delight with this gift, and this one will cheer the receiver. Flat and sturdy that this table is, it will become a constant companion in the outdoors of the person whom you plan to gift.

Why to Buy: Surprisingly compact and yet durable. A practical gift

For Whom to Buy: The ones who love outdoor activities

Price: From 29.99$.


Grandma & Grandpa Photo Clip

Grandma & Grandpa Photo Clip


A Christmas gift for the elderly ones in the family.  It is customized, made to order gift.  You can get printed up to 15 characters for the elders of the family along with ten names for the grandkids.

With a size of 20 inches x 12 inches and ¼ inches thickness, this gift will be personalized way to wish ‘Merry Christmas’ and thank the parents.

The kids can gift this great piece to their grandparents this Christmas and show their true feelings of love and respect. The elderly couple living next door will relish this act of gratitude too.

Why to Buy: To show your love, respect, and appreciation for our parents

For Whom to Buy: Parents and senior citizens and yes grandchildren will love it too.

Price: $29.99. Buy Now


Gourmet Food Nuts Gift Basket

Gourmet Food Nuts Gift Basket

A gourmet basket with four different kinds of high-quality nuts those are yummy and healthy too.  Cashews, Almonds, Roasted & Salted Pistachios and Sugar Glazed Peanuts.

A healthy idea of a superb Christmas Gift is a gift for anyone you wish to. Neutral and yet thoughtful, it will elate the receiver.

A gift to cherish, it's artistically decorated, and the overall presentation is elegant.  So, be it your boss or colleague, your neighbors or your relatives, this gift will make you stop your search.

Why to Buy: Healthy and tasty assortment in beautiful packing

For Whom to Buy: Relatives, neighbor or co-workers

Price: $ 21.95.


Music Drum Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Looking for a gift that has great utility and makes perfect sense for today’s generation and the older ones alike, your search stops here.

These Bluetooth speakers work equally well on mobiles & tablets and support both Android devices and iOS. It works pretty well up to 50 feet and comes with a battery that lasts to a good 2 to 4 hours of music enjoyment.

These portable speakers have a universal design with aluminum casing are smaller than a Smartphone.

The music lovers around you, irrespective of age or gender, will feel delighted with this gift. A useful companion while traveling, it is a gift that is convenient and likable by all.

Why to Buy: compact, helpful and a trip companion

For Whom to Buy: Music lovers irrespective of age or gender

Price: $24.99


Personalized Mens Silver Custom Keychain

That biker around you, the one who wears leather and loves to ride long distances or the weekender types.  Here you have a Christmas gift, ideal for him.

The ones who are parents or about to become, this is an exclusive handmade item.

It’s a made to order, so that distinctive element of personalization is there.  With 31mm size and .999  silver metals, each gift will be one of its kinds.


Receiving gift is delightful, and the feeling gets hiked manifold when it’s a handmade kind and individualized. From the new Dads to the Old Dads, the Grandpas to the bikers around you in your workplace or neighborhood, this key chain will be a unique gift they will receive this Christmas.

Why to Buy: Personalization factor, small and yet noticeable. A handmade item.

For Whom to Buy: For all fathers and bikers

Price:$ 29.00.  Get It Now.


Red White Polka Dot Pillow Cover

Red White Polka Dot Pillow Cover


This handmade room décor will add a crack of color with its large polka dot print. An ideal gift choice for this Christmas. Measuring 18 inches by 18 inches, it has a monogrammed initial of your choice.

Personalized gifts stand apart and admired by the receiver. Get the initials of the receiver monogrammed on the fabric which is 100% cotton twill fabric with bright cherry red background and white polka dots.

It’s a perfect Christmas gift for anyone and everyone. It is bound to augment the overall feel of the room décor.

Why to Buy: the charm of handmade décor, colorful and monogrammed with initials adding the element of personalization to your gift.

For Whom to Buy: Works well as a gift for one and all

Price: $ 28.95. Don’t Wait, Order Now       


Six Piece Cooking Gadgets Premium Set


For the ones who love to cook on weekends and holidays, here’s a gift that will be immensely liked. This multipurpose, multifunctional kitchen set will suit equally well in your kitchen, outdoor travels, and camping.

Lightweight that it is making it easy to carry. This superior quality kitchen set will be well appreciated as a Christmas gift by the receiver. FDA approved, it will be a long-term companion.

Get that perfect ‘awe’ expression with this gift. It will be well received by both men and women alike; it has a grater, whisk, garlic press, spatula, strainer and slotted turner.

Why to Buy: Lightweight, good quality, multipurpose set of kitchen tools

For Whom to Buy: The ones who love to cook and indulge a lot in camping & other outdoor activities.

Price: $ 25.95. Go Ahead & Buy


Dry Itchy Skin Body Kit

Dry Itchy Skin Body Kit

This advanced moisturizer body lotion along with body oil serum will be exclusive and yet useful Christmas gift.

It comes in a decorated and stylish gift box and is an herbal product. Natural and herbal products are a craze these days and rightly so. A present like this reflects the care, affection, and concern of the giver.

It is chemical free and rich in vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants.  Especially for ladies, the calm, hydrated and smooth skin will rekindle the passion and warmth.

Why to Buy: A complete herbal body care product, comes in a decorative gift box

For Whom to Buy: Your spouse, your girlfriend or any female in general

 Price: $ 28.49. 


With these exciting gift options, all priced under $30, what’s making you wait?

Buy and relish the smile and happiness of your loved ones.

Priced so low and yet unbelievably good, grab them now.

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